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10-03-2004, 06:01 PM
Ethereal (http://www.ethereal.com/)
A FREE and quality network analyzer (sniffer)
Run it between your client and server,
dont forget in a switch - you gotta run a span port or management port.
Otherwise use a hub.

QCheck (http://www.ixiacom.com/products/performance_applications/pa_display.php?skey=pa_q_check)
Shows you speed of your connection between one PC to another over the net
supports both TCP & UDP

IPFilter/NetFilter (http://www.netfilter.org/)
Want to ban an IP? Use this, it not only kills it from your game, but prevents the mad IP owner from being able to do any IP traffic to your box as well, its a firewall.

Nagios (http://www.nagios.org/)
Map then monitor your server farm, sort of an 'open source Whats Up Gold'

Screen (http://www.gnu.org/software/screen/)
Use Screen to crank a game on a Linux server, the game runs its output to stdout, now 'detach' the game keeps running, youre back at a normal shell. You can reattach your detached session(s) any time with
screen -ls to list and then
screen < PID >
to reattach and can be scripted in init scripts as well.

Please post your favorites as well.
I know this is Linux focused but many of these have some Windows ports, and Im hoping for a Linux ded server binary before to long.

All the best everyone.