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10-04-2004, 11:08 AM
Hi, i was just wondering about the different consule commands like "/amsit" or "/amspin2" but im not so sure i know em all, so i was wondering if you could give me a list of all the commands you know. thanks

Amidala from Chop Shop
10-04-2004, 08:51 PM
The commands that begin with "am" (/amsit, /amsurrender, etc.) aren't the ones that come with the game. They only work on servers running a "mod" such as the Jedi Academy Mod. To see a list of those commands, download the mod and read the readme file that describes the commands, or go to a server running that mod and enter /aminfo in the console.

To see a list of the basejk2 console commands, enter "/cmdlist" in the console.

10-07-2004, 11:07 AM
ok thanks!