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10-04-2004, 01:49 PM
okay here's what i want to do,

i want to make a shader like alternate pictures, to show like a random, sequence of colors or pictures i alreay have setup.
hmmm very vague, i'll describe exactly want to do an maybe you'll get it, right i am making new saber color/glows etc, and i want one of the sabers i am making to change colors, so like say i decided to change the red saber, to make it multi-colored, so i'd make gfx/effects/sabers/red_line.jpg all white.

and then i'd get all the glows from the other sabers, red_glow2 - blue_glow2 - yellow_glow2 - green_glow2 - purple - glow2 - orange_glow2 - i will also be makin more glows so there will be more colors on it, all those files are in the same folder as the red_line.jpg, in assets1, and make them alternate on the red_line pic, so it would be just same as normal shader except it will switch between all the different glows of all the other sabers, hence t will be a multi colored flashing saber.

does this make sence to anyone lol????
please say it does, and if you can help, please just tell me commands that i can experiment with in notepad with the shader.
all the shaders commands i know, i learnt from looking at other shaders, with effects similar to the one i want, an then just experiment with the commands till i get what i want, BUT i have never seen a shader/effect like this on anything else, so im lost :(

please help,


10-12-2004, 02:22 PM
in force mod III they do this its called RGB saber i think it also comes as a separate mod the blade looks like all the colors are just swirling together and randomly cycling through eachother at the same time i know you can find it on jk3files but if that doesnt work get force mod III thats easy to find and it has alot of other cool features