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10-04-2004, 09:30 PM
This probably isn't going to make me any friends...

It's getting pretty close to relaunch time. Nightlight is going to be back, and I want to get somewhere near what it was in the beginning, during the glory days of Nightlight... but better So here's what I'm thinking, and what I'll need to do to make it work.

1. There's going to be a shop
That's right, there'll finally be a shop. I'm opening one up through cafepress, So I arrange the items with them, and you can directly use them and pay through credit card. That's going to be good for mousepads, coffee mugs, t-shirts, plus a weird assed lunchbox with a lightbulb on it.

There's going to be other items in the shop, again you can use your credit card to pay for them, but through Paypal this time. This will be for the more unusual items... keyrings, cds (god willing), possibly script books, and some tie-in items... at the moment, your own Department of Death certificate of death (signed by a reaper, and having details of your death, and it'll be laminated), your own VIP pass...

So that's good news, right?

2. The updates are going to be more frequent. Fingers crossed.
I can say with total confidence that there'll be a new part to a radio series up every week. I'm going to vary it a bit though, because I've got so much here to work with... so in a standard month with four weeks, we might get say two parts of Lost Cause, one Beneath Monkey Island, and one Tierra de los Muertos. Keeps everyone interested and on their toes. It might be varied, we might get something totally different, for example if the recordings for Beneath Monkey Island are running late, then Evil Genius: The Navel Conspiracy could make it's debute. And I might get a few raised eyebrows by saying that, because I've never mentioned it before.

Let me stress that this is going to be a weekly thing. But even then, it would pay to visit Nightlight more than once a week, because there's going to be other things going on. I plan to collapse my other website, The Galactic Handbook and move all the content to Nightlight, and continue with nitpicker's guides. So movie reviews, television show reviews, they'll become part of Nightlight. They'll never take precedence over the radio content though.

So far... does it sound good? I'm hoping so. I'm aiming for Nightlight to be one of those websites that people keep in their favourites and check on a daily basis (we all have a few of them).

Now here's the thing that's really going to make people want to form a noose and lynch me...

3. Ummm... err... subscription
Yes, I am doing Nightlight for the love of it. But there comes a time that if people want regular updates, and if there's something like subscriptions in place, it's incentive. And I really hate to put it this way, but I need the cash. I'm unemployed at the moment, and it would be nice if I could consider Nightlight at least a part time job.
Now I feel like a real bastard about this, but before you guys go and hire a hangman, let me just say that by no means do you need to be a subscriber to download Nightlight radio plays. Being a subscriber will probably cost around $10US per radio series. You pay for an entire series, so you know you're going to get all of it. Subscribers will be able to log in and download the high quality radio plays, which will probably be around 6MB a part. Those who don't subscribe will be able to get the normal 1.5MB low quality ones through the normal website. Payment will be through Paypal by credit card, and subscribers will probably get some kind of merchandising discount on CDs, if I can arrange it. So even if you don't subscribe, you can still listen. It won't be all bad. I will ask, however, that everyone who can afford it to subscribe. Support Nightlight. I'll love you all for it. :)

One final thing is that there's a sale on Nightlight coffee mugs at the moment. I noticed it in my e-mail account. So I'll probably partially launch the shop sometime tonight, so that people can take advantage of the sale if they want to.

Hoo. End rant. Please post opinions, gripes, support, ideas. I'm poopled. Gotta go now, Bec's giving me dirty looks and biting my ear. That passes for a discrete hint around here.

10-05-2004, 07:42 AM
I, for one, will subscribe with pleasure. No one can expect someone to do as much work as you've described without some incentive. So all thumbs up over here. It has been so long since I've been able to download a brand new show and feel the apprehension that it brings. So, thanks for that, I needed some good news today :)!

10-05-2004, 09:20 AM
The subscription sounds fine. If you want the better quality, it makes sense that you pay for it - just like you'd expect to pay for a CD or a script book. Also $10 US dollars is a very low amount for the entertainment... how long are these radio plays going to be, anyway?

I might subscribe, though to be honest I'd be more interested in downloading the low quality for free and then buying a CD with the high quality on, if that's possible.

The Adventurer
10-05-2004, 11:43 AM
YEAH! Nightlight's coming back!! And here I though you had real bad news, a Subscription plan is a fine thing and as long as the quality stays up I'll pay through the nose for your work.

Granted I'm on Dial Up right now, which will slow me down on 6 MB downloads for a little while anyway.....

Another thing, Selling CDs? Are you saying you got that whole thing with the Radio Station sorted out so you can sell your radio plays? How about archiving them on the web site? because it's really hard to promote you around the web if their's nothing on the site in Archive for listening. just a suggestion.

Still, Aces all around, I can not wait.

And when you say lost cause, do you mean, Lost Cause 2?:)

10-05-2004, 07:19 PM
*prepares noose*
Just kidding. You gotta do what you gotta do. I'm not sure if I'll be able to get a subscription (I don't have a credit card or paypal dealie...) but I'll donate if I can. Hopefully, I'll be able to...

Now to decide which merchandise items to request of friends and family for my upcomming birthday. Muah ha ha.

By the way, a subcription isn't bad at ALL, when it's just to get higher quality. I might be a tad upet if I couldn't download ANYTHING without one, but when it's just to get MORE, that's totally fine.

10-06-2004, 10:08 PM
There'll be incentives to subscribe... those that DO subscribe will recieve a discount on the CDs, plus there's going to be some stuff that only the subscribers can download, but that'll probably just be the songs.

And they'll get package deals etc. I'll make it special and worth the while, that's for sure.

But... I've figured out, I need at LEAST three people subscribing a week for this to be worthwhile. :S

And yes, I meant Lost Cause as in Lost Cause 2. It's recorded. It's beautiful, better than the first.

10-09-2004, 02:10 AM
Originally posted by 8 of 12
Those that DO subscribe will recieve a discount on the CDs
That sounds good. After Gabez's post I was thinking that I might just get the CD's instead of subscribing. But if you do this discount I'll subscribe for sure.

10-10-2004, 07:44 AM
Subscribing to sponsor independent fiction? Sounds like the best money a person could spend. People ought to be ENCOURAGING what talent is out there.

So yeah I'll definitely be subscribing. And buying CDs.

And that spiffalicious Number Two coffee mug! (Remember the mustard I made?)

Wow I'm happy this site is gonna be back up.