View Full Version : [SAS] clan recruitment for PS2 ONLINE

10-05-2004, 06:29 PM
Yo im here for clan recruitment for [SAS]. Were looking for swbf online players to join.We do NOT want any nobbies unless consulted by my leaders. You can reach them at aol instant messanger(AIM) or you can go to our home page at gamebattles.com. On AIM you can contact dragondre1234,G UNITSSJQ,llamajoe8,or CRISIS the 9. You can also go to our home page wich is www.stealthattacksquadron.cjb.net. There u can acess information and recruitment. If u ever catch me in swbf online my name is alex1177.You can also email me at AlexanderEmerick@yahoo.com

10-05-2004, 06:34 PM
Did you not see the Clans Forum?