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10-06-2004, 08:14 AM
If you can not understand all the techno bable in most of the posts here is a somewhat dummbed down version for the PS2 Install.


Download the PS2 Dedicated server.

Double click on swbattlefrontps2server.exe
This will start the install

Accept the terms and service

Click on complete install

This will then start coping files to your computer.

When it is complete click on the start button on your task bar.

Then click on programs --> Lucas Arts --> Star Wars Battlefront --> Star Wars Battlefront PS2 Server

This will bring up the server interface

Type in your session name ( example: -=SITHLORDS=- )

Type a password if you do not want others that you have not giving the password to to login to the server.

Slide the slider bar next to "Max Number Players:" to the left or right depeding on how many players you want to allow ( depending on or internet connection should determine the number of players you set.)

Slide the slider bar next to "AI Units Per Team:" to the left or the right depending on how many bots you want per team.

Slide the slider bar next to "Min Players to Start:" to the left or the right depending on how many players have to be on the server for the game to start a round.

Heros: On or Off --> This is set to on if you want Luke and Darth to play as Non playable characters.
( they just run around killing people and no one can play them besides the AI)

Set it ot Off if you do not want them to play
( this is set to OFF by default)

Aim Assist: On or Off --> Something like auto AIM for the players

Team Damage: On or Off --> On means you can kill your teammates. Off means you can't

Show Player Names: On or Off --> see other players names that are on the server.

AI Difficulty: Easy, Medium, Hard --> This is for the bots. How smart do you want them

Team Selection: Auto Assign or Player Select --> Do you want the players to select what teams they are on or have the server auto balance the teams based on how many players are on the server.


Map Choices:

Game Types:
Galactic Civil Wars --> Episode 4 - 6
Clone Wars --> Episode 1 - 3

Select the the maps you want to play.. and click add or just select add all and you will be able to play all the maps for the specified game type.

you can then either play them in the order you selected the maps or set it to random order. If you want random order just check the check box next to " Random Order"

Network Options
Hosting Bandwidth:
128k --> Sucky DSL
256k --> Still Sucky DSL
384k --> Getting better on the DSL
512k --> Still getting better on the DSL
1M+ --> Cable or better

Select the bandwidth for the internet connection that the server will be running on.

LAN Game --> This means that everyone will be playing at your house.

Region: North America or Europe -- Where do you live set it accordinly

Server Start
Automatic Restart: Check this so if for some reason the server crashes it will " Automaticly Restart "

Once you have all that setup click on the start

A nice little window will pop up and give it about 30 seconds and you will be running your very own PS2 dedicated server.

Have fun