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10-06-2004, 11:59 PM
when i play jedi acaemy most of the maps in both single and multiplayer dont work....i get up to level 2 or so in single player then the game crashes.....in multiplayer i can only play duel 1 & 10, ffa 1, 2, 3 nothing else. i get an error say not a jpeg file start with 0x00 or along them lines.

ive tried installing/unistalling the game 100x and my card is up-to-date. The game is also up-to-date.

I think the problem is that the installation is missing files when it installs the game. its missing files from one of the assessts.pk3 files, thats why the game completety shuts down when i start a map that doesnt work. That also explains why reinstalling/installing doesnt solve the problem....i need to get a new installation cd altogther :'(
would anyone be willing to send me there assessts.pk3 files because i dont want to waste so much money on buying another ja from the shops :'(
if your willing to help talk to me on msn messenger my email is:
thank you

10-07-2004, 05:15 AM
We've had people try to pull this before, but let me put it to you straight:

Nobody is going to "send you" any "missing files" for this game. Not on our watch!

If your game isn't working because of missing files there are some possibilies:

1) You didn't buy the game legally. So go out and buy it, you'll have fewer problems and you won't get into any trouble. Up to you.

I don't know how it is on the forums you frequent, but here we have rules about "warez" postings and we follow them. Requesting somebody send you the game files is against those forum rules.

2) Your copy is defective. Take it back to the store and get a replacement. If you bought it online, complain to the company and get a replacement, or go direct to LucasArts. You can and will get a replacement on a game you bought recently, which it sounds like you did. If you waited too long guess who's fault it is (not our's), not to be harsh but, you can go to the store and buy a new copy for really really cheap. It's $20 new where I live (no box, just the Jewel case & cover shrink wrapped, though I'm sure the box copy is going down to that price too).

The vast majority of stores WILL let you return a defective product for a replacement, even if it's opened, within a certain period of time (anywhere from 7-30 days, depending on the store, but DO IT NOW). Bring in your reciept, explain to them the problem.

So be smart. Who in their right mind is going to help you pirate a game on here or send you a huge Assets file (hundreds of megs)?

Otherwise, you can check the Tech help forum for other threads or go to LucasArts.com and download the official patch, etc and read their FAQs.

Thread closed, and no more like this please.