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Pusher [Robot]
10-07-2004, 11:50 PM

Leader: Pusher [Bot]
Platform: PC
Faction: All
Time zone: Pacific
Clan-tag: [Bot]

[Robot] is a new clan consisting of a group out of Crescent City, CA. We are a group of friends training very hard and having a lot of fun. We plan to get a team of 8 or 12 people so we can enter tournaments and do very well.

We look forward to challenging other serious clans from not only this forum, but from all over.

We hold meetings on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday that usually start around 7-9 pacific time.

We are currently seeking reliable, friendly, and fun loving people to help us to the road of victory. If you are interested in joining or need information email me at mantisstrike@thehoard.com. We do not have a website up yet, but are currently working on one. To join you will have to go though some initial trial period.