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10-08-2004, 03:04 PM
The RoadKill Confederation is a PC online gaming guild. Our governing system provides us the ability to incorporate many games. By providing this umbrella system, we are able to provide a wide range of opportunities to numerous players.

We have Administrators who manage the guild’s day-to-day operations. They provide direction for the guild to ensure its survival and growth. For each chapter game, there are leaders called a Road Bosses. They form their own policies in conjunction with the guild’s by-laws.

Currently, we are recruiting new members. Are you a mature gamer that has a great positive attitude and can bring the “A” game to the field? We are looking for both the casual gamers and the “extreme” competitive gamers as many of our chapters are in leagues or ladders.

In addition to providing a web site, forums and voice communication servers, we also provide a “laid-back” atmosphere. Many of our members have been gaming together for 6 plus years ensuring a “drama free” environment. RKC was formed to provide a safe place free of self-centered players. We cater to the players that enjoy online gaming.

We also offer leadership positions, training and encourage all members to take an active position in the guild. When you join our competitive teams, practice, training and dedication is what you can expect from our players.

If you’re tired of the typical “Ma & Pa” clan or the clans that always seem to re-invent the wheel, then take a few minutes and visit our RKC Site (http://www.rkc-guild.com) . Our forums are open to the public so take as much time as you want. If you have any questions or decide that RKC is the Guild for you, then please post in our forums so we can direct you to the beginning of your new home.

I can assure you if your looking for a guild that takes things seriously, knows what online gaming is about and guarantees if you give 100%, you’ll receive 100%, then RKC is the place for you. We don’t waste people’s time.

( www.rkc-guild.com)