View Full Version : Armed and Dangerous: dumps to desktop / skinmesh error

10-08-2004, 05:01 PM

Trying to run Armed & Dangerous under winXP, and every time the first level loads I'm dumped to the desktop at the same point on the loading bar, and skinmesh.err is generated with the following lines;

(Skin,Mesh,Mat) (C:\dev\intermediate\common\skn\ui_autoaim.SKN,tar ge ting01,j) has no texture co-ordinates for expected channel 0
(Skin,Mesh,Mat) (C:\dev\intermediate\common\skn\fxo_ref_up.SKN,Mer ge dMesh,1 - Default) has no texture co-ordinates for expected channel 0

I'm drawing a blank on the LucasArts support forums, and searching via google. I see someone elso on the support forums is reporting an identical skinmesh.err file). All my drivers & DX is up to date (geforce5700, 256 MB, AGP4x card), and my PC passes the diagnostic test. I've reinstalled 3 times.

I'm posting just on the offchance someone else with the game is aware of what's causing this crash and can drop me a hint or two as how to resolve it.