View Full Version : Skins someone should make

10-10-2004, 11:34 PM
A Boba and Jango skin that can be used to function the same way as a darktrooper/jettrooper. In other words the skins would not change the weapon or the jetpack power, thus only the person with the skin will be able to see that they are Boba or Jango and other players without the skin would be able to play in the same game as the players with the skin and wouldn't have to download some mod. Other people have said this already but I think it would be really great if Boba and Jango could function as non-playable hero/villains on maps. I know this idea is very feasible because the same thing happened with Jedi Outcast. It's only a question of when the tools to be able to create these type of ideas will be released. Please let me hear your ideas about skins also.