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Chrono Squad
10-11-2004, 12:34 AM
Time line: 5 Years after Jaden defeated Marka Ragnos (Star Wars Jedi Academy), there are a group of mercenaries who can travel time called Chrono Squad, Chrono Squad hasa a battleship called "Chrono Traveller" who can go to any time line she wants.

The Remnants has a new leader called Darth Ryugi who can call a mighty Dragon by the power of the force.

You can be the Remnants, Republic, or the Chrono Squad. The status you need to type is:

Name :
Age :
Gender :
Job :
Homeworld :
Race :
Alignment :
Weapon (you can create a weapon by yourself) :
Force Powers (If you are a Jedi) :
Armor :

Chrono Squad
10-11-2004, 12:50 AM
Name : Janus Kirk.
Age : 18
Gender : Male
Job : Ex-Jedi, currently Chrono Squad's Leader
Homeworld : Coruscant
Race : Mandalorian
Alignment : Chrono Squad
Weapon : Blaster Rifle(can be split to three: Blaster Rifle, Laser Cannon "Agni", Large Laser Blade "Schwert Gweheir"
Force Power : All
Armor : Mandalorian Battle Armor

10-11-2004, 12:17 PM
Name: Taureg Wiles
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Job: Former Hidden Bek, Chrono Squad second-in-command
Homeworld: Taris. He was picked up by Chrono Squad as the Sith bombed the planet and then escaped with them.
Race: Twi-Lek
Alignment: Chrono Squad
Weapon: Dual Vibroblades, Dual blaster Pistols
Force Powers: None
Armor: Echani Light Armor

Chrono Squad
10-18-2004, 12:23 AM
The Chrono Traveller emerged from hyperspace, Janus is getting a distress cal from Luke Skywalker at Yavin 4. as the Chrono traveller approach Yavin, the Imperial shot an ion cannon, therefore disabling the Chrono Traveller for a while.

Chrono Squad
10-18-2004, 12:32 AM
The Imperial deployed their troops to the Chrono Traveller, Janus is waiting at the hall, with his blaster rifle in hand. as the Stormtroopers closing in he attacked them with his blaster rifle

10-18-2004, 05:42 PM
Taureg jumped into the melee faster than you can say, "He jumped into the melee really fast." He drew his dual vibroblades in mid-air. He swung hard at his opponets head and watched as the decapitated body crumple to the floor.

The Chrono Squad was doing well in the confines of the hallway. Taureg was slicing whirlwind of death, killing all who came near. He stopped for a break and looked at all the dead bodies littering the floors. "Great. I bet I'll be the one to clean them up too." With that, he jumped back into the fray.

Fey Victus
10-19-2004, 03:38 PM
Name: Valsavis
Age: 260
Gender : Male
Job : Liason to the Republic
Homeworld : Quottin

Valsavis is an alien force-user, descended from a race of near-humans called Quottil who appear human in all ways except that glowing 'ley lines' of energy criss-cross their bodies, just under the skin, and create swirling designs the more force they are drawing on. The older and more experienced the Quoittil, the more pronounced these tattoo-like lines become. His race is strongly allied with the Republic, and often work side by side with the Jedi Order, though they are few and far between and often considered a curiosity among the Jedi. "Dark" Quottil develop glowing red and violet lines, while "Light" Quottil develop blue and white lines. All Quottil are force-sensitive, but only the 'warriors' and 'priests' (the two are sometimes hard to distinguish, and despite discovering inter-stellar travel, they are still a tribal race) train rigously in it's use. All Quottil can communicate telepathically via the force with any sentient race, though they can speak normally when they choose.

Lightside, Republic

Valsavis wears no armor, relying on the constantly active subtle Force Shield generated by his 'ley lines' to protect him. It is worth noting that without his constant concentration, this power only offers protection equivalent to a full suit of body armor, it does not grant invincibility (or even anything close)

Valsavis is tall and thin, with shocking white spiky hair and grey eyes. His skin-tone is ridiculously pale, and criss-crossed with glowing blue-white lines that form into swirling patterns when he uses the force. He most often wears drab black or all-white attire to best accenuate the color of his "ley" lines.

As an 'exchange student' of sorts, Val carries an 'honary' title of Jedi Knight, though himself is not a Jedi and indeed was never part of a Jedi/Padawan relationship (things are done differently on his homeworld). Among his own people, he is seen as a holy man, and equated the rank of Master.

As what turned out to essentially be a science project, Val built and designed himself a lightsaber after his first visit to the Jedi Academy, though most of his race never bother (and in fact had never heard of the concept before joining the Republic). Among his own kind, it is not seen as a badge of honor as it is among the Jedi. His lightsaber has a long, thin black handle, a glowing blue-white blade, and while it is not a double-bladed saber lenses are placed on each end that allow him to generate the blade from either side. Valsavis also carries a Commando Pistol, and a Vibroblade.

Force Powers:
Emptiness, Suggestion, Telekinesis, Jump, Speed, Absorb Energy, Healing, Telepathy

Fey Victus
10-19-2004, 03:46 PM
Valsavis leaves the Focal Chamber of the Chrono-ship, from where he can access it's temporal drive to scan both ahead and behind in time with his inner eye, the Force sense, allowing him to serve as a 'pilot' of sorts. The ship actually directs itself through a complicated droid-brain, but Val is capable of 'scrying' the entry-and-exit points of any temporal jump and scouting this way with the force. Due to his heightened senses and mental scans, he is aware of the rough numbers and positions of the invading troopers, and takes care to slowly but confidently stroll right into the thickest of the fighting.

With his unique, alien Lightsaber in hand he skillfully deflects the Stormtroopers volleys of fire, sending most of the individual blaster bolts back into their ranks. A few Darktroopers leap far ahead of the 'front lines,' landing within a few feet of him, but are quickly cut down by the blue-white blade. Val uses swift, brutal strokes. The last he spares, using his free hand to telekinetically grip the poor soul and then fling him bodilly into a group of Stormtroopers, scattering them.

His thoughts gently enter the minds of his comrades, the mercenaries of Chrono Squad who the Republic assigned him to assist and advise, "~We are outnumbered, but if there are Dark Jedi here I cannot sense them yet, the ship will be secure shorty~" He slowly advances toward the ranks of Stormtroopers, creating a swirling telekenetic force-storm in thier midst to sow confusion and cover his approach.

10-19-2004, 06:41 PM
Taureg was fighting for his life in the hallway. He blades spun and flashed, stabbed and slashed. The stormtroopers had him surrounded. He paused for a second to wipe the blood from his blades. The faceless soldiers of the Empire were closing in fast.

Suddenly, the stormtroopers flew off in twenty diffrent directions. Heads cracked against the wall and necks broke when they collided with the ceiling. Taureg watched in awe as they kept going, spinning and spinning like a out-of-control merry-go-round. He turned around and saw Valsavis walking with blue-white lightsaber in hand. "Thanks," said Taureg. The Jedi nodded and continued walking at his leisurely pace towards another group of soldiers. "I guess I should follow him... I mean... He DID save my life..." he muttered to himself.

Taureg sheathed his blades and brought out his pistols. Some of the stormtroopers survived the fierce encounter with the Jedi, and Taureg decided to finish them off. He took care of one at a time, and then jogged off to meet with Valsavis.

Fey Victus
10-20-2004, 12:35 AM
More telepathic messages are relayed from the blue-glowing Alien, his spiky hair whipping about as if from some strong wind as he strolls unharmed through his force-storm, this one directly to Targus, "~There are more of them, massing outside the ship... and something else, I cannot yet tell... it is.. hidden... from me. You must rally the men, and find Janus. I will deal with these here."

The stormtroopers and darktroopers have retreated back down the hallway, away from the powerful waves of force tearing down it, and gave the Chrono-Squad's troops plenty of time to pick themselves up from their hastily-found cover. Valsavis centers himself in the hall itself, standing blatantly in the open between the Chrono squad and the regrouping Troopers with his lightsaber in one hand, the other arm outstretch, palm towards the troopers. Shots rain down the hall toward him, but it seems as if they're drawn directly to his palm, where they are dissipated harmlessly... for the moment. His mind reaches out once more, forceful, strained this time, as he must concentrate on two powers at once.

"~You must go NOW! There is little time, whatever it is out there, it is coming... closer, or growing stronger, I cannot tell which~"

(OOC: Good RP Taureg, a great improvement over your last post, keep it up! Also, Val's telepathy always comes with a very subtle Suggestion-type power simmilar to the Jedi-mind trick, it isn't mind-control per-se, but instead gives his thoughts added weight in the 'lesser' minds of those who aren't force-sensitive. He must actively force it to work like the mind-trick, and of course he'd never do that to his comrades)

10-20-2004, 12:03 PM
(OOC: Thanks man. It's great incentive to make a good post when others are making good posts. And sorry about that power thing, I was under the impression it was a whirlwind-type power.)

Having telapathic messages relayed through your mind is not an easy thing to respond to. Taureg found that out quickly. Nevertheless, he reacted swiftly. He knew the Chrono Traveller like the back of his hand, and he used the knowledge accordingly. He ran back down the passage with Valsavis's words running through his head over and over again. "You must go NOW! There is little time, whatever it is out there, it is coming... closer, or growing stronger, I cannot tell which..."

He continued on until he came to the bridge. It was deserted, save one cloaked figure standing in the center of the room. "Hey, get to the hallways, the Remnant is attacking!"

The cloaked figure turned around slowly. The hood was over his head, and where his eyes should have been were two glowing orbs of incandescent light. A long scar traced the entire length of his face. He spoke in a eeire, echoing voice. "I am not of your kind, servant of the Light!" The mans hands shot out and Taureg flew backward into a pile of old scrap metal.

Then he saw the rest of the room. He was too focused on the cloaked figure to look around, but now he saw his troops, his friends, dead. Everyone's eyes were locked in a position of horror. Disregarding his wounds, Taureg jumped up and drew his blades at the same time. "What have you done!" The cloaked figure looked back scornfully, then jumped through the wall. Taureg jumped after him, but all he met was solid wall. He pounded into it with his fists as he screamed. "What have you done! Come back and fight!" Taureg's eyes were full of tears and sobs ripped from his throat.

Taureg regained control of himself slowly. He walked over to the intercom and sent a message through the whole ship. "Chrono Squad, arise! There are enemies at the gates! All men to arms!"
After relaying his message, Taureg ran back to the front lines, more determined than ever to wreak revenge for the slain.

Fey Victus
10-20-2004, 03:58 PM
(OOC: The force-storm was indeed a whirlwind-type attack, I was just specifying about his telepathy. Anyway, yeah, let's keep it up. Where is Janus? lol)

Valsavis, despite keeping his inner eye open, is still unaware of the deadly cloaked figure wreaking havoc among his shipmates. He can sense them dying, one by one, thier souls screaming out through the force as the life is ripped from them, and cannot tell why, but is currently too busy fending off the waves of assaulting troopers to figure it out.

He paces down the hallways in a foul mood, all swirling, glowing blue lines and radiant power, telekinesis hurling the stormtroopers away from him in droves as he stalks towards them, pushing them back out of the ship. His lightsaber is drawn and active, but he holds it limply to his side- it fell into disuse as his temper rose. Val is not a Jedi, only their ally, and his race is much more comfortable with the destructive uses of the force than the new Jedi Order is entirely happy with. In this instance, his cold anger burns, and can be sensed by his comrades as if an unpleasant feeling in the back of their minds, and his enemy falls helpless before his fully unleashed power, their minds or bodies torn apart as the whim strikes him.

It is quite a sight, and somewhat disconcerting for even those of the Chrono Squad whose lives are saved by his savage onslaught, especially those that see his white, fiercly glowing eyes and the grimm expression on his features.

10-20-2004, 05:09 PM
Do I have to own Battlefront to be here?

10-20-2004, 05:19 PM
(OOC: Oh ok lol. Not sure where Janus is...)

Taureg had never know this feeling before... His eyes burned, his saw nothing but red veils of mist hanging in his vision. There was only one explanation: Cold, cruel hate. He hated the cloaked figure for everything he did at the bridge. Taureg didn't know he would be meeting him again so soon.

He rounded the corner of the Chrono Traveler, and what he saw sent chills from the nape of his neck to the rest of his spine. The cloaked figure held a Republic troop of by his neck. The cloaked figure cackled malicously. "Ah, this will be nice." He put his hand over the unfortunate troopers mouth. His hand glew red for a second, and then the trooper crumpled to the ground in a lifeless heap.

Taureg saw nothing but his hated enemy in front of him. With a total disregard for the danger, Taureg charged his enemy, and drew both blades as he ran. The cloaked figure laughed and drew a red lightsabre. "You dare to challange me, Darth Rygui, the new Emperor of the Galaxy!"

Taureg laughed scornfully. "Ha. I couldn't of thought of a cornier line if I tried Darth Rye Bread!"

"You will soon be silenced, you insolent whelp. But, now is not your time. Now, it is that alien's time. We will meet again, pathetic pawn of the Republic. I bid you adieu!"

Taureg screamed again. "No! We fight now Rygui! We fight now!" Taureg slumped to the floor, exausted as if drained of all energy. The red veils of mist departed from him, and he thought clearly once more. Taureg started following the loudest screams of Imperial troops to find Valsavis. "I got to warn him about Darth Rygui!"

(And JediDude, you don't have to have Battlefront. We're just here to Role-Play and have some fun.)

Agent 47
10-20-2004, 11:52 PM
wot is this post about its confusing

Fey Victus
10-22-2004, 09:55 AM
The alien in question has turned a fighting retreat by the Stormtroopers into a route, with even the bravest of them fleeing before him as entire ranks of their comrades go flying past them, bouncing down the hallways as if ragdolls in a hurricane, the dead unfeeling and uncomplaining. They shuffle quickly back outside the ship, leaving that damned alien to their master. Or so they think.

Valsavis begins to calm down, and the madly swirling lines about him dissipate and fade down to a reasonable amount of activity as the air about him calms, his telekenetic assault winding down. His eyes cease to glow, and he even turns his lightsaber off, looking about with his head cocked oddly to the side, as if a bird. He senses... something... yes, someone is definately using the Force to cloak their presence, but coming close enough he can sense the effort regardless. He readies his lightsaber again, the cold-blue beam lancing out into the air before him, as a cloaked figure steps through a wall in front of him, his own red-glowing lightsaber brought to bear.

The alien force-user sizes up his opponent, and speaks rather than opening his mind to the Sith. His voice is surprisingly quiet, as if one unaccustomed to using it. "Is it down to us, then? Your stormtroopers... are dead, like many of my men, those who did not fight will never fight again... I made sure of it."

The Sith snarls, "And yours... will never take another breath. You are strong, yes, but not a Jedi, and I can sense the Dark Side nipping at your self-control. It is strong in you, yes, stronger than you think." Ryugi approaches slowly, speaking as if with a silver toungue, "You could join usss... there is Power in the Dark Si-"

"ENOUGH!" Valsavis shouts, his ill-used vocal chords causing his voice to crack like a teenager's, "The Dark Side and Light Side are TOOLS to the enlightened mind, those of you who choose to SERVE them are simply afraid to become all you can! Such is the way of my people. Enough of this, now one of us will die." Val dances forward, swift and efficient, bringing his lightsaber to bear on the sith with a vicious flurry of strokes.

The so-called Emperor counters almost effortlessly, and sparks fly on the air and the two ancient force-users dance among them, Valsavis fighting with the righteous attitude of a holy man, Ryugi the calm, cold ease of the Master. Clearly Ryugi is the better duelist of the two, but not so much better that he can just cast his opponent aside and finish him- where Val cannot outswing him, he can often out-manuever him with his lightning-fast footwork and inhuman reflexes. The battles goes on for several moments, eventually ending with Ryugi, "I will finish you later, Quottil, you waste too much of my time" and then turning to hurl himself back into a wall, dissapearing within it as if it were made of liquid.

Surprisingly, Val lunges after him, plunging his arm into the rippling surface of the wall and reaching for Rygui. Instead he catches a chain around his neck, ripping it off and coming away with an amulet, maliciously glowing with the power of the Dark Side. The ripples fade, leaving a solid wall, and Valsavis stares at it as if confused.

10-23-2004, 04:56 AM
Taureg was now leading the Chrono Squad troops into battle. Red beams of incoherent light flew through the hallway as both sides opened fire. He felt useless with just two blaster pistols, but still he fired and yelled the Chrono Squad war cry as he fought. A half-hour later, both sides had taken heavy casualties, but the Imperials had the advantage of numbers, and it was beginging to tell. He was desperate for something to help. Reinforcements, a better plan, anything to keep he and his squad alive. Then it came to him. It was a desperate gambit, but it was their only hope.

Taureg ripped the panel off the wall. It came out with a loud "SNAP!" He shot into it with his blaster pistol to make sure it was sturdy. He breathed a sigh of relif. It was the right size and could stand up to a blaster. He went to all the other troops and quietly told them to grab wall panels of their own. They would charge the Imperials.

Taureg gave the signal and the Chrono Squad leaped over the boxes they had been hiding behind, yelling as they charged. The Stormtroopers were left spechless for a moment, and then opened up furiously. The wall panels worked like a charm, deflecting all the bolts. Soon, the Chrono Squad were among them like a swarm of bees. Taureg drew his blades and went into them. They fell like wheat to a sycthe.

Soon, the Imperials were finished, with only a few escaping down the long hallways of the Chrono Traveler. The desperate gambit had worked, but at a high price. The hallway was littered with bodies, Imperial and Chrono Squad. But they had one the fight. The Imperials were retreating.