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10-11-2004, 03:54 AM
Corellia looked so beautiful from outer space.... "Commence landing," the newly appointed General of the sith fleet said in a nervous tone, he was extremely nervous because he was attempting to please Darth Palios by attcking without orders, and that was indeed a dangerous thing to do because he had no idea whether he would have his thrachia (sp) crush with the mysterious power of the force or be commended in less than an hour....

Less than an hour later
"FOOL, you will die!" proclaimed Scalion from behind his face that was covered in sith implants and tatoos, "I happened to have lost many good agents because of your stupid ideas!!!"
"But My Lord, gasped a choking Geberal, "what do you speak about?"
"Yes, I had infiltrated Correlia and I was about to take it over less abruptly you moron, and you will die", with that a loud pop was heard and the General's body immedietly went limp..... "Clean this up, now," commanded Scalion.....

(OK guys I know this doesn't really make sense but let's just have a one-post-a-story thread, no word limit, so have a it!)

10-11-2004, 03:43 PM
Even Great Jedi Fall...

Trent was fighting the Sith Lord Darth Lar Vax he delivered a slice with his lightsaber directly to Lar Vax mechanical hand. Lar Vax slowly rose up from the ground and used force lightning on Trent and Trent fell to the ground. All the hard work that Trent used to become a Jedi was slowly fading he got angry so he jumped up, grabbed his Lightsaber and delivered a Death Blow to Lar Vax heart. Trent: "You fool now im the Dark Lord Of The sith" with those words Lar Vax died and the once great Jedi knight Trent was now The Lord of The Sith.

10-11-2004, 03:44 PM
So what do you think of my Story:D

10-11-2004, 05:52 PM
Trent was the lord of the Sith he ruled hundreds of planets until today...

"AAAAHHHHHGGGG" yelled a helpless young woman who had demanded respect from Trent after he had force pushed her. Then suddenly a Jedi knight named Foro Diaz jumped into the scene attcked Trent. Trent was quick he pulled out his lightsaber and swung but the lady grabbed her blaster and shot at Trents leg. Trent fell to the ground and the Lady pitied him. Foro Diaz told her to take care of him. Foro used the force to wipe Trents memory of ever becoming the Sith Lord. Then the lady took Trent to her hut. She loved him and he loved her. Finally he found out he used to be the Sith Lord, but he didn't care. He lived in his hut with his wife and all was well.

10-14-2004, 01:41 PM
Gage studied his new arm. He was most impressed with his father-in-law's work. For many years he had to rip up old droids and take their arms. This new arm was much better. Cortosis weave and some plating. It looked and felt more life-like. The memory of when he lost it still plays in his head... Watching his family die at the hands of tyrants and then his escape pod crashing into the desert on Tatooine. The crash nearly took his life, but the force and his trusty protcol "nanny" droid saved his live with the help of some friendly Jawas. An interesting story for a Jedi, but not his most interesting. A blinking light from the console in front of him reflected off of his wedding band on his right hand. He smiled to himself and removed it. A ring could never fit on the old rusty droid fingers of his past. he slid it up his new ring finger and realized he ran into an all too familiar story... The knuckle was too big, but would fit on the finger. After taking a quick look around, Gage picked up a wrench and twisted the finger off. A small budle off wires were all in one plug that quickly came undone. the ring slid on with out any trouble. the finger was then reattached and Gage smiled to himself as he now felt the most complete he has ever felt in his life. He turned and stood away from the console and saw his wife, Sam, looking at him with a large grin on her face.
"How long were you standing there?" Gage said

The End

10-14-2004, 09:00 PM
(warning: this could get slightly graphic. although i doubt it would be worse than several video games)

Laying on the ground. Not seeing, but everything is visible. Everywhere, life. It flows. The Force. The life flowing out of me. The Force, leaving me. All around me, I feel myself becoming as one. Memories flood to my mind. Pain, from thought. Thoughts of betrayal. Of my betrayal. Me, a traitor. I had left them. The council. Ignorant fools. Anger. Hatred. The pain writhes within. Poola. The pain intensifies. Opening my eyes. My vision returns. On the ground. In a pool of my own blood. Hatred. To my left, her blood. Poola's blood. Wrath begins to swell. The pain subsides. My lightsaber. Pulling it to my hand. Pushing up with the Force. Standing, lightsaber ignited. "So, you are not as weak as I suspected. Or is it the hatred swelling in you??" Darth Vader. Lunging. Parry. Flashes of light. A kick. Falling backwards. Ignoring pain. Recovery. Spin, strike. Parry. Flurry. Parry. Locked. "Yes, let your hatred flow through you. Complete your path down the darkside." "NOOO!!!" Hatred. Break lock. Pain in my shoulder. Moving down through my arm. Across my body. Horror. My arm is gone. I have no legs. Life, the Force, leaves me. Poola. Love. Becoming one. Love. I have died for love...

10-29-2004, 01:00 PM
nice story stingerhs

Master Jaxu
10-29-2004, 06:21 PM
Urchsr wesome story.That was really great best short stry i have ever read encore my good man encore

10-29-2004, 08:10 PM
Originally posted by RealJedidude
So what do you think of my Story:D

it was pretty good

10-31-2004, 11:31 AM
"Yes, master."
"Good, i want you to leave me now."
"Let me count the stars..uh..i mean meditate."
"Yes, master.
*counts stars*
"Yes, master, sure, master, at once, master."

Thats what dark masters are doing when they are staring out in space.:D

10-31-2004, 05:08 PM
Originally posted by TheKnife
"Yes, master."
"Good, i want you to leave me now."
"Let me count the stars..uh..i mean meditate."
"Yes, master.
*counts stars*
"Yes, master, sure, master, at once, master."

Thats what dark masters are doing when they are staring out in space.:D

lol god that is funny

10-31-2004, 10:15 PM
Thank you.

Jedi Yuriath
11-21-2004, 02:35 PM
The begining of the end for the Republic ...

She was there, in front of him; the Sith lord. Her ignited lightsaber in front of her. She looked at the black cloaked lord who was few steps away from her.

- You cannot escape now Jedi, said the Sith lord.

- I won't leave ... I'm here to end you're dark projects.

Suddently, the lights were off. Her face now appeared blue in the dark. A red ignited in front. The Sith lord's face was crippled, menacing. The face of the Dark Lord disappeared in the dark as his red blade came down on the young Jedi. She deflected the attack ... the duel had start. The sound of the lightsaber duel was the only thing they both heard.

- You will not win Sith lord! You don't know what awaits you, told the young Jedi.

- If you are talking about your companions, I don't have to worry answered the Sith lord.

Her blue face did not appeared as assured as it was when the fight started. She knew what he was talking about ... there was another ... but who? She then had a funny feeling. They were dead ... all of them. Killed by a man ... one man. She was helpless to them but she could do one last thing. She raised her blue blade, yeld and charged at the Sith lord. Even with the power of the Dark Side, he was not able to parry all the attacks that came upon him. the blue blade lightened the Sith lord face who was dying. But after she realised what she had done, she heard the sound of the opening blastdoor.

- You did well Jedi. By strucking down my master, you helped me alot, told the other cloaked Sith lord.

- You! You are the one who slauthered them! You are ...

The Sith lord did not let the Jedi finish her sentence.

- Yes, yes! I am the one and I still have enough power to strike you down!!!

She was not able to see what the other Sith lord was doing because the light coming from the opened blastdoor was the only thing that lighted the room.

- Now young Jedi, you will die, told the Sith lord.

Blue lightning came out of his raised fingers. The young Jedi fell on the ground and the lightnings moved in and out her body. She was moving from side to side, rolling over and yeld as the Sith lord used his dark powers to enhance his lightnings physical damage. The Sith lord smelled her burned body and heard something a little bit farther.

- You are still alive master.

- Yes my apprentice.

Once again, blue lightning came out from the Sith lord's hands and stroke the dying Sith lord. As more lightning hit the dying Sith lord, he yeld more and more. As he watch his master die, the Sith lord heard something coming from his master's mouth.

- No, Sidious!!!!

11-21-2004, 03:00 PM
I noticed that was your first post Jedi Yuriath, welcome to the Forums.

11-22-2004, 01:53 AM
Three republic soldiers were in the endire spires ships mess, eating their allocated rations for that evening. The ship was in hyperspace under the command of the jedi bastilla. the jedi were going to taris for some reason or another, no one really knew except the jedi.
"anyone know our E.T.A." the first republic soldier asked
"I don't know the jedi don't tell us anyting" the second answered
"since the jedi took over the ships been differant" the first soldier announced
"its on a nee..." the third soldier was suddenly interrupted when the ship violently droped out of hyperspace.
"this is carth onasus we have arrived at taris... dam... we have a problem, a sith intradictor ship is heading strait towards us... all crew get to battle stations." said carth over the ship intercom.
"we better get to our turrets" the first soldier ordered.

The sith intradictor ship launched 3 squadrons of sith fighters the soldiers in the turrets started firering wildly into the incoming sworm. The sith ship then launched boading vessels towards the endire spire.
"this is carth onasus, Destroy those bording craft."
The gunners then all changed their targets to the boarding craft but they only destroyed half of them. the rest managed to board the ship.
"all crew get to the escapepods, abandon ship." the 3 soldiers all grabed their blaster rifles and began to run towards the bridge. as they ran down a corrigore they we're blocked by 5 sith troops. managing to throw a frag granade in to the middle killing two o them the other 3 turned and a fire fight insued. the 3 sith feel but the second soldier also feel. The other 2 continued towards the bridge. when they got to the corridore outside the bridge they we're stopped by a dark jedi. the two soldier fired frantically at him but it was futile. They were both killed by the lightning power the dark jedi had.

01-01-2005, 09:09 AM
I ran on through the corridor,trying to escape the unknown terrors behind me."I'm coming for you!"I could hear that terrifying threat of death.I could still picture her lightsabers ripping through flesh.As i ran,I fidgeted with my lightsaber,hoping t turn it to kill.It was one of those stun-sabers.I was running,but then I stopped.My legs collapsed from under me.I fell on the cold,dark ground.I could see a dark outline.It was Her...Asajj Ventress.Her lightsabers glowing in the night.Her face as pale as death itself."Prepare to die,Jedi!"she hissed."I will die,but not in your hands!"I screamed.I leaped up and cut her arm,but it was still on stun."Danget!"i yelled.I ran forward and stabbed her in the arm."aargh!"she yelled,"you will not survive,Jedi.""you could be right.but what will I not survive?"I said as I swiped her chest.I ran off into the cold of Utapau.I set some charges and got the detonator ready."goodbye"I said as I pressed the button.BOOM!!!
"I will return"A voice echoed.

01-02-2005, 02:12 PM

This was it.

This would most likely be Azrael Kingston's last day in the Jedi Order. There was a mixed feeling of forlorn, anger, and pure fury. She scowled as she stumbled out of bed and pulled her robes on, unsure of whether she'd ever feel them again, and she nearly cried when she picked up her lightsaber. She clicked it on. Just one last time...the faint blue glow of each side soothed her. She turned it off and made sure to memorize the faint whizzing sound. She would probably never hear it again.

She didn't regret her actions however. No. If she hadn't fought, hadn't tried so hard to stop the Mandalorians, thousands- no. Millions would've died. And why? Because the order sat back and decided to 'evaluate' the situation while planets were burning. Leaving people for dead wasn't in the Jedi Code, she knew that much.

Although, as she approached the doors to the council room, her grip on her lightsaber tightened considerably, and her knuckles whitened.

Well...if the Order was taking her down, she was going with a fight.

(( Yeah. The rest is in the game and all. :P ))