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Rogue Leader
08-01-2001, 02:42 PM
A rogue Imperial warlord and two resistance groups have taken control of the Corellian system. The New Republic has yet to decide if it's important enough to retake. I'm going to be the Imperial warlord, though I've changed his name to Supreme warlord Ryshyk.

The New Republic finally decides that they do need to stage an attack because Ryshyk is seeing the construction of a new Dark Trooper construction facility at the Corellian shipyards. He has already constructed an entire garrison composed of Dark Troopers in their final stages. If the New Republic fails, this could result in Ryshyk gaining control of the galaxy.

I still need the two resistance groups and the New Republic forces. Here are the specs on the fleet reccomendations. I also know nothing about this type of role playing as I've played D&D my whole life. So, if anyone would want to be the DM or whatever of this campaign?


1 super capital ship
12 heavy capital ships
16 medium capital ships
14 light capital ships
20 support ships
(squadron and garrison capacities are required. Such as an Imp. star destroyer can carry six squadrons and three garrisons.)

Resistance groups:

2 heavy capital ships
4 medium capital ships
7 light capital ships
10 support ships

(Resistance groups cannot defect to New Republic because originally they were fighting against them.)

New Republic:

1 super capital ship
15 heavy capital ships
25 medium ships
30 light capital ships
40 support ships

The Empire also gets a little help from the planet. Two wings of TIE-Interceptors and four garrisons of stormtroopers.

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Rogue Leader
08-01-2001, 02:54 PM
Here's my fleet:

1 Eclipse II SSD, The Impenetrable (Flagship)
8 Imperial II star destroyers
4 Imperial star destroyers
10 Victory star destroyers
2 Interdictor cruisers
4 Dreadnoughts
12 Carrack light cruisers
4 lancer frigates
12 Sentinel craft
4 Lambda shuttles (fitted with concussion missiles)
4 corellian corvettes

48 TIE Interceptor squadrons
24 TIE Defender squadrons
24 TIE Phantom squadrons
12 TIE Advanced X1 squadrons

36 stormtrooper garrisons
36 war droid garrisons
1 dark trooper garrison