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08-07-2001, 10:54 PM
1 month after Kioet's first battle...

Kioet looks out of the Imperial Landing Craft, Disruptor's viewport. Angered at the thought of losing his first battle, and nearly getting killed in the process. The only way he got away with his life was by being forced to have cybernetic implanted organs, the original organs being melted away by his distasteful opponent's lightstaff. Kioet's opponent, now on the surface of the planet, knows that Kioet is alive. Kioet had his Assassin Droid, 1D-32 pay Krea T'mRek 5,000 credits to meet Kioet in an ancient Dark Jedi arena. The droid never returned. And now, the Imperial landing craft enters the atmosphere and lands just outside the temple containing the arena. The Disruptor releases the landing gear, and shuts off the sublight engines. The landing platform comes down. Kioet, is wearing his newly bought jet black cloak, covering his battle scared AT-AT driver's helmet. Kioet steps up to the large doors that are so big, they make him feel like a mouse droid. Kioet then unclips his lightsaber from his belt, which is wrapped neatly around his cloak, and ignites it. He tries to open the doors but they will not budge. He then gives the door a hard right sidekick, and it comes open like it wasn't even closed all the way. Kioet walks down the hallway, and opens the door at the end, and finds himself overwhelmed with silence, seeing stoned 'steps' 10 meters off the arena grounds with nobody in them, it seems as if nobody is home. There is however, a presence in the air, Kioet knows Krea is on the planet, not just on the planet, close to the temple. Kioet then starts practicing swings and moves with the lightsaber. Then he quickly stops. Knowing his opponent is very VERY close by. Kioet makes himself appear as a statue.

08-07-2001, 10:57 PM
The large monoliths on the walls are symbols of power. Each one represents a soul defeated by Krea T'mRek. Many creatures have stood to the challenge, not one has succeeded. The power that Krea T'mRek weilds is deadly, evil. he has never lost to a foe. Yet one monolith stands blank amongst the rest. He has yet to earn the name of his last foe on it. Krea T'mRek knows he will be back.

The message arrived late at night. Krea T'mRek reads the message. It has a symbol in its center. The symbol of the Dark Jedi Arena. The robot holds out 5,000 credits. Krea T'mRek looks the robot in its mettalic eyes, and grins beneath his mask. Suddenly, the credits burst into flame on the bots hand, as the bot is thrown against the blank monolith. Krea T'mRek begins walking toward his private chambers. He must prepare. His weapon will require some modifications...

Krea T'mRek steps into the dark arena. he turns slowly to his left, peering at a small indent in the wall, about large enough for a man to stand in. T'mRek's lightstaff fully extends, both sides, illuminating the sink in the wall. No one is there. Suddenly, there is a disturbance in the force...

08-07-2001, 11:08 PM
Krea has walked right past Kioet w/o knowing it. Now's his chance to get even. Kioet bursts out of the 'statue' he once looked like, quickly ignites his lightsaber, and kicks his opponent square in the back, knocking him on the ground next to a dead cyborrean battle dog, Krea's face comes inches from landing in the battledog's wide open mouth. Kioet then takes the lightsaber and slashes at the back of Krea's legs.

08-07-2001, 11:11 PM
Kioet's blow would have been formidable if he had kept his emotions out of his thoughts. The blow landed crooked, and was reflected off of Krea's negativly charged boots rather than on the back of his knees. Krea kicks himself to his feet and swings his lightstaff toward Kioet's right flank...

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08-07-2001, 11:16 PM
Full of fury, Kioet swings his lightsaber to the right, Kioet strikes a blow, right near the bottom of the his opponent's lightstaff and curves it upwards, nearly knocking it out of Krea's hands. Kioet then uses the force, lifting one of the ancient battlehelmets off the wall and pulls it towards the back of Krea's head.

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08-07-2001, 11:20 PM
Holding the lightstaff paralell to his back, the helment is reflected away from Krea. Krea then whips the lightsaber around and attempts to strike Kioet, who blocks. Krea then begins a force speed induced flurry of swings at Kioet, who also begins a furious speed burst of blocks and attacks. Krea smiles again, this young man is fast. But he lacks concentration. Krea begins throwing objects at Kioet from around the room as the lightweapons clash between them...

08-07-2001, 11:27 PM
Kioet notices his opponent using the force to throw stuff at him, and force speeds to the nearest wall, too fast for the objects to hit him, when Kioet reaches the wall, he turns around and starts blocking everything that Krea is throwing at him. Humiliated at being in a precarious position, Kioet leaps up into the air and lands behind Krea, turns around and force pushes his opponent to the wall where Kioet just came from.

08-07-2001, 11:32 PM
Krea flips in mid air as he approches the wall kioet threw him at, and he lands feet first. Krea then pushes off the wall towards the ceiling, and throws a huge force desturction ball at it, causing it to collapse. Krea lands on one oif the the now exposed rock pillars tops, and watches as the rubble falls towards his opponent.

08-07-2001, 11:44 PM
Kioet uses the force to help him run and dodge all the obstacles that are falling around him. When the dust finally settles, kioet is nowhere to be seen...then, out of nowhere, a landing craft comes and a ramp folds down, inviting Krea onboard the ship...Kioet reaches out his hand.

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08-07-2001, 11:49 PM
realizing that was a very stupid idea, Kioet unholsters his blaster and shoots his opponent with a stun blast. Krea falls unconsciously towards the ground. Kioet, proud that he has finally captured his prey, 18,000,000 credits, will be Kioet's, when he delivers the live trophy to his master...

08-08-2001, 12:07 AM
Krea was stunned to see the gun in Kioets hand rather than a saber. All he remembers is being dragged onto the landing craft. Now he sitts in a small room will 2 men. One is Kioet. One is an unknown. But he is a strong dark master. Krea can sense it.

The unknown speaks. "So you are the man who nearly killed my apprentice."

Krea remains silent.

The unknown stands. "Rise."

Krea stands.

The unknown extends to Krea a lightsaber. this one is ontrol activated. Not like his own. But krea senses his is in the room... under the large chair that the Unknown was sitting in. The unknown activates his red lightsaber and slashes toward Krea. Krea activates his lightsaber and flips over the unknown.


The unknown falls to the ground, peirced by Kreas Lightstaff, whichhe had retreived from under the chair.

"NOOOOO!" Screams Kioet. Kioet raises his saber high above his head and flys toward Krea. With immense speed and strenght, Kioet begins to rain upon Krea with fast attacks, as Krea blocks each of them. The light reflecting off the walls is blinding as the two warriors attack each other, each waiting for the next to make a mistake. Kioet's skill is HUGE after thier lsat battle, and krea struggles to keep up. But soon Kioet begins to slow, he is growing tired. The young man is no match for a 2000 year old Dark Jedi. Kioet slashes toward Kreas left flank- and slices thin air. Krea has disapeared. Kioet, stops. He senses nothing in room. Nothing on the whole planet. Not a single sign of Krea. Kioet deactivates his saber. he turns around and looks at his fallen master. SUddenly he activates his saber and spins around to reflect a blow from nowhere- Krea is still here. but he cannot sense him! Krea then activates his lightstaffs new feature: a second set of blades that make his lightstaff into a lightcross, an X blade. Krea spins the blades around like a saw, and hurtles the new weapon at Kioet. The lightcross tears through Kioets body, ripping it to peices. Krea smiles beneath his mask.

The large monoliths on the walls are symbols of power. Each one represents a soul defeated by Krea T'mRek. Many creatures have stood to the challenge, not one has succeeded. The power that Krea T'mRek weilds is deadly, evil. he has never lost to a foe. Yet one monolith stands higher amongst the rest. A single name is carved on its face: Kioet.

The End

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