View Full Version : PS2 LAN not working, any ideas??

10-13-2004, 04:40 PM
Problems with the PS2 LAN option. I can connect at most 2 ps2 on the non-dedicated server option, when the third one connects, it is kicked out and the ps2 resets.

On the PS2 Dedicated Server option, only one PS2 Can connect, and when the others connect, it boots out all the PS2 players and resets all the PS2's

With the PC Dedicated, i can only get one PS2 connected, and when another connects, it gets kicked out and reset.

The resets usually occur between 5 and 20 seconds into loading up the game, as in the game loads, player selects character and spawn point, and waits to be spawned (15 sec countdown) Player is then kicked out between the countdown and the first 5 seconds of actual running about gameplay.

The computer system i am using for the Dedicated Server is as follows
1.8 ghz
512 Ram
XP Pro
Direct X 9.0C

I use a Switch to connect the PS2's/Computer being a D-Link 10/100/1000Mbps Switch. The network cable is Cat5e. I also sometimes use a Cat 6 cable, but i only have one of those so i try not to mix them up if i can.

Socom 2 LAN works perfectly fine, so there isn't anything wrong with the Hardware as far as i know.

Hope thats enuff info on the problem, if you need anymore info just ask, any help wud be great!

Thanx for reading.