View Full Version : Reasons why BfN is better (or worse) than Rogue Squadron

Wade Vox
04-26-2001, 04:14 PM
Feel free to add your own.

1.None of that 'I'm clear, but my fighter is down!' stuff. Your wingmates blow up!
2.You can change craft halfway through a level!
3.No AT-PT's to be saved!
4.No tow cables!
5.Play on the ground, and in the water!
6.Fly in space!
7.Attack the droid control ship!
8.A better plot!
9.Sharp Turn!

Rogue Renegade
04-26-2001, 05:32 PM
BFN Stengths
1. The good plot line seamlessly pulls you into the entire game.
2. A variety of ships, enemies, and environments combine for broad appeal & enjoyment of the game.
3. When you get the bonus in the second hidden level (or use the new passcode I tested) your N-1 can have cluster missiles! Wouldn't that have been awsome in an X-Wing?!
3. Although I didn't like the "lives left" standard for medals at first, I now understand why it is necessary. In the end, I think its a plus.
4. BFN is at the same time very easy & incredibly hard. It makes you work for what you get. The technology is retro from RS. Neither the blasters nor cluster missiles, not craft handling, etc. are up to par with RS. But this makes you work hard.

BFN Weaknesses
1. See #4 above. It is very frustrating not to have the same handling enjoyed in RS. I mean, pod recers handle better than the N-1 in BFN. Yes, the quick turn is neat, but I'd bet the quick turn button only gets you back to the N-1 handling of the RS N-1.
2. I was also pretty dissappointed with the game until I worked my way to get the rapid fire blasters & blaster upgrade bonuses. Only then do you feel like you can destroy you targets in style.
3. I'd say that RS is harder to first learn & complete levels. BFN is harder to get high medals. Basically you have the get all the upgrades before that is possible. And, in some levels you have to have cluster missiles to get gold.

In conclusion, I really disliked BFN for the first few days. Then, the storyline hooked me. After awhile, I adjusted to the retro technology and accepted the game for what it is. It is NOT RS II, but it is a great game. I really like & recommend the game for all RS lovers, but in the end if I could only have one game -- It would be RS!

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