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10-16-2004, 01:17 PM
Alright I came to start an rp about the jedi and the sith

Name- Matten Groundflyer
status-one of the sith lords
weapon-one finally crafted sith bright red lightsaber
bio- A sith lord out to destory the repulbic:axe1:

10-16-2004, 08:34 PM
Name: Kola T'uune
Race: Mandalorian
Sex: Male
Orientation: Leaning Darkside
Side: None
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Weapons: Lightsaber, blaster pistols, projectile rifle, and a concussion rifle
Ship: Talarra's Fear, a heavily modified Mandalorian frieghter

Bio: T'uune has been a bounty hunter long before the Mandalorian Wars, and has earned a reputation as a fearless warrior that will stop at nothing to claim his bounties. At a young age, he was recognized to be force adept and was taken to Dantooine for training. However, the Exar Kun War disrupted his training, and his master turned to the darkside to follow Exar Kun. Abandoned by his master, the young padawan felt betrayed and left the academy to earn a living. He encountered several Hutts on Sleyheron, and took up their offers for collecting bounties. He claimed all but the most valuable of the bounties. That bounty was collected by another young bounty hunter named Cassus Fett, and so began the long rivalry between the two hunters. The rivalry ended whenever T'uune set up Cassus for an encounter with a Republic Fleet. There, Cassus met his death, and now the galaxy is left with Kola T'uune as the most feared bounty hunter. T'uune has recently been seen quite often with an unknown and young twi'lek woman in Corescant.

T'uune suddenly woke up from his force-aided sleep. Something was very wrong. He checked his instruments to make sure he was still on course. Carring a Sith Admiral in his storage bay was already making him a bit uneasy as he traveled through Sith territory to the near-by Republic Stronghold of Corellia. "Never been concerned like this before. Hmm, I guess I shouldn't worry too much, being in hyperspace and all." However, he couldn't console the feeling he had in his gut that something was definately not right. Having learned to trust these feelings, T'uune flipped a couple of switches. White lines appeared, then normal space as the braking thrusters kicked in. Immidiately, his sensors chimed in a warning about a large ship directly ahead. Checking his scanners, he noticed a large Sith Interdictor ship was directly in his path.

10-18-2004, 10:13 AM
(on the sith ship)

Matten-status report

admiral-sir I see an enemy vessel theart minimum

Matten-plot a course for Datannioe I have some unfinished buiness to settle with the jedi scum

admiral- yes sir(takes off)

10-18-2004, 12:21 PM
T'uune watched as the Sith ship accelerated into hyperspace, and sighed deeply. "Too close, too close." Resetting the coordinates on the hyperdrive computer, he entered hyperspace en route to Corellia to drop off his latest trophy.

"Well well, now what was that all about, huh? Afraid of getting caught?", T'uune heard from the back. Getting up, he walked back towards the holding cell. The holding cell was made of a durasteel alloy, which was in turn surrounded by a cubic shaped force field. Inside sat Admiral Heedai. "Getting a bit antsy are we, T'uune?" Pressing a button, and entering a combination of keys, the force field dropped. T'uune then stepped towards the cage.
T'uune-"It's time for your meal, Admiral. I wouldn't want my buyers to have you malnurished."
T'uune then pulled out a field rations pack and tossed it into the cage.
T'uune-"Now eat up, or I'll make sure you eat it."
Heedai: "And how would you do that?"
T'uune- "If you don't eat it, i will force feed it to you. One way or the other, you will eat it," with a hint of anger underneath his breath.
T'uune raised the force field back up and walked back to the crew quarters. Opening the door, he noticed La'ola lying in her bed. She hadn't even stirred during the whole thing.
She never did make a move during those storms on Korriban. Dang it, that twi'lek can sleep through anything.

10-18-2004, 02:34 PM
(on dan.)

Matt-(uses force to rip down doors to acedmey) I am here for master Vanndar

Jedi-We will never allow u to get to him

Matt-really...(uses force choke on him and all the other jedis surrounding him and kills them all)

Vanndar- So the Sith Lord Matten Groundflyer has come I could tell by the disturbace in the force(draws light saber)

Matt-Spare me pointy ears(attacks with red light saber)

(light saber match begins and Matten over power him weaked by force lighting Matten sith troops capture vanndarr and returned to his ship the Leviathan Mark 2)

Matt- raid this planet for lightsaber cystals then when u find some bring them to me and give this plant the same treatment as taris

10-18-2004, 06:02 PM
T'uune calmly walked out of the Corellian bar. Now 95,000 credits richer, T'uune headed towards a little tuner shop about 3 klicks down the road. Coming to the store, someone was about to grab him. Sensing him, T'uune quickly turned around and grabbed him. Dragging the struggling body into the shadows, he slammed the person into a wall, pulled out his lightsaber and ignited it next to his neck.

T'uune-"This had better be good, Tyvark, or I'm just going to go ahead and collect those 75 hundred creds on your head."

Tyvark-"Hey, take it easy Kola. I just wanted to give you a high end job."

T'uune-"Oh yeah, who with, and how much?"

Tyvark-(fearfully)"The Republic wants someone alive only. And for 5 million."

T'uune deactivated his lightsaber and loosened his hold on the Rodian.

T'uune-"Who's the target?"

Tyvark-"Well, its not so much as a target, but rather a person in distress. You see, the Republic has gotten word that a Sith Lord by the name of Matton Groundflyer has captured a Jedi Master Vandar."

T'uune-(bitterly)"A Jedi Master?? Hmm, I'd be much more prone to killing him rather than rescueing him."

Tyvark-"But think of the reward. 5 million. Who wouldn't want that kind of money? Well, unless you want some other bounty hunter to claim him..."

T'uune-"Oh shut up already. I'll make up my mind later. Now move on," he said while pushing the rodian into the street. 5 million for a Jedi Master. Why would anyone be worth so much?

(6 hours later)
T'uune closed the hatch behind him, and walked to the cockpit. "Where are we going?" asked La'ola. "Dantooine. I have a new contract to pick up," he replied.

10-19-2004, 10:01 AM
(in mattens ship)

Vandarr-U will never get away with this the force will not allow u.

Matten-O really...(uses force push and slams him into a wall0

Vandarr-U monster...

Matten- I will take that as a complaint.

Sith trooper- all our forces are off the planet we are waiting for u to give the order

Matten- Do it

(the planet is then nuked and destoryed)

Vandarr-(senses somethimg is wrong)

Matten-plot a course for korribean I need some r and r

10-19-2004, 10:08 AM
am i to late to enter??????

10-19-2004, 02:24 PM
ooc-nope come on in

10-19-2004, 05:28 PM
Name: Trent
Homeworld: Alderaan
Alignment: Light
Age: 23
Rank: Republic Admiral
Allegiance: Republic
Race: Human, Jedi Master
Personal ship: RF-43 Heavily Modified Republic ship
Weaponry: Lightsaber, Blaster pistol, Blaster rifle, Jedi Master Robes
Force Powers: Stasis, Pull, Push, lightning, heal, lightsaber throw,

Trent was first recognized by the Republic when he flew his fathers ship right through a battle between the Sith. He blasted some Sith Fighters. He tried to escape but the Sith caught up to him. The republic saved his life by blasting the sith right out of the sky. He was recognized as force sensitive and was given Jedi Training. He was elected admiral last year and has proved worthy.

10-19-2004, 06:35 PM
La'ola- "Nothing left to track here except dust."
T'uune-"Don't get your hopes up. There might be something left on the surface."

Flying in slowly at about 60m off the ground, T'uune starts scanning the horizen for any signs of remains.

La'ola-"The problem is that there wasn't much here to begin with. We might as well be searching for ghosts."

T'uune-"Which is what my intentions are. Take over the flight controls and go were I tell you."

Sitting back, T'uune began to focus in on the Force, feeling for any signs of either life or a mere presence of the Force.

T'uune-"Heading change to north-north east, about 15 klicks from out current postition."

La'ola turned Talarra's Fear in the direction and began to scan the horizen herself.

La'ola-"I see something."
T'uune-(smiling)"I know."

Up ahead, La'ola landed in what was left of the Jedi Enclave's Courtyard.

La'ola-"What did you feel?"
T'uune-"Life. Someone survived."

T'uune slowly began walking through the ruins towards the main building. Looking down, he noticed the charred remains of someone. Feeling the remains with the Force, T'uune could feel the very small remains of the Force within the remains. "This one was a Jedi. Probably female. And she died by..." He examined it more closely. "....by...strangulation. Dang it, he nearly crushed her neck entirely." Suddenly, he felt something, or more or less see.
Matt-(uses force to rip down doors to acedmey) I am here for master Vanndar

Jedi-We will never allow u to get to him

Matt-really...(uses force choke on him and all the other jedis surrounding him and kills them all)

Vanndar- So the Sith Lord Matten Groundflyer has come I could tell by the disturbace in the force(draws light saber)

Matt-Spare me pointy ears(attacks with red light saber)

(light saber match begins and Matten over power him weaked by force lighting Matten sith troops capture vanndarr and returned to his ship the Leviathan Mark 2)

Matt- raid this planet for lightsaber cystals then when u find some bring them to me and give this plant the same treatment as taris

T'uune-"Matton Groudflyer did capture Vandar."
La'ola-"Do you know where he took him?"
T'uune-"No idea. We'll have to check for hyperspace trails once we leave the surface. Come on. There's nothing left here."
La'ola-"What about the 'life' you felt? Isn't that worth saving?"
T'uune-"Most definately. Do you see that single clover over there? That is what I felt."

10-19-2004, 07:04 PM
Trent was on his ship on the way to Dantooine to deliver his cargo. The cargo contained lightsabers, blasters, and other goods. He finally arrived upon the planet.

Trent-What Happened here!
Trent-Oh no Master Vandar, the Jedi

Trent-R2-52 scan the planet for survivors or any signs of life
R2-52-Beep Boop Beep

Trent-Nothing but the smell of death
R2-52-Beep Beep
Protocol Droid-He says there was a ship here recently and the ship has a trail
Trent-Then follow the ship we shall

Trent then follows the ships trail...

10-19-2004, 07:24 PM
Laying in their respective beds, La'ola and T'uune tried to sleep. La'ola was the most successfull. T'uune, on the other hand, couldn't get the picture of so many jedi dying at one time out of his mind.

And here I am going to possibly confront this Sith. On Korriban. D*** it, why me? Oh yeah, I got so excited about 5 mill. *sigh*

He then began to think about La'ola. Her soft green skin; those deep, blue eyes; the small scar across her lower belly. The thought of the scar brought another bitter taste to his thoughts. The memory of Darth Revan torturing her with the Force to extract information from T'uune was almost unbearable. Anger swelled inside of him. His hatred of Revan was almost insatiable, and, T'uune realized, this Groundflyer was no different from Revan. He could do the same thing to La'ola all over again. Hatred slowly began to boil over, and T'uune stormed to the cargo hold. "D*** YOU REVAN FOR SCARRING HER!!!! D*** YOU KUN FOR MAKING THEM FAIL ME!!! D*** ALL THE SITH!!!" T'uune screamed in frustration. Punching a panel, he turned around and leaned against it. Tears began to well up in his eyes. "D*** you, d*** you, " he said tearfully as he slowly slid down the panel. "D*** you."

10-19-2004, 07:32 PM
Trent caught up to the vessel and opened up a transmission.

Trent-Who are you and what were you doing on Dantooine

No reply

Trent-Answer me or I will fire on your Ship!

No Reply

Fires one shot at the Talarra's Fear and misses

Trent-That was a warning shot now answer me or the other one won't miss

10-19-2004, 08:31 PM
Suddenly, the turrets on Talarra's Fear open up. Ion bolts slam into the RF-43, temporarily disabling it.

T'uune-"Your complaint has been noted. Do not fire again, or I will return fire, this time with deadlier weapons."

Talarra's Fear quickly maneuvers around to face the RF-43 head on and activates the sheilds.

T'uune-"Of course, I am open to negotiation, so feel free to state why you tried to fire on my ship."

(The effects of the ion bolts have worn off.)

10-19-2004, 08:43 PM
Trent slowly got up from the ground. He had tooken a fall when the ion bolts hit his ship.

"I need to know what happened to the Jedi I tracked your Ship now I need answers"

10-20-2004, 04:27 AM
T'uune-"Did you not see the surface, no one survived. Hardly anything was left alive. Now, if you will excuse me, I have someone to track down."

Talarra's Fear slowly begins to move away in reverse.

10-20-2004, 11:40 AM
Name: sha'fir da shu
Codename: Black Shadow
Homeworld: Outer rim
Alignment: Dark
Age: 21
Rank: Elite Bounty Hunter
Allegiance: Bounty Hunters
Race: Mandalorian
Personal ship: BGS Hunt a modified bounty hunter ship
Weaponry: two heavilly modified laser pistols a heavy bounty hunter repeater, rocket launcher, Boba fett suit, Shadow Sword and a jet pack

This young person was kidnapped by the bounty hunters, after his memories were deleted they started to train him to become the best bounty hunter that exists, but at the age of 12 he atacked his teacher and killed him with his bare hands. He started his own Bounty Hunter company and destroyed the old company where he was trained. He continued his training in the darkness and he felt the power of the darkness. At the age of 16 a sith aprentice tried to kill him but thanks to his years of training he defeated the sith in melee fight with his Shadow Sword. He got caught there on the planet and escaped it on the age of 18. he continued training with all his hate and new power.

He flys up the wall of the palace in the outer rim, trying to find the 1 he is looking for the 1 that kidnapped him when he was a small child. His other attempts to discover the past of hisself has failed in death and pain, after 3 years of searching he found out where the woman that kidnapped him.

*He enters the palace*
(1= Black Shadow a other number=Palace people)

1"Hello people, how are you all doing"
2"How do you come in here, gaurds kill him!"
1*Draws his guns*
2,3*opened fire*
1*kills the gaurds*

He walks upstairs still searching the room of the woman, he sense that there are more ppl in the other room, he draws his guns and kicks down the door. 8 people turning around with there gun aimed at Black Shadow they all open fire, and shadow was shooted down.

Later in his own palace he gets awake, with no clue of what happened he remembers a sight that he saw in the room a woman laying on the ground, death. His mission was failled and he still doesnt knows the riddles of his past

10-20-2004, 03:19 PM
Trent decided not to follow the ship. They looked serious when he said he'll shoot him down. He decided to go investigate Dantooine. He punched in the Hyperspace coordinates and away went the ship. Meanwhile...

"Sir we found a ship in the area" said Shoza Knor the Outlaw
"Fire on them they maybe after us"said Kquik the leader
"Yes Sir"(ooc Kquik and Shoza Knor are NPC's wanted by law)

Trent felt a blast to his ship. His ship crashed on Dantooine. He was wounded pretty bad. He got out of his ship and tried his best to set up a fire. He slowly fell asleep...

"Hahaha nobody could survive that"said Kquik
"Especially on a planet with no food or water"said Shoza

Trent started repairing his ship. He couldn't lift it off the ground but he got the computers working. He sent out a distress signal to the Talarra's Fear...

10-20-2004, 05:43 PM
(The Talarra's Fear is in the Dantooine system trying, now in vain, to find the exact hyperspace trail from the Sith fleet.)

"The trail must have dissipated by now. Why can't we just go to Korriban?" La'ola asked. T'uune replied, "Simple, they wouldn't expect anyone to take the exact same route. Surprise is actually a very good tactic in this case. That fleet may have us outgunned, but..."

La'ola presses the flashing button and waits for information to show up on her screen.

La'ola-"Its an emergency transponder. The signal is from..a.......RF-43." (looks up from the panel)

T'uune-"That would be the same pilot that attacked us. Now here is an interesting choice."

La'ola-"I wonder if he has any value to him. Well, or her."

T'uune-(shakes his head)"The voice over the radio sounded male. Where's the signal from?"

La'ola-"Dantooine. On the surface. He must have had a equipment malfunction to make his ship go down like that."

T'uune-"I have a funny feeling that it wasn't equipment failure. (Feels outward with the Force) In fact, I think he was shot down. Grab the controls and set for Dantooine. I'll take over weapons."

Talarra's Fear headed for Dantooine at full power. "I've got something on scanners," T'uune said. "Its some kind of ship. Setting ion cannons." T'uune then activated the controls for the turrets and forward batteries.

"There is a ship approaching. Its weapons are charged and ready," said Shoza. "What kind of ship is it?" asked Kquik. "Its some kind of Mandalorian frieghter. Extensively modified," Shoza replied. "Sheilds up, and prepare for a fight."

La'ola-"Their shields are up. They may be returning a favor."

T'uune-"Very well. Standby."

T'uune locked onto the craft with the turbolasers and fired. He then immidiately followed the barrage with the ion cannons. Two lasers glanced off the shields, one hit. The shield was instantly pulverized, and then the ion rounds impacted the hull itself, completely destroying most of the ships electronics. However, the outlaws' weapons were unaffected, and they returned fire. La'ola, who had been in similar situations, dodged the fire , but two rounds still impacted the Talarra, causing extreme damage to the hull. ":swear: it!!! I just fixed this thing!!!" La'ola exclaimed. "We're still in better shape then them," stated T'uune. This thing can still fly. That one can't. Latch on; I'll pay them a visit."

Sensing trouble, Shoza and Kquik pulled out their blasters. They felt the ship shudder. "They've latched on," Shoza whispered. Suddenly, an explosion erupted from the entrance bay. Running towards the back with blasters raised, they scanned for invaders.

T'uune could see them as plain as day with his infrared viewer. Even with the smoke grenade he tossed, he could still see them. Shoza Knor and Kquik, wanted outlaws, and worth several thousand each. He pulled out his net gun and fired. The net hit both of them and trapped them against a panel.

"Alright, lets go check out that transponder on the surface," T'uune told La'ola as he walked in the cockpit.
The two prisoners were safely locked away in the cages on board. "No problem."

Talarra's Fear landed about 12m away from the RF-43.

10-20-2004, 05:57 PM
Trent saw the Talarra's Fear. He hurried over to see if it was really them.

"It is them!" he thought

He ran over and explained how he had crashed and it was these outlaws fault and how his ship was behond repair, the hull was destroyed, everything.

"Now maybe I can join you guys on your ship, Ive got weapons and armour you can use freely!" said Trent hopefully

10-20-2004, 06:07 PM
"Hold up kid. I'm not one for taking passengers. If you need spare parts, I can help you out. Otherwise, well, you might just get in the way," T'uune responded. "If you need help with the actual repairs, La'ola and I would be willing, and with La'ola's mechanical abilities, that thing may be salvagable."

10-20-2004, 06:13 PM
Trent wanted to get off the planet badly.

"Help me repair my ship and you guys can have all my cargo"
"Also, I need to get even with the guy destroying this place so do you mind if I just follow you on my ship"

Trent held out his hand.

10-20-2004, 06:21 PM
T'uune-"Sorry, I don't shake hands. I only make agreements. You can do all the following except follow me. I'm on (pauses) business. If you want to meet up with me again to discuss business, meet me at Manaan in two days. We'll meet at the courthouse. Do we have a deal?"

10-20-2004, 06:26 PM
Trent didn't like having to wait, especially for 2 days, but if he wanted to find out something he would have to.

"Fine meet me there in 2 days"

The ship was now repaired and Trent boarded it. He set the hyperspace coordinates to Manaan. He was in hyperspace travel, he never knew how beutiful it was. His ship landed on Manaan. He decided to go to sleep and prepare for T'uune.

10-20-2004, 06:53 PM
(several hours later)
T'uune landed at the Dreshdae port on Korriban under the guise as a Sith supplier.

Sith Security Officer-"Your ship is neither on the registry nor is it scheduled. What business do you have here?"

T'uune-(disguised as an unassuming human)"I have a weapons shipment pirated from a Republic Freighter."

Sith Security Officer-"Really? Well, that is most interesting. I'll have to send in a crew to check. Do you have your manifest?"

T'uune-"Right here." (Pulls out a datapad listing the cargo and lists La'ola as his mechanic)

Sith Security Officer-(hands datapad to the crew leader and lets them inside)Unusual that we would get an independant pirate making a shipment. We must not be the only ones that have a hatred of the Republic."

Crew Leader-"The manifest checks out. He's clear."(hands datapad back to the security officer)

Sith Security Officer-"Very well. I'm sure Lord Matton will reward you very well for this. Here is two passcards, the highter clearance for you, and the other for your mechanic. Enjoy your stay."

In a hotel room in Dreshdae.

La'ola-"Don't you think its a bit mean to leave that kid waiting for us back at Manaan?"

T'uune-"Absolutely. Besides, what do I care? First he fires on us, and then he expects help? Sorry, but it was hard enough for me to lend a hand at repairs."

La'ola-(smiling)"I know, but it's still not nice."

T'uune-"Who said I wouldn't meet him? I do have my honor to keep. (leans close to her)Don't forget that." (they kiss and ...)

(in a cantina)

Drunken officer-"Ya, I heard about a jedi gettin captured? *hic* 'hats it to ya'?"

T'uune-"How about another hand of Pazaak?"

(they play another round. the drunken officer busts, again)

Drunken officer-"Ya know, *hic* I don't play dis game *hic*'ell while I'm drinkin."

T'uune-(laughing lightly) "Thats okay. Just tell me about that 'jedi you saw."
(hands the officer another ale)

Drunken officer-"Well, *hic* da 'Lo'd' came in here last week, prancin that little rod'nt 'round here *hic* like he was some kind of *hic*'rofy. (laughs, *hic*)

T'uune-(joining in the laughter)Really, well, did you happen to recognize the 'thing'?"

Drunken officer-"Sho did!!! *hic* Looked like that wanted pic posted in the lobby. Some kinda 'Jedi Masta *hic* Zandar' or sumthin."

T'uune-"Really? That is quite interesting. Care for another round of Pazaak?"

(the officer gulps down the ale and promtly passes out)

Talarra's Fear takes off from Korriban and enters hyperspace for Manaan.

It arrives several hours later and lands.

T'uune heads for the courthouse and meets Trent about an hour late.

T'uune-"I feel I must apoligize for being late. Now, shall we get down to business?"

10-20-2004, 07:49 PM
"Finally you arrive now lets talk about Vandar" said Trent
"What have you found out about him he's alive I know it"
"Also, Whos behind the destruction of Dantooine"
"And will you please help me out and im sorry for firing on your ship
"Lastly, Where are they located I need to avenge all the Jedi!"

10-21-2004, 07:39 AM
Matten-(senses distrubance in force) Some powerful jedi has arrvialed bring him to me

Dark Jedis- Yes master...(begin to search for someone strong in the force)

10-21-2004, 08:02 AM
Shadow arrives on Corusant, for a new mission. He needs to find the force adept that everyone is talking about. He easily walks up the stairs of the airport, when a gaurd stops him. "Arent you that criminal of the outer rim" the gaurd asked. Shadow feels a strong power to grab his guns and blast the hell out of the gaurd, but he answers calm "You must see me for someone else gaurd". "No, you are that criminal. You have killed my brother there!" said the gaurd, and he drawed his guns, but he was to late shadow had allready drawn his guns and shooted down the gaurd.

A few hours later at the point where he must be, there he sees some gaurds standing in front of the building. They open fire right away when they see him, Shadow had drawn his rocket launcher and shooted a rocket. Only 1 of the 2 gaurds was hitted, but the gaurds inside heard the explosion and came outside. One of them finally succeeded in hitting shadow in his arm, Shadow needed to escape from here but how his jet pack was shot down he had no rockets left only his guns. He turns away from the shots and jumps to the ground and he opens fire. 1 gaurd got hitted by the lasers from the blasters. Another gaurd walks outside but this wasnt just a gaurd it was a comando a elite comando. He shoots Shadow down in 1 shot.

10 minutes later shadow wakes up totaly stuned. He cant move but he sees two persons standing in front of glass, is he in some kind hospital? but then he sees that it isnt a hospital because he got robes bu his legs and his arms. The comando walks inside, and punches Shadow.

Master Jaxu
10-21-2004, 08:11 AM
Rank:Sith Dark Knight
weaponry:Dual ended light saber that turns into two sabers named Malice and Havok

*Bows to his mater Matten and leaves the room to his ship Malchia 2 to seach for those that are strong in the force*

10-21-2004, 08:54 AM
T'uune-"Slow down kid. I'm not one to give out information in such a public place. Come, I have a room rented out at the hotel across from the Republic Embassy."

(They head for the hotel, and are inside the room with La'ola.)

T'uune-"Okay, its pretty apparent that I'm gonna need an ally to help me with this mission. Since your ready and willing, we'll join forces." (pauses for effect)

T'uune-"Now, about Master Vandar. I have some information that I picked up from Korriban. According to my source, he's being held there by a Sith Lord Mattan Groundflyer. Now, I have not been able to deturmine his exact location, I just know that he's on Korriban. Judging by the lightsaber your carrying, you must also be a Jedi. That will come in handy. (pauses)Now here's the plan..."

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10-21-2004, 09:44 AM
Matton-(in private quaters0) So another jedi has arivved .

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Master Jaxu
10-21-2004, 09:47 AM
OOC- me too so forgive us if we don post.

*Jata set the ship controls on auo pilot and began his search for the gifted.He went to his chamber and told the protocol droid he was not to be disturbed.He sta on a floor at and began to take in the energy of the darkside

10-21-2004, 09:59 AM
Matton-I wonder...

Sith soilder-sir what is the matter

Matton-bring me master vandarrs light saber

10-21-2004, 01:02 PM
*Over the radio*

"Give me Butler" (butler is a bounty hunter)
"Butler here"
"Shadow is kidnaped on corusant"
"Ok, dont take actions"
"but why sir?"
"Now i am youre boss and this is now my company, so listen!"
"What you take over?"
"Offcourse, you *****"

Meanwhile by Shadow

He wakes up again and feels a terrible headache. "So, you are awake". Shadow didnt answer he feels the chains he is in a other room. He notices that it is a different person not a gaurd. But a slave dealer. "Why am i here?". "You are my slave, and you are going to be solled for money". "My soldiers will find me and kill you". "hahahaha, they can never find me here and by the time that you escape you are allready blown to space dust.". "Let me go and i wont kill you". "You dont frighten me Bounty hunter". Shadow lays down again thinking of a plan to escape from this sick Slave Dealer. but there are only a few things in the room. a Bed a door from massive metal, and a chair. The Slave dealer walks slow away, this is the chance to escape tought shadow. He sits on the bed and usses his legs to grab the chair. He brakes the Chair and uses the wood to free him from the chains. The slave dealer returned, "Why you, Gaurds kill him!". Quikly Shadow hides behind the door. The door goes open, in super speed Shadow grabs the guy and kicks him, then he grabs his blaster and kills the second gaurd. "Now only the Slave dealer was left" tought Shadow. But a female gaurd walks in the hall. right in front of the Slave dealer. "Why you, how dare you disobey me!". The female gaurd kills him. "Quikly Shadow we need to get away!"

10-21-2004, 03:01 PM
Trent looks at T'uune.

"Im ready so whats the plan"
"Matten Groundflyer theres something in that name I don't like"

10-21-2004, 05:34 PM
(T'uune tells Trent the plan.)

T'uune-"Alright, we'll get started in the morning. Meet me by my ship at 0700 hrs. We'll all leave on my ship."

10-21-2004, 05:53 PM
"Ok see ya around partner"

Trent then goes to his room. He thinks about the Jedi about the plan and about saving Vandar. He falls asleep...


"Where am I, in a dream, or is this a vision" thought Trent

Trent looked around and saw Master Vandar fighting.


Trent looked and saw Matten.

(in mattens ship)

Vandarr-U will never get away with this the force will not allow u.

Matten-O really...(uses force push and slams him into a wall0

Vandarr-U monster...

Matten- I will take that as a complaint.

Sith trooper- all our forces are off the planet we are waiting for u to give the order

Matten- Do it

(the planet is then nuked and destoryed)

Vandarr-(senses somethimg is wrong)

Matten-plot a course for korribean I need some r and r

Trent then wakes up and heads for the Talarra's Fear. He spots T'uune.

"Hi im ready"

Trent boards the Talarra's Fear.
(ooc:Stinghers I think that was the plan wasn't it cause I deleted your pm sorry and I forgot the plan)

10-21-2004, 06:04 PM
((ooc. thats cool. i got a copy in my sent folder, just give me a second to write this up...))
T'uune-"Good to see ya. Head in, and strap in. We'll be leaving in a couple of minutes."

Talarra's Fear takes off from Manaan and enters hyperspace for Korriban.

10-21-2004, 06:18 PM
Trent was sitting in hyperspace.

"Are you sure this plan will work I mean they might just kill us"
said Trent

Trent was wondering if this guy was even trustworthy. He wondered if this guy will betray him. He decided not to worry, besides he had the look of trustworthiness on his face.

10-21-2004, 06:25 PM
T'uune-"True. They very well could, but it shouldn't be anything to worry about. I've felt a disturbance last night. I get the feeling that this Sith Lord wants us alive."

T'uune-"This trip is gonna take a couple of hours, so care for a couple rounds of pazaak? No betting, of course."

10-21-2004, 06:29 PM
"Ok a couple rounds of pazaak will do me good"

10-21-2004, 07:42 PM
(ooc: since lordreven is temp banned, JediDude and Stinger asked me to step in until he returns, so for now, meet your new Sith Lord :D )

The Dark Jedi he had sent returned.
"They have a plan for rescuing Vandar, Sir. It involves three, a human, a mandalorian, and a twi'lek girl. The Jedi's are the human and Mandalorian, and the Twi'ek seems to be a pilot."
"You couldn't capture them?" Asked Matton
"N...No sir! They...they evaded capture!"
"I see...in the Sith...failure is not an option!"

The Dark Jedi was trembling. Matton continued,
"Lucky for you, they are coming into my trap, and I will capture them at that time. You can consider yourself lucky to have survived. Dismissed."

The Dark Jedi was very happy, and almost ran from the room. Matton radioed his ships, and had them ready for the trap.
"The fools will never know..."Matton chuckled to himself.

10-22-2004, 09:40 AM
T'uune was laying in his quarters, just thinking to himself. Thinking about several past bounties he had collected. He remembered the frantic capture of the traitorous Mandalorian on Coruscant. The traitor that had joined the Sith. He laughed quietly to himself as he remembered arguing with La'ola to keep the blast doors open to the hangar. She finally won out because she had to repair the armor on Talarra and didn't want anyone sneaking up on her. T'uune just kind of dropped it and left for the diner.

Suddenly, something just didn't feel right. It was the same feeling he had felt several days before with the brief encounter with the Sith Interdictor ship. Rushing back to the cockpit, T'uune disabled the hyperdrive and fired the braking thrusters. "La'ola, you're needed up here!" T'uune yelled in the back. About 10 km ahead of him was two Sith Battleships and an Interdictor. His sensor warning systems went off as the Sith began launching fighters at them. La'ola ran into the cockpit and jumped in her seat. "Holy crap! What the heck's going on?!?"La'ola yelled. "We're being attacked. Prepare for evasives. I'll handle the weapons," T'uune replied. the Sith Fighters were approaching fast.

Without waiting for the Sith Fighters to hail them, T'uune locked onto the nearest fighters and began firing. Several fighters were taken out. The rest of the squadron broke off to begina assaulting Talarra's Fear from different angles. However, the pilots didn't count in the speed factor of the very fast freighter, and overshot their target. Talarra's Fear raced past the fighters towards the Sith battleships. T'uune locked onto the nearest ship and fired turbolaser blasts on the Sith ship. Activating sheilds, Talarra's Fear began a full frontal assault on the ship, unloading the ion and turbolaser cannons. The weapons had little impact on the massive ship, but the captian of the ship was taken completely by surprise that such a small ship would attack a battleship.

Now approaching the stern, the Sith Captain ordered the Interdictor to cut off the freighter. The Interdictor moved behind the stern, but Talarra's Fear dove straight down after clearing the stern. By this time, more fighters had joined the battle. They swooped down in front of the diving freighter and attempted to shoot it. However, they were quickly destroyed with a combination of blaster and turbolaser fire. Talarra's Fear then banked sharply to the left and pulled up, bringing it parallel to the surface of the battleship.

T'uune punched in some numbers into the hyperdrive computer. "What are you doing?" La'ola yelled without turning to face him. "Just keep flying this bucket of bolts, and get ready for a microjump," T'uune yelled back. He finished punching in the numbers. "Alright, hang on."

Space around them flashed backwards breifly then returned to normal. The blockade sent to capture them was now 34km behind them. Talarra's Fear then entered a small orbit around a nearby moon. La'ola breathed a sigh of relief. "We're not out of this just yet," T'uune said. The sensors began beeping another warning. As Talarra's Fear moved around the moon, a massive fleet of Sith ships came into view. The fleet was one of the largest fleets T'uune had seen amassed in his lifetime. Several Interdictors and 5 Battleships formed another blockade about 5km in front of Talarra's Fear. "Bring down your sheilds and weapons arrays, and we will spare you your lives," said a Sith voice over the comlink. Without any other option, T'uune deactivated the sheild generators and turned off the weapons.

A nearby battleship activated it's tractor beam and pulled Talarra's Fear into its hangar.

10-22-2004, 02:53 PM
Matton stood aboard the ship, watching as the tractor beam pulled them in. After a few minutes, the ship was resting in the docking bay. Matton adressed the Sith Captian in front of him...
"I want them captured. All three of them. There will be no secret escapes and renegade resucues: search everywhere."
"Yes, my Lord..."

The trooper turned and had his squadron follow him into the ship. He returned in a few minutes, leading all three of the ships occupants into the bay before Matton. Matton laughed.
"So, you fell into my little trap, eh? Hah!" Matton then turned to adress his guards;
"Take them to the interrogation cells. I and my apprentices will come with you to ensure nothing goes wrong..."

10-23-2004, 07:53 AM
As T'uune walked down the hallway, he looked over at the apprentices. They had smug looks on their faces. Apparently, they were looking forward to what was going to happen next. Unaware that they had not removed all of T'uune's weapons, T'uune was incredibly tempted to try out the brand new carbonite projector imbedded in his armor.

He also felt outward with the Force to probe the apprentices' minds. Their thoughts betrayed them. One was thinking of his brother. Yes, the brother that had refused to join the Sith. Probing deeper, the brother that he had killed to prove his loyalty to Matton. The brother that he missed deeply. His anger towards Matton. The anger that fueled his hatred of all things good. Matton had twisted his mind around to suit his needs.

Probing the others, he felt their own individual thoughts. The one thought caught his attention quickly. That thought dwelled on La'ola. Specifically how attractive she was. Anger began building up in T'uune, but this time he devised a plan. Noticing a droid using a cutting torch up ahead, T'uune waited for his opportunity.

As they got close, T'uune tripped on a floor joint and fell into the apprentice. Manipulating the droid's arm with the Force, the cutting torch moved directly across the apprentice's head, killing him instantly. "Oh :swear:!!! I'm so sorry!!" T'uune exclaimed. "It's his own stupid fault for being in the way. You, on the other hand, are quite clumsy for a bounty hunter," the one apprentice told T'uune. "I'm not clumsy, its the floor joints that weren't designed properly. You guys should really think about hiring new ship designers," T'uune responded. "Oh shut up and move along," said another apprentice, annoyed.

They arrived at the individual cells, were stripped of their gear, and placed inside the cells.

Master Jaxu
10-24-2004, 01:52 PM
*Jata walked to the home on correlia where he found the first of the childeren he was taking for the darkside.He knocked on the door,waiting for the boys fool parents to answer.When the father opened the door he put a lightsaber right between his eyes,he slumped to the floor as his wife screamed and ran to grab the baby.He sprang forward at ligtning speed and grabbed her by the wrist.*"You aren't going anywhere."*He tortured the woman until she finally died and then he went to the baby.He picked up the crying child and put a hand on his forhead.He then shot images of pain and suffering into his mind as the child cried harder.*"Get used to it,because from this day forward thatn is your life."*He took the child to his ship and began the trip back to his masters temple on Korriban.*

10-24-2004, 03:04 PM
Matton laughed.
"That was an impressive trick you pulled, Tu'une. Unfortunately for you, no tricks will get you out of this alive."

Matton waited for Tu'unes reaction. Sure enough, he felt the anger, and the anger opened his mind. Quickly, Matton probed his mind. He saw Revan, and his anger towards that Sith Lord. That was good to know, perhaps he could exploit it later on. As he dug deeper, he also saw something important. Tu'une was fostering a hatred for him. He was comparing his brutishness to Revans, who had tortured his girl. Torture. What the cells were for. Matton looked up, and looked them all right in the eyes.
"Ah...so. Now to business." Matton gave no sign he had probed Tu'unes mind, and it didn't look like Tu'une knew either, which was good.
"We can make this simple, oooooooor we can make this hard. It's your choice." Matton grinned devilishly. "If you make this simple and tell me everything, I can let you all go. Sound good?"

Of course, Matton could figure out all he wanted by assaulting their minds, but this was much more fun, to see them writhe and squirm in pain, until they were begging you for mercy. Matton concealed this all, and ended the conversation with a few more words.
"So, tell me everything I want to know, or its...ah...how do the kids these days say it? Ah yes...or its LIGHTS...OUT!"

10-24-2004, 07:21 PM
T'uune had felt something descend on his mind. It was dark. Very dark. Then it had left. Whatever it was, it was looking for something. T'uune looked straight into the eyes of Matton. He could see the darkness those same eyes concealed. The same darkness he had felt. "You tried to probe my mind, didn't you? You sleezy son of a :swear:!" T'uune yelled. He wanted to do something, anything to appease his own anger. Then, the solution.

At the control panel for the torture fields, he felt the individual components of the computer. The parts that were intertwined so well together. A power coil, and a power converter. Theorizing, T'uune calculated the discharge point of the electricity. Finally, T'uune used the Force to make an artifical capacitor to store power. Waiting for the opportune moment, he released the stored power into the coil. The coil, now overcharged, released massive amounts of energy into the converter. The converter, in turn is now overloaded. The computer senses the overload and attempts to discharge it slowly. It fails, and the converter discharges the energy directly into the panel. The extra energy immidiately overloads the circuits and discharges into the surrounding area.

The soldier and officers standing immidiately behind the panel are instantly killed. The remaining energy slightly discharges into Matton himself, throwing him across the room. With the controls now in complete disarray, the containment fields fail, releasing the three prisoners.

With the apprentices stunned, T'uune simply reaches out with the Force and takes their lightsabers from their belts. He tosses one to Trent and activates his own.

10-24-2004, 07:36 PM
"Sneaky. It would be great if only you hadn't counted so much upon your own ABILITIES!"

Matton picked each all three of them up with the Force, and started crushing their organs. He focused on making La'ola endure extreme pain to stir up Tu'unes anger. When he saw that Tu'une was bout the break free, he dropped them all, and choked Trent and La'ola slowly. Tu'une launched at him with the saber, and a fierce duel erupted. Even though Tu'une was fostering his anger, Matton was able to beat the one-time padawan. He knocked him to the floor, and then used the force to pick up all three of them. Matton pushed them backwards until they landed in their cells again. This time, however, he would make sure they didn't escape. He used the Force to create bonds upon them; one on their neck, both wrists, and both ankles. He would torture them with lightning instead. He was sure these would restrict both movement and the ability to use the Force.

"Ah, your attempts were fruitless. Now, because of your little charade, you will have to endure THIS!"

Matton used Force Storm on all three of them. With no way to move and fight back, they had no choice but to roast under its power.

"You will recieve more as I see fit. Of course, if you tell me what I want to know, I can set you free, and no pain. So, first question. What are your names...?"

10-24-2004, 08:02 PM
T'uune layed on the ground in extreme pain. The plan had worked, until his anger had made him fight an unneccessary duel with Matton. Sometimes patience is indeed a virtue. *sigh* I need to be more careful.

Now exhausted mentally, T'uune found it very difficult to concentrate with the Force. He tried to feel La'ola. He briefly felt her pain. Anger stirred inside of him. Suddenly, he felt something from within her. T'uune felt a peace come over him that he had never felt before. He could almost feel her warmth. The softness of her skin, the embrace they had often shared. He remembered it all. He realized that it was her love for him. The love that they shared. It rejuvenated him.

Now able to focus, T'uune healed his wounds with the Force. He felt the bonds placed on his hands, neck, and ankles. He felt the darkness associated with them. He felt the source of the bonds, Matton. His darkness. Feeling a lightsaber on the ground, he activated it with the Force and threw it at Matton. Matton, now distracted, released them and blocked the attack. T'uune siezed the opportunity to simply stand up in complete defiance to Matton.

"My name is Kola T'uune. A Mandalorian. This is my wife, La'ola. And this man is Trent. We were here to rescue a certain Jedi Master. However, I have realized that no bounty is worth what you have put me through. Thus, I am officially withdrawing my claim to the Republic's bounty. Instead, consider me to be your humble servant, Lord Matton," T'uune said, bowing before Matton.

10-24-2004, 08:13 PM
"Oh? Somehow...I am unconvinced. Is there any way you can prove this?" While he talked, he probed the Mandalorians mind, but this time, he was sure to mask his dark presence so he was positive he couldn't be felt. He felt indecision, but what he could feel was the longing to train. To make up for all those lost years. He still couldn't be sure whether or not he could take this further with Tu'une, but he could tell that he wanted to train, and he didn't care where. He awaited a response from Tu'une...

10-24-2004, 08:36 PM
T'uune could feel something distant from him, the same darkness. T'uune realized that Matton was probably probing his mind again, even though he could not feel him. No doubt, Matton was searching for sincerity inside the bounty hunter's mind. Concentrating, T'uune let everything in his mind dissipate and become nothing.

"It is the truth. Do you honestly expect any man to lay down his life for a simple Jedi? You must underestimate my own willingness to live. I AM your servant. I will follow you, master," T'uune responded. "If I must prove myself to you, then let me."

10-24-2004, 08:40 PM
"So I see...very well. You have convinced me. But, what of the others? Would you abandon your wife or this man...Trent?"

10-24-2004, 08:47 PM
T'uune-"I would kill Trent, but not my wife. We share something called love. I am bound to her, always."

10-24-2004, 08:55 PM
"Haha! I admire your attitude. Very well then...if you wish to prove this to me, and fully show me your will to live, then attack Trent! Splatter him across the walls! Consider it your fist test..."

Matton stood there, watching...waiting...

10-24-2004, 09:30 PM
T'uune-"Very well, my master."

T'uune reaches out with the Force and picks up a lightsaber, ignites it, and faces Trent.

10-25-2004, 05:16 AM
Trent turns on his lightsaber ready to fight. He runs toward T'uune.



Trent fell to his knees. He wasn't stong enough to fight. He was injured from head to toe. His neck was bleeding he felt dizzy. He fell asleep.

"Am I dead" thought Trent
"Its kinda peaceful here"
"Trent my son wake up" said a familiar voice
"DAD!?!" said Trent
"Ill always be with you in your heart my son now hurry escape this dreadful place" said Trents father

Trent suddenly woke up. He looked around him and saw that he was in some sort of jail. A dark jedi passed by and Trent was full of anger. He decided to wait for T'uune to come rescue him.

10-25-2004, 03:09 PM
Matton walked into the room with Trent.
"Ah...you are waiting for Tu'une to come rescue you? I am afraid that wont happen. Now, I'm going to give you two choices....Join me, or die. It's really very simple. SOOOOOO...WHICH IS IT!?"
Once again, Matton stood waiting for a response...

10-25-2004, 04:00 PM
"You forgot one thing you idiot" said Trent

There was a force field between Trent and Matten. Trent had picked the keycard off a dark jedi when he gave him some food. It was the only thing keeping him from life and death.

"So you'll have to get in here to get the keycard from me"
"But to get in here you'll need the keycard" said Trent
"Now T'uune should be here any minute"

Trent waited for a long time for T'uune. T'uune never came.

"He is really evil" said a familiar voice

Trent turned around and saw a friend he had been waiting for for many years.

"Master should I give him some food" said Trents friend to Matten

10-25-2004, 04:24 PM
"Oh? But did I forget something? Apparently, you forgot that a Sith Lord has lots of power, and I can simply deactivate your sheild with the force. Also, if I wanted, I could replicate the keycard and give myself a copy and destroy your copy, thus dooming you to rot forever. Or, I simply could torture you to insanity, dispose of your body, and never worry about you again! It seems YOU forgot about my options. Now, first question." Matton suspended the man who had asked to give Trent food in the air with the Force. Unlike most Sith lords, Matton understood that you needed to be careful.
"Who is this man here? Answer me!"

10-25-2004, 04:41 PM
Trent looked at Matten very nervous. He had known the guy. Actually it wasn't a guy it was a girl and her name was Lorella, they had met at the academy. They were boyfriend and girlfriend until she was kidnapped by the Sith.

"Thats a girl you idiot Matten" yelled Trent
"And she's not fighting on your side!"

True the girl had her lightsaber against Mattens neck. She force pushed him against the force field. Trent didn't have time to look at Matten. He and Lorella ran fast and far. They ended up in the hanger.

"Look in that ship" said Lorella

They jumped in Lorella's ship and entered hyperspace for Tatooine, a place where Lorella was known well.

10-25-2004, 07:43 PM
T'uune looked out the window of the Sith Interdictor. Matton had given him control of the ship, now that he had proven his loyalty time and time again. He was still at Korriban, and he had not forgotten his original plan. He knew that Matton would suspect too much of him and La'ola, so he made an arrangement.

A ship exited hyperspace towards Korriban. It was coming in very fast. "Lord T'uune, there is a ship approaching, its coming in fast towards the surface," said the officer running the sensors. "Hail it," responded T'uune. He walked over to the comm station and waited. No response. Reaching outward with the Force, he felt a presence. It was full of radiant light. It was female. "Cancel the hail, commander. Activate the tractor beam."

The ship was quickly apprehended and docked in the quarantine bay. T'uune accompanied the boarding team just outside the ship. The hatchway was forced open, and a feirce barrage of fire opened up. Most of the boarding party was killed before they could approach the hatch. A droid was opperating a turbolaser turret just inside the hatch. Clever, very clever. T'uune used the Force to throw the droid away from the turret and calmly walked inside. Feeling with the Force, T'uune felt the same radiant light he felt on the bridge. He took out his lightsaber but didn't activate it. The bulkhead.

T'uune slowly walked towards the bulkhead, readying himself. Activation, strike. T'uune ducked, and activated his own lightsaber. Attack, parry, insanity attack. Insanity successful by T'uune. It was a young woman.

She writhed in fear as T'uune maintained the insanity in her mind. Kneeling down, he stopped it. Still quaking at the recent horrors that she saw in her mind, the woman looked at T'uune's eyes. They were calm, rational. No darkness, no light. Only calm. She was expecting intense darkness and hatred. Looking into his eyes began to calm her.

T'uune-"Still a padawan. Interesting. Welome aboard the Taneve. Now what brings you here?"

Lorella-(still recovering from the insanity attack)"I...I......can't tell you."

T'uune-(Force Dominate)"But you want to tell me."

Lorella-(dominate success, still recovering) "I...want to tell you. I....I got word that a friend was imprisoned here. On Korriban. His name was Trent."

T'uune-"Trent?!? Your here to rescue Trent. Well, that is most interesting. You are coming at a most opportune moment, my dear, umm, what was your name?"

Lorella-(mostly recovered)"Why would I want to tell you?!? And,..you idiot!!! You made me tell you!!! "

T'uune-(coldly)"So what if I did? Besides, we are getting so angry over nothing. (smiles)Come on, we can talk this over a short repast, hmm?"

Lorella-"You're crazy."

Lorella grabs her lightsaber, activates it, and strikes at T'uune. T'uune meets the strike, and they lock sabers. "You will accomplish nothing by fighting me. If you want to rescue him, then by all means, go rescue him," T'uune said while pushing her off of him. T'uune deactivated his lightsaber and calmly walked outside. "Allow the ship to leave. It has gained my clearance," T'uune told the commander through the comlink. The ship took off shortly thereafter. T'uune desperately hoped the message he slipped into her shirt pocket would be read.

"Prepare Talarra's Fear for takeoff," T'uune told the commander. T'uune headed for the main bay and signaled La'ola.

La'ola was in a cantina on Dreshdae, cradling a drink. Suddenly, her transponder vibrated. She calmly set the payment and tips on the counter and walked out. She headed for the Exit for the Sith Academy. She grabbed a stash on the way out. As she approached the academy, she showed the medallion to the Sith Guard, who let her inside. She walked towards the torture room. Heading inside, a Sith interrigator (ms) turned around, startled at the interruption. He didn't have time to respond. A quick shot from her hold-out blaster killed him instantly. Inside one of the cells was Jedi Master Vandar. She cut through the bars and injected him with a neutralizing agent. Vandar woke up, and La'ola gave him a small lightsaber T'uune had constructed several days earlier. Turning around, several sith apprentences stood in the entrance with lightsabers activated. Vandar quickly jumped towards them. Lightsabers flashed and sparked, but the apprentices all died under Vandar's new blade within seconds. Running for the enterance, La'ola pulled out a rocket launcher. She fired into the main room to clear it out. A massive explosion erupted, but Vandar and La'ola kept running. They ran outside the entrance to the academy where Talarra's Fear was waiting for them.

"Strap in, we're taking off," T'uune told them as he got on board. As Talarra's Fear exited Korribans atmosphere, the confused Sith fleet did nothing to halt the freighter. T'uune entered the coordinates into his computer, and Talarra's Fear flashed into hyperspace.

10-25-2004, 07:51 PM
"They are both idiots. Trent as well. I knew he would betray me, so I put tracking devices on their ships. Trent escaped to Tatooine, but since it is under quarantine by us, and we have auto-targetting lasers, so he won't be able to escape. I want you to find him, Admiral. He is to be executed on sight." Matton spoke calmly to Admiral Dorhetta. "As for Talarra's Fear, a battlefleet is pursuing them. They are moving fast, but we are moving faster. I want both of them captured. In a week, or I believe you will die. That is all, Admiral."

Matton turned and walked away, grinning at the second trap he had set for the two fools. This one would yeild impressive results, with Vandar dead and the other two dead or captured. Matton had to admit, he was a genius.

10-25-2004, 08:04 PM
"Look on the scanners" said Trent
"Tatooine is currently under Sith control" said Lorella
"Change coordinates to Alderann" said Trent

They proceeded to the planet Alderann where the Sith might not know they were there. They approached orbit and quietly landed.

"Welcome, there are no docking fees on this planet" said a Guard
"Thanks" said Lorella

They rented a hotel to stay for the night.

"Im glad I rescued you in time" said Lorella motioning for Trent...


Name: Lorella
Homeworld: Tatooine
Alignment: Light
Age: 21
Rank: Jedi Knight
Allegiance: Republic
Race: Human, female
Personal ship: The Waker
Weaponry: Lightsaber, Jedi Knight Robes
Force Powers: Stasis, Pull, Push, lightning, heal, lightsaber throw,

Eyes: green
Weight: Skinny
Hair: Blonde, long
Other: Long arms and fast runner

Bio: Lorella was born as a slave on Tatooine and was treated miserably. A team of Jedi Knights rescued many slaves there and Lorella was one of them. They found out she could control the force and they began her training right away at age 9. At age 20 she was kidnapped and then she was able to rescue Trent. She is very skillful with a lightsaber and the force.

10-25-2004, 08:12 PM
"Admiral! Release Tatooine from our control, and head to Alderann. My spies report the two Jedi are sleeping, so we need to blockade the planet and get our lasers online before they wake up! Double time!"

Then, talking to himself, Matton said,
"You can run...but you cannot hide!"

10-25-2004, 08:19 PM
T'uune sat back at the controls and sighed. He had worked so heavily at controlling his emotions in order to hide his intentions from Matton. Now, he couldn't control them anymore. He sat his head back and let the tears roll down his cheeks. He had done far more betraying in the short amount of time than any other point in his life. It made him feel sick. La'ola turned and saw the tears. She felt a lump form in ther throat. It's getting to him. He can't do this much longer.

T'uune felt her concern and looked over at her. "You know, I accepted this offer with one thing in mind: retirement. I just want to settle down somewhere and disappear. I can't take this stuff anymore," he said, painfully. "I know that. And sincerly hope that this will finally be the end," La'ola replied calmly. "I love you; I don't want to see you suffer like this."

Master Vandar was in the quarters, focusing on the Force. He felt a disturbance. Something was approaching. He hobbled up to the cockpit. "If I may, Mr. T'uune, but I have just felt a disturbance. Something is threatening us," Vandar told T'uune. T'uune felt outwards, but felt nothing. "What are you talking about?" T'uune replied. "Something is moving much faster than we are. Something ominous on my mind," Vandar said. T'uune once again felt outwards. This time, he felt it. He knew what it was.

"Matton is pursuing us. I hope he left the Taneve in his battlegroup," T'uune stated. T'uune activated a small probe and jettisoned it off of Talarra's Fear. It stayed in hyperspace, but it still slowly lost speed. It activated special sensors that could detect other ships within hyperspace. The sensors went off immidiately. It recognized the Taneve and broadcasted a signal to it.

The interdictor's computer recieved the signal and activated a special program that was placed inside the system. The Taneve slowly began building up power in its charging banks. The crew took notice, and made an attempt to release it. However, the program had locked out any possible method to halt the process. The charge kept building, close to the banks' limits. It then instantly released the charge into the gravity well coils, creating a star-sized gravity field.

The gravity field immidiately force most of the Sith fleet out of hyperspace. However, the remaining ships were forced into direct contact with the Taneve. The gravity field was maintained, and the ship began picking things up and hurtling them into hyperspace. The banks again built up a charge. The charge was once again released into the gravity wells. This time, the gravity wells overloaded and created so much gravity, the Taneve and the surrounding ships were compressed into the field, and crushed to a microscopic size. The field then collapsed, and inside of hyperspace, the field supernova'ed, creating a permanent black hole near the small planet of Kessel.

10-25-2004, 08:23 PM
"huh" said Trent waking up

Trent looked at the other side of the bed. Lorella wasn't there. Where was she? He looked all over town. Finally he found her by her ship. She seemed to be talking to two men in robes. Dark Jedi Robes! Trent rushed over to where she was at.

"Stand back" said Lorella to the dark jedi
"Got your back!" said Trent has he sneaked up on one of the Dark jedi cutting him to ribbons.

Lorella explained how the planet was about to be taken over by the Sith. They both decided the best thing to do was to hurry in her lightspeed fast ship and escape before the Sith arrived. Trent decided to send a message to Talarra's Fear.

"Were currently on Coruscant" said Trent

They were going to Coruscant. They packed there things and headed to Coruscant. They landed on Coruscant safely, only encountering one Sith fighter on the way. They stayed at the Jedi temple tonight, waiting for T'uune if he was good.

10-27-2004, 05:13 AM
Talarra's Fear exited hyperspace and fired its braking thrusters. T'uune had pulled the ship out very early to throw off any other Sith Ships that could be following him. Checking the surrounding area, T'uune noticed a very large Republic military base within 2000 km. He headed for it, but was stopped by security fighters. Explaining the situation of Master Vandar, the Republic Admiral allowed Talarra's Fear to dock. Before docking, T'uune sent out a message to Trent, notifying him that he would be at Coruscant soon.

(Inside an interrigation room)
Admiral-"Kola T'uune. I should just simply order my men to kill you. With everything you've done to oppose the Republic, you deserve death. But, you do have Master Vandar in your possession..."

T'uune-(interrupting)"Lets cut the crap, Admiral. I was promised 5 million for Master Vandar. And I want my money. Now."

Admiral-"Well, I guess I shouldn't expect anything less from a mere 'bounty hunter'. You'll get your money. Afterwards, you will leave this base, immidiately."

T'uune-"Why can't I seek refuge? You must fail to realize that my last several bounties were for the Republic. Besides, the Sith wouldn't attack you here. This base is far too strong."

Admiral-"I don't think so, T'uune. According to intelligence, Matton has ordered his men to hunt you down at any cost. Considering how much they want you, staying here is far from safe. Besides, I will not sacrifice my men for you. Doing so may classify as high treason given how much most SENATORS hate you. We will take care of Vandar, but I am ordering you to leave by 1000hrs tommorrow. I'll refuel and rearm your ship if neccessary. Agreed?"


10-27-2004, 10:11 AM
I am back but I will allow him to contuine to role play as me

Here is my new char.

weapon-blue lightsaber
mission-sent to recover vandarr

(lands on Korriban)

Matt-I better head to the aacedmey it is the place were they would keep him

10-27-2004, 12:52 PM
((ooc, umm, dude, i've already rescued vandar. you might want to read the posts above. that is, unless you're setting something up. :D))

10-27-2004, 02:11 PM
ooc-opps I went to say stop matton so are u good or bad now

10-27-2004, 02:57 PM
((welcome back! im willing to give matton back if you want, i was only waiting until you got back. btw, Tu'une's good. once again, welcome back!))

Admiral Dorhetta:
Matton, our fleet is waiting outside Coruscant for Tu'une. Intellignce and Spies in the heart of the Republic say he is leaving tomorrow at 1000 hours. However, he has damaged our fleet severly, decimating about 1% of it...it dosent sound like much, but its still a small battlefleet lost, Sir. That is all.

Matton Groundflyer:
Excellent, Admiral. I expect no failures, and I expect them executed when caught. You will torture them to death, and only you and I will be allowed in the interrogation room. I have made sure there is nothing destroyable in the room, and only you and i will have the clearance. They will not be lost. Remember Admiral...one more failure, and YOU will be the one in the Interrogation cell. That is all...

Matton turned away, once again putting the finishing touches on a new plan.
"This is starting to irk me severly..."

10-27-2004, 03:01 PM
Appears on his ship

reven-Matton... I have come to bring u down now is your last chance to sudder to the light...:slsaber:

10-27-2004, 03:28 PM
"haha! How about no, fool!"
Matton used Dark Rage, and felt his body become one with the darkside. The power was incredible. He turned to Revan, and lifted him up with the force. He threw him into a door hard, and did this repeatedly. When Revan was dazed, Matton delectrocuted him with the Force. Revan was now fried, and his bones were partially crushed. Matton drew his saber and engaged in a duel with the dazed Revan. It was a long duel, but Matton came out on top. He smashed Revans saber, knocking it away from him. He put his beam inches from Revan's face.
"I will let you leave now, if you promise never to get in my way again. Of you refuse or do get in my way again, you'll die. I hope you make the simple right choice..."

10-27-2004, 04:44 PM
T'uune woke up suddenly. He felt something. La'ola, lying next to him, was disturbed by his sudden arousal. "Whats going on Kola?" she asked, concerned. "I don't know yet," he replied. Suddenly, the comlink rang a warning. Someone had rung the notification buzzer outside Talarra's Fear. T'uune walked to the hatch and opened it. A Republic soldier was just outside.

Soldier-"Sir, I have been ordered to notify you that the Admiral has ordered you to leave the base."

T'uune-"What? Its not even close to 1000hrs."

Soldier"The whole base has been called to general quarters. Apparently, the Sith fleet has been stationed not far from Coruscant."

T'uune-"Very well, but first I would like a patch to the Admiral."

Soldier-"Yes sir."

The soldier pulled out a datapad and gave T'uune the proper comlink channel number. T'uune closed the hatch and went to the cockpit to talk with the Admiral. La'ola was waiting just outside their quarters. "So, are we leaving?" she asked. "Not quite. I need to share some words with the Admiral," he replied. T'uune arrived at the cockpit and entered the comlink channel.

T'uune-"Admiral, this is T'uune. Would you mind giving me a more detailed explaination for me leaving now?"

Admiral-"Yes, the Sith have been stationed just outside of Coruscant. I have recieved orders to assist the Republic Fleet that is already there. In order to make sure you don't get in the way, I'm ordering you to leave."

T'uune-"Very well Admiral. Thanks for the heads up. T'uune out."

T'uune and La'ola then got ready for the flight and left the station. Knowing that Coruscant was no longer a safe place to be, T'uune set course for a mining colony in a currently uncharted area of the galaxy.

10-28-2004, 09:52 AM
Originally posted by Master Reven
Appears on his ship

reven-Matton... I have come to bring u down now is your last chance to sudder to the light...:slsaber:

reven-u are wrong the light side always preveiles(use statis field and it holds him long enough for the force to heal him then I lightsaber duel commenses)

10-29-2004, 06:23 AM
La'ola guided Talarra's Fear over the landing pad and slowly let the craft drift to the surface. T'uune made sure he had all of his weapons available; he didn't exactly know what to expect.

T'uune exited Talarra's Fear and headed towards the shaft elevator. La'ola stayed inside and sealed the hatch. T'uune went down the unguarded elevator and arrived 7min later to the mining facility. Before the door opened, T'uune brandished the concussion rifle and prepared for a fight. As soon as the door opened, there was 25 security personell waiting, all with blasters drawn. Not waiting for them to fire, T'uune fired a blast near a large group of them. The concussion rifle had been set for a impact charge, and it hit the ground and made a massive explosion. The explosion threw most of the security guys backwards. Before the rest could recover, T'uune set down the rifle and pulled out his blasters. Setting for stun, T'uune quickly brought down the remaining personell.

T'uune holstered the weapons and slowly walked towards a door. T'uune looked around. The tunnel had been well carved into the hard granite. It was hard to believe that any kind of mining would take place here, but they weren't after minerals. They were after a very rare metal ore. This metal was highly prized for its strength, heat resistance, and its low weight. Thus, the miners had been quite rich in the past. At that time, they would hire T'uune every once in a while to eliminate 'problems'. T'uune arrived at the door and went in.

It was a dramatic change. The walls were very smooth and had been asthetically decorated. It was a hallway. T'uune readied his blasters and silently went down the hallway. For added protection, T'uune activated the Baragwin Stealth Generator. He came to a junction and turned inwards. Up ahead, he noticed several guards at a door. T'uune carefully walked up to one of the guards and carefully whipped him over the head to stun him. The other guard noticed his mate falling and turned. *Whap*T'uune stunned him as well. T'uune opened the door and found himself in an office. A man looked up from a datapad he was reviewing. "Kola T'uune, its been a long time," he said, returning to his work. T'uune decloaked and holstered his weapons. "Interesting to see that my guards are still not a challenge for you. Then again, you are Kola T'uune. Is there something I can do for you," he said without looking up.

T'uune-"Most definately. I need to find some suitable work."

Foreman-(looking up)"Work?? I haven't posted any bounties in years, Kola. And, I have no plans to do so."

T'uune-"I'm not talking about bounties. I'm talking about mining."

Foreman-"You, Kola T'uune, one of the greatest bounty hunters alive, a miner? You must have flipped your rocker."

T'uune-"Look, do you have any openings or not?"

Foreman-"Well, actually, I do have some openings in my security personell. More specifically, I'm looking for a new head of security. Interested?"

T'uune-"Well, not exactly what I had planned you to offer me, but I'll accept."

Foreman-"Good. (rummages through some datapads) I'll need you to sign here, and then head down the hallway. You'll be briefed there."

T'uune carefully read the datapad and didn't note anything unusual about it, so he signed it. T'uune headed down the hallway and met two men waiting for him. "Cheif, down this way," one of them said. T'uune followed them down a hallway and into a room. The men then began the briefing.

10-29-2004, 06:39 AM
reven-(swings lightsaber a cuts his arm) <ust this end in death or will u come willing I am the best lightsaber duelist in the galaxy(force pushes him on the ground)

10-29-2004, 07:09 AM
(ooc in further rpg's refrain from lethal injuries, like missing limbs :D - but what goes around comes aroound >XD)
(Oh, and it sounds like you cut your own arm...no offense, learn phrasing and grammar...)

Matton stood up and laughed. This Revan kid thought he was hot stuff. Using the Darkside, his arm flew off the floor and reattatched itself to its normal position, and brandished his lightsaber. Revan was going to get what he payed for.
"The best lightsaber duelist in the galaxy? Don't make me pee my robes! You fight like a Padawan! Now...time to pay the piper!!"

Matton brought down a devestating blow upon Revan. Revan fought back, but he was crushed in minutes. Matton chopped Revan's lightsaber hand of, and using the force, he retrieved Revan's lightsaber, and chopped it in half. There was no way he could put it back together. His lightsaber was gone forever. Matton then pushed Revan on the ground, and picked him up. Matton walked across the ship to the fighters where Revan's fighter had docked on his flagship. He depositied Revan in the cockpit.
"You are to go now, and never interfere with my affairs again. If you do...then you...will die!"

Matton turned around and walked away. He could feel the fear in Revan's heart, the fear of Matton. He could sense how much trouble Revan was having piloting that ship with one arm. He aslo could feel him heading toward Coruscant, one of the last worlds of the Republic.
"He will die later..." said Matton.

10-29-2004, 07:40 AM
ooc-I didn't cut your arm off jus cut it a little so can I have why hand back lol

Reven-(in ship) I must go get another lightsaber...(looks at broken lightsaber and goes into hyperspace to dantoinne.

Vandarr-MAster Reven u have returned but yet I still sense a disturbence that is Matton

Reven-I couldn't kill him he was to powerful I landed a solid blow with my now destoryed lightsaber but the darkside jus kept him goin.I fear the worst Vandarr.

Vandarr-I think it is time for u to have this (opens tile in floor and pulls out a footlocker)

Reven-What is it master

VAndarr-(opens locker)HEre it is your new lightsaber but this is no ordinary lightsaber...This is the ultimate light side saber it has the best crystals in the galaxy and excels against the darkside even when the lightsaber is close to someone with a dark taint it starts to deplet there force...but this still will not be enough to beat him u must get a team mate

Reven-I know jus the guy

(sends a holocron recording to T'unne)

the holocron states
Reven-I master Reven of the order and we request your assisstants on matters of the Sith lord Matton.Get to Dantoinne as soon as possible.

10-29-2004, 07:49 AM
"Intelligene reports, Sir."
"By all means tell me, Admiral Dorhetta."
"Revan's hand is healed. Not much, but now he has the Crystal of Reckoning, so it will be..."
"Y...yes sir. He recieved it from Vandar. We also know he contacted Tu'une. Since we lost him, it's good to have our Jedi friend bring him back to us."
"Most true, Admiral. The fleet still waits for them both?"
"Excellent. Looks like death will not be in your future."
"Oh no sir, im far too valuable for that."
"Once more....most true. So, Mr. Smartypants, if you know everything about our enemies, do you know a way to counter the Crystal?"
"I'm many steps ahead of you sir. An expedition force has been sent to the Sith Academy. We know of robes there that generally have the same effect upon a lightside person the crystal does on a darkside person."
"Impressive. So it creates a nexus..."
"Canceling them out, My lord."
"Dorhetta, a pay raise is in order."
"So ive thought for many months."
"Dont try to be funny, or ill kill you anyways!"
"Ah, but I'm far too valuable...anyways, scanners show the force has returned. Theyre coming to the bridge."

Matton and Dorhetta awaitd their arival. Four dark jedi came in holding a set of elaborate ropbes off the ground. They were black, and had a magnificient cape. You could feel the power coursing through them.
"Happy, Lord?"
"Yes Dorhetta. Dismissed."

Everyone slowly walked off the bridge. Matton practiced with the new robes; all of his movements were faster and he was stronger with the robes. He laughed.
"Our friends are in for a suprise..."

10-29-2004, 08:51 AM
During the briefing, T'uune found that being the Security Chief wasn't going to be so easy after all. Apparently, current progress in the mines had halted completely due to an unknown underground species that was killing the miners left and right. According to the briefing the creatures were very muscualar humanoids that were approximately 2.7 m tall. They all had dark skin, and they apparently used some sort of echolocation for navigation in the dark. Several attempts at communication failed, miserably. Now, they wanted to get into the mines to get more of the expensive ore out of the mines. To start the job, T'uune was given clearance to dock Talarra's Fear in the underground hangar.

He informed La'ola of the coordinates and she docked it. "Hey Kola," La'ola said over the comlink. "I think we started to get some kind of holo communication sent to us. The signal was really weak, and I could hardly make it out. I think it said something about a 'Master' and 'assistance and either Dantooine or Tatooine," she told him. T'uune thought about it for a moment, then let it go. "Nothing to worry about La'ola. We're not leaving here anytime soon," he replied.

Once most of the details were sorted out, T'uune had his own quarters, office, and his own officers underneath him. However, T'uune was quite serious about his new job. So, he held a meeting with all of the lead security officers to dicuss what could be done about the problem.

For one thing, the enemy had the advantage of being able to see in the dark. Another is that the security personell wasn't properly trained. Also, the security checkpoints in the tunnels had long been abandoned. T'uune then discussed plans with them to improve the training of the personell and made requests to get all of them light amplifying helmets. Afterall, business is business.

10-29-2004, 10:09 AM
(in heay medation waiting for him to reply to the message) *hint hint*

Vandarr- Reven I also want u to take these robes they will make u much,much stronger

Reven-puts on star forge robes) I am un stoppable now vandarr I thank u...

Master Jaxu
10-29-2004, 01:39 PM
*Jatas ship landed on Dantooine.He walked out of the cockpit to the locker where he kept hi lightsaber."Now its time to kill another jedi"he said as he took it in his hand.*He walked out of the ship and made straigt for the jedi base."Master Reven come out and face me"*Ignites lightsaber and goes into fighting stance*

10-29-2004, 01:42 PM
Reven(with the robes and saber he was rentless and after a flurry of slash jata was down and cut bad across the waist)Holds Lightsaber to him It is now time for u to join the order or I will will relieve u of this pain for good(holds lightsaber 2 in from face)

Master Jaxu
10-29-2004, 01:47 PM
*Jata looked up at the face of thisman who had beat him in two moves*"Maybe i should join him"he thought to himself*"OK you win i will join the order.

10-29-2004, 01:54 PM
Originally posted by Master Jaxu
*Jata looked up at the face of thisman who had beat him in two moves*"Maybe i should join him"he thought to himself*"OK you win i will join the order.

I am glad u have seen the error of your ways(uses force heal on jata) come with me padawan...Lets get u some jedi master robes(throws him some robes) there is a work bench over u can use to change the color of your lightsaber come get me when your do I we will train.

Master Jaxu
10-29-2004, 02:17 PM
*Jata dressed into his new robes threw the jet black ones away.He then walked over to the workbench and began to work on his lightsaber.After about 20 minutes he held it up and ignited it.The dark green blade shone brightly in the training room.He turned it off clipped it to his belt and went to find his master.*

10-29-2004, 02:20 PM
Reven-we will work on training in force,combat,and medation.We must gain more strengh if we wish to beat the dark lord.

(Reven and Jata began the training)

Master Jaxu
10-29-2004, 02:24 PM
*Jata sat among the rocks as he picked up three boulders using the force*"Hey this might not be so bad after all"he thought to himself.

10-29-2004, 02:28 PM
reven-He is making excellent progess vandarr with his help I might be able to deafet the dark lord

vandarr-yes I think u might be able too...We can only hope

Reven-hey jata I got a homework assigment when i come back i want u to know the code of the jedi...

Master Jaxu
10-29-2004, 02:31 PM
*Bows* "Yes master"

10-29-2004, 08:09 PM
ooc-jus post the code to contuine the rp if u don't know it ask someone

10-30-2004, 08:02 AM
"Yet another status report, Matton."
"Really? Proceed."
"Yes sir. Our Jedi friend found the Star Forge Robes."
"Yes, I can feel him. He is much stronger now."
"He also has a partner."
"Yes, I could feel Jata."
"We found two things to combat them, Master."
"A crystal. Once again on Korriban. You will both have a crystal and robes to fight, but you are much stronger."
"We also found one of the most promising students, ever. Even I could feel the Natural Force within him."
"Hahaha! Bring hime here..."
"Here he is..."

((Name: Tauron Kital
Homeworld: Korriban
Allegiance: Sith
Rank: Dark Jedi Apprentice
Age: 12
Gender: Male (human)

Tauron Kital was born to parents studying in the Sith academy. At the age of twelve, he could best most people at the Sith academy in a lightsaber duel, or with the Force. He was selected to be Matton's apprentice, and will kill Jata when he and Revan attack. (ooc...he is NOT killable, I will be playing both)))

"He brings the crystal with him, Master."

Tauron walked up to Matton, bowed, and handed over the Dark
"You have incredible strength, boy..."
"I did not come here for nothing."
"Fiesty. LEt us begin your training..."

(ooc, please no more strength enhancing items, this is getting out of control master reven...)

Master Jaxu
10-30-2004, 10:55 AM
Originally posted by Master Reven
ooc-jus post the code to contuine the rp if u don't know it ask someone *Jata walked up to his master in the training room and began to recite.*
"There is no emotion; there is peace,
There is no ignorance; there is knowledge,
There is no passion; there is serenity,
There is no chaos; there is harmony,
There is no death; there is the force."*He looked to the face of his master and awaited his reply.*

10-30-2004, 11:43 AM
T'uune snuck ahead of the rest of the group. He headed for the shaft. The security teams were all using the new light amplification helmets. T'uune, however, was using the infrared vision mode on his visor to spot targets. Using the comlink, T'uune tapped out a series of commands. The now very well trained group of security personell moved like a special forces team. They then moved straight into the chamber and scanned for targets.

T'uune looked ahead and saw nothing worth of notice except some abandoned mining gear. T'uune looked around carefully. He carefully stepped inside. He noticed a small hole on the far side of the room. He remembered the miners' reports on the attacks the creatures had launched. This hole should not have been the only one. T'uune stepped further into the middle of the room, concussion rifle at ready. He felt something underneath his feet. Then he realized why the miners had described the creatures as coming from all directions. They were tunneling their way inside the chamber.

T'uune gave the signal to fall back. The men slowly backed away from the room while T'uune remained. Scratching noises. Ruffling. It was all around him. T'uune began to back away from the room, carefully. Then, a heat source showed up in his helmet. Without hesitating, T'uune aimed and fired. More heat sources were appearing, and high pitched shrieks filled the room. "OPEN FIRE!!!" T'uune yelled.

The security personell could see the targets and began firing. T'uune was also unloading with his concussion rifle. They were dropping like flies. One of them dropped from the ceiling, directly in front of T'uune. T'uune tried to fire, but the creature knocked the gun from his grip. T'uune felt with the Force and crushed the creature's lungs. The creature fell to the ground, reeling from its injury. T'uune pulled out his lightsaber. The creatures were still pouring into the room, and the security personell was starting to get overrun. T'uune ran towards them, cutting the creatures apart as he approached. "FALL BACK!! FALL BACK!!!" T'uune yelled.

T'uune reached them, and they all began slowly moving backwards through the tunnel. Suddenly, the creatures stopped and wouldn't go forwards any longer. The security team simply used the opportunity to mow them down. The creatures finally began to retreat. T'uune ran forward and signaled the rest to follow his lead. They charged back into the chamber. Some of the creatures were scrambling into several holes. The rest were killed.

"Hey Chief, I think you better take a look at this," said a scientist over the comlink. "What is it?" T'uune replied. "Its something about the bodies. I think it would be better if you saw this personally," he responded. T'uune walked down to the Science department. On arrival, T'uune noticed the science team was undertaking autopsies on the creatures. "Take a look at this," the lead surgeon told him.

T'uune walked over and looked at the body. The scientists had opened up the body. Inside it was pretty normal, until T'uune saw several metallic cables. "It gets better Chief," the surgeon told him while rolling the body over. There was a pocket of skin that had been cut open. "That pocket of skin was being used for this," he said while holding out a metal box. Several cables had been cut in the removal process, but otherwise, it was obvious that the box was a computerized control box. T'uune checked the markings. The markings matched a major supplier to the Sith war effort.

Master Jaxu
10-30-2004, 12:04 PM
Originally posted by DarthBuzzard
"Yet another status report, Matton."
"Really? Proceed."
"Yes sir. Our Jedi friend found the Star Forge Robes."
"Yes, I can feel him. He is much stronger now."
"He also has a partner."
"Yes, I could feel Jata."
"We found two things to combat them, Master."
"A crystal. Once again on Korriban. You will both have a crystal and robes to fight, but you are much stronger."
"We also found one of the most promising students, ever. Even I could feel the Natural Force within him."
"Hahaha! Bring hime here..."
"Here he is..."

((Name: Tauron Kital
Homeworld: Korriban
Allegiance: Sith
Rank: Dark Jedi Apprentice
Age: 12
Gender: Male (human)

Tauron Kital was born to parents studying in the Sith academy. At the age of twelve, he could best most people at the Sith academy in a lightsaber duel, or with the Force. He was selected to be Matton's apprentice, and will kill Jata when he and Revan attack. (ooc...he is NOT killable, I will be playing both)))

"He brings the crystal with him, Master."

Tauron walked up to Matton, bowed, and handed over the Dark
"You have incredible strength, boy..."
"I did not come here for nothing."
"Fiesty. LEt us begin your training..."

(ooc, please no more strength enhancing items, this is getting out of control master reven...) OOC-Why does he kill jata and why is a 12 year old kid unkillable

10-30-2004, 12:07 PM
"Look at what our scout bots show Sir!"
"So, looks like we found Tu'une. Wouldn't expect to find him in an old mining coloney, eh Dorhetta?"
"Send a strike force. I don't want him finding. Ensure it is Force Cloaked, and secret. Destroy the mining colony, and kill him."
"Yes, Sir Groundflier. We are very close to the colony, so it will take an hour. Maybe less."
"Give the order."

Dorhetta turned around and gave the orders. The strike force was away.
"Theyre away Sir. Entered hyperspace."

in a few more minutes, he said,
"Theyre at the planet, deploying at the mining colony."

In another minute, Dorhetta said,
"the colony is in flames! The miners are dying like flies..."

10-30-2004, 12:10 PM
Originally posted by Master Jaxu
OOC-Why does he kill jata and why is a 12 year old kid unkillable

1. He never kills Jata. You can never kill anyones character without their permission, its just his *assignment*...when you and Reven attack me, he is going to be my second weapon.

2. He is unkillable because he is -my- character. So, youd need my permission to kill him.

3. About jata...make some character background and stuff, go to another Rp and read the character descriptions....

10-30-2004, 12:36 PM
"HOLY :swear:!!! SOMEONE'S BOMBING THE PLACE!!!" someone yelled over the comlink. "Get this place on maximum securtity status, and prepare for evac, come on, LETS MOVE!!!" T'uune ordered. Dang it, I'm here for barely two weeks, and the place goes to hell.

"La'ola, get to Talarra and fire up her engines. Just so you're aware, I may be taking some people with me," T'uune told her over the comlink. T'uune ran towards the hangar. Suddenly, a blast collapsed the hallway ahead of him. The ground continued to rumble all around him. "Security teams, get to your evac posts, on the double!!"

T'uune saw a door to the tunnels and ran outside. He noticed the blasts were far less than they were before. He ran down the tunnel towards the hangar. Suddenly, another door opened, and a security team ran outside of it. They had also been cut off. "Come on, you guys come with me!!" T'uune yelled at them. They ran towards the hangar as fast as they could go. They finally reached the door to the hangar, but it was jammed shut. T'uune pulled out his lightsaber and simply cut through it.

They ran inside, past all of the small speeders. They then ran into Talarra's Fear and went inside. T'uune checked to see if anyone else was in the hangar, then he gave the signal to La'ola to take off. T'uune went up to the cockpit as they took off and strapped in. Talarra's Fear quickly exited the tunnels, and the sensors immidiately went off. Sith ships were bombing the small colony.
":swear:, they must have been using the creatures to keep the ore for themselves, and now to simply just find me. Why won't they just simply leave me alone???" T'uune yelled in frustration. The sensors picked up incoming fighters. "Hang on," La'ola informed the passengers.

La'ola maneuvered the ship around to run parallel with the planet's surface, skipping Talarra's Fear off the atmosphere. The fighters tried to follow, but some of them hit the atmosphere too hard and sheared off their wings, sending them out of control to burn up in the atmosphere. The rest tried to stay above them. La'ola then pulled Talarra up hard. The fighters tried to follow suit, but couldn't do it as easily due to the gravity from the planet. T'uune spotted an opening in the fleet and set the hyperdrive. La'ola maneuvered towards the hole, and T'uune activated the hyperdrive. Talarra's Fear flashed into hyperspace towards an unknown location.

10-30-2004, 12:41 PM
"The fighters got the tracker on his ship sir. He is heading far beyond Republic space."
"So i noticed."
"Now however, he's got a small army. The soldiers he took with him are very capable."
"Our Soldiers more so, Admiral."
"True. Now what sir?"
"We wait for him to land, or we wait for more news on our Jedi friend."

10-30-2004, 07:44 PM
Talarra's Fear exited hyperspace into the middle of nowhere. There was literally no major systems within 300,000 km. T'uune wanted to make sure that he would have some time to make minor repairs to Talarra's Fear. T'uune, La'ola, and one of the soldiers put on a space suit and went outside to make the neccessary repairs.

La'ola finished the welding with the armor plate. The piece of durasteel was getting a bit beat up, and was due for a serious reworking. otherwise, it was doing its job quite well. She moved on down to the next plate. She noticed a small object latched onto the side. Moving closer, she realized that it was some sort of tracking devise. "Umm, Kola. I just found a bug on the hull. I think its a homing devise," she told T'uune over the comlink. "Don't worry, I'll pry it off." She pulled out her cutting torch. Not untill I mutilate this thing first. She went to work, slowly cutting throught the casing to get to the magnet holding it to the hull. She reached it and pried it off. She looked closer at the devise and recognized Sith symbols on it. "Go figure. It was a Sith transponder. Its a good bet they know we're here,' she told him. "Alright, lets just get out of here then. We'll hit a spot where we'll be safe," T'uune replied.

Inside the cockpit, T'uune set course for a system in the inner rim of the galaxy and activated the hyperdrive.

10-30-2004, 08:01 PM
Trent and Lorella went to a Cantina across the pad from there ship. Trent ordered 2 Tarisian Ales from the bartender for 4500 credits.

"My my big spender are you" Said the bartender
"Yup this stuff is good" said Trent

Trent and Lorella finished there ales and headed for the ship. They planned to send another Transmission to T'uune. On there way there they were approached by three dark jedi.

"Surrender and we will spare your lives" Said the Leader
"How bout no fool" Said Trent

Trent whipped out his lightsaber, followed by Lorella. The leader dark jedi charged at Trent. Trent didn't move a muscle. The dark jedi was about to make contact with Trent...

"IDIOT" yelled Trent as he stepped aside and the dark jedi fell off the pad. The other two screamed and ran.

"Should we go after them" Said Lorella
"Nah" Said Trent

Trent and Lorella headed for the ship. Trent opened ip a Transmission with T'uune:
"T'uune this is Trent, meet me in the Jas Far Nov Cantina on North Coruscant and we can discuss the plan"

Trent submitted the Transmission and headed for the Jas far Nov Cantina.

10-31-2004, 01:50 PM
Originally posted by Master Jaxu
*Jata walked up to his master in the training room and began to recite.*
"There is no emotion; there is peace,
There is no ignorance; there is knowledge,
There is no passion; there is serenity,
There is no chaos; there is harmony,
There is no death; there is the force."*He looked to the face of his master and awaited his reply.*

yes that is correct excellent my pupil

Master Jaxu
10-31-2004, 01:59 PM
*smiles and bows*Thank you my master.What do you want me to do now?

10-31-2004, 02:56 PM
ooc:Master Jaxu and Master Reven, I really have been trying not to say this but...
you guys need to quit it, you guys make one sentence posts here and I don't really like it so can you please stop you guys kinda make the RP bad.

No offense, I really didn't want to say that but I had to:(

10-31-2004, 05:05 PM
Originally posted by Master Jaxu
*smiles and bows*Thank you my master.What do you want me to do now?

I think it is time for us to defeat the sith lord him self...
meet me at my ship in an hour.

(he knew now that he could only rely on Jata now since he never got a holcron back from T'unne but he had faith in his pupial0

(one hour llater)

Gets a borad his new ship the ebon hawk mark 2

Now he jus had to wait for jata...

10-31-2004, 05:40 PM
Originally posted by JediDüde
ooc:Master Jaxu and Master Reven, I really have been trying not to say this but...
you guys need to quit it, you guys make one sentence posts here and I don't really like it so can you please stop you guys kinda make the RP bad.

No offense, I really didn't want to say that but I had to:(

no offense here either, but you should also work on grammar and spelling. It's a pain in the royal behind to decode your posts.

Also, this applies to the forums here and everywhere else. You are doing some major spamming, and it's really starting to piss people off, me included. For example, saying "me too" or "Yeah, it sucks being banned" reeks of spam, and from now on (I don't like to do this) I will start reporting your posts. So I suggest you step it up or get rebanned.

To add one last thing, try to refrain from using "u" and "y" as standalone letters in rpg posts, it just looks stupid and makes the rest of the thread look bad. This corresponds to number one; learn spelling and grammar.


10-31-2004, 05:43 PM
ooc-I jus want to say sorry on me and jaxu behalf now back to the rp

Master Jaxu
11-01-2004, 07:07 AM
OOC- Ya im really sorry for that all.Thats just the way i learned to rp.Hopefully soon i will be able to do short story-like posts like the rest of you.Once again my apologies.

11-01-2004, 07:14 AM
ooc-back too the rp now

Master Jaxu
11-01-2004, 07:53 AM
*Jata went to his room and began packing what little things he had*"Now its time to beat matten"*He left his room,and walked to master vanndar*"Master thank you for all you have taught me"
"My student it was a pleasure teaching you" "Thank you master" "May the force be with you" "And with you my master"
*Jata proceeded to the ebon hawke mark 2 with his master*"Well im ready to go.Are you alright master?"

11-01-2004, 08:13 AM
Reven-Yes Jata I am quite fine I am still I am still dealing with how why last duel with MAtton ended...I wonder If we can actually beat him...I sense his power has increased since our last battle but also has mine and u are also I key factor in this whole battle u were once the dark lord severent but now that u have come to the light It should be a good fight

11-01-2004, 09:32 AM
The soldiers jumped out of the hatch with weapons drawn. The platform was empty, but it was still a dangerous place to be. They were at the very bottom of Coruscant. Only the poorest of the poor lived here. T'uune came outside and looked around. "Alright, lets set up a perimeter with the proximity detectors. Nobody sets up a node without somebody watching their back. Now, lets get started," T'uune ordered. They placed the detectors without incident and met by the hatch.

"Okay, you guys stay here with the ship. If you get any trouble, use the comlink to notify me for minor problems. For major problems, don't hesitate to be trigger happy. Understood?", T'uune ordered. "Yes sir!!" they said in unison. "Alright. Now, we'll be able to get to the surface whenever you guys can disguise yourselves. But for now, we need to lay low. I've told you guys about the troubles I've had with the Sith, so you should know why. Me and La'ola will be back within 12 hrs, so just hang tight."

T'uune and La'ola made their way up to the upper regions, disguised as a simple couple. They made their way to the Jas Var Nov Cantina to meet with Trent.

Master Jaxu
11-03-2004, 07:09 AM
"Thank you master,yes it should be a good fight.""Um...I think we should be on our way now Master Reven

11-03-2004, 07:13 AM
Reven_yes we should (gets in ship) Lets go then (punches in coordinates for warp speed)

11-03-2004, 01:07 PM
Trent saw La'ola and T'uune. "Finally" he thought. He ordered a couple ales and some Romasioa fries. He turned to T'uune.

"So whats the plan, what have you found out, is Master Vandar still alive, and if you make one move to hurt me you die!"

Trent was really mad, he turned to Lorella. Lorella turned to T'uune and La'ola.

"Hes kinda mad right now, so my names Lorella, whats yours?" Said Lorella softly

11-03-2004, 07:58 PM
T'uune-(to Lorella)"Pleased to meet you, this time without a lightsaber in your face. My name is Kola T'uune. This is my wife, La'ola.

I feel I have to apologize to the both of you. To Lorella, I apologize for not being able to reveal my true intentions at our confrontation aboard the ship. To Trent, I must apologize for not rescuing you in person. I would have, but a much better option presented itself in the form of Lorella.

As for Master Vandar, I returned him to the Republic some time ago. From what I understand, he is quite safe.

Now, I feel that I have to warn you that we are probably not very safe here on Coruscant, no matter what kind of 'protection' the Jedi can offer. I've just returned from what was supposed to be my 'retirement'. Apparantly, the Sith used certain circumstances to find out where I was. So now, I'm here. Any updates about your life in recent times??"

11-03-2004, 08:05 PM
"You say that as if you've never even heard of me before" Said Trent
"BOOM" The whole ground shaked
"What the..." replied Trent
"BOOM" Again the ground shook
"Whats going on?" asked Lorella to T'uune

~In space

"Hurry green squad move there" Said a Republic admiral

Republic ships and Sith ships were all fighting, the sith had devastating odds. There were more then there were in history. The Republic was losing, having there ships shot down like flies.

~Back into the cantina

"NOBODY MOVE, T'UUNE TRENT YOUR COMING WITH US" Said A Sith Soldier pointing his blaster pistol at Trents eyes.

There were 10 of them, each with a blaster pistol...

11-03-2004, 08:28 PM
La'ola jumped to a ready position before anyone else. She quickly pulled out her repeater rifle and opened up. T'uune followed suit with his duel blasters. T'uune activated the emergency transponder on his armor to notify the soldiers that he was in need of a dust-off.

The last of the small Sith strike team fell to the ground, dead. "Come on Trent, lets get the :swear: out of here," T'uune yelled quickly. Just then, the Talarra's Fear flew overhead, circled, and then landed outside. They all ran outside. The soldiers on board ran outside to make sure the LZ was clear. They all ran inside, and Talarra's Fear took off.

11-03-2004, 08:35 PM
Talarra's fear couldn't escape. Matton's ship was looming over them; he activated the tractor beam. Caught; struggling like paralyzed prey. Matton laughed. The ship was pulled into the docking bay, and Matton punhced the console when he doors closed under it. It released a gas into the room that seeped into the ship. Shock troopers ran through the gas with masks, and pulled the unconcious bodies of all the soldiers, and the Jedi and La'ola.

Matton: Take them to the interrogation chambers. I'll execute the soliders, and meet you there.

Sith Trooper Leader: Yes Sir!


All the soldiers were dead. Matton strolled down the hallway, finally arriving in the interrogation room. It had been passworded and locked with the Force; only Matton knew the way out. When he walked in, each was in their energy cage.
"I hope you enjoy your...accomodations...hahahaha!"

Matton fried them all with the torture mechanism attatched to his hand; protected by the Force; undestroyable. Even the energy cells could only be broken by the Force; there would be no escape. All of them were shreiking, screaming, writhing...

11-03-2004, 08:42 PM
Trent jumped in his ship. Lorella didn't come in, she stood outside looking at Trent.

"Come on, what are you waiting for!" yelled Trent
"Im sorry my Love" Said Lorella softly
"What are you talking about" Asked Trent
"Your friends are now on Mattens ship, I told him your friends were leaving, and that you were down here" Lorella was now sad
"FREEZE" Said a Sith Commander

Trent whipped out his lightsaber, and in no time the Commander was dead. He looked at Lorella, she betrayed him. He was feeling odd emotions. He started running toward the edge of the cliff to jump and...

11-03-2004, 09:00 PM
T'uune's body was writhing in pain, but he could still feel the Force. He focused on the one thing that would keep him going: his love for La'ola.

T'uune concentrated on all of the times that their love was strong. He remembered the courtship he endured to finally make her return the feeling that they now shared. He used it to strengthen himself, and finally, he formed a protective barrier around himself with the Force. The pain ceased. Now able to fully concentrate, T'uune used the Force to unlock himself and La'ola. She collapsed on the floor unconscience. T'uune glared at Matton with a fury that he had never had before in his life. The feeling of love did not fade. Instead, it was superceded by absolute hatred.

The connection he now had with the Force allowed him to simply think about what he wanted to happen, and it happened. Matton flew across the room, colliding into a panel with enough force to dent the durasteel. He was then sent back to the otherside of the room, careening into the other panel. T'uune then sent him flying to the end of the room, where he slammed Matton's head against the door.

T'uune calmly walked over to the battered Sith Lord. Using a combination of his own strength and the Force, T'uune picked up Matton by the throat and began to choke him. "You will no longer have anything to do with my life. If you come back for me again, then I will not allow you to breathe another breath that you are so undeserving of. I WILL NOT be pursued by you nor any of your forces ever again," T'uune told Matton inches from his face.

T'uune then rapidly turned around and threw Matton across the room again. T'uune then walked over to La'ola and woke her. They gathered their things and battled their way to Talarra's Fear.

Once inside, T'uune activated the turrets. They fired automatically at anyone that approached the frieghter. Once in the cockpit, T'uune launched the ship out of the hangar, only to get caught in the tractor beam. T'uune locked onto the source of the beam, and unloaded with the ion cannons. They all hit, and the tractor beam is fried. T'uune turns Talarra's Fear back around and jets into hyperspace.

11-03-2004, 09:07 PM
Trent felt T'uune leaving. Too late, he fell. He made a stupid choice by letting his emotions take him. He fell and finally grabbed on to a flying ship. He jumped on to a platform then another. Finally he reached his ship, Lorella wasn't there. He hopped into his ship and went to in intersect course with the Talarra's Fear. He entered hyperspace and saw Mattens ship, expecting to be caught in a Tractor Beam, Trent equpped his blaster. When he was finally alongside the Talarra's Fear he sent out a transmission to T'uune.

"Lorella betrayed us and got you caught, don't trust her, and im heading towards Tatooine, I have a house in the desert where we could hide out."

Then Trent activated his hyperspace coordinates and off he went.

11-03-2004, 09:12 PM
Matton let the Force barrier he had placed around his neck subside, and he laughed. He had only tortured Tu'une to get his attention; now that he knew what Tu'une needed, he would capture him one last time. Just once, to solve this. And then Matton made a promise that after this, he would never threaten Tu'une again, unlesss absoloutely necessary.


Tu'une would never come back willingly. Of course, since the Mandalorian was dumber than a Coruscant granite slug, he probably didn't do a full system search before hyperspace. Matton had anticipated his resourcefulness in getting away, and his stupidity. Matton pulled out the detonator and pushed. He could feel the Force telling him that it had worked. He sent a battlefleet after the now-crippled ship. In case this didn't work, Matton started to make a plan B...


Tu'une stood before him in the fighter bay, and La'ola was far away from him. He was cuffed by the Force, and there was no way of escape. His ship was elsewhere, and it was crippled beyond running anyways. Sith fighters had been moved to other docks. The only access to the other docks were from Matton himself; a padawan like Tu'une would be incapable of using the Force to bypass them. All Tu'une could do was listen to his proposal.

Matton: Tu'une, you have caused far too much trouble. You have also requested to be left alone, however, you know enough to endanger yourself and the Sith war effort. Since you are locked in, I have a proposal. I can let you go and never cross paths with you again under one condition; you and La'ola's memories must be partially wiped, and you must hand over the Republic encryption codes, which I know you stole on Coruscant. Of course, it would be lethal to try anything else...

11-03-2004, 09:36 PM
T'uune-"The Republic encryption codes??? What in the blazes are you talking about??? Oh, no, wait, don't tell me, you've made that up so that you have an excuse to torture me. Oh yeah, big surprise. Well, hows this for a surprise you :swear:in piece of :swear:..."

T'uune quickly used a very brief opportunity to activate a small computer inside of his armor. In less than a second, the pack of thermal detonators went off in his pack. The ensuing explosion ripped through the hull of the ship, but T'uune created a small field around himself to protect himself from the heat, the flack, and the vacuum that was now created. He flew forwards, away from the crater. Using the magnetic soles at the bottom of his shoes, T'uune reattached himself to the floor of the ship. Without waiting for a response from Matton, T'uune flung him into the crater, and into the bleak vacuum of space.

11-03-2004, 09:44 PM
Matton had the Force to protect him, and Sith trooper suits could protect against the small amoutns of vacuum coming in. Sighing, he reached out with the Force, grabbed Tu'une, pulled him back, and rooted him firmly to the spot. He walked through the door, into the Fear, grabbed a datapad, and returned.
"I did not phrase this very well. This datapad given to you by the Republic held small amounts of data that we need to figure out their encryption codes. I will not torture you; I will show you."

Matton opened up his intentions to Tu'une; mind-wipe him, give him credits, and send him away.
"If we ever have to work together again, I will restore all of your memories. Promised. Oh, and your ship is repaired. Deal?"

11-03-2004, 10:20 PM
T'uune-"Mind wipe me for what?? I've done nothing against you except rescue Master Vandar for the Republic. They made me an extremely tempting offer that I couldn't refuse. Plain and simple. You can construe what you want out of this. But, I will not allow you to simply barge into my life and attempt to destroy it. This is most assuredly the last mistake you could even dream to attempt."

T'uune force pulls several weapons out of stashes from within Talarra's Fear. The weapons he grabs are two heavy blasters. He opens fire. Realizing well beforehand that Matton would try to deflect them back at T'uune, T'uune Force jumps out of the hatch and into the hangar.

He quickly shoots down the guards in the room and continues to fire at Matton, who also continues to block his shots. As Matton runs outside, T'uune uses the Force to activate the cranes for hoisting the Sith Fighters.

One of them comes down directly in front of Matton. Matton pushes it out of the way with the Force, but not before T'uune hits Matton with two shots from his blasters. Distracted by momentary pain, Matton is fueled by anger, and launches himself at T'uune.

T'uune uses the opportunity to dodge, and throw a dead Sith at Matton with the Force. T'uune then launches himself back into Talarra's Fear and shuts the hatch, sealing Matton from him. Now to see just how badly this thing is damaged.

T'uune gets to the front cockpit and activates the weapons, but not to aim at Matton. Instead, T'uune ruptures a hole in the side of the hangar, towards the INSIDE of the ship. He tries to activate the engines, but they are very heavily damaged and won't start. T'uune just simply activates the repulserlifts to take off. Using the powerful thrusters, T'uune heads into the rupture. Now with air flowing over the engines, T'uune forces the engines to start. Although damaged, they provide much more thrust than even the original engines did. He just had to make sure they didn't overheat.

Inside another hangar, T'uune makes another hole into the ship and heads for the access tunnels. Inside the access tunnels, T'uune activates several systems that can make automatic repairs. The repairs increase the engine thrust output as well as the cooling capabilities. They also repair some of his thrusters.

T'uune feels for La'ola and finally senses her presence. He makes his way down the access tunnel towards La'ola. He finally reaches a junction, and turns. He launched a small object into a wall and kept going.

He finally reached the bridge he was looking for and used the repulsorlifts to maintain a hover over the walkway. Running across the bridge, T'uune pulled out a spare concussion rifle he had stowed on Talarra. Anything, including droids, that got in his way was shot quickly. T'uune finally arrived at the door. Instead of unlocking it, T'uune simply blew it open. Inside, T'uune found La'ola passed out in a torture field. He quickly deactivated it and returned to Talarra's Fear while carrying La'ola.

Inside, he strapped her into a medical bed, and ran into the cockpit. He then turned Talarra's Fear directly upwards. He dodged several bridges inside the tunnel and a collision warning sounded. The upper hull was approaching. T'uune unloaded with everything he had. Taking fire from the inside of the ship did not bode well for armor designed to take fire from the other side of the ship, and thus quickly imploded outwards. Now with the vacuum of air rushing towards space carrying them, Talarra's Fear rushed outside the ship.

"Its time to end your own misery, Matton," T'uune said coldly. And with that, T'uune pressed a button, activating the object on he had fired earlier. The object was a duel imploding thermal detonator. Approximately 25 times more powerful than a standard thermal detonator, the explosion ripped throught the ship, causing massive damages, but not destroying the vessel. T'uune then quickly broadcasted a ff identification system to the republic warships, and headed towards a landing pad in Coruscant with fighter escort.

11-04-2004, 02:03 PM
Matton watched the Sith fighters destroy the escort and nearly destroy the Talarra's fear. Idiot had tried to flee. Matton then destroyed what remained of the engines with the Force, and blew the repulsor lifts from inside. Matton felt the coming warships; the last of the Republic fleet. A victory here would ensure the reign of the Sith. Then something caught his eye. La'ola. She had been left behind. While corrupting all remaining systems and destroying all exit areas, Matton gave the signal to fire. Several guards shot multiple poison blaster rounds, puncturing La'ola's skin and poisoning her. Matton then started to crush her bones and electricute her, while still pulling at Tu'unes ship and destroying it. He started breaching La'ola's armor and destroying her weapons. He then drained all of the life out of her, except for the last string. He wound the Dark Side through the string, wrapped it so tightly around her body that only Matton could take it off, and with a simple thought, he could destroy her last connection to life. With his shup's systems completely destroyed, Matton wound the Dark Side around the ship as well; Tu'une wouldn't be able to penetrate that. His weapons and sheilds were down, and his ship was frozen in place by the Dark Lord; there was now way out. Matton then began to communicate telepathically with Tu'une.

It matters much, for you've seen enough to endanger both the Sith, the Republic, and yourself. You are also a wanted man; 2,500,000 credits have been placed on your head by the Republic for stealing this datapad and harming their war efforts, and the exchange wants you for millions unles you tell them the secrets; I can remove both contracts from your head, and I can...wait. Can you feel the Republic? They have discovered who sent the signal and where it's headed...they think you're leadingm them into a trap, and your working for us! Now you see the full consequences of your actions.

Matton wasn't lying. The Republic was turning around, and Matton's powers enabled him to see why.

Your woman is also here; with me. She will die as well if you do not consent. As will you. If you agree, I will rebuild your ship, heal you both, fill your pockets with...compenssation for what you've been through, and keep you safe. Compensation is set at 5 million, and it's here on this ship. You couldn't turn it down for the Republic; will you turn it down, as well as your lives?

Matton waited for his response...

11-04-2004, 05:25 PM
((ooc: ok, look. how in the whole f***in world are you going to penetrate an entire republic blockade??? this is getting really ridiculous darthbuzzard. me, stingerhs, is now getting extremely frustrated. i'm sorry, but this kind of manipulation is really outrageous. i've tried time and time again to be fair to you in every situation you put me in, but without you returning the favor in any way. either quit it, or i'm out.))

11-04-2004, 05:29 PM
((and since the storyline isn't going anywhere and since if you think about it, being PARTIALLY mind-wiped and going our seperate ways, then meeting up and restoring your memories again, then whatever happens after that would breathe life into a somewhat dead story. you have to think long-term as well. the whole framework of this story is pretty messed up anyways, im TRYING to do something to add to this; since you are screwing this up, naturally i repeatedly try to fix it. i darthbuzzard, am also extremely pissed that i have to keep doing this. i darthbuzzard, also quit...brb, going to revive bounty, an actually smartly done RP))

11-04-2004, 05:33 PM
((don't take it personally. and dude, if you have plans, the pm system is perfectly functional. as far as i knew, you were trying to kill my character. keeping people in the dark is never a good option.))

11-04-2004, 05:40 PM
((True; I was an idiot. Won't forget that next time. Oh, and if you want to post, bounty is suited up with a new post. This one is dead anyway...))

11-05-2004, 03:05 PM
Originally posted by jackofblades
ooc-NO I WILL NOT LET THIS RP die. Darth Buzzard I see where your comin from cause your caught in the middle it is kinda seems like stingerhs and Jedidude had there own little story away from the plot of this rp. Ahem, I believe the "plot" was Republic vs Sith, we all have contributed in the way of a plot thank you very much:)

Godzilla Master
11-05-2004, 03:18 PM
Name: Xeno
AGE: 28
Gender: Male
Weapon: Double Bladed Lightsaber
Class: Jedi Knight
Appearence: Black Battle Armor with a black cape, and a black ninja mask.

BIO: After ROJ Xeno settled down and got married to a woman named Suda after 2 years of marriage. Then Sith came back after there long disapperance and a Sith master named Zerot and a squad of soilders murdered his wife and took Xeno into slavery. After one year the Jedi destroyed the Sith minery where Xeno was. After that the Jedi saved Xeno and Xeno vowed his life to the Jedi.

.................................................. .................................................. ...

Xeno runs to JediMasterDude and tells him the Sith are coming left and right and then asks him what to do.

11-05-2004, 05:53 PM
ooc-I am the jedi master dude??