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This is in the time of Kotor when Calo Nord and all those Bounty hunters were alive and they went after Bounties. We collect Bounties but there well be storylines along the way.

Name: Trent
Homeworld: Unknown
Alignment: Neutral/Dark
Age: 28
Allegiance: Bounty Hunters
Race: Human
Personal ship: YR 30 Heavily Modified Sith Ship

Blaster Pistol(2) Heavily Modified
Mandalorian Armour

Short black hair
Big blue eyes
White skin
Muscular body

BIO: Trent was raised by Mandalore himself and was trained to be a strong mandalorian fighter. Though he was most interested in being a Bounty Hunter. When Mandalore told him he couldn't be a Bounty Hunter he was furious! He betrayed Mandalore and fought and killed many of his men. He stole Mandalores very first ship the YR 30 which was given to Mandalore by the Sith. He proceeded to Bodgen 4 and was trained by other Bounty Hunters There. He found 2 strong pistols and 2000 credits in Mandalores strongbox on the ship. He ruthlessly slaughters the Jedi for fun and hunts down bountys swiftly and silently.

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Name: Ja'han Kildor
Homeworld: Corellia
Alignment: Neutral
Age: 17
Allegiance: Freelance
Rank: None
Race: Bionic Human male
Flagship: None
Personal ship: Z-19 intercepter, heavily modified, and similar to the modern-day Z-95.
*Reflex Gloves
*Bionic reflex implant
*Verpine mesh armor, modified heavily for increased maneuverability.
*Verpine Lower-Body armor

1 Heavy blaster pistol, scoped and extensively modified.
Experimental Carbonite Projector MKIII.
Experimental Flamethrower MKIII.

*Bionic eye (increased sensor and vision over normal human eye)
*Neural implant
*Modified genetics, improved strength and intelligence.
*Infra-red sensor
*Various movement, joint, and sensor implants.

Blue eyes
Yellow hair, short and spiked
154 LBS
Lean, mostly muscular arms

BIO: Ja'han Kildor was just a standard kid from Correllia. He was excited to learn the tricks of the trade in his fathers manufacturing business. While aboard a freighter ship at the age of nine, learning how things worked, the freighter ship was mistaken for a Republic frigate, and was gunned down by myserious forces. When they realized their mistake, they flew away, and left the ships occupants for dead. Ja'han survived, but he was missing one arm and the other was severly damaged. The ship, crippled and floating through space, was picked up by a Republic crusier. The crew put the dying Ja'han in bacta, and slowly they built him an arm. The Republic was very generous, and made the very best, most expensive arm they could. They also designed more than 20 implants to help Ja'han survive and regain control of his limbs. Due to the implants, he now has more intelligence, strength, and movement than normal human beings. They fitted him with these, and sent him back to Correlia. However, he was angry with the way his life had turned, and decided to give up businessmanship. He went looking for work as a Soldier. He was turned down due to the fact that the Republic was not at war, and needed noone else. Frusturated, he took up work as a bounty hunter and assassin. With enough implants to be considered machine, he set out to Coruscant, where he knew he could find some work.

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((i'm importing my character from my other rp here to display some of his more impressive bounties. :D))
Name: Kola T'uune
Homeworld: Unknown
Race: Mandalorian
Sex: Male
Age: Approx. 87
Orientation: Leaning Darkside
Side: None
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Weapons: Lightsaber, heavy blaster pistols, projectile rifle, and a concussion rifle
Ship: Talarra's Fear, a heavily modified Mandalorian frieghter; Features include:
1. Turret mounted weapons: 2x ion cannons, 2x duel turbolasers
2. Forward mounted weapons: missile/rocket Launcher, 4x repeating blasters, 2x ion cannons
3. Custom armor added from republic warships
4. Targeting computers from basalisk droids
5. Modified Corellian engines
6. Added 35 new thruster points
7. Added 4 repulserlift cells
8. 2 "storage" cells
9. 3-man crew quarters
10. Sith Fighter flight controls

Armor: Modified Mandalorian War Armor, defense reduction, stealth increase
Helmet: Mandalorian Targeting Helmet, increased awareness & defense, multiple viewers (infrared+nightvision), image magnification (2-12x), Targeting Computer Link to weapons (except lightsaber)
Modified Mandalorian Sheilds for longer duration and damage absorbtion
Baragwin Stealth Field Generater
Included in field pack: Grapple Launcher, Advanced Medkits, Net Gun and ammo, Field Rations, Rifle ammo, Utility Knives, and Thermal Detonators
Class: Jedi Guardian (lvl 8), Scoundrel (lvl 5), Soldier (lvl 7)
Race Abilities: Combat Regeneration

Physical Traits:
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 256 lb.
Muscular Build
Short, black hair
Several Facial Scars
Mandalorian Clan Tatoo on left arm
Uses several bio-computers to heavily reduce aging effects.

Bio: T'uune has been a bounty hunter long before the Mandalorian Wars, and has earned a reputation as a fearless warrior that will stop at nothing to claim his bounties. At a young age, he was recognized to be force adept and was taken to Dantooine for training. However, the Exar Kun War disrupted his training, and his master turned to the darkside to follow Exar Kun. Abandoned by his master, the young padawan felt betrayed and left the academy to earn a living. He encountered several Hutts on Sleyheron, and took up their offers for collecting bounties. He claimed all but the most valuable of the bounties. That bounty was collected by another young bounty hunter named Cassus Fett, and so began the long, often violent, rivalry between the two hunters. The rivalry ended whenever T'uune set up Cassus for an encounter with a Republic Fleet. There, Cassus met his death, and now the galaxy is left with Kola T'uune as one of the most feared bounty hunters. T'uune has recently been seen quite often with an unknown and young twi'lek woman in Corescant.

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Trent walked into the Cantina on Sleheyron. He was there for buisness involving bounties. Finally, he found just who he was looking for. A rodian named Hearox.
"You owe me some money punk" Said Krass angrily
"You'll have to blast it out of me" Said Hearox
"Fine have it your way" replied Krass

Trent withdrew his pistol and shot Hearox in his chest. Hearox fell to the ground cold. Trent dug through Hearox pockets and found the money he owed him.

Trent decided to see what was going on currently so he walked over to the bounty list...

Name: Krawt Species: Rodian Reason: Stole from Habba the hutt Planet last spotted: Sleheyron Reward: 3000 credits

"I think ill go after him" said Trent

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Ja'han Kildor flew into Coruscant's atmosphere. The navigaton computer he had installed informed him that he was nearing his destination. He slowed the thrusters and cruised towards the slums. On his way, he marveled at the planet. The last of the daylight allowed him to stare in awe at the planet. There were skyscrapers and landing pads everywhere. Trade and manufacturing was everywhere. Walkways connected different areas and sectors, full of shops, cantinas, clubs, and whatever else. As he looked below, hundreds of speeders raced in Coruscants depths. The wealthy here were really wealthy, sometimes with entire skyscrapers to call their own. Even the middle class here were wealthy enough to live in fancy apartments. Coruscants Ships flew around him, some coming within a few feet. Ja'han muttered a few curse words, and decided maybe he should get to his destination before a collision occured.


Ja'han backed off the thrusters, descended, and activated his installed bellythrusters to land him. Where he was landing, Coruscant Sector 5, landing area 6521BP11, there was nothing to marvel about. Even though daylight still waned, you could tell these were the slums. Ja'han had once been to Taris, and there the wealthy lived on top, and the further you went, the poorer it got. It was the same here. Abandoned manufacturing plants, broken-down apartments, and shady criminals were everywhere. He stepped away from his ship, and was almost immediately confronted by armed criminals.
"This here is OUR landin' pad, little kid!" The man who spoke was obviously the leader, with tatoos and greasy black hair.
"Yeah, you dock here, you pay us!" Another one of the goons spoke up.
"And if I refuse to pay...?" Ja'han let his voice diwndle.

All three of the gangsters drew their weapons. It seemed almost rehearsed. The gang leader spoke again.
"Then you die of course!"

The men may have succeeded, but they didnt count on Ja'hans 20+ implants and modified genes. With lightning-fast reactions, he shot down two of the gangsters. He had never been in combat, but the advanced targeting computer implanted into his brain made him a combat genius anyways. The last gangster, the one that had never spoken, got off two shots before Khan fired his flamethrower in his mechanical arm. (ooc forgot to say this - the experimental flamethrower and carbonite projectors are Republic design prototypes that run off calories, giving him unlimited uses). The man fell to the floor screaming, and died almost instantly.
"Well done, Mr.Kildor!"


Ja'han wheeled around.
"Who are you?" he asked. Then he realized how foolish he was, for there was noone there.

"Ah...someone important in furthuring your career!" A rodian emerged from the shadows, with a shady look in his eyes. Ja'han was impressed that the rodian spoke Basic fluently, but he was angered that the rodian wouldn't tell him what he wanted to know.

"Who are you?" Ja'han asked again.
"My name is unimportant, but I'll tell you anyways. I am Tyro Kreeta, Shadow Lord of the Underworld."
"Shadow Lord of the Underworld, eh?"
"Correct. If there are assassinations, collections on bounties, or spice smuggling, I am sure to have a hand in it. Now, I'm afraid if you tell anyone this, I will have to kill you. Now, down to why I approached you."

Khan was disturbed, but he waited for the Rodian to continue.
"I know that you came to Coruscant for bounty work after being turned down by the Republic. I also know that you have more than 25 implants and were part of an experimental bilogical engineering test when you were four. Due to these, you have insanely fast reflexes, and are much smarter than the average lifeform, human or any other alien."

Khan was disturbed.
"I have sources in...high places. I was also your fathers friend, material supplier, and business partner, before he was killed on the shuttle incident. Now, since you are here for bounty work, we should get to business. There will be time for questions later."

The rodian turned and walked off, with Ja'han running to catch up.

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Trent looked all over the planet of Sleheyron for Krawt but couldn't find him finally he found him in a abandoned apartment.
"Make one move and your history Krawt" Said Trent
"HAHAHA you fell into habba's little trap eh" Said Krawt happily
"WHAT" Said Trent surprised
"Its true now don't move or die" Said a voice from behind
"Habba you betrayed me" Said Trent
"Told you not to move now die!"

Trent nearly avoided shots from Krawt and took cover under a desk.
"NOW YOU PAY PUNKS" Yelled Trent as he threw a thermal detonator.

Trent ran out of the building and nearly avoided the explosion.

The next day he walked over to the landing plan and boarded the YR 30. He did all the system checks then rose is ship off the landing pad. Krass punched in the hyperspace coordinates for Coruscant and away he flew.

On the landing pad he was greeted by a rodian.

"Come with me I have work for you" Said the rodian
"Why should I"
"You would be smart to accept my offers"
"Offers eh got nothin better to do"
"Smart Choice" Said the Rodian
"Who are you by the way"
"Tito Tyro Kreetas older brother" Said Tito

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The securty droid watched the baragwin walk in from the back of the cantina. The security droid noticed the baragwin carrying a rifle of some kind, thus the baragwin should not have entered. The droid informed the main computer that a violator was in the cantina. As according to the programming, the computer then informed the droid that the violator must be escorted outside, not to return. The droid then walked over to the baragwin. "You have violated cantina rules by bringing in that weapon. Come with me," it said in a mechanical tone. "I have violated no rule. Cantinas never post rules. Why should this one have any?," the baragwin responded. "Come with me. You have violated the cantina rules," was the mechanical response to his question. "Stupid droid." The baragwin then complied and followed the droid outside. "Do not return, or you will be dealt with appropriately," the droid stated. Suddenly, an explosion. Pieces of the droid scattered in many directions.

"Crap," T'uune muttered to himself. He had flinched at the last moment and missed the target. Not waiting for the concussion rifle to recharge, T'uune jumped off the building and pulled out his net gun.

Sensing danger, the baragwin brought his rifle to bear and scanned the nearby buildings for potential threats. Every pedestrian could be a potential threat. Most of them withdrew rapidly at the sight of his rifle, which helped him distinguish threats. After a couple of seconds, the baragwin punched a couple of numbers in on his gaunlet-pad and waited for his ship to arrive.

Noticing the target punch in a sequence of numbers, T'uune put up his net gun and calmly tried to blend himself in with the rest of the crowd. Slowly walking towards the target, T'uune gently withdrew his lightsaber hilt. Suddenly, a small ship was just overhead about to land on the walkway. People rushed out of the way so they wouldn't get crushed by it. The target was rapidly moving towards the ship. T'uune gathered the force into his knees and lept into the air.

The baragwin heard a light thump on his ship, but thought nothing of it. He scurried on board his ship and activated the controls for take-off. As his ship rose into the traffic streams, the baragwin breathed a sigh of relief. That shot the droid took had to be intended for me. Stupid Kreeta. I told him that I would pay him back. Then, a lightsaber ignited. "Set your course for this landing pad," T'uune said calmly. Startled, the baragwin turned around and saw T'uune standing behind him with a lit lightsaber and a datapad. Tossing the datapad to him, "Now set those coordinates, unless you would prefer me to return you to Kreeta in parts," T'uune ordered. Shaking, the baragwin did as he was ordered, and headed into the depths of Coruscant.

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(ooc, dang this is a fun roleplay, good idea JediDude! However, we need more people :D )

Tyro Kreeta walked quickly, like he was afraid something would come out of the shadows. Sure enough, while Tyro was still much further ahead of Ja'han, Tyro was jumped. Two thugs were demanding money. Tyro, however, seemed to be well trained in the physical and martial arts, and jump kicked them both off the walkway. They fell screaming to their deaths. He was laughing when Ja'han finally caught up.
"The slums are full of those idiots. I get mugged on an hourly basis. It never ceases to amaze me."

Tyro walked on, and they finally arrived at a dingy cantina. When they entered, you could tell it was a hostile place. There were beaten up pazaak and sabaac tables in the entrance, and a few rather shady characters were selling old cards. When you entered the tap room, there were some odd people there. Hooded strangers drinking a mysterious ale, armored bounty hunters polishing their weapons...many of them looked at Ja'han with utter contempt. As you walked around the cantina, there were 2 more rooms: a music room, where aging biths played music to the dancing of exhausted twi'leks. The last room was a hangout room, with busted chairs and broken tables. Finally, they arrived at the bounty office. You could tell this was the main reason the dingy cantina was build. There were holoprojector that displayed data about the targets, and several computer consoles. There were old chairs around the room, and several datapads showing info about targets. Gathered in small groups were the bounty hunters, in many different shapes and sizes. There were some really tough-looking, tall, muscular bounty hunters sitting at a table drinking ales from dirty glasses. You could tell they were top dogs because everyone else gave them a lot of room. Then there were others, a group of short, fat ones that were well-equipped, but Ja'han had a feeling that they didn't know how to use all of their equiptment. Then, you had your standard arrangement of aliens: twi'leks, rodians, and a dangerous-looking mandalorian. Ja'han didnt have time to analyize them all, he knew that Tyro was waiting for him. He caught up, and Tyro opened a door and led him into an office. For such a dingy cantina, it was a really nice office. The chairs werent busted, and there was a nice wooden desk at the end of the room. There was a computer console and a few datapads on the desk. Tyro walked to the desk, and took a seat. He motioned for Ja'han to do the same.


"Down to bounties. I have 3 contracts that I can offer you currently. Would you like to see them, Ja'han?"
"By all means, Tyro."
"Excellent. The first is on a twi'lek, Bobo Xizor. He shot a Coruscant officer, and they want him dead. It pays 575 credits." Tyro went on. "The second one is similar to the first one. A rodian by the name of Slupiar Gluupan killed 4 civilians, and the police want him dead. This one pays 1500 credits." Now Tyro seemed to be hesitating.
"Yes? What is it, Tyro?" Ja'han asked.
"This one is very, very dangerous. There is a very corrupt politician on Coruscant, and hes got a lot of influence. He's been killing competitors and even civillians. We want him dead, and fast. It, pays 3,000 credits, but I'll give you a danger bonus of 1500 for taking him out. It's your choice."

Ja'han knew how dangerous some politicans could be, and so he finally decided to take out the senator.
"It's dangerous, and even with all of your weapons, your lack a little on the stealthy side. Follow me."

Tyro led him into a closet, but in the closet was some serious weaponry. He pulled out 5 things: A stealth utility belt, a thermal detonator, a poison stealth blade, a sniper scope, and a silencer.
"These are all yours to keep...I remember some really fair deals your papa gave me, and some crooked ones I gave him. This is my way of repaying him."

Tyro took his gun, and put on the scope and silencer.
"These will fit in these two pockets on your belt. If your not using them, you can stick it there. Likewise, your gun can go here. The thermal detonator clicks on here, and the blade sheaths here. Before you go, take this datapad, its got some important info on your target."

With those items and with the datapad, Ja'han left in search of the target.

10-19-2004, 07:43 PM
Trent walked with Tito for an hour finally he got tired.

Trent-Where are you taking me anyway

Tito-To find my brother hes been gone for a while now

Trent-So were going on a wild goose chase

Tito-Hes still alive I know it

Trent sensed something that made his spint tingle. He looked behind him and there was a man with over 20+ implants.

Trent-Wonder what hes up to

Tito-My brother was looking for that guy after him!

10-19-2004, 08:04 PM
Ja'han could tell that there were two people who were following him, but he decided not to talk to them until asked. Outside of the cantina, he was confronted by two individuals, one a rodian looking suspiciously like Tyto, but not exactly. Ja'han wheeled around, and had his gun pointing at the rodian in seconds.
"What do you want, scum? I'm on a bounty, can't talk."
"Nothing much, just looking for my brother, Tyto. Have you seen him?"
"Ohh..."Ja'han lowered his gun and put it back in his holster. "Yeah, he's in that cantina...good luck finding him."
"Thank you, Sir...oh, and good luck with that bounty."
"Thanks...uh...good luck finding your brother..."

Ja'han turned around and walked away. He was headed for his ship to search Coruscant for the corrupt politican. He stopped at his ship and decided to read the datapad but was startled by a sudden voice. He gripped his blaster pistol and yelled,
There was no answer. Frusturated, Ja'han decided to stick around and wait to see if it happened again.

10-19-2004, 08:07 PM
Trent-Its just me put your gun done now!he said to Ja-han

Trent put down his weapons and asked

"Why do you have all those implants?"

10-19-2004, 08:14 PM
Walking into the cantina with the disarmed and properly restrained baragwin, T'uune walked towards the back. "Hey!! That was my bounty!!," yelled someone from the bar. "Then perhaps you should have done some hunting rather than getting drunk, fool," T'uune replied coldly. Sensing the person pulling out a blaster, T'uune quickly drew his own blaster and shot him between the eyes from 8m. With the cantina now quiet and focused on him, T'uune calmly walked towards one of Kreeta's bodyguards. "I've come to collect this one," T'uune told him. "Inside, he's waiting for you," the guard replied nonchalantly.

"Guards, escort this scum to a holding cell for later... questioning," said Kreeta with a smirk. "Now, T'uune, its nice to see that you've come through again. This time, I have something special for you," Kreeta said. "Its worth a lot, and I'm sure it would make a worthy challenge for someone of your caliber," Kreeta said. "What about the creds for that baragwin? And what about that punk I brought in a month ago? If you don't pay up now, then I would be more than happy to collect on your head. Just to remind you, the hutts want you for 4500, the republic wants you for 2500, and some factions of the exchange want you for as much as 15000," T'uune interjected. "No need to get violent. I have your money this time," Kreeta replied as he slid the credits across his desk. "Now, back to business. The Exchange has a good one worth 45000. They're after a traitor named Gronte. Now, so your aware, he's a former Mandalorien...,"
"Guardsman that personally guarded Mandalore during the war. I know who he is. What happened to him?, " T'uune interrupted.

Kreeta-"He joined the Exchange on Taris, well before it was destroyed, and worked as an enforcer for Davik Kang."

T'uune-"Didn't Canderous Ordo also become his enforcer?"

Kreeta-"Yes, but after Gronde betrayed the Exchange by giving the Sith the codes for Taris' defense systems. Canderous was there, working for Davik at the time, but he also betrayed Davik in order to leave Taris."

T'uune-"Then why not Canderous and Gronde?"

Kreeta-"Because only a few people know that Canderous escaped. Gronde, on the other hand, became a Sith Guard and was last seen with the Sith Fleet at Manaan."

T'uune-"He's with the Sith? Hmm, I guess he wanted to get some action outside of enforcement. Very well. Dead or alive?"

Kreeta-"Alive. And deliver him to a carrier on Sleyheron. I'll load up the specifics in this datapad. Good luck."

Walking outside the cantina, he felt a young man standing by a ship with tons of implants inside of him. well, if you can't use the Force, its the next best thing... "Bon chance, mon ami," T'uune said to the man as he passed by.

10-19-2004, 08:37 PM
"The reason I have all these implants Trent, is because I was attacked by mysterious people, wounded, and I had to be reuilt. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some business to attend to."

Ja'han ran outside, hoping to see the Mandalorian. He wasn't there. Ja'han sighed, and muttered under his breath, "I hope I see him someday...we could be pretty good business partners."
Finally, he read the datapad. It said,

Your target is Senator David Korplav. He will be speaking at a convention tomorrow. You are to be perched atop the Czerka Manufacturing plant at 2:00 PM for the convention. He is to be sniped, and you are to promptly return here. Good luck.

"Tomorrow, huh? I'd better get some sleep then, because I have a feeling this wont be so easy..."

Ja'han yawned, and clambered into the cargo hold, and started to snore.

10-19-2004, 08:48 PM
Trent wanted to learn more about that mysterious bounty hunter who he was, what was he doing here, all so confusing. He looked all over Coruscant. Finally he found the right ship. He opened up the cargo hold.

"Hello anyone here" said Trent

"HELLO" yelled Trent

10-19-2004, 08:52 PM
"What do you want, pinprick? I've got an important bounty I need to collect on, and I need some rest. Make it fast, or your brains are gonna be all over this walkway soon! Now, what is it?"

10-19-2004, 09:05 PM
Trent hesitated. Maybe he didn't want anything to do with this guy. He didn't care.

"I maybe could be some help to you with your bounty"
"Or I could maybe lend you some credits"

"I think maybe we could be allies"

(ooc:Jango Fetts code=No friends only allies and adversaries)

10-19-2004, 09:22 PM
"Allies, huh? I'll think about it. But for now, I don't want your credits, and the target needs to be eliminated in secret. However, I'll consider it. Meet me in the same cantina tomorrow, and well talk over a few drinks, on me. Now, i'm gonna get some shuteye, and youd be wise to do the same. G'night, kid. Sleep tight."

10-19-2004, 09:30 PM
Trent sleeps at a Coruscant hotel. He dreamed about becoming a jedi and eliminating evil. He pictured himself with a blue saber standing, leading a group of friends.

He woke up!

"Im ready to meet him" he said

Trent headed over to the Cantina.

10-19-2004, 10:10 PM
Ja'han wondered how he was going to get onto the top of the Czerka manufacturing plant without attracting notice. The Z-19 would be conspicious, and so would climbing to the top. Then he remembered about the belt that Tyto had given him. He activated stealh and climbed up. He was perched on top of the factory, with a perfect view. It was 5 minutes until start...3 minutes...1 minute...finally, the senator appeared on stage. Ja'han had the perfect spot for sniping, but it was still too far away.
"activ eyezoom twenty"
His binoic eye zoomed into magnify the politician 20 times. Perfect headshot opportunity. He aimed...lined up...fire!

The politician went down, and there was a hole in his head. Perfect. Tyro promised a nice payday for this. Ja'han turned around, activated stealth, and climbed down a ladder. A speeder was waiting nearby for him, and he hopped in, and stashed all his gear except his armor. He'd have to blend in. He swooped down to the lower levels, following the map on the datapad. He finally arrived at the cantina, hopped onto the walkway, retrieved his equiptment, and planted a detonator in the speeder. It fell lower and lower...Ja'han felt the rumbling as it blew up far below. Content, he walked into the cantina. He saw the guy he had talked to yesterday waiting patiently for him, and he walked over to his table.
"I'll be with you in a second...I've got bounty I want to collect."

Ja'han walked into Tyro's office.
"The politicans dead."
"So I saw. It's all over the news. They don't know it was you, but if they figure out, theres going to be 20,000 creds on your head." Kreeta tossed him the datapad with the vague details on his bounty.
"So, wheres the pay?"
Tyro pushed 5,000 credits across the table.
"Ready for another bounty?"
"Not yet, I have some business to attend to..."
"Very well, I'll be waiting for you when yor ready."

Ja'han walked into the tap room, where he saw the guy from yesterday waiting patiently at a table. Ja'han ordered two Correllian ales, and brought them over to the man. He took a sip from his own.
"Told you drinks were on me. Now, you seem pretty interested in me. What do you want to know...?"

10-20-2004, 05:02 AM
An explosion ripped through the fighter bay. With the rumbling beneath her feet, La'ola didn't wait for T'uune to tell her to take off. Running into the Talarra, she quickly activated the repulserlift coils and took off. "Kola, where are you?" she asked over the comlink. "I'm in a diner in the upper block #508304. Why?" he asked. "This place is going to hell. Something blew up the docking bays," she exclaimed while piloting the ship into freighter traffic.

T'uune-"Check it out. I want to know what happened."

La'ola-*sigh*"Alright, I'll make a couple of fly-bys. No guarentees."

La'ola then steered Talarra's Fear around to do a low-level fly-by. The first thing she noticed was the massive hole in the middle of the building. Whatever hit this place either did it from orbit, or they used a massive bomb. Carefully piloting the ship, La'ola maneuvered the craft into the hole. looking through the external cameras, she noticed another ship already in the hole. It was a Sith invasion vessel. "Oh nuts...", she said while quickly piloting the ship out of the hole.

La'ola-"Its the Sith!!! They've invaded the landing pad!"

T'uune-"Pick me up!! I think a target of opportunity may present itself."

Quickly flying through traffic, she stopped outside the diner. T'uune jumped on board. "Head back, NOW!!" he yelled from the back. She quickly flew back in time to see the invasion craft taking off with fighter escort. "Let me take over the controls," T'uune said. Activating his weapon arrays, he fired off homing missiles at the fighters, and fired the ion cannons at the craft. Suddenly, Republic fighters appeared on the scanners. The ion bolts hit the landing craft, and the ship stalled out. Most of the missiles hit their respective targets, but some missed. The remaining fighters turned to attack Talarra's Fear, but the now approaching Republic fighters destroyed the fighters before they could do anything. Talarra's Fear quickly attached itself to the crippled invasion craft, and T'uune went outside to somehow get inside.

Republic Fighter Pilot-"Take off from that craft, or you'll go down with it."

La'ola-"Give us two minutes!!"

Republic Fighter Pilot-"Negative. Take off NOW!!!"

T'uune-(from the back of the cargo hold) Do it!! Take off, take off!!"

La'ola didn't hesitate, and Talarra's Fear dove into traffic, away from the burning and falling craft. With a resounding blast, the invasion craft's engines blew, finishing off the rest of the building. T'uune then walked over to a holding cell and set an unconscious body inside.

La'ola-"Who is that??"

T'uune-"Would you believe that this is Gronde?? He wasn't guarding anybody, he was leading the whole thing. Found him on the bridge. One of the ion bolts threw him against a panel. All I did was run in, pick him up and run out."

La'ola-"Good, now lets get out of here for Sleyheron."

T'uune-"Not yet. I found out some info on that kid with the implants. I want to talk with him. Head for Kreeta's cantina."

10-20-2004, 02:52 PM
Trent was slowly sipping his ale.
"First I would like to know what you were doing shooting the poltician, yes I know that was you, how I will not say."
"Also, maybe we could be partners possibly friends I know a place with alot of bounties that pay well"

Trent then felt a cold chill down his spine. He looked to the front door of the Cantina and say Tito with a blaster rifle aimed at him.
"RRRUUUNNN" yelled Trent as he ducked.

10-20-2004, 03:15 PM
With lightning speed, Ja'han stood up and shot Tito right in the lungs. Tito dropped his blaster, fell, and writhed on the floor. Tyro walkd in. At first, Ja'han thought we was going to shoot him, but instead he walked over to Tito.

"Idiot brother. I was going to kill you anyways since you betrayed me and left me to die, but these two beat me to the punch. I never forgot what you did, and even today you tried to cover up what you did, and cloak it in a veil of sympathy. But I never, ever forgot what drove me into this life! You deserve to die, scum!"
"Save your breath. Your sorry. Yeah, well, sorry doesn't cut it. You left me on Slehyron to be enslaved by the hutts because you were afraid, and thought little brother Tyro was holding you back!"
"You disgust me.

Tyto put his foot on Titos neck and crushed it. Tyro was walking back to his office when Ja'han asked him about slavery.
"I don't want to talk about it."
HE didn't even turn back to face Ja'han. Decidinng he should turn to the man who wanted to know about him, he said,
"I'm sorry sir, what is it that you asked?"

10-20-2004, 03:26 PM
Trent saw a familiar face in the window. He thought it looked something like Krawt. He decided to talk to Ja'han.
"I just wanted to learn a bit more about you and become partners"said Trent

Then the familiar face walked in. It was Krawt and he was surrounded by three ugly looking trandoshans.

"Maybe we should leave Ja'han" said Trent

Trent explained the story about Krawt on Sleheyron.

"Now he's after me lets go back to my ship now!" said Trent

"Well Well if it isn't Trent and his friend" said Krawt
"Let me go"said Trent
"No your coming with us for execution" said Krawt

Krawt dragged Trent off with his men. When he was out the door he said to Ja'han,
"Best forget about this kid"
and he left...

10-20-2004, 05:50 PM
Ja'han snuck out of the cantina. He saw Trent being dragged off towards a speeder. Ja'han silently followed. He saw trent bound into a cargo section of a freight speeder with electric bonds. Krawt and his men got into the speeder and took off. Ja'han looked around and found what he was looking for. There was a parked speeder down two more walkways. He ran as fast as he could, and finally got up to it. He hotwired the small red speeder, and went in search of the target. It wasn't hard to find, for large freight speeders went pretty slowly. He zoomed across the sky, hoping to board and grab Trent, but no luck. One of Krawts goons saw him, pulled out a blaster rifle, and fired a few shots. Two missed, but a third hit right in the engine, followed by another. The speeder engine was on fire, and was threatning to blow up. He was nearing the cargo speeder when his own exploded. He was blown off, and fell screaming down. He fell about 20 feet before he landed on another speeder.
"Hey, get off you core slime!"

The man in the speeder sped up, hoping to throw of Ja'han. Ja'han grabbed him by the neck, lifted him up, and threw him off the speeder. He looked down and saw the man plummet to his death.
Another moral lesson he thought Mean guy always dies. Ja'han hijacked the speeder, and flew to where he could see the cargo speeder chugging along. One of Krawt's trandoshan buddies looked pretty suprised to see him come after him, and alerted his buddies. They all fired, but now he was riding a fast, luxurious speeder of the upper city rather than a slow and crude speeder put together from spare parts. He easily swerved out of the way, and fired 10 shots of his own. A lot missed due to his speed, but one hit a trandoshan square in the chest. He staggered, holding his chest, and fell off the side. Now, Ja'han took aim, and squeezed off a few more shots, all of these missing. He decided that was enough. Dodging more fire, he activated his targeting computer implant, and fired three perfect shots. Two of them hit the trandoshans, but one missed. Finally, he looked down his sniper scope, and fired a shot that hit Krawt in the back. Krawt collapsed, but he wasnt dead yet. He could worry about him later however, for the cargo ship had stopped. Ja'han boarded, picked up Trent, and shot Krawt one more time. Now he was sure he was dead.
"Hold on" Ja'han said to Trent.

Ja'han flew the speeder he had hijacked back to the cantina.
"So, Krawt was all just a trick with no bounty? Dang, I could use some money. Hey, listen, you go into the cantina, and I'll meet you in a second." He said to Trent.

Ja'han turned around and moved the speeder to his ship. It could fit in the cargo bay, but just barely. Before he put it in the cargo bay, he examined it. There were no weapons, and the engine could be extensively modified.
"Maybe later" he thought. "For now, I've got to finally talk to Trent".

He turned and walked into the cantina and sat down at a table with Trent.

10-20-2004, 06:04 PM
T'uune looked inside the trashed speeder. "Stupid Krawt. He never could stay out of trouble," La'ola said. "The kid is something. Shot him out of the sky with a blaster, and made a getaway. I must say I'm impressed. Just like his father. Let's head inside," T'uune said.

They walk inside and head for the two youngsters...

10-20-2004, 06:08 PM
Trent bought a couple Coruscant ales. He payed the bartender 30 credits. Coruscant ales were delicious and costed little credits.

"So as I was saying" said Trent
"I need a partner and you need somebody to watch your back" said Trent
"Theres a bounty on you for 300 credits for you hijacking a red speeder"
"You could use the help what do ya say" said Trent
" Also, I just wanted to learn a bit more about you"
Trent held out his hand.

10-20-2004, 06:10 PM
"Hate to break up the party, but I think that your not the only one that can help him," T'uune said while pulling up a chair. La'ola headed for the pazaak table to clean out a couple of no goods with her "special" deck. "Besides, your not the only one who can collect on this kid for that little speeder."

10-20-2004, 06:19 PM
Trent looked at T'uune in a funny sort of way.

"If you dare think of trying to kill him for that speeder ill kill you"
"If your looking to help us I thank you"
"And it seems your friend is a good Pazaak player"
"Now what is it you want"

10-20-2004, 06:26 PM
T'uune-"So, you're not here to kill him. Very interesting considering the call went out 10 min ago. "Wanted for grand theft speeder and murder..." (looks Trent in the eyes) Now isn't that interesting?"(looks back at Ja'han)

T'uune-(directly to Ja'han)"If I wanted that bounty, Ja'han, you would be on tow to the Republic security offices as we speak. You are now a wanted man, dead senator or not."

10-20-2004, 06:30 PM
Trent got real nervous then sad. He was a traito he was as bad as Habba. He was so sorry for betraying his only friend after he saved his life.

"Im sorry Ja'han I truly am" said Trent

"Ill go say it was me who did it so you can be free"

Trent throws his gounds over to Ja'han. Then he leaves the Cantina to go turn himself in for waht he didn't do. He was in the streets of Coruscant...

10-21-2004, 11:30 AM
La'ola watched Trent leave the cantina, and then looked at T'uune. He gave her the nod to go get him. "Sorry fella's, but I've gotta go. Maybe I'll clean house for ya boys later," she told them. "Clean house? Ah, ya haven't even tried yet," said one player. "Sorry, but something just came up," she replied. "Sure, more like you didn't want me cleanin your house sweetheart," said another. La'ola just smiled at them and walked away towards the exit.

La'ola-"Hey kid!!! Wait up!!!"

10-21-2004, 02:57 PM
Trent heard somebody say his name. He looked around. It was the girl from the Cantina. He saw running towards him.

"What do you want" said Trent

"Talk or Ill have a real bounty on me for killing you!"

10-21-2004, 03:24 PM
Ja'han breathed out slowly. He could catch up to Trent later, but he wasn't sure yet whether or not he would kill him for betraying him after saving his life. He then turned to the mysterious Mandalorian, and asked him,

"So, since I don't think you're here to collect on my bounty, I think I can tell you what you want to know, but no guarantees. But, If you are here to collect the bounty, I'm afraid I'll have to splatter your brains against the cantina walls. Uh...yeah! So...what is it that you need?"

10-21-2004, 05:31 PM
La'ola-(to Trent)"Look, I heard the whole thing. I know that Kola can be a major pain in the :swear: sometimes, but don't worry about it. He's just like that sometimes. By the way, the name's La'ola. What about you?"

T'uune-"First off, not even your reflexs are fast enough for a former jedi (motions towards his lightsaber), well, a padawan anyway. Second, I do have some information that you might find useful. If you would rather break out in a fight, then by all means, do. However, you would pass on some information on your father."

10-21-2004, 05:45 PM
Trent looks here in the eye.

"Sorry for the why I acted but I didn't exactly make that call well I did but I didn't think it was Ja'han who shot the guy"

Trent then puts his guns away.

"Names Trent by the way been a bounty hunter for longer than I can remember"

Trent holds out hand to shake.

10-21-2004, 06:00 PM
La'ola-(shakes his hand)"There, you see? It's not too hard to be reasonable. T'uune was just being blunt. It's his way of negotiating with people. I'm sure he didn't mean for you to leave; he just wanted to gain the upper hand. Come on, I'll buy you a drink. How bout a Krayt Blood?? (smiles at him)It's not too hard for ya is it?"

10-21-2004, 06:15 PM
"Its not to hard Ill buy the drinks"
"What does he want with me and Ja'han anyway?"

Trent had been wonderin about T'uune for a while. He was a very strange man.

10-21-2004, 06:31 PM
(they walk into the cantina and order the drinks)
La'ola-"Do you honestly expect me to know? He just found out the information, and he hasn't shared it with me because of the time factor. I will find out later, I mean, we are married, so it wouldn't be too hard without some 'persuation'." (smiles deviously)

10-21-2004, 06:46 PM
"Be right back" said Trent to La'ola

Trent walked over to T'uune. He had his fists clenched, ready to hurt him bad.

"Wait" he thought
"Gotta impress the lady" he thought and looked over at La'ola
"What am I thinking shes married to that jerk T'uune" yelled Trent accidentally


Trent looked around and the whole cantina looked at him.

10-21-2004, 07:03 PM
T'uune hears the comment and turns around.

T'uune-"So you have some backbone afterall. Impressive. And yes, it is too bad that I'm married, isn't it? (looks over at La'ola suspiciously)"

10-21-2004, 07:16 PM
Trent felt his blood boil. He now had a srong sense of hate...for everyone. He decided to make a very bad choice indeed. Fists clenched he ran up and hit T'uune hard in his jaw. He then turned his blaster on stun and shot La'ola.

10-21-2004, 07:19 PM
Instantly, Ja'han was up and pistol whipped Trent for his stupidity. Ja'han glared at Trent. He was ready to shoot him and just end this all, but he decided that he should wait. The kid may be useful in the future. Turning to the Mandalorian, he said,
"So you have information about...my father?" Ja'han could barely talk. His family was a sensitive subject. "Well...by all means, tell it..."

10-21-2004, 08:04 PM
T'uune didn't expect himself to get hit, and took it hard. The round caused him to fall off the chair. However, he quickly recovered, but was stunned by a blast of pain in his chest. La'ola was hurt. Suddenly, something snapped inside him that hadn't happened since Revan tortured La'ola. His long repressed anger suddenly became active...

(12 years earlier, on another assignment)
A blaster bolt nearly missed T'uune as he dove for cover. Sith soldiers covered the hallway in front of him. :swear: it. Why do I always have to take the life-threatening ones?

More blaster bolts impacted the panel he was covering behind. Grabbing a thermal detonator from his pack, he activated it and tossed it down the hallway. Waiting for the explosion, T'uune pulled out both of his heavy blaster pistols. BOOOOOOMMM!!!! T'uune jumped out from his spot and began firing where ever he saw a target in his view finder. With the hallway clear, he headed down towards the brig to pick up his target.

Upon arrival, he hadn't met a single person. This is way too wierd. Feeling outward with the Force, T'uune felt something strange. Something incredibly dark. Suddenly, a dozen Sith troopers swarm out of the hall in front of him. Ducking for cover, T'uune starts firing. However, he takes several hits as he gets under cover. Reeling in pain, T'uune leans backwards against the panel.

Suddenly, the fire stopped. The darkness was now approaching. T'uune felt spasms in his lungs, and an extreme tightness around his neck. "A bounty hunter? And here I thought you were a Jedi," Darth Revan said ruthlessly. Revan picked T'uune up with the Force and threw him against a panel and releases him.


T'uune-(tries to catch his breath)"I......'m.......not......saying."

Revan-(picks T'uune up againg and brings him closer to his mask, says menacingly)"Tell me, or you will die."

T'uune-(gasping for breath)"Then.......kill.....me.....Revan."

Revan-(smirks)"I won't give you the luxury. Besides, I know why your here. Your here to bring back that senator's daughter, aren't you? (pauses)So, how much did he offer?" (releases T'uune)

T'uune-(recovering)"So what if I am? (breathing heavily)The price is of no importance."

Revan-(to the guards)"Bring her here."

The guards bring out a light-green twi'lek woman. T'uune was stunned. He was expecting a young girl. Instead, T'uune begins to admire her beauty.

Revan-"This is La'ola. The daughter of the senator, which is no doubt why you are here. Now, tell me the price her father put on her head."

Not wanting to hurt the woman due to the Senator's exact orders, T'uune didn't answer.

Revan-(smirks)"I knew you didn't have the courage. (to La'ola)So, just so you know exactly what your father had planned, he wanted you to be recaptured by a bounty hunter, then jettisonned into space. The reward was, oh, refresh my memory, bounty hunter."

T'uune-(now with anger welling up inside of him; with bitterness)"He said he would pay 750 thousand."

La'ola is shocked. Tears begin to well up in her eyes. T'uune notices it, causing his anger to build up even more.

Revan-"Ahh, so you see how much he really cared about you. Stupid woman! (evil smile)You should have known better."

Revan then pulls out his lightsaber and activates it. "Now, the both of you will be witness to how much the both of you are truely worth," Revan states as he prepares to strike down La'ola. T'uune is now enraged like never before. He pulls out his own lightsaber and jumps to block Revan's strike. The block succeeds, but it does not stop the tip from grazing her lower belly. Both Revan and T'uune step back, facing each other.

Revan-"So, that is why I felt the Force so strongly in you. (senses his anger)But you are using the darkside..."

Revan strikes, parried, casts force lightning, success. T'uune recovers, attacks, parried, kicks and flurries, kick successful, flurry is parried. The duel continues for several minutes.

Revan-"Your anger is overwhelming you. (smiles menacingly)You cannot handle the power of the darkside."

T'uune, now in rage that he has never felt before, attacks Revan again with fury. He makes several minor hits on Revan, and pushes Revan backwards. T'uune then lashes out with the Force and throws Revan back about 6m. Suddenly, T'uune feels a calmness come over him. I've got to get out of here, now. T'uune then runs back towards the staring troopers and La'ola. The troopers open fire, but he blocks them with his lightsaber. T'uune reaches the troopers and begins slicing them. With all the troopers down, T'uune grabs La'ola and runs for the elevator. By this time, Revan is back up and is chasing the two renegades down the hall. T'uune and La'ola reach the elevator, and they make for Talarra's Fear...

(Back at the cantina)
T'uune pulls out his lightsaber and activates it...

10-21-2004, 08:13 PM
Trent blasts a nearby guard and takes his vibroblade. He could sense the anger in T'uune. He could almost use the force to sense it.

"Wait the force!?!" thought Trent

He tried to use the force to push T'uune. Sucess it worked. Now he knew why his parents abandoned him with the jedi he killed when he was 9. He got mad at that Jedi so he killed him and took his saber, and was sad for killing the jedi he kept the saber everywhere he went as a token of sadness.

"The Saber!!!" he thought

Trent pulled out his saber. It glowed with a blue glow that reminded Trent of his parents.

"I won't attack you Ill only defend" Trent told T'uune

10-21-2004, 08:19 PM
T'uune is mentally stunned by the attack. He had not felt the Force in the man. With the anger now turned to wrath, T'uune lashes out with Force lightning and throws Trent across the room.

10-21-2004, 08:23 PM
Ja'han watched with an almost sick pleasure. It was good to see the traitor be kicked around, but it was also sad to see that his temporary friend was being pounded. Ja'han was debating with himself what to do, but when he saw the lightning fly from the Mandalorians fingertips, he decided he didn't want to get in the way of that wrath. I should just stay out of the way and see how this plays out he thought this outcome may be beneficial to me...

10-21-2004, 08:26 PM
Trent was hurt bad. He felt his arm bleeding bad. He fell to his knees and healed La'ola and T'uune.

"If I die it will be with honor!" said Trent as he fell to the ground
"Bye, my one and only friend Ja'han Im sorry"

And with that he passed out.

10-21-2004, 08:40 PM
Suddenly, the pain he felt from La'ola was gone. Something had happened. However, T'uune was blinded with rage, and he stormed over to where Trent was lying. Upon seeing the passed out body, T'uune suddenly felt peace. The anger began to abate. He deactivated his lightsaber. "Hey, who's gonna pay for this mess???" yelled the barkeeper. Anger flashed again, and T'uune uses Force Grip on the barkeeper and picks him up off the ground. "You will pay with your life," T'uune said menacingly. He slowly begins to crush the individual bones in the humanoid's neck. La'ola slowly regains conscienceness and sees T'uune killing the barkeeper. "Wait!! He's innocent!!!" yelled La'ola. Suddenly, realization swept over T'uune. He was about to be no better than Revan. His anger subsided completely, and he released the barkeeper. Now overcome with emotion, T'uune leans against a wall, exasperated. Looking over at La'ola, in her eyes, T'uune saw her kindness. Her innocence. He felt the love that they shared. Looking over at Ja'han, then down at the unconscious Trent, T'uune finds peace. "Come on," T'uune says to La'ola,"Let's get outa here." T'uune pulls out 3500 credits and gives them to the barkeeper, then, they walk outside.

10-21-2004, 08:48 PM
"Damn it! Wait up!"
Ja'han ran out of the cantina. The two had not gone too far yet.

"Hey, what about that stuff with my father? You never did tell me...oh, yeah, and what's your name?" Ja'han was overeager and hyperventelating, but he didn't care. All he wanted to know about right now was what this man knew about his father.

10-22-2004, 09:07 AM
T'uune was emotionally exhausted. It was hard to focus. He heard someone saying something behind him. Feeling outward, he felt the implants in the kid's body. Without turning to face him,"You'll find out eventually kid. What you know about him is one thing, what I know is the truth." T'uune stopped walking and slowly turned around to face Ja'han. "If you really want to know about him, then meet me in the Old Style Diner on the 67979th block tommorrow at 0900hrs. And bring some cash, you'll need it. For now, go help your friend," T'uune said. He then turned around, and walked to Talarra's Fear that was stored on a nearby landing pad.

10-22-2004, 02:46 PM
Ja'han wasn't happy with the answer, but it was better than nothing. He turned around and walked back into the cantina. Trent was still out cold, so Ja'han ordered a glass of water. He dumped it onto Trent.
"Wake up, kid!"

10-25-2004, 05:29 AM
"huh what, hey thats cold" Trent yelled

Trent looked up at Ja'han who looked like he was going to kill Trent.

"Im sorry dude I didn't think it was you who shot the guy down, I thought it was somebody else I could collect a bounty on and were going to have to hack the bounty records to get you off"

Trent thought about hacking into Coruscants bounty records.

"Its a dangerous mission but if you help me you'll be off that in no time"

"Wheres that one guy T'uune at" said Trent

Trent picked up his lightsaber ready and willing.

"So are you coming or not friend"

10-25-2004, 03:06 PM
I've got to meet Tu'une later, but I think I have time for this. Come with me to my ship, and breif me about what you have in mind..."

10-25-2004, 03:53 PM
Trent followed Ja'han to his ship. There were at least 20 bounty hunters.

"Hurry behind that wall" said Trent
"What was that" said a bounty hunter
"Go check over there" said another bounty hunter

One of the bounty hunters walked over to where they were at. He saw them.

"He..." the bounty hunter was cut off by a slow force choke by Trent.
"Hurry to the ship between you and me I think we could take them on"

10-25-2004, 04:29 PM
(OOC - err...since when can YOU use the force?)

"Between you and me? Ha! These men are easy, wimp." With that delecate parting response, Ja'han set his blaster to rapid fire, and ran out from cover. He let loose, firing energy spray everywhere. About half of the bounty hunters were killed. The rest ran behind cover, but Ja'han simply pulled the thermal detonator off his belt and chucked it towards their cover. 3...2...1 BOOM. Bodies went flying everywhere. Some landed on the walkway and died almost instantly, but some were thrown off, plummeting to their deaths. He turned to Trent, and in a very casual way, said,
"So...what was that plan again?"

10-25-2004, 04:35 PM
(ooc: since I was trained by a jedi when i was nine look up)
"The plan is we brake into the high security bounty list and get you off"
"Getting in won't be easy well have to fight our way in"
"I have a code to override the system right here so lets go"

10-25-2004, 04:49 PM
"Whatever kid. Lead the way, and dont screw up. I still havent forgiven you for betraying me, so if this goes wrong, your dead. Got it? Now, let's go."

10-25-2004, 05:01 PM
Trent lead Ja'han toward the building with the records.

"This is my first time with force persuade so it may not work as well" said Trent
"Do you have an appointment sir, wait thats the guy with the newest bounty" said the guard
"This is not the guy your looking for" said Trent using force persuade
"Okay go now" said the guard

Trent lead Ja'han to a big hall filled with guards guarding a big computer. Trent walked up to the leader.

"Hurry theres a big gang fight on the landing pad 6754-A.C. that you want to go to" said Trent
"Okay thanks for telling us" said the leader
"Come on men move out"

Trent approched the large computer when the guards left. He put in the override code.

"Good your off now we get out of here" said Trent
"Meet me at my ship tommorrow and lets maybe work toghether" said Trent

Trent left Ja'han and went to his ship to go to sleep...

10-25-2004, 05:17 PM
Well, tht mission was accomplished. Now, it was time to meet Tu'une. He returned to his ship, and flew up to the Old Style Diner in Coruscant's upper city. It was a beautiful place, and he could see why it was wise bring the money like Tu'une had said. Now, all Ja'han had to do was wait...

10-25-2004, 07:53 PM
T'uune walked off the trasport ship at the appropriate stop. He walked towards the Old Style Diner. He had sent La'ola to Sleyheron to turn in Gronde for the bounty. Up ahead, he noticed Ja'han near the enterance. Walking up the Ja'han, "Good morning. I see you have enough interest to show up. Lets head inside," T'uune said.

10-25-2004, 07:59 PM
Ja'han walked in, and held the door open for Tu'une. Maybe it was something about the appearance of two bounty hunters, but everyone went silent, and was staring in awe at the two men. Ja'han walked calmly to the bartender, and ordered 2 coruscant ales. He then walked towards an empty table for two, set the drinks down, pulled out Tu'unes chair, and sat down himself.
"So...what do you know about my father?"

10-25-2004, 08:24 PM
T'uune-"So, we are quite intent on the information, aren't we?? (sips the ale) Well, first, lets go over who you think your father really is."

10-25-2004, 08:47 PM
"I know hes a businessman...not all of his contracts and products were legal per se, but he was a businessman. I was too young to remember much, and I lost lots of my memory in the accident...so, what do you know?"

10-25-2004, 09:20 PM
T'uune-"Oh, your father was most definately a businessman. *sigh*There is really no easy way to tell you this. Your father's business fronted as a supplier for Czerka Corportation. That part of the business did extremely well, and it was indeed legitimate. But this is where it gets quite ugly. (sips ale)Your father had extremely close ties with the Exchange.

For some peoplel, that could just simply mean that he was trying to get something to help run his business better. In actuality, he was a major supplier. He sold the stuff cheap in exchange for stims. And I'm not talking about the little ones you can go buy at the corner. I'm talking about the hard stuff. The stuff that most people can't take because it would kill them. (sips ale)The stuff he was on was the equivalent of about 25+ stims.

(sips ale)Now, he did have his reasons. Several years back, your father did some research on bio-robotics. Now, no one knows exactly what his team made, but it is known that he did human and humanoid testing. According to a source, he even tested the equipment on himself. It made him stronger and faster than any natural man, but it also caused him massive amounts of pain. He takes the stims to ease his pain. (sips ale)

The stims started off as a more effective means of controlling the pain, but it only made him dependant on it. The dosages he now takes now only barely numb the pain. He is a wreck, constantly writhing in either pain or withdraw, assuming he's still alive.

You've probably never heard this before, because your father has tried desperately to keep the truth from you. I felt you had to know, because the Exchange hasn't been recieving payments from your father's business recently. Thus, they have announced a bounty on your father's head for a sum of 150 thousand. They called it "just compensation". I call it trouble."

(sips ale)

10-25-2004, 09:26 PM
Trent walked into the Old Style Diner. He walked over to T'uune and asked the bartender to order a couple of drinks for them all.

"So I heard the words father, Ja'han, and exchange in the same sentence, so if you don't mind let me in on the info I want to help, to repay you both" said Trent

Trent grabbed the glasses of wine and slid one over to T'uune and one over to Ja'han.

"So what do ya guys say"

10-26-2004, 08:34 AM
T'uune-"Hey, how are ya? Better today? Hope I didn't hurt ya too bad yesterday, I just lost control of myself. Thanks for the drink, (smiles)but I don't want too much. (faces Ja'han)So, what are you going to do about it?"

10-26-2004, 07:54 PM
"Thanks Trent, but for now I need to talk to Tu'une. I'll tell you soon, but not yet. In other words, we need some privacy. However, I think we're going to need your help, so don't feel left out." Ja'han watched Trent walk off. Turning to Tu'une he said,
"So that confirms it. I always knew my father was doing weird stuff like that, but it all makes sense. It's also how I must've gotten all these implants...these are his finished products!" Slowly, it dawned on Ja'han how complex it all was. He continued talking. "I've also had suspicious about him working with genetics. I know mine are modified, and I know exactly what he found. (sips ale) I did some research of my own using a hacked Republic General's security clearance, and I found a work that was never published in the most secure, remote place of the Galaxy. A man living there studied genetics, and found that you could add a key to the brain that turns off the growth stopclock. If used, it makes whoever is given it stronger, faster, and incredibly smarter than normal humans. However, with this in place, you never stop growing. One of the implants in me is a neurological controller, that reeimplements the stopclok, so I wont die from being a giant in a few years. This means that I will never grow larger than this size, in my brain too. However, the man that found this was cunning. (sips ale) He found another key that allows you to use more of your brain, almost half of it (ooc, humans use 10-11% of their brain). This means I am a genius, literally speaking. I can do anything. The only drawback to this is my strength is dumbed down, which dosent do much due to the amount of modified genetics with the first key, enhancing my strength. There are also more modified genetics I have, each one creating a drawback that is fixed by another until it comes full-circle. I have enough genetic alterations to be considered a new species. (Ja'han grins). Now, for the most important part. The man who researched genetics and modified my genes is still alive, but he lives far beyond Republic space. Even more important...my father is still alive. And I want to find him."

10-27-2004, 04:50 AM
T'uune-"Well, a good place to start would be the source I used. His name is T'waenii. He's a rodian that works for a local Exchange boss. I usually use him to find out about some good bounties, so he gave me one in the form of your father. Its not his fault since I normally would have taken it, but when I ran across you in the lower area, I realized I couldn't take it. (sips ale)Thats why I went back to T'waenii for more information to know EXACTLY why your father had a bounty on his head. Unfortunately, the transmission was cut off during the recent Sith raid. If you want to contact him, use this information (hands over a datapad).

Now, don't think of actually trying to get to the boss to get your info. I know for a fact that he has tons of security personell as well as a literal army of combat droids. Definately not an easy task. (sips ale)Even for me, and I should know. He pissed me off one day...(pauses)well, thats another story entirely. (smiles)Which is also why I go through contacts, and not him. (sips ale)

(looks in Trent's direction)Okay, Trent, I think its safe to come over. Alright, lets get us some grub. I highly recommend the Rynosian Burgers. Best stuff on the menu..."

10-27-2004, 12:58 PM
Trent slowly walked over to them.

"3 Rynosian Burgers please" said Trent as he tucked on a waitresses shirt
"Yes sir, would you like some drinks with at?" asked the waitress
"Yes 3 Rodision ales" said Trent as the Waitress walked off

Trent turned to T'uune then Ja'han. Trent looked out the window and saw a suspicious guy with a cloak on.

"Whos that guy looking at us through the window?" said Trent

Trent got his lightsaber ready just in case.

10-27-2004, 01:43 PM
T'uune looked into a piece of chrome to see the reflection of the person. T'uune swore softly to himself. "Not now, please not now," T'uune whispered to himself. T'uune slowly pulled out one of his heavy blaster pistols. "I'll be right back. Just make sure my burger doesn't get cold for me," T'uune told Trent and Ja'han.

T'uune walked outside the diner and motioned for the man to come to the alleyway behind the diner. Once they were hidden from the general public, T'uune grabbed the man, shoved him against the diner wall, and pointed the blaster in his face. "WHAT THE :swear: ARE YOU DOING HERE?!?" T'uune yelled at the man. "I TOLD YOU I HAD THIS THING UNDER CONTROL!!!"

"Wo wo wo wo, slow down T'uune, the boss just wanted to see what you were up to," the man replied fearfully. "Really?!? Oh I'm sure of that," T'uune said spitefully. He pulled the man backwards and threw him towards the end of the platform. The man was now afraid for his life and began to back away from T'uune. "Take it easy T'uune, I'm just the messenger, well, so to speak," he said in terror. T'uune remained where he was standing. "Well, messenger boy, go tell your boss that I don't want people checking in on me to see how good of a job I'm doing. If he does it again, you can tell him the deal's off. Now get the :swear: out of my sight, and don't let me ever see your ugly face again," T'uune said spitefully. T'uune then turned around only to see several Exchange enforcers standing in his path. T'uune pulled out the other heavy blaster.

"We knew you'd give him trouble. Now, its our turn to give you some," the enforcer's leader said. "If you don't want us to leave you dead in the street, then I suggest you go ahead and hand over a couple thousand credits." T'uune sized them up. There was six total enforcers. Two were carrying repeating blasters, one a disruptor rifle, another a projectile rifle, and the rest duel blasters. Two of them looked like they wouldn't be able to do anything hand-to-hand. He focused on those.

T'uune ran forward and closed the gap before they could fire. He caught one enforcer with a round from his blaster. He then whipped one over the head and fired at another guy from point-blank. The others finally started to respond. The one with the disruptor fired first, hitting T'uune. The round threw him off balance, but it didn't penetrate his armor. T'uune pulled the repeater out of one of the enforcer's hands and butted it against the front of his leg. The guy with the disruptor prepared to fire again, but T'uune lashed out with the Force and knocked him down. The others pulled out shivs and prepared to attack T'uune. T'uune holstered the pistols, rolled to his right, pulled out his lightsaber, and twirled around to a standing position. The guys with the shivs swung at him, but T'uune quickly dodged them. He activated the lightsaber and cut through a shiv that was being swung at him. The guy with the disruptor got up, and looked at the fight taking place. He then carefully aimed his disruptor. He fired, hitting T'uune in the side of his head. The round was mostly absorbed by the helmet, but the rest penetrated and hit him in the head. T'uune fell down. One guy with a shiv decided to make sure T'uune was dead. He knelt down next to the body and pushed the knife between the armor plates. The men smiled at their accomplishment, then slowly walked away from the body.

10-27-2004, 02:09 PM
Trent was looking at T'uunes burger. He was wondering where Tuu'ne was at. He saw T'uune walk outside now when was he coming back in.

"Be right back Ja'han I need to go find T'uune" said Trent

Trent walked outside the diner. He looked for T'uune and couldn't find him. He checked an alleyway and saw T'uune.

"T'uune are you alright!" yelled Trent
"Speak to me!"
"Come on T'uune talk!"

Trent heard something behind him. He looked and saw some enforcers. He looked at them then knew what happened to T'uune.

"You'll pay for that" said Trent coldly
"You'll die just like your idiot friend!" said one of the enforcers

Trent threw his lightsaber at 1 and shot the others. One grabbed him from behind. Trent force choked him and force pushed him off the cliff. That was the last of them

"T'uune" said Trent sadly

He heard something from T'uunes body.

10-27-2004, 04:28 PM
Pain. Indescribable pain. Interestingly enough, T'uune could feel the individual gouges in the shiv that had been left in his chest.

It was about 7cm long and had several serations along the blade. One 2 cm's up the blade, another at 4.5cm, and another at 6 cm. Oh, and there is another about 3 cm up on the backside.

He laughed to himself. All of this pain, all the injury, and all he could feel was the inconsistancies in a blade buried within his own body. He tried to focus on himself to find the injuries, but he found that he could only focus on the pain. He tried to use the Force to look past his pain. Instead, he found himself focusing on the pain again. It was quite frustrating.

So, he tried to distract his mind by focusing on something else. All he could see was visions of himself getting shot, and feeling pain. The pain intesified. He began to moan out loud. The pain continued to intensify. It became excruciating. It almost became a distraction for the one thing that was even more important than the pain. He could feel life itself draining from his body. T'uune was dying.

T'uune could hear something.
"T'uune are you alright!" yelled Trent
"Speak to me!"
"Come on T'uune talk!"

"You'll pay for that" said Trent coldly
"You'll die just like your idiot friend!" said one of the enforcers

Trent threw his lightsaber at 1 and shot the others. One grabbed him from behind. Trent force choked him and force pushed him off the cliff.

"T'uune" said Trent sadly

The distraction he needed finally happened. T'uune could feel the burn marks in his head. Using the Force, T'uune concentrated on the area. It began to heal. The brain matter, the bone, the skin, it all began to heal. He felt life returning to his body.

10-27-2004, 06:27 PM
Ja'han walked out of the diner.
"Well, my audio receptors picked up someone in trouble. They also pick up more idiots, 6 o' clock! Trent and I will cover for you Tu'une, try to get away!"

Ja'han wasn't lying. Seven more enforcers were headed this way, and they were full of armor and weapons. Each one had a finely crafted sword and repeater, and were equipped with Verpine energy sheilds. Crap. They wanted to finish Tu'une off.
"Trent, help me out over here!"

Ja'han set his gun to sniper mode. Each of the seven assassins activated their energy sheilds and their power armor. Ja'han fired, and his shot might have felt like a fly. Ja'han tried again, but this time with rapid fire. Once again, it did nothing. They were getting closer, and they opened fire. Ja'han dodged out of the way, but he heard someone groan from being hit behind him, and he thought it was Trent. Still Ja'han fired on. The enemy fire was increasing, and their shots were getting closer and closer to Tu'une. Ja'han didn't know how to kill them. All of his implants were activated, and he could barely dodge the shots with all of that speed. Then, he had an idea. Rolling out of the way, he picked up a disruptor rifle one of the other bounty hunters had dropped, and opened fire. It didn't do as much damage as he would've liked, but it slowly penetrated their sheilds and armor. At last one died...then two, and then a direct shot on on the blaster disabled it. However, their sheilds had worn off, and now Ja'hans pistol was enough to bring them down. Only three remained, and Ja'han pulled out the vibrosword given to him by Tyro, and he engaged in furious combat with the three men. They were all pathetic at short range combat and were defeated easily. One of the men left a datapad behind, and it informed him that there were 25,000 credit bounties for Tu'une and himself, and a slightly smaller bounty for Trent. He brought it over to both wounded men and showed it to them.
"We need to get off this planet, or we need to get our names off the bounty list...again. However, i want to look for my father, and i want both of you to come with me. So, we need to prioritize. Which first?"

10-27-2004, 06:56 PM
T'uune got up after healing his head damage. His chest still had lots of pain, and he noticed the shiv was still in his chest. T'uune simply pulled it out and looked at it. He laughed whenever he noticed all of the grooves in the spots he had felt them. He was bleeding a little, but the natural Mandalorian healing ability quickly sealed the wound. T'uune pulled out his concussion rifle. "Don't worry about me, I'll be fine," T'uune said. "Thought the guy was down, I guess not."

"Come on, lets get to your father. This has a lot to do with him. Don't worry, I'll fill you in whenever I can."

10-27-2004, 08:10 PM
Ja'han - Alright...sounds good. My ship's docked nearby; since La'ola is still cashing that bounty, you'd better come with me Tu'une. You can radio her from the Z-19. Trent, you take your own ship, but be careful. What do we search first, though? I say we search Correllia first; it would be the most logical place, due to the fact that my father has lived there 40 plus years.

Ja'han didn't hear any objections, so he decided it was good enough for everyone.
"Alright then...get to your ships and set your courses for Correllia. Tu'une, come with me."

Ja'han walked to where his ship (http://www.starwars.com/databank/starship/z95headhunter/eu.html) was, and had Tu'une enter the installed co-pilot cockpit. Ja'han himself entered the pilot's cockpit, fired up the engines, and ran a system check.
"All systems nominal Tu'une, prepare for...what the...Tractor beams! They wont let us leave just yet!"

Two tractor beams were fired from small generators on the pad. Ja'han gave these instructions to Tu'une;
"Tu'une, there is a secondary laster under the belly. Press red, blue, red, green to deploy it, and red, yellow, yellow, red to activate it. Control it with your thruster. Use it to take out those gravity well projectors so I can leave!"

10-28-2004, 06:05 AM
T'uune followed the instructions and took out the projectors. T'uune then noticed on the scanners that several ships were breaking from the normal traffic streams. He identified them as Republic Police Cruisers. "We've got company, Ja'han, now lets step on it," T'uune said.

10-28-2004, 06:08 PM
Trent started up his engines. He was wondering what the police wanted them for.

"Cut your engines or we will open fire" said The Republic pilot
"Look if you guys open fire you will be fired at back" said Trent
"Fine have it your way, ATTACK!"

Trent opened up a comlink with T'uune and Ja'han.

"Fire at those ships boys!" said Trent

10-28-2004, 08:57 PM
"Don't need to be edged on Trent. Taking evasive action!"

Ja'han did a loop-the-loop and took out one of the cruisers. He swerved left, and with the help of Tu'une's belly laser, he shot another down. Now though, things got hairy. Two ships were on their tail, and Trent was nowhere to be seen.
"Two on my tail! Two on my tail!"

The ships fired, barely missing. Ja'han had an idea of how to get then around buildings...Finally, he saw an opening and darted away. He flew into mainstream traffic, and the cruisers followed him. This time, however, they wouldn't fire because they risked hitting a civillian. Ja'han weavd into and out of the traffic stream,down. He was divebombing, faster...faster...one of the Republic cruiser fighters crashed into a mid-city walkway, and burst into flame. One was still on his tail though. Ja'han was finally in the lower city, flying between walkways, dodging other crafts, when the fighter crashed into a speeder, partially exploded, and flew into a building. The explosion was so strong, it blew more than half of the buildings base off. It toppled slowly...slowly...unti BOOM. It broke off and crashed into the lower reaches of Coruscant.

"Damn! That's gonna send our bounties throught the roof! Anyways, no time to worry about it now, im getting out of here before more arrive..."

Ja'han flew back up, dodging traffic and walkways until he above it all. He put power on the thrusters and flew into space. He saw Trent behind him, waiting to follow. Ja'han radioed Trent the coordinates, activated lightspeed, and took off towards Correllia.

10-29-2004, 05:49 AM
T'uune was actually fairly relieved. He looked into the ever familier hyperspace drag. He thought of all the times he had come so close to death. This time, he was lucky. He had a distraction to keep him from concentrating on the pain. T'uune realized that he could have easily used the darkside by allowing the pain to fuel his anger and hatred. But then again, he had felt no anger towards the enforcers. He had only felt the calmness of knowing their inferiority. He laughed softly to himself. He had underestimated the enforcers, and paid for it.

T'uune took off his helmet and inspected the damage sustained to the outside. It was quite gruesome. There was an indentation and a small hole, all encrusted with his own blood. Dang it, I must have bled out more that I thought. He pulled out his armor repairing kit and went to work. In a matter of minutes, the hole was re-enforced and patched up. He didn't have any paint to go over the hole, so he just left it there.

T'uune-"Well, I have to admit, that was some decent piloting. Its too bad the Coruscant police don't train their pilots very well. I would've enjoyed gutting those cruisers. Oh well, time to look forward. I haven't been to Corellia in a long time. I used to have some contacts there in my younger days. Mostly to get head starts on bounties that weren't yet on the books. (smiling)I even managed to bag some guys that weren't even issued yet. Well, most of them had the same fate. The exchange had wanted them for their own purposes of which I neither cared nor will care about. I do remember some of my contacts were involved one way or the other in your father's business, although I didn't realize it at the time. Once we get there, don't go straight to the company. I don't think he'd be there. Let's try his living quarters first and try to pick something up."

Before he heard Ja'han's reply, T'uune looked down at the ETA monitor. 45min left till arrival.

10-29-2004, 05:55 AM
Ja'han listened to what Tu'une was saying.
"I was born here, and i've got hundreds of contacts, legal or no. the first, most logical place to start would be with Bobar Glestpal, a Twi'lek who magages a black market weapon shop. He knows more than the exchange sometimes..."

Ja'an felt himself growing tired.
"Tu'une, fly this thing. I need a na-na-a-a-ap. Ja'han yawned loudly. Slowly, quietly Ja'han drifted into what he pretended to be a peaceful sleep, but what was actually a test.


10-29-2004, 08:32 AM
T'uune laid back in the seat. He let the computer moniter things while he went into a Force aided hibernation. Of course, he tuned himself into the Force some to enable a quick response if anything went wrong.

10-31-2004, 11:08 AM
Trent was on his way to Corellia. He was in hypersapce thinking about everything. About how he had a new friend, on his way to find his friends father. Halfway there Trent encountered three CP (Coruscant Police)ships. He didn't need to hail them to know what was going on. Trent quickly fired one of them right into space dust, the other two were coming in from both sides. Trent jettisoned his cargo of stolen goods and credits and flew up. The two CP ships crashed into the cargo and exploded.


Trent landed on the pad on Corellia. He looked around to find T'uune and Ja'han. They weren't there. He decided to wait at his ship for them.

10-31-2004, 11:14 AM
Ja'han woke up, and grabbed the controls. Tu'une was still sleeping. Ja'han flew into the atmosphere, and started to glide slowly towards an open landing pad near Trent. He drifted through traffic, nticing how much Corellia was like Coruscant, with the traffic and skyscrapers and upper city and lower city. Finally, when he neared the landing pad, he activated his bellythrusters, and brought himself to a peaceful landing. He radioed Tu'une to wake up, and exited the ship. He activated the radio that had been set up to communicate between them, and said,
"You two, look for a hotel. I've got to do some work on this stolen speeder to make it suitable for all three of us, and I need to meet some old contacts, alright?"

Without waiting for a response, Ja'han opened the cargo hatch and tugged the speederbike out.

10-31-2004, 11:30 AM
Trent had no food no credits no money, how was he going to find a hotel.

"T'uune you have credits right go find us a hotel" Trent didn't wait for a response, he went off to find Ja'han.

Trent thought Corellia might be a dangerous place. He had noticed a few signs with his name on it. He decided to make a new name for himself.

"T.J." He thought

TJ would stand for Trent Yulisses. That was Trents full name.


Trent was wondering around Corellia. He was lost, he didn;t know where Ja'han or anybody was at. He soon encountered more CP.

"Name Sir were looking for Trent, Ja'han, and T'uune" Said the first CP
"Never heard of them" Said Trent
"Okay well go then"

Trent decided to go to sleep up against a building. All Trent had with him at the time was his lightsaber. He slowly fell asleep...

Trent dreamed about himself (http://www.e-comp.ru/freelancer/Review/trent.jpg) .

ooc: Trent is character in one of my favorite games freelancer, thats where I got his name

11-01-2004, 07:50 AM
T'uune woke up. He saw the familier lines become individual points of light. He then felt the crushing deceleration of badly aligned braking thrusters and engines in reverse to slow the Z-95 down rapidly. That kid's gonna have to do something about that braking system. Jeez, maybe he can take it all the time, but thats just a bit ridiculous.

He heard Ja'han radio him to wake up. He didn't respond because he wanted Ja'han to do most everything for himself. As they landed, T'uune automatically took in the surroundings. It was a city planet, but this one full of hot shot pilots. He noticed the traffic streams were much more chaotic here than either Coruscant or former Taris. He also noticed that the police were here more for security reasons then controlling traffic. Of course, he had been here many times before to either collect bounties or reach some contacts for information. This is also where he stole Talarra's Fear from a Mandalorian. Whenever he stole it, T'uune had gotton on board and captured the same Mandalorian for a bounty in another system. He kept the ship as 'compensation' for chasing him for several months.

After Ja'han told them to split, T'uune simply went for the nearest shuttle transport to go towards his favorite pub in the galaxy. They had the finest Corellian Martini's that anyone could ever make.

11-04-2004, 05:39 PM
Ja'han hopped onto the speeder and flew downtown. He had decided to modify it later...there were better things to do. He flew into traffic and flew for a long time, finally reaching Blukar's Casino. It was a front for black market weaponry and armor; and since Blukar was a friend of his dads, it would be a logical place to start. Ja'han parked the speeder, activated a trip mine security system, and walked in. He strolled past all the drug fiends and the like playing slots until he came to the counter; a young Twi'lek woman was managing the counter.
"I need to speak to Blukar."
"In the back. Make it fast."

Ja'han strolled into the back, where the old Rodian lounged reading the newspaper.
"Well, I told you I'd return."
"Ja'han? Eh, long time no see. I thought ya were dead. What brings you back to these parts?"
"Running from the law, and my father."
"I saw. That's a hefty price on your head."
"I know...I'm hear for two things."
"Oh yeah?"
"Yeah. First weapons. Then info."
"A'ight...what weapons?"
"Baragwin. Ion partice charger and disruptor energy purifier."
"Souping up the pistol?"
"Yep, ran into some trouble and decided I need the extra elements of defense."
"Smart. I have both on inventory; come to the back."

Ja'han followed Blukar into the back where he picked up both upgrades. Blukar took his gun, removed the old, and put in the new. It was nice.
"Credits; ill give you a discount. 2,000 fair?"
"So, number two. Information. Your father?"
"He's still here, but in seclusion would be my guess. I have no idea where."
"I'll alert you if I find anything, old buddy."
"Thanks; for now I must go."

Ja'han dashed out the door to his speeder. He deactivated the trip mines and hopped on. Time to meet contact number two...

11-04-2004, 06:30 PM
T'uune was relaxing in the back of his chair. He was thinking intently on things that had happened recently. He wondered if he was making the right choices.

He looked around the room. He surprisingly recognized a group of Cathars in a corner. He walked over towards them. "Its amazing to see 4 cathars sitting together at one table without arguing these days. Something up, fellas?" T'uune told them. "Who says were not arguing you mother-****in mandalorian? Can't you see the anger in our fur??" Trrall told him. "Oh yes, I've noticed it rippling through your whole bodies. How you guys been doin?? I haven't seen you guys in years," T'uune said, laughing. "We're doing just fine T'uune. How's life been treatin ya?" Vrr'onne asked.

T'uune-(pulling up a chair)"Eeeh, its been better. Business has been pretty slow recently. You would think that a war would spawn more offers than this, but it hasn't. Its almost frustrating."

Vrr'onne-(smiling)"Ya, well, hopefully not as frustrating as Trrall's ways with the females recently over here."

Trrall-(jokingly)"Hey, at least I'm not stuck being owned by a woman like you are."

T'uune-(seriously)"Owned by someone? Whats going on?"

Rrrra'an-(with anger)"Hmmph, we're were caught drinking too much in the streets last year. Said we weren't worthy to be citizens, so they forced us into servitude or execution. Now that I look back at it, I would have gladly chosen execution."

Trrall-"Ya, and we've all been forced to different owners. Vrr'onne here is the only one that is owned by a woman. But that's the only consolation we get. He's a mechanic for her line of speeders. The rest of us have been forced to work for some hell-hole of a biodroid company. "

T'uune-(sitting up)"A biodroid company?? It wouldn't happen to be owned by a wanted man, would it?"

Rrrra'an-"Oh yeah, and if I ever get my paws on that man's neck, he's gonna be MY bounty."

T'uune-"You wouldn't happen to know how I could get inside the plant without being suspicious?"

Rrra'an-"Oh yeah, I can just tell them that your with us. They won't mind as long as you're unarmed."

T'uune-"Excellent, now, you wouldn't mind if we set something up, would you?"

The cathars looked around at each other, smiling. Trrall looked at him and said,"Count us in. What did you have in mind?"

11-04-2004, 07:49 PM
Ja'han heard the whole conversation; Tu'une had left his comlink on. Ja'han decided to get there ASAP; he hopped on his speeder and began flying towards the cantina. Then something caught his eye...a droid shop he had visited as a kid. He knew the owner, who would make him good deals. He parked his speeder and walked in. The man managing the store was one of Corellia's many gangsters. Odd. A Twi'lek was usually in charge of the store.
"Excuse me sir, where is Bobar Tikwalno?"
"Tikwalno died yee-uhs ago, yo! I da new manager o' dis house!"
"Okay sir, thank you."
"No problem dawg! Any time, yo!"

God I hate gangster slang thought Ja'han. Wait a minute, what's that!? Ja'han saw a shiny grey droid; its label was PT-94. He had read about them; smarter, faster, and stronger than an HK-47, they shared the same programming. However, the PT model had foot jump-thrusters and near-human thinking patterns; sadistic thinking patterns. It would serve its master to the end. This model was holding two Correllian heavy repeaters; some of the heaviest weaponry in the galaxy. Jahan saw the price tag; 10,000! That was too much. Ja'han had an idea and initiated conversation with the droid.
"Greeings prospective purchaser! I am PT-94, a fully functional assassin droid."
"Interesting. You have your first targert."
"Ooh, goody. I am always ready for bloodshed!"
"Excellent. Kill the shopkeeper." Quickly, Ja'han severed the restraining cable.
"I cannot kill my...yes sir!"

The droid opened fire; even with those two heavy guns and six shots fired from each gun, all hit. Deadly accurate.
"Does that satisfy you...master?"

Ja'han was amazed.
"Yes...it does."
"Excellent, master. What shall I kill next?"
"Sadistic killing machine, eh? Nothing for now...I've got to be somewhere soon, but first loot the shop..."

Ja'han left the building with 50,000 credits, droid upgrades, and his new companion - the sadistic, twisted droid - in tow.

11-05-2004, 09:25 PM
T'uune was actually feeling quite naked. He was walking around with nothing to protect himself with except his lightsaber. Granted, a lightsaber is infinately better than most weapons, but it couldn't console the fact that he had no ranged weapons. He was also without his armor and helmet. In order to disguise his face, T'uune used a special atmospheric helmet that several off-world humanoids used in order to simply breath properly in the oxygen infested air. Of course, T'uune had modified the helmet so that it would indeed pass for what it was supposed to be, as well as provide the normal targeting information that his other helmet had.

T'uune met up with the cathars in the morning, ready to get inside the company. They headed for the security checks. T'uune had his lightsaber hidden inside the airtanks in the back. As they stepped through the security checks, Rrrra'an explained why the strange humanoid was with them. After a brief pat down, T'uune was allowed through into the company.

Once inside, they all immidiately made their way towards the offices. T'uune pulled the door open to the main security office with the Force. The startled secretary was about to warn the Cheif of Security, but one of the cathars simply pulled her away from the desk. T'uune again used the Force to pull open the next door, and the security chief looked up from the datapads he was looking at. The Cheif recognized the cathars as slave workers, and he pulled out a blaster. "Hey, you guys had better have a good reason for being here," he said in anger. T'uune pulled out his lightsaber and activated it. "I do not think it would be wise for you to use that weapon. Put it down, now," T'uune ordered.

Almost unsure of what to do, the Chief hesitated. "Then have it your way," T'uune said as he began to use Force Grip him. He dropped the blaster from his hand and tried to loosen his throat. He began gasping for breath. T'uune felt him getting close to death, and finally released him.

T'uune-"Now, I need to know some information reguarding the owner of this company..."

11-07-2004, 09:19 AM
Ja'han sprinted to the front doors of the company. Too late. They were locked. Ja'han was stumped, and on the verge of crying out when his droid tapped him on the shoulder.
"Master, all is not lost. Grab on, sir."
"What are you talking about!?"
"Grab onto my back, Master."

Ja'han complied, and the droid used both of his foot jump-jets to fly. With a great effort, he flew them on top. It was solid metal.
"Now what?"

The droid didn't answer, but simply revealed another of his features; energy claws. They were better for getting into buildings that disintegration lasers. Ja'han grinned wildly.
"Good work, PT."
"Always come prepared."

PT used his energy claws to rip open a large hole in the roof. He dropped in, followed by Ja'han. They landed in some sort of office. A security office. PT had already realized the threat.
"Drop the guns, meatbag!" he said to the security officer.
"I can't do that. Prepare to..."

PT had jumped across the room in lightning speed, smacking the officer with an armored foot. PT put both guns to the back of the officers head.
"Open the doors, sniveling meatbag!"

The officer, recognizing superior firepower when he saw it, complied with a shaky,
"Yy...yes sir. Y...you may p...proceed."

11-10-2004, 10:01 AM
The motley crew of three cathars and a masked humanoid made their way across the factory. They had raided the security office's gunlockers and were now very heavily armed. T'uune was weilding a large disruptor rifle, and he had also taken two heavy blasters that were now holstered by his side. The cathars were also well armed with blaster rifles and vibroswords. They reached a corridor they knew was heavily guarded, and hid next to the corners of the entrance.

T'uune slowly peared around the corner. He used several vision modes to check for traps, and sure enough, the hallway was litterd with mines and trip lasers. He got back behind the corner and signaled that the hallway wasn't such a good idea. Rrrra'an sighed and looked around. Looking up, he saw some grating for an air vent. He signaled towards it, and T'uune checked it. No trip lasers or mines. Using a very small cutting tool in the equipment, T'uune cut through the grating and climbed inside. Nothing was in the vent, so he signaled the cathars to follow him.

Heading down the vent, they group was incredibly silent. They were concerned that there might be accoustical detectors inside the vent. Then, they reached a T junction in the vent that was well before the end of the hallway. They had been cut short.

Not ones to give up easily, they split up, two of them heading left, the others heading right. T'uune was with Trrall down the left vent. The vent then headed upwards. T'uune used the magnetics in his boots to give him traction as he used a split legs technique to climb the narrow passageway. Trrall simply used his claws to grip the sides, and complained to himself at how slowly T'uune was moving. They reached the top, and T'uune peared down the vent. There was several slits of light up ahead, and T'uune knew they were heading for the office complex.

They reached the first vent opening. Looking inside, the room was empty, except for a computer terminal at a desk. Dissatisfied, they moved down the vent towards the next opening. Looking into the next room, they noticed several datapads on a desk and a sleeping human in a chair. T'uune cut through the vent as quietly as he could. However, whenever he finished, T'uune couldn't grasp the vent, and it fell with a clang onto the floor. Mysteriously enough, the human didn't stir. T'uune carefully walked out of the vent towards the sleeping human. His visor showed the human had life signs, but those signs were highly unusual. The human also didnt' feel right whenever T'uune probed it with the Force. Something was wrong about it. Really wrong.

T'uune pulled out his disruptor rifle and aimed it at the human. He looked at its face. Its eyes flashed open. T'uune picked up the extremely faint signals coming from the human. The signals from millions of micromotors located inside the biomechanisms of the human's biodroid systems. With a flash, the human jumped to its feet and lunged at T'uune.

T'uune had already felt it working towards the lunge with the Force, and shot it in the head as it lunged. The human still hit T'uune, but it bounced off of him like a rag doll. T'uune felt it with the Force. It was dead. "More human test subjects?" Trrall asked. "No. This one is using a fully functional system. I think this one has a commercial model," T'uune replied.

11-10-2004, 04:15 PM
Ja'han (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v417/DarthBuzzard/jahan.jpg) ran down the corridor, pistol in hand. PT's metallic footsteps clunked behind him. Ja'hans pace picked up to a run, and he tripped over his cape, a new aquisition that actually served as an energy sheild. He balanced himself and ran on, coming to a hallway. Ja'han activated his infrared sensor implants and could see the mines and detonators. He was about to suggest a new way when all of a sudden, the mines turned off and the door at the end of the corridor opened. Suspiciously, Ja'han kept his implant on and inched through the hallway, but the mines and traps suddenly deactivated, and the door opened at the end of the hallway. Ja'han glared suspiciously at it, and decided it was safe. He sprinted to the corridor and went through the door. He took in his breath sharply, glanding at the cavernous room. In the middle of the room sat a man, who looked exactly like Ja'han...yellow headband, brown hair, armor and cape, scarred skin, even the implants. He wheezed and wheeled around. He glared at Ja'han and said,
"So...you have returned at last, boy..."

11-11-2004, 12:22 PM
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T'uune walked over the body towards the door. Instead of opening it, T'uune used the small cutting tool to open the door panel. Inside, T'uune looked through the electronics, and finally cut the power to the door's motors. T'uune then pried the door open about 15mm and looked outside.

About 4m from the door layed the bodies of the other two cathars, bleeding pools of blood onto the metal floor. T'uune felt them with the Force. They were dead. Searching, T'uune felt a broken neck and a stabbing wound in one and a half-crushed skull in the other. Looking further, T'uune noticed that the blood had trailed from further down the hallway. Someone had specifically dragged them there for T'uune and Trrall to see. *Cracking noises*

T'uune turned around just in time to see a biodroid snapping Trrall's neck. The droid then leaped at T'uune, weilding a machete-like weapon. T'uune lashed with the Force, throwing it against the wall. Momentarily stunned, T'uune shot it with the disruptor, killing it. Another biodroid came through the vent they had just left. T'uune shot it as well. The door next to him opened, and a blade flashed towards his head.

T'uune ducked, rolled around to face the attacker, and shot. T'uune felt another biodroid coming through the vents. T'uune slung the rifle around his shoulder and pulled out his lightsaber. As soon as the biodroid left the vent, T'uune cut it down. Three others were coming through the door. T'uune specifically felt the biodroids for their biomechanical systems. Feeling them, T'uune pushed the systems, but held the people. The biomechanical systems ripped outside of the biodroids, spilling a pinkish substance all over the floor. The bodies flopped on the floor, convulsing and flailing.

T'unne ran outside into the hallway. Several biodroids were coming towards him from down the hallway. They were carrying blasters. T'uune stood ready with his lightsaber. They fired a barrage at T'uune. Concentrating, T'uune tried to block all of the very accurate shots. He was succeeding. Several shots careened off the side of the lightsaber, while others bounced back at the biodroids. Some hit, bringing them to the ground. The others continued the barrage. T'uune worked his way to a corner and hid under cover. The biodroids then ran towards the corner. The lead biodroid turned the corner, blaster rifle at ready. Nothing was there. They began to slowly and meticulously search for T'uune. He had simply vanished.

T'uune watched the droids look for him from less than 2m away. His baragwin stealth field was keeping him perfectly hidden. T'uune took the time to feel the biodroids with the Force to understand their chemistry. They had systems that ran throughout their bodies. Trillions of micromotors greatly increased their strength. Interestingly enough, T'uune felt several surgically installed chips inside of their brains. Someone had turned them into mindless droids. T'uune concetrated on the chips to see what they were for. Some prevented logical thought processing. Others enhanced reflexes and coordination. Others were placed into the voluntary control centers of the brain. Effectively, they were nothing more than war droids.

T'uune noiselessly snuck down the hallway, away from the biodroids. He noticed a door that was at the end of the guarded hallway. That was the target he had been after the whole time. Oddly enough, a PT series battle droid was standing guard. T'uune snuck up closer to the door, lightsaber at the ready.

11-11-2004, 03:49 PM
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PT looked at the lightsaber indifferently. His armor had a cortosis weave; like he told Ja'han, only the best. He saw the Mandalorian, and his systems immediately began analyzing his DNA strands. Info popped up on his display:


Even though he had lost the signal, he knew what he needed to know.
"Ja'han has said that I may let you pass to see his father. You may enter."

PT stepped out of the way, letting the Mandalorian into the cavernous room. ~

11-12-2004, 04:32 AM
T'uune stood up straight and turned off the cloaking field. He looked curiously at the droid. Apparently, Ja'han had spent a couple of credits before he had come to save his father. Without taking any time to ponder about it, T'uune entered the room.

11-25-2004, 07:34 PM
Trent was walking around looking for any sign of T'uune or Ja'han. Trent was wondering if they left him on this planet to die, after all it would be payback for what Trent did. Trent heard something behind him...

"Jahan, T'uune, is that you?" Trent said
"hehehe, your coming with me Jedi!" Said a odd voice

Before Trent could respond he was hauled in a speeder and taken to a ship. Trent was tied up but before he was lifted in the ship, he threw his jacket on the ground. He felt a slight lurch and the ship flew into space.


The ship was boarding a huge asteroid near the planet. Trent was in pitch black in the cargo hold. He felt the ship land...

"On the asteroid?" thought Trent

It was actually a secret base, the base was called P4-8907. It was a place for thugs fleeing from the law to hang out and chill. Trent was untied and taken out the cargo hold.

"You were responsible for the death of many crimelords and outlaws!" Said one of the guards
"You will be exucuted tomorrow morning at 9 o clock." Said the leader

Trent was stuffed in a prison cell and then stunned with a baton and he fell asleep...

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01-18-2005, 03:51 PM
Trent was in his cell. He had woke up. He concentrated his power. Earlier he had found a "Free" button. It was in the hall. No doubt it was to free the cells.

"Hey I need one final request." Trent said to the guard
"I wanna see the hangar one last time."

The guard cuffed him up. He walked Trent out of the room. Trent saw the button. He quickly pressed it. The guard pushed him then ran off. Trent heard voices, emergency alarms. Then...the sound of a bomb. The Free button was actually used to free the outcasts from Correlia by bombing the planet. The bomb was on the way down.

Trent ran to the hangar. He got in a small ship. He flew off into hyperspace. He started shedding tears.

"T'uune, La'ola, Ja'han..."

He started crying some more. He then headed for the Jedi.