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The Adventurer
10-23-2004, 07:01 PM
Decided to have a little fun, I've had a Fan Fiction idea about a Lucasart's Adventure character crossover for a while and I'm not doing anything with it. So I said, What the hell, and wrote up a goofy Movie Trailer for it.

Enjoy. *lights dim*


*Universal Studios planet comes into view

*Curse of Monkey Island intro music starts to fade in

*Lucasfilms logo appears and does it’s color change thing

*The camera is moving over the ocean rapidly as the Monkey Island Theme builds, finaly pulling up and a full-animated Monkey Island filling the screen

CAPTION: Deep in the Caribbean

CAPTION: Monkey Island

*A modern helicopter zooms over from the top right corner heading toward the Monkey Island Beach

*The camera is covered by dense foliage you can here the sound of a machete slashing and people talking

Man: “Wait I got one “News Paper Reporter Dies of Boredom on Uncharted Island” no no wait…”Expedition Vanishes, presumed killed by Cannibal Monkeys”

*a large, leather jacketed man, with aging arms chops through the foliage, his head is covered by the top of the screen as he moves pass camera, a woman in brown hair and expedition gear steps through the gap, followed by a sweat soaked, dress shirt and tie wearing man

Woman: “Zak you didn’t have to come along, I only offered because I thought you’d enjoy it.”

Zak: “Oh I’m loving it Annie, I’m just noticing a total lack of Legendary Tresures horrible Voodoo curses and anything else that might make the chief think this trip was worth the expense.

Other Man: *in a voice that’s clearly Harrison Ford’s* “Hold up.”

*The camera pans up to reveal the face of the machete welder. It’s a tanned, weathered, older face, wearing a Fedora

*The shot goes behind the three explorers wide, and we see the Giant Monkey Head of Monkey Island buried beneath a mountain of overgrowth

Indy: “I think we just found your story Mr. McKracken.”

*screen flashes black, and one of those big booming announcer voices comes on

Announcer: “They Came Searching for an Adventure…”

CAPTION: Adventure…

*Screen flashes back to Monkey Island with a close up on Annie holding a Torch now surrounded by a cavern

Annie: “What is this place?”

*Screen flashes black again

Announcer: What they found was something of pure Evil…


*Indy, Annie, and Zak are standing in an open room that’s shaking as in an earth quack, rocks are falling and they’re trying to keep their balance, the cracks between the rocks in the floor are glowing red, spreading from the center

*Shot pans to a mountain of fire rapidly forming into the Demon form of the Ghost Pirate LeChuck.

LeChuck: “Ah, ha Ha HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I’m Free At last!!”

*Shot from behind LeChuck as he advances on the trio.

LeChuck: “Four Hundred Years I be trapped beneath this accursed place, four hundred years for that fool Threepwood to believe he finally vanquish me…. Now LECHUCK, is back.”

*Jump to Zak cowering screaming like a little girl as LeChuck advances


*LeChuck has a chunk of a copy of Zak’s News Paper the headline reads “CRACKPOT INVENTS TIMEMACHINE” there is a picture of Doctor Fred Edison near the article, LeChuck is reading intently

LeChuck: “Timemachine…..”

*Flash to Annie, Zak, and Indy standing on a ridge watching what appears to be a ghost ship sailing off toward the sunset

Annie: “So…what do we do now?”

Indy: “I have no idea.”

*Screen flashes to a Flaming red LeChuck staring down a squinted eyed Stone Faced Doctor Fred in a classic Sleeping Cap in a pitch-black room, so LeChuck’s flame is the only illumination


Doctor Fred: “What?! Speak up!”

*Now we see a worked up Bernard drilling Doctor Fred on what he just did

Bernard: “Professor, you just sent a Demonic Ghost into the past to carry out his revenge!”

Doctor Fred: “Past?”

*We now see a dusty wasteland, with an old asphalt road running through the center

*The Music from Born to be Wild kicks in

*The Polecat biker gang rolls from camera right to left panning to follow the gang as they disappear in the distance

*We see LeChuck fingering Ben’s bike mussing over it

LeChuck: “What a particularly delightfully Demonic Machine, I shall call her Bob.”

*Camera pans up boots first revealing the stocky, dusty frame of Ben Whatisname. He’s glaring

Ben: “Get your Dirty hands off my Bike.”

*we see LeChuck riding Ben’s bike, it’s tires consumed with hell fire Ghost Rider like zooming along the road

LeChuck: HaHA! Gloriously EVIL!!!”

*Ben and Bernard are standing in the middle of the street, Bernard his little nervous self

Ben: “That freak show has my Bike, I want it back now Kid.”

*Close up on Bernard

Bernard: “We have to go after him.”

*Ben and Bernard are falling from the sky, they land face first upon the sand on a tropical Caribbean Island

Ben and Bernard: “AAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! OOOF!”

*Flash to seeing that Ben is in a bar, he’s punching out Pirates right and left with a half smile on his face, Bernard his hiding under a table.

Announcer: “Come with us now, as the greatest Adventurers of our time come together for the greatest Adventure of their time.”

*Camera panes up form boot level of a figure standing in the door of the Caribbean bar. Revealing Guybrush Threepwood with a massive look of worry on his face

Guybrush: “My Wife’s been kidnapped! Again! I need a crew to go after her and LeChuck!”

*Bernard and Ben are sitting at the Bar and look at each other when Guybrush says LeChuck, then put their hands up

*Scene on the Deck of Guybrush’s ship, Ben and Bernard have Mops

Guybrush: “Now the first rule about swabbing decks is to use large broad strokes.”

*Ben smacks Guybrush in the face with a wet mop head.

*Screen flashes to Ben and Guybrush standing on a wind tossed ship deck point strait up to right off camera

Ben: (Simultaneously) “Give me back my Bike!!”

Guybrush: (Simultaneously) “Give me back my Wife!!”

*We see Ben talking furiously to Guybrush and Bernard

Ben: “Every since I met you I’ve been Tossed Through time….”

*Flash scene of Ben falling through a Time Vortex

Ben: “…battled Skeleton monsters…”

*Flash scene of Ben surrounded by LeChuck’s Sword welding skeleton hoard

Ben: “…And solved a few assign puzzles. And this isn’t odd to either of you?!”

Guybrush: “No really, no.”

Bernard: “About Par for Course actually.”

*Screen flashes to Title screen

TIME TOSSED: The Last Great Adventure

Announcer: “Time Tossed! Directed by Stephen Spielberg”

*Guybrush has a Sword up to Ben, be is glaring and has his Tire Iron gripped hard.

Guybrush: “You Fight Like a Dairy Farmer!”

*Ben, using his tire iron, smack’s Guybrush’s Cutlass right out of his hands. Guybrush is overly surprised.

Guybrush: “Wait….that’s not right…”

*Ben Punches Guybrush in the face

*screen goes black the words Christmas 20XX appear


And there we go, one Movie Trailer that celebrates the traditional Lucasarts heroes of old. It will never ever happen but a man can dream and write Fan Fiction.

Some will probibly notice that Sam and Max don't make an appearance. I debated it awhile, but in the end that sense Sam and Max are the wholy creator owned property of Steve Purcell and not Lucasarts they shouldn't have anything outside a small Cameo in the feature length story.

Other missing characters simply have to do with the fact it's supposed to imulate a Trailer and so Cameos and such won't appear here, but they're there. Bobbin, Boston, Manny, etc.... they all have a place in my head. I'm trying not to have the story suffer with a hodgepodge of Main Characters, keeping it simple.

As always opinons are welcome, I've got the entire story in my head if you want me to answer spesific questions about my consept.

10-24-2004, 03:19 PM
Been a regular reader of the site for a long time, but oddly this is my first post :(

Anyways, love the idea! Haven't enjoyed a bit of fan fiction as much as that in a long time :-D Now all you need is Universal to say yes ;)


10-25-2004, 02:45 AM
I always wondered how funny it would be for someone not to play along with the rules to insult sword fighting, and Ben being a rebel was just the perfect character to do that. Class.

The Tingler
10-25-2004, 06:51 AM
Nice job.

One thing I would love to see is the Psychonauts trailer on a movie screen. It would be so perfect, and I bet it would get more laughs than that stupid (and totally humorless) Shark Tale trailer.

10-26-2004, 05:44 AM
Weirdly enough, the trailer's not as humourless as the freakin movie. Please note, when they say "from the makers of Shrek" they mean "from the same studio although the two teams probably never met... once"

One thing about the trailer (the one above, I'm going on topic now) why christmas? this would seem like the ultimate summer blockbuster for me.

10-27-2004, 07:58 AM
I agree on the summer thing.
This was a great fan fic trailer.
But somehow, I see this trailer as an animation.
I'm talking like Pixar or Disney animated.
You know, beautiful 3D landscapes and the characters also in 3D.
Like Shrek or Finding Nemo.
And get all or most of the people who did their voices in the games to do the voices in the film/trailer.

To me, that would be super sweet.

10-27-2004, 10:07 AM
Yea gotta agree with that, an animation in the style of say, MI4 would be pretty sweet. Getting Dom Armato and ol Harrison would just top it off.

*sighs* Aren't pipe dreams fun :(

But then again, maybe Universal is indeed watching :-D


The Adventurer
10-27-2004, 02:43 PM
Bleh on 3D I say. BLEH!!

We're gonna have fully animated CMI style hand drawn art for this puppy.

10-27-2004, 04:17 PM
Hehe, well I kinda liked MI4 for its quirkiness. But that's just me I guess ;) CMI style would still look great though.


10-28-2004, 03:31 AM
Originally posted by dpolsrod

And get all or most of the people who did their voices in the games to do the voices in the film/trailer.

To me, that would be super sweet.

good idea, pity we can't get the original Ben from Full throttle.

10-28-2004, 09:29 AM
That's true. Roy WAS Ben.
Everytime I see him in Patch Adams or watch Titan A.E, I think about Full Throttle.
He was the perfect voice...

The Adventurer
10-28-2004, 12:14 PM
Originally posted by dpolsrod
That's true. Roy WAS Ben.
Everytime I see him in Patch Adams or watch Titan A.E, I think about Full Throttle.
He was the perfect voice...

Roy was in Titan A.E?!

*pulls up IMDB*

Son of a.....I never even noticed!!!

To bad it's just a bit part.

10-30-2004, 07:53 AM
I didn't know myself until I did the same thing.
I just wanted to know who played who, and I noticed Roy's name.
I thought it might be another Roy Conrad, but it was THE Roy...