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11-04-2004, 08:46 AM
I made this thread so you could post anything funny and/or stupid thats happened to you. Today what happened is just plain funny.

Me and my friend called David were wandering around in the forest we go through every day when school ends, we ended up finding a saw. Then these two little kids walk by and he says to me "Don't laugh..." he then called the little kids and they turned around, they said no and he said it again, but even louder. *He had the saw behind his back* then he said it again as loud as he could, this time holding the saw in front of him. At this time the kids got real scared and started to walk really fast, he started to run after them and I'm just behind him laughing my head off.. I've never actually seen some little kids run so fast in my life..

It most probably sounds stupid, cruel and not funny but you had to be there. It was hilarious. :D

Edit : I just remembered another one aswell, I was with the same person..

We went through the forest again and we were almost close to our homes. He thought it would be a great idea to have a look in someones fence then piss on it. A few seconds later one big black person comes out his house, grabs my friend by the throat and starts shouting "WHY WERE YOU LOOKING THROUGH MY FENCE?! IT WAS YOU WHO BUSTED IT UP WASN'T IT!" *His fence had been smashed up and there was a few holes in it, and there was spray paint all over it* My friend sounded like a little girl a few seconds later, he said "N.. N.. No I didn't touch your fence!" Then the black guy *this made me laugh my ass off* slapped him round the face and my friend just stood there like he saw a ghost... It wasn't funny for him but it was hilarious for me. I only laughed because he always laughs when something bad happens to me.. I decided to get my own back.

Anyways, it was frightening for a bit and we most probably should of got him arrested by the police but he didn't wanna say anything so I didn't bother to do anything to get that guy arrested or anything.

11-07-2004, 03:53 PM
i was at school and the ceiling in the front hall is about a wee bit over a foot over my head (im 6 feet tall)....and i thought i would be suave and do a cartwheel and then a few back flips....

well i got a good running start, put my hands out and did a half a cartwheel...

the reason... i under forgot to add about two feet for my arm length and my enormous feet (size 13US, 12UK, 47EUR, and 31cm) knocked three ceiling squares out...they all broke and the hall way was filled with dust and debris....i ran so fast from there and i havent been found out yet....and this was my freshman year...(senior now) but it was good to talk about with my friends who accompanied me...