View Full Version : New Version of the WOSW - Server State Script

11-04-2004, 11:22 AM

The most Server have changend to the Server version 1.1, but now my Server State Script doesn't work any longer. So I started to edit my script and bring it up to Version 1.1. In this Version there are added some new informations.

klick here to come to my german newsthread (http://starwars.gameswelt.net/index.php?script=news&nid=232)
klick here to get to the script (http://starwars.gameswelt.net/bonus/server-status/status.php)
klick here to get to the server list (http://starwars.gameswelt.net/bonus/server-status/server-list.php)

At the moment, there is no download able Version avable, but soon, there will be one.