View Full Version : Exporting textures Crisis. Help!

11-06-2004, 03:56 PM
Will someone please help me, I have tried to use UltraEdit and BCompiler to put my custom-made skins back into the game, but I do not understand the tutorial posted on the other thread about BCompiler. Someone please help me! I just finished reworking about half of the ingame skins, making some more canon, and completely changing others with PSP9. I would hate to have wasted all of that time, and I even have all of the little lvl files created by BCompiler and thier corresponding .DDS files all packaged up into a nice little Zip file, but I just need to know how to put em in game and test them. I really could use any help I can get right about now. Thanks.

11-06-2004, 06:45 PM
You checked on the site right? the faq in the forum there...

What is the part your lost on , hex editing or making the save in your editor of choice or ? tell me first what part your stuck on and well go from there.

You have the dds exported?

You are modding them and have re saved them as valid dds that are the EXACT same size as the ones you extraced?

You saved them with all 9+ mip maps , of which each one you edited to show the new mods your making appear on the skin?

You are opening Bcompiler, locating your folder with your modded dds and clicking it (since there is not other working functions in bcompiler) and they are being reformatted into a file
called the same name as the one your modding but with the new ".lvl" extention?

THis in turn is the file you are opening in hex and pasting over the older version of your mod, pasting it, saving the file and playing it! (some people get lost at this point, if this is the case let me know, getting here means you at least have the idea! I will get you to the rest.

If others are having the same hex issues, post here and I can try to walk through with you all in posts....The reason faq are limited is a few of us do this differently, i personally have done so many that I have the process to a faster, more efficient method so im not searching/pasting as much but ive changed the way I do them often as more and more is learned on a daily/almost hourly basis ...this engine rocks no matter how limited some out there think it is...Kudos to LA and pand. for a real combo deal on this one :)

11-08-2004, 03:53 PM
The only part I have trouble on is the pasting over, as I have no idea what to paste where, and I am also unsure about those mip-maps you were talking about, i've never heard of them, so any help you could give would be appreciated