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11-12-2004, 10:33 PM
Background info:

You play as either Sith or Republic. The story mostly involves going into space and destroying other ships.


There is a Sith Lord named Junko. He has captured the Republics databank of the Outer Rim, and the Republic President Kulan and he is captured in Junko's flagship. With both the President of the Republic, and the databank, the Sith can rule the Galaxy once again. The Sith are heading toward the Outer Rim, constantly fighting more Republic ships. The Republic is trying to cut them off at almost every turn of Space. Play as a Sith or Republic, the galaxy rests in your hands.


No char controlling
Minor Storyline change okay
2 PCs only
Play as anybody from the Sith or Republic
Can only kill a PC with owners permission
Optinal: Try to be an the air most of the time

Name: Hunter
Side: Republic
Rank: Jedi Knight
Class: Guardian
Age: 23
Ship: N-88 (Heavily Modified Naboo Starfighter, deflector shields, 4 blaster turrets)
Weapons: Blue Lightsaber


Hunter was on his way to another Sith attack. This time they were supposed to shoot the engines inside the HUGE flagship and when it crashes on the planet below. He entered hyperspace...