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11-13-2004, 09:23 AM
I 've been out from this forums for a long long time, but I am back!
I installed JKII:JO again, but I cant run it. When I run it, I do everything well, and when it is loading the first level, it closes, go to the desktop and I see the window that appears just when we run the gam, with this flashing in red:
(Reapeat): Z_Malloc(): Failled to alloc 16404645 bytes (TAG_FILESYS) !!!
Does anybody know what may be the problem?

BTW: I know this may have been asked millions of times, but can I download a skin to replace Kyle's so I can play with Darth Vader instead of Kyle?(At least I want Kyle look like Vader).

EDIT: Maybe I should have posted this in the technical support forum...