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11-19-2004, 04:46 AM
This year, some of the schools in the Clark County School District(which I am in) instituted a new dress code for schools that wanted it(mine :( ). You can only wear collared shirts with no designs on them, no stripes either. You cannot wear hoodies(we actually changed that rule because we wore them anyways ;) ). And you cannot wear Blue Jeans.

I say BS.

And one chick did too. She fought the school district and went to court. She had been suspended a total of 5 times for wearing shirts with quotes from the book of mormon. My school was one of the school affected by a vote that occured last night. As of now, the idiot dress code is lifted until parents vote it back in by a total percentage of 55% of the parents. Unfortunately, it will probably go back to the stupid one, but for this short amount of time, I'm wearing Jeans and a T shirt every day until they say no.

:D I love mormons :D

11-19-2004, 04:48 AM
Jesus, no blue jeans? That's idiotic. Is it a private or public school?

11-19-2004, 05:09 AM
private obviously ;) i couldnt take that kind of crap, religious opression bothers me, i'd prob have hauled off and decked some higher ups already, i applaud your guys' restraint :D

11-19-2004, 05:14 AM
dude, i so would have been wearing my insanely baggy black jeans and my 'We need to talk. -God' t-shirt(also black) the very first day just to protest. you ban me for it, then i would have taken action the first day. forget trying to put up with that crap for six months, i would have done something back in sept (or august, whatever it is). dang 1st amendment violators... :fist:

11-19-2004, 05:15 AM
If you're in a private school, all I can say is tough..... you get what ya pay for for, but if you were in a public school, complain.

Yeah, my [public] middle school instituted a dress code (collar shirts, ect), but here's the catch. So many parents were against it, if a parent signed a release form, their kids didn't have to follow dress code. So there I was in my comfy clothes next to a bunch of guys in white collar shirts. It was a rather pointless dress code.

El Sitherino
11-19-2004, 05:31 AM
Who wears clothes anyway?

seriously though, public schools with dress codes are just asking for reaction. .... that's all I got.

11-19-2004, 06:17 AM
i guess it is one of those things that you only miss if they try and take it away...

Like many countries, everyone in the uk wears unifiorms to school. Public or private - doesn't matter.

It really isn't a big deal... never even thought about it, and it definately isn't some sort of evil oppression of our freedoms. It is just school.

Personally i'm quite glad i didn't have to worry about trying to look cool every morning (although you still had to have the right bag and wear your tie the right way) and could just chuck on the standard uniform without any thought or effort.

Also, if US schools are as cliquey as they are made out in the movies, then having everyone dress in their own groups probably contributes to that too...

Just wait until you get to work, THEN you woun't get to wear anything cool... :D

11-19-2004, 08:20 AM
I say we are NOT society's maniquin. It is a free country, if we WANT twear Hawian t-shirts, let us do it.

its ridiculus to have them tell us what not to waer.

11-19-2004, 09:40 AM
I believe Bongo goes to a public school, and I say it's nonsense. If mormons want to wear mormon t-shirts, let them. It's not like they're anal raping you with their mormon t-shirts.

And STRIPES!? Wtf? What did stripes do wrong?

11-19-2004, 11:01 AM
I go to a private school with a dress code. Potentially it extends to both boys and girls, but I have yet to see the effects of it on the girls.

Basically it says, non-athletic bottoms and a colared shirt. I don't mind it, while wearing whatever I want would be nice, it really doesn't bother me. It's not like colared shirts are that uncumfortable. Well, until next year we can't wear sandals without a back strap, but next year's not so far away :)

11-19-2004, 11:04 AM
I wasn't allowed shirts with "evil" prints either, nor was I allowed to wear spikes, claws, nail polish or multiple necklaces. Thought it was bull, and fought it.. Now I wear all of em everyday without trouble. Yay.

11-19-2004, 11:07 AM
Can't say I can relate, GothiX.

On weekends, I wear the same pants (but without the belt - not actually part of dress code but it makes the collared shirt look better.) I also wear a T-shirt, but nothing with "evil" prints. Unless the Simpsons are "evil".

On weekdays, it's just slap on a belt and pull on a collared shirt, no biggie.

I can certainly see where schools are coming from with the dress codes, though my "wonderful" school prides itself on being such a friendly place, that you would think we wouldnt need a dress code to stop people from being made fun of due to clothes.


11-19-2004, 11:10 AM
I went to a private school in my elementary years, so I had to undergo my share of impractical dress codes. For one thing, everyone had to wear shirts with collars and dress pants for chapel every Friday. You can imagine how dirty the clothes got by the end of the day, which caused no small amount of grief to my parents (one day I fell into a giant mud puddle when I was wearing my good pants...it wasn't pretty).

Another rule was that everyone had to wear pants from October to late April. That's not necessarily a bad rule...if you don't live in a Mediterranean climate! Where I live in California, we have two seasons; summer and winter. Winters are pretty mild, with temperatures never going below 35 degrees fahrenheit and rain. Summers are a killer, though, lasting from tax day to Halloween with temperatures of over 100 being the norm. Consequently, we were sweating like Olympian sprinters for a few solid months.

I can understand some dress code rules like "wearing something over your underwear is mandatory," but most of the time they're so impractical and silly that it boggles the mind.

El Sitherino
11-19-2004, 11:40 AM
I could care less about dressing "cool" I just don't want to be hassled into wearing something. I personally just throw on whatever combination is the closest.

Work is a different thing though, you get paid. Uniform is something I can deal with if I get some money. :)

11-19-2004, 11:45 AM
As Phreak said, if you go to private school, you get what you pay for.

However, public schools really should not have a dress code other than yeah, cover the nessessary areas and no profane/racist/sexist/homophobic/etc. writing and/or pictures. If they're saying "no blue jeans," I'd just wear 'em anyway. That's asinine to tell you what kind of pants you can't wear. My mom told me how her school made all girls wear dresses and can't wear pants, but a bunch of girls just came wearing pants and they changed the dress code.

11-19-2004, 12:26 PM
Originally posted by GothiX
I wasn't allowed shirts with "evil" prints either, nor was I allowed to wear spikes, claws, nail polish or multiple necklaces. Thought it was bull, and fought it.. Now I wear all of em everyday without trouble. Yay. I can wear whatever i'd like to of those :)

Even combat boots that are made for injuring (not that i'd injure someone)

11-19-2004, 02:14 PM
I'm public schooled. That's why I think it's BS.

This was hands down the greatest day of the year. Even better than Halo 2.

This one dean absolutely hates me. She is just a bitch to me sometimes. Once, she confiscated my hacky sack when I hit it up too high according to her. I was once given a deans detention because I was "loitering". Even though there were 7 other people standing there. And she is always on me about my wallet chain and my hoody. Well today I got my revege. She came up to me with a dirty look, and said that I was in violation of the dress code. Looking back, this wasn't my smartest move ever, but I said, "Well guess what, you can't do a damn thing about it now."

She walked away and kept giving me dirty looks all day long, to which I laughed at.


11-19-2004, 02:40 PM
It's good to hear you can wear what you want now. :thumbsup:

Back when I went to Catholic school, yes, Catholic School, I would get in trouble for wearing black shirts, there was no statement saying you couldn't wear black shirts. Just shirts that had no writing on them or designs. And I'd get in trouble for wearing black nail polish, which is pretty dumb. I mean, it's nail polish! There was no rule saying we couldn't wear nail polish either, which would be stupid to have anyway.

But despite there ways, I would wear them every day. He he :D

Sam Fisher
11-19-2004, 02:56 PM
That's messed up, not being able to wear blue jeans :/

11-20-2004, 04:37 PM
In Scotland and just about the rest of Europe, uniform is worn. No-one bats an eye, it's just standard.

I don't see the problem at all?

Darth Rythe
11-20-2004, 08:45 PM
Consider yourself lucky.

My school has a dress code, you wear what they make you pay for, seniors (myself) have to wear ties and blazers, and all the crap that comes with it.

But, i did the sensible thing, I left and got a job:D

11-22-2004, 05:49 AM
do you have to buy your won suit and tie for the job too?

What you are allowed to wear at school = not a big issue, but i guess these sorts of thing appear of vital importance at the time... kind of funny when you look back on it and realise the silly things you were worried about...


Did you guys hear about that guy who's school district was corporate sponsored by Coca-Cola? He wore a Pepsi t-shirt tothe school photo & got suspended... :eek:

11-22-2004, 06:56 AM
Did you guys hear about that guy who's school district was corporate sponsored by Coca-Cola? He wore a Pepsi t-shirt tothe school photo & got suspended...

I totally agree :D