View Full Version : These SIth Lords must be unrelated.....are they

11-23-2004, 10:13 PM
I ask this becase in chronicles it brings out the Freedon Nadd story and hes on Dxun moon.
HOWever in the who,le scope of the story, think of this if you choose Reven helped the jedi, then these sith must of arrived, or even if you choose that reven returned to the darkside, then the star forge could still be possibly destroyed by the True sith lords, and thus Reven could of fled.
I just don't buy the fact that Reven was a true Sith Lord.

I beileve Reven and Malak were aware of these other Sith Lords including your exile, however with the star forge they could assume the mantle.
It also seems that these sith lords dont need some othe power source, giving the queen's involvement the plot may be more complex and more political, however your char will prove to be very significant almost someone who can snowball the power in one direction or another, however Revan is no true Sith Lord

11-23-2004, 10:53 PM
revan was a sith, this is in a time before there were only 2 sith and back when there were so many there was fighting for the highest ranks.

11-24-2004, 12:05 AM
Theory 1: I think that eather when the starforge was destroyed (lightside) they felt the destruction of such a huge darkside power that they rushed over to investigate.

Or after malak was killed and revan made a giant fleet the sith lords felt the power being used and came to seize it.

Theory 2: In this theory iam guessing that revan and malak were turned to the ds by these sith lord on the outerim. So when revan became lightside and destroyed much of the sith threat the lords felt the imbalance and power of the light and came over to destroy them. Or after revan became ds again and killed malak the sithlords had planned for this. All they wanted to know is which one was the stronger and then they would use him to conquer the galaxy for them and so returned.

Theory 3: The lords had sent malak and revan back to find who was the stronger. When revan was assumed dead and temporarily lost his connection to the force, the lords returned to praise malak and take the galaxy but found revan in power once again. If you were LS then thay would call you a traitor and try to destroy you. If you were DS they would think you were growing too powerful and stilldestroy you.