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Evil Dark Jedi
11-23-2004, 10:13 PM
Ok I promise this will stay unlike my other stories.

This clone is a commando. He has his own personality and skills. And his name is Zoric. It all starts on Geonosis...


Chapter One:

Zoric was firing at a few droids who were firing at some other clones. He hit one of them. The other clones took them out. Suddenly, Zoric heard a transmission coming from his headset. It said "Destroy a droid power station located north of you position,"

Zoric took two clones with him. As they ran to the droid power station some Super Battle Droids attacked the clones. Zoric turned around and pulled out his two DC-17 blaster pistols. He took two of the droids out while the clones took the others out. One of the clones got an injured leg in the fire fight.

As they reached the power station they ran up a ramp and entered the station. "Spread out" said Zoric. Zoric went forward while his clones went left and right. As Zoric reached the first door it opened to revel two droidekas. "Take cover" yelled Zoric to the clones. Zoric jumped behind a crate and fired at the droids. They were using there shields. Zoric through a frag grenade at them. There shields were taken out but there main part was not. Zoric fired a few shots and took them out.

Zoric and his clones went past the destroyed droids and proceded through the door. Zoric saw a power core. "Ok you two set a charge on wither side. I will set one on the front" said Zoric as he approached the front of the core. He set the bomb and put the timer on for one minute. "GO GO GO" yelled Zoric. Zoric ran through the door and out of the station. He dived down as the station was destroyed. He saw one clone next to him on the ground dead. The other who had the unjured leg did not make it out in time.

Zoric them looked up and saw all the droids within a 50ft radius was disabled. Though there was still the other droids out of the 50ft radius. Zoric got up and ran to the next battle.

As he reached the battle he pulled out his blaster rifle. He fired at a normal battle droid. He hit it in the head. Zoric looked around and saw 5 jedi fighting alot of Super Battle Droids. Zoric decided to help them by attaching his sniper attachment to his rifle He took the droids out one by one.

As Zoric took out the last one he deattached his attachment and saw the jedi yell "Thanks." "Any time" yelled Zoric back. Zoric turned around and fired at some droids. He took them out quickly. Zoric then ran too some other clones under fire behind a rock out of grenades. Zoric crouched down beside the clones and threw a grenade at the group of droids firing at the clones. Zoric heard the grendade explode. Zoric peered over the rock and saw all the droids dead.

Chapter 2 preview- "Damn there is way too many."

11-24-2004, 01:42 AM
You say this one's staying...

I'm watching you... ::

Frankly the concept is pretty chewed up and used and RPGish, if I may add, but let's see what you can do with it!

Evil Dark Jedi
11-24-2004, 11:22 AM
Originally posted by Sabretooth
You say this one's staying...

I'm watching you... ::

Frankly the concept is pretty chewed up and used and RPGish, if I may add, but let's see what you can do with it!

Hey, there is gonna be another character very soon. In Chapter 2. Who do you think says "Damn there is way to many." The new character.

11-24-2004, 12:08 PM
Well, you know, for all we know Zoric could easily be saying that ;)

Evil Dark Jedi
11-24-2004, 09:48 PM
No I assure you it wont be Zoric. ;)


Zoric killed a droid and looked up and saw a Gunship. He saw the Gunship ready to fire at a few droids near Zoric. Zoric ran and jumped out of the way of the blaster fire. As he landed the Gunship fired. "Are you alright" said a voice. Zoric stood up and saw a jedi named Jake. He had his saber ignited and looked like he had just killed a droid. 'Well are you" said Jake. "Yeah" said Zoric as he picked his blaster up off the red ground. "Come on lets get some droids" said Zoric as he fired at a droid.


Jake used threw his saber at a droid and brought it back to him which destroyed the droid. Jake saw a clone commando jumping out of the way of gunship blaster fire. Jake went up to the clone and said"Are you alright." Jake watched the clone get up and look at him. "Well are you" said Jake. "Yeah" replied Zoric as he picked his blaster up off the ground. Zoric then heard Zoric say as he ran at a droid blasters at and ready to fire "Come on lets get some droids."


Zoric watched as Jake used impressive saber skills to take out five droids at once. Zoric himself pulled out a vibroblade and started to chop up the normal battle droids He got one then he got shot in the leg. Zoric fell to the ground clutching his leg. "Damn this hurts" said Zoric as he looked at his wound. "Here let me help you" said Jake as he bent down and healed the wound with his hands using the force power heal. "Thanks" said Zoric as he got up and pulled out his two blaster pistols.


Jake was slicing some dorids in half as he watched Zoric use his pistols most impressivly. "Some nice blaster skills you got there" said Jake. "Why thankyou" said Zoric as he ducked as a blaster shot came flying at his head. As Zoric ducked the blaster shot came at Jake. Jake brought his saber up and hit the blaster shot back at Zoric who ducked again and it hit the closest droid to them. Jake then jumped up and landed near a group of jedi fighting alot of droids. "Damn there is way too many" said Jake as he sliced through the droids with his saber.


Zoric watched as Jake jumped away to help some other jedi. Zoric meanwhile pulled out his vibroblade and went at a Super Battle Droid who was firing at a clone trooper. The clone trooper got shot in the head and got killed. Zoric went up behind the droid and stabbed right into its body piece. The blade also went into the main allegiance chip which rendered the droid unable to which side was which. Zoric bent down and hotwired the droid so that it would protect clones and jedi. The droid got up and fired at some normal battle droids who were in suprise to see a Super Battle Droid destroying its own kind.


Chapter 3 preview- "Look out!"

Evil Dark Jedi
12-13-2004, 08:13 PM
As Zoric watched the Super Battle Droid take down the other droids, a normal battle droid came up behind Zoric. The droid shot at Zoric. Jake saw this and jumped and turned on Force Speed which slowed down his surrounings.. "Look out" yelled Jake as he dived at Zoric. Jake got Zoric down. Jake got his saber and deflected the shot back at the droid.

Zoric saw Jake deflect a blaster shot back at a droid. Zoric got up and said"Thanks." "No problem" said Jake. Zoric attacked a droid with his pistols. Zoric took down the droid and looked at Jake. "I think we have won this battle" said Zoric. "Yes I do to" said Jake as he looked all around the Geonosis battle field.

(I will do more later.)