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11-24-2004, 05:57 AM
O'k this simple the game works by one person writes a paragraph of a story then the next person continues it with another paragraph then someone else continues that by writing another paragraph... and so on untill someone dose a logical end.
They can introduse new characters go to new destinations but try to keep your contribution inline with what happened before. you can enter as many entries as you want but give others a chance to contribute....

and obviously keep it star wars and have fun

I'll start with the prologue

A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far Far Away........

KOTOR Fan-Fiction



11-25-2004, 06:29 AM
An sith officer walked up to Darth Solidus "sir. we've caught a jedi ship in our tractor beem we're bringing it in now." said the sith officer
"good" Solidus senced great power coming from the ship and then asked "tell me from what u know so far. who are the jedi on that ship?"
"two jedi, Ki Ton Aka and his padawan Dan Halo my lord"answer the officer
"okay. you ar dismissed" said the sith master.
Solidus was once a great jedi. He saved countless of inoscent lives. No one knows how he turn to the dark side. It had somthing to do with his mission on Kassyk(sp?). He was sent to stop a few slavers but came back as a strongh sith master. He now commands a sith battleship and small portion of the sith armarda

11-26-2004, 12:06 PM
As their ship was pulled towards the Sith battleship, Dan Halo turned to his master.

"What are we going to do?" he asked. "Within moments, we will be captured and tortured. We will never complete our mission."

Master Ki Ton Aka smiled faintly, and searched his apprentice with his piercing look, a look that once terrified the people of Telos, in his days as senator. "Well," he said tentatively, "I have to ask you something. How much are you willing to suffer for the Jedi."

"I would die for the order!"

"Hah! That's what they've trained you to think. You're just one of their pets, their toys, their pawns. I won't be so obediant."

"Master...what's wrong with you? You're held in very high esteem by the other Jedi. What are you suggesting?"

"Dan, you know exactly what I'm suggesting. I'm fed up with the rules of the Order. When they capture us, I'm defecting. You can follow me and join the Sith, or be annihilated."

The ship was pulled into docking position, and Master Ki Ton Aka strode briskly to the landing ramp, prepared to leave the Order and begin a life of torture and lies.

11-26-2004, 10:50 PM
( i hope it's allright to post a paragraph again)
"master. your the one who taught me to fight for the weak and the inoscent. Now your telling me to kill the weak and the inoscent?" said Dan shaking
"yep. you can either follow me or i shall torture u untill u become one of us" said his master as he made his way landing ramp.

Darth Solidus was there to meet them. Ki Ton became known as Darth Seeker and gained his known battleship while his apprentice remained in his torture chamber. One year had past and everyone seemed to know about Ki Ton's fall and how his student stood up to him. Many atembs were made to save his padawan but only one suceeded. One human, and a astro-mech droid were able to save him. There names are: Trent Starlord and R1-A8.

11-27-2004, 10:32 AM
Trent his droid and his older brother jacen were flying in their starship to the manann systen to pick up some kolto then sell it to the highest bidder. When their ship was caught by the sith battle ship the Reaper. The sith gaurds took the brothers strait to the ships commanding officer Darth Seeker. the two men were brought in to the bridge by the sith guards and stood next too each other. Darth seeker was on the bridge looking out of the viewing port.
"you two are republic spies" the sith lord stated.
"hey we're no spies" jacen tried to explain
"don't Lie to me...Guards" Darth seeker ordered the guards to bring jacen to him. and they forced him to knell in front of the dark lord.
"for being a spy... you have been found guilty, the punishment is death." Darth seeker drew his lightsaber and swung it at jacens neck, beheading him.
"NOOOOOO!" Trent yelled as tried to run forward to his brother but was quickly grabbed by two of the sith gaurds.
"Take this one to the holding cell i will interrorgate him later"
The guards took Trent to the port holding cells as they got there trent saw them putting his droid in the droid hold. As they put trent in the cell he managed to take the keycard off one of the gaurds. After a few hours to collect his thoughts he deactivated the cell and went to his droid he managed to knock-out the only guard with a piece of riot gear he found lying around. his droid had a small compartment which held his brothers spare blaster. Trent took it.
"Now i'll get my revenge on that sith scum". he begun to make his way to the bridge when he heard a voice
"Help me"
Trent looked around but no one was there
"help me escape and i'll help you accheive your goal".
Trent continued looking but still couldnt see anyone.
"I'm in the starboard Holding cells...Help me"
Trent desided to purspone his search for the dark jedi nd seek the mysterious voice. him and r1-a8 managed to get there by sneaking through the ventalation system. there was only on cell with anyone in it. the cell had a man who seemed to be floating unconcius in the middle of the cell with blue energy binders around his ancles and wrists. he deactivated the field and the man came concious
"Thank you" the man said
"Who are you... are you a jedi" Trent asked
"Not quite, my name is dan halo... now we must escape"
"Not yet... first we get the sith"
"We must escape."
"You said you would help me."
"and I will... but not today."
"screw you then..i'll get him myself"
"Wait... before you do attack me"
"Attack me... no need to fear i'm unarmed."
"O.K." Trent said then yey off a few shots from hi gun, dan dodged them all then used the force to pull the gun from trents hand.
"see you are not ready. i defeated you and i don't have a lightsaber" Dan stated
"O.K... point made... we'll play it your way how do you suggest we escape"

11-27-2004, 03:00 PM
Dan smiled broadly, an odd thing to do for someone who was recently a torture subject.

"Simple," he said. "We take command of the entire ship, kill off the crew, and land it in the nearest Sith starport. We take some uniforms off the corpses first, of course, to pass off as Sith. Then we steal the fastest Sith interceptors in the station and fly back to a Republic base."

"Uh...right. Well I'll just stick with my original plan then and go after the Sith Lord. Obviously, the torture did something to your brain. Want to know what tipped me off? We can't kill off the entire crew of a ship this size!"

Again, Dan smiled...then he laughed. "We can do it...they think we're prisoners...we have to do this in stages. Firstly, we need two uniforms. Then we need to reach a computer terminal. I can slice it and gas several important rooms in this ship. That's a start."

"Well, I can get one uniform," said Trent. "I knocked out a guard near my cell. I'll crawl back through the ventilation shaft and take the clothes. Try surprising one of the patrol guards while I'm gone."

As he made his way back through the bowels of the Reaper, Trent heard voices. Two commanders were speaking somewhere below him, and he could hear through the metal plating of the vent.

"Yes, I know! Lord Seeker told me many times. I just haven't gotten around to doing it yet."

"This is a show of weakness, Torth. If you won't bomb the moon of Ulaak 5, how can we expect you to bomb bigger targets during our galactic conquest?"

"Alright! Fine! You there, soldier! Tell the heavy weapons operators to commence the bombardment! I want this planet removed from the galaxy. I want shards of it everywhere! There can be no survivors! With the moon gone, the last shield defenses of Ulaak itself will be destroyed. We can commence the landing as soon as the moon is obliterated. Dismissed!"

Trent hurried through the shaft, grabbed the uniform, and sped back to Dan, who had acquired his uniform.

"Alright!" exclaimed Trent. "We're ready to go! Let's find a computer terminal and gas some Sith!"

12-03-2004, 02:31 AM
Dan and Trent now wearing their sith uniforms began to walk towards the the primary enviromental controls in the engineering section of ship closely followed by R1. As they walked the ships captains voice came up on the speaker system
"the bombardment of the moon will commence shortly, all landing crews report to your landing craft now, launch will commence the second the shield is down."
Dan stopped suddenly.
"come on we have to hurry... if we're going to gas these scum!" trent informed dan who seemed to be deep in thought.
"An opportunity has presented itself." An anounced
"What kind of opportunity"
"For an easier escape... We should head to the hanger and stowaway on a lander."
The two men headed strait for a hanger. there was a croud of sith soldiers boarding one of the landing craft, they decided to follow them in.

12-13-2004, 04:50 PM
Ulaak was getting closer and closer as Dan and Trent looked out of the large window. Movement behind him caused Dan to whirl around, only to see a Sith officer approaching.

"Hey! You two! Do you have authorization to be here? This is the private lounge!"

"Er...well..." stuttered Trent. "We lost our authorization...it...uh...fell out of my pocket during the boarding."

Dan simply waved his hand, "We don't need authorization."

With a bewildered look, the Sith repeated, "You don't need authorization." And he walked away.

The ship landed in a clearing in one of the lush jungles of Ulaak. Dan, Trent, and R1 hurried out of the ship, and ran into the jungle, towards the nearest colony of Hamsanians, the native people of Ulaak. If they could warn the population of the impending attack, perhaps an evacuation could be staged. Perhaps.

The motives of the Sith on this barely-populated planet were unknown, but it was obviously not a peaceful meeting, what with invasion squads and heavy artillery. The two men and the droid were rapidly approaching the colony. They could see pme Hamsanian already: it was an odd race, with long necks, furry heads with hair protruding from behind the ears, fat, waddling bodies and short stubby arms. They were, however, known for their excellent marksmanship.

The three companions now arrived at the large wooden gate: the entrance to the colony...

12-14-2004, 03:22 AM
"What do we do now?" Trent inquired
"We knock on the door." Dan replied as he walked towards the gate and banged on it several times. everal moments pasted with no reply so trent desided to knock on the gate as well. As he approached the gate a blaster bolt similar to that fired from a wookie bowcasterhit the ground right in front of trents feet.
"Take one more step and the next one will be aimed at your head!" The native alien shouted in basic standing on top of a turret next to the gate.
"We're here to warn you of an invasion army."
"We know about the sith... we also saw you exit one of there landers wearing sith uniforms."

12-14-2004, 07:12 AM
"No! You don't understand! We are disguised as Sith to escape them!" shouted Trent.

"Hahah! Prove it then. Prove that you are not bloodthirsty Sith and do a little task for us."

R1 enquired, "Question: Do we really have time to do this Masters? Can we blast them and be gone?"

The strange alien smiled and called out in an unknown tounge. Three more Hamsanians popped up beside him. They began discussing matters in their own language.

"If you bring us a faulty Sith battledroid, we will allow you to join us in our fight, and eventual evacuation. Go forth and steal one! Now!"

12-14-2004, 10:30 AM
Dan, Trent and the droid walked off towards the sith staging ground. As it became dark they decided to set up camp halfway there. They were sitting around a camp fire A1 created with its flamethrower.
"This Plan of yours is getting complicated, I wish i left you in that cell." Trent complained
"You are hardly the company i wanted." Dan replied
"so why did you use that psychic thing of yours"
"it was the force, and when a wookie isn't available a tach will have to do."
"Hey... your the jedi who was locked up i broke us both out."
"hmmmm... ok 2moro we shall break into the staging ground and get the droid... knowing the sith they will start a full attack at this planets noon so if we get up in 6 hours we'll have 5 to get the droid. it should take an hour and a half to get to the staging ground and 2 and a half hours to get back to the natives setlement. that gives us 1 hour to get the droid."
"o.k yets get some sleep."

12-14-2004, 10:54 AM
They awoke and immediately set out for the staging ground. The feeling of someone watching them shadowed their thoughts as they walked. Nervously Trent looked around, but saw nothing. He looked at Dan.

"There's something out there...I can't see it."

"It's just a native. He's been following us, probably to make sure we do our job. Frightened? Hahah."

They arrived at the Sith camp, and saw rows of battle droids.

"Remember, he specified a faulty battle droid. Probably to repair and use as a scout or something. Or to replicate and create an army. We'll find out."

"Look!" shouted Trent. "There must be some broken droids in that junk heap. Many probably broke down during the set-up. Let's look there."

So they did. The troops asked them what they were doing, and they simply responded that they were searching for parts to build a private speeder.

"Sir, we have plenty of speeders. Just use one of those."

"Uh, no...you see...we want the thrill of building our own. Um...dismissed! "

They found a droid, but it took them two hours. Trent looked at Dan in despair.

"Sithspit! We'll never get back in time. The Sith will move out soon. What do we do now?"

Dan smiled fleetingly, as he does so often, and whispered, "That man said there were speeders...let's take one."

"But we don't have authorization cards!"

Dan took his lightsaber out. "This is our authorization. Now let's get a speeder and run. Fast! "

12-14-2004, 11:21 AM
The two men walked towards the speeders carrying there newly aquired droid. As they got close they were stopped by one of 3 sith guards.
"hold it i need to see your authorisation" the guard inquired
Dan waved his hand "we don't need authorisation"
"What are you on soldier, everyone needs authorisation"
"Hmmm, a strong mind, plan B"
"wha.." the sith said interrupted by Dan activating is lightsaber and beheading him. Trent pulled out his blaster and shot another guard. the third guard raised his blaster and shot at Dan, All the bolts were deflected by his saber, so trent shot the third guard as well.
"That was easy." Trent said.
"we better get moving" Dan said as he saw a sith soldier who saw the inciddent and was running to the alarm. They both got into the speeder as the alarm went off and managed to drive out the staging ground quickly with only a single shot fired at them. they stoped off at the camp they spent the night to pick up R1. They then went off to the native Hamsanians colony.

12-14-2004, 03:20 PM

Upon arriving at the colony, the guard opened the gates for them.

"I see you have brought back a faulty droid for us. Excellent. You are a true friend of the Hamsanians. I knew you wouldn't fail us. During the short period of time that you were gone, I rallied together all the colonies here. We will make our stand against the Sith while our tech experts prepare our evacuation. You are welcome to join us."

Trent smiled and said, "Sure! The Sith will be here in a few hours. What did you want the droid for?"

"The Sith droids are known for their excellent combat capabilities. We wish to replicate this one, and create an army. Our loss in this conflict is inevitable, but if we can rally enough planets to our cause, and create a droid army, we can perhaps take back our planet later."

Dan looked at the horizon. His senses showed him the army approaching, with many Dark Jedi at its head.

"Hurry up with that evacuation," he said. "We won't last long with all those Jedi."

The Hamsanian looked up at him and replied, "We have a few Jedi of our own here. Not as many, but if we can hold them for six days the evacuation will be ready."

"Six days?" remarked Trent. "We can't hold off a Sith army for six days! How can it take that long to prepare the ships?"

"We did not expect an attack, and our ships are broken. They need repairs. I assure you our tech specialists are doing all they can. We have a rather large army. Every being from each of the twelce colonies is packed in these barracks."

They all looked towards the cluster of buildings, and noticed the commotion from inside. Through the windows they saw tumultuous movement, a never ending stream of waving limbs. Short, stubby, waving limbs. Dan almost laughed.

The Hamsanian, apparently the leader of the tribes as well as a guard, looked back at the two men and the droid.

"Come help me outfit the troops, and you can take a few weapons yourself. We have high quality equipment bought from the Bothan Spy Networks. Though we were not expecting an attack, we still wanted an army that was somewhat more than negligeable. Now then, follow me."

12-15-2004, 06:03 AM
The two humans and there droid stood out from the Hamsanians soldiers. As they marched to where they planed to attack the oncoming sith army. As they walked Dan stoped and shook his head as if he was shaking off a head ache.
"whats wrong?" Trent asked
"I sence a strong dark presance."
"Can you be a little more specific"
"I think a sith lord is leading the army"
"If its seeker i want some pay back"
"No, Its.. Its differant i think its the one who turned him, solidus... Yes solidus is on this planet."
"Wait isn't he suppose to be strongest sith next to Revan and Malak."
"Yes... We dont stand a chance with him in charge... This will be a slaughter not a battle!" Dan explained to trent. He went off to see the Hamsanians general to try and stop the impending battle but he mearly dismissed it saying no man even a sith will be able to change a outcome that drastically.
The Hamsanians army arrived at a rocky wasteland where they planed to fight. Dan and trent stood near the front of the Hamsanians line. the sith army appeared on the horizon. the general yet out a war cry and the soldier charged at the sith forces firing vollys of blaster bolts at the sith.

Samurai DD
12-21-2004, 02:37 PM
It was a bloody battle. Many Hamsanians died, and R1 got destroyed. They survived this attack, but lost almost one third of their forces. Dan told Trent they needed a different approach to survive the remaining 5 days...

Samurai DD
12-22-2004, 11:12 AM
Dude, someone follow this story!