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11-26-2004, 04:42 PM
I said something similar in my other thread, however keep in mind that part1 wasn't made with 2 in mind.

I know that according to part1, the star forge corrupted them.
However it has to tie in to part 2. THats why I believe when you went into unknown space after the last of the mandalorians.
You proabably met the Sith Lord. It could of been the Sith Lord of part 2 or check this out(the chronicles were realy talking about Fredon Nadd and how hes was sealed on Dxun moon which is in the game} perhaps it was him.

Anyway the other part of my theory stands, your jedi was the one originally selected or projected to be the more powerful, however Malak and Reven turned on you, beacuse of their relationship. Perhaps then they were told to conquer that section of the galaxy. It really didn't seem in part1 that the sith were a threat to the universe, they were on the outerrim of the galaxy.

However your char is disgraced because although Reven and Malak could of betrayed you, you could of and should stopped them, thus you condemn yourself. howeevr beacuse of your ability your a serious known threat, or powerful ally. We will see

11-26-2004, 04:54 PM
Freedon Nadd was finally destroyed by Exar Kun. Cannot be him.

I doubt it could have been you. I mean, why would nobody mention you if the most powerful Jedi went to fight the Mandalorians? Revan was the best.

However, we know Ajunta Pall knows the secret of the Sith, what gave them power. Could it have been the Star Forge? That part of your theory about somebody tipping them off is pretty good.