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11-27-2004, 04:20 AM
hey guys,

how you all doing?

we all know about the dismemberment issues in this game.

in jedi outcast there was 2 ways of getting full dismemberment:

1) entering saberrealisticcombat cheat which vastly increased the amount of saber damage as well as created definate dismemberment.

2) boosting up the level of dismemberment on character models (dismemberment 1-3) and then increasing dismember probabilities to 100%

out of these i only liked the second method because the first made killing enemies way too easy. a single hit or 2 and they would be dead, even on JM. This included reborn jedi.

In jedi academy i have used the method of 'sabermorerealistic' to get dismemberment to work, but like the previous game destroyed the game play for me (and saber matches as they only went for about 5 seconds instead of a good 20+ second dual).

i was wondering if anybody here is kind enough to help me out to create a target shortcut with the commands to allow full dismemberment and 100% probabilities, but leaves all other aspects of the game untouched, so i don't need to use the other code which ups the saber damage 10 fold.

thanks alot for any assistance :)


11-29-2004, 04:57 PM
This is definately the thread for you:


There's also some dismemberment options added to the menu (to save time) in OJP mod.

Good luck!