View Full Version : My Star Wars:Droids/Ewok Adventures DVD Review

11-27-2004, 10:30 AM
Hey guys I got both Star Wars: Droids
and Ewok Adventures for a swell price
I got it for a two for one special both
only $9:38 at wal-mart today.And to
as soon as I got home I put these
movies in my DVD player and I was
shocked how good these looked and
to I was surprised at the qulitay of
both DVD's.I think George Lucas made
a big effort to get these tele-movies
out before EP III ROTS.Because these
might be going back in the LucasFilm
vault like disney does there stuff after
so loong.And to like I said I was surprised
at the quality of the Ewok Adventures
they look like they was just made instead
of when I was a kid but seeing these
movies again got me a little misty eyed
and to the Droids cartoon DVD looks
more like The Clone War cartoon I guess
because of the way it was remasterd
Let me know if you got your copie
of the Ewok Adventures our Droid
cartoons yet thanks...................

11-27-2004, 11:06 AM
I hate when disney does that

If I see one more ad for a disney special edition I'm going
Rambo :uzi1: on Michael Eisner