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11-28-2004, 03:58 PM
Whether it be in a video game, in real life, on the internet, whatever. As long as it's funny, post it!

I'll start.

One time in sixth grade this jackass that was larger and stronger than me took offence to me stepping on his shoes accidentally. First of all, why pay 150 dollars for white shoes that will be destroyed withing a day? Anyhow, it is the closest thing to getting in a fight I've ever been in. He starts backing me into a all because I didn't want to fight, partly because I knew I'd lose, partly because if I got into a fight I'd get grounded for a year no matter what. I'm in the corner when someone yells out fight.

Thankfully the coach was just about to open the door when that happened. He opened it harder and faster as such. And opened the door right into the kids fist and face. Hard. Bloody nose worse than I've ever seen. I didn't get in trouble, and the kid got sent to opp. school.

Still that is the funniest/coolest thing that's ever happened to me.

11-28-2004, 04:03 PM

Me? I think the time when I was making a model, talking to two people on MSN, eating pizza, and watching the Simpsons all at the same time. That was cool.

Mike Windu
11-28-2004, 05:00 PM
Originally posted by BongoBob

One time in sixth grade this jackass that was larger and stronger than me took offence to me stepping on his shoes accidentally. First of all, why pay 150 dollars for white shoes that will be destroyed withing a day? Anyhow, it is the closest thing to getting in a fight I've ever been in. He starts backing me into a all because I didn't want to fight, partly because I knew I'd lose, partly because if I got into a fight I'd get grounded for a year no matter what. I'm in the corner when someone yells out fight.

I would be mad too. But I wouldn't start a fight over it. I would go home and get my white shoe polish for my nikes. You wanna know why we get 150 dollar white shoes? Because they look good. :p

Funniest thing was watching 2 kids in the neighborhood fight over a flat tire.


*proceed to jacking*

"Why not now? huh? YA GOTTA WAIT?"

True story.

11-28-2004, 05:15 PM
One time we were playing a game kinda like dodgeball in P.E. It is played with really soft balls and there is a circle. Some people go in the circle while some people go outside the circle with the balls. They through the balls at the people in the circle and then the person they hit is out of the circle and the person who hit him is in the circle. Well one time we were playing that and this kid kept on going for me. Finally he was in front of me outside the circle and I was in the exact middle of the circle. He threw the ball as hard as he could and I did a Matrix sort of thing, when the bullets are coming after them and they dodge by flailing there arms and it lookms like there about to do a backwards somesault. Everybody was laughing and it was funny cause the other kid was mad.

11-28-2004, 09:22 PM
I'm boring... nothing ever happens to me.:(

Darth Groovy
11-28-2004, 09:25 PM
Somebody made me a Super Moderator...


11-29-2004, 03:55 AM
making love to two beautiful women at the same time in a jacuzzi(and not having to pay for it) :D


11-29-2004, 04:38 AM
possibly the funniest/coolest thing was how i met my ex-girlfreind.

i went camping with my cousin, my aunt and my mom and across from us there was 3 families going camping together, and there were 3 hot girls our age. so they were playing badminton and their birdie got stuck in a tree and they could get it down, so i walk over all superman like and throw a piece of wood at it and it falls and i give it to them, once i start talking to them my cousin walks over pretending to be a big shot, but it was ok thought because i still got the glory.

11-29-2004, 11:05 AM
didnt you have a thread like this a few months ago?:confused:

anywho...sitting in the back on the school bus and the hot neighbor girl decides to sit across from me...she and i start talking for a few weeks...we never dated...but the things she did in the back seat with me were teh coolest things to happen to me!

and i got 350+ dollars for my birthday....

11-29-2004, 02:32 PM
did jebbers get made a man? :p if not its all good man.

11-29-2004, 03:11 PM
Life's been good to me :D

Two things really spring to mind though, first at camp when I was the shoulder to lean on, I felt....well useful I guess. It was fulfilling.

Then at school the other day, I'm walking along and some younger guy who I don't know drops his bookbag and all his stuff falls out. I bend down to pick it up, for whatever reason it made my day. :confused:

Though the huge I got from a family member for my Bar Mitzvah wasn't unappreciated

11-29-2004, 03:29 PM
I did a 450 splash over an 8' ladder and landed it.

11-29-2004, 03:54 PM
This is *one* of the most singular things that ever happened to me, not necisarrily cool or funny. I was up late doing exploritory modding over the summer. The dog was whining to go out, so I leashed him and stepped outside. Mind you, I live in a small city, and its usually always populated with motion and noise. I stepped outside, and it was silent. NO sound. Nothing. No cars going by, no poeple heard in the distance. Just the distant hum of the street light. That and the wind. I stood in that doorway for about 5 minutes, just absorbing the silence. Finally, I let the dog do his buisness in the shrubs and went back inside.

11-29-2004, 06:20 PM
Originally posted by Altus_Thrawn
Life's been good to me :D

Though the huge I got from a family member for my Bar Mitzvah wasn't unappreciated

I think you should word that better :eyeraise:

Anyway, I remember one time freshman year. My coach decided that we should play a game of dodge ball with the upper-classmen. I and my fellow Frosh buddies look in awe at the huge mo fo's that enter the gym. they line up on the other side ready to run for the balls in the center. I look over at the line, and one of the guys looks directly at me, and makes a gesture of slitting a throat. I shake it off, and get ready to bolt for a ball. I get one and dive outa the way so I don't get clobbered. I hit a few people all while dodging left right up and down. Then all of a sudden we have 3 guys left, with about 13 huge upper-classmen laughing and getting ready to murder us. Don't know how to explain it after this point. But somehow I become a dodgeball machine, leveling every one of my opponents. I did this everytime we played dodgeball. Heh, I even remember kids fighting over which team would get to have me on it.

Yeah, not the best thing that has ever happend to me.. but I've already said those. Still, this one lasted 4 years, and was awsome :D

11-30-2004, 04:00 AM
My friend wanted to get a coppy of the 4x6 foot GTA poster that was hangin up in the student union, he phoned the number on the poster and though it was unusual they said they would post him one of the old posters when the promotion finished. Sed promotion finished, poster arrived but they sent the Halo 2 one instead. he didn't want it so he gave it to me.

In short I now have a 6x4 foot Halo 2 promo poster that you can't buy anywhere on my wall. Cool :)

and when I get fed up with it I can sell it on eBay!

11-30-2004, 03:44 PM
I got a few of em...

Most memorable: When I worked as a deliverer for Dominoes Pizza I had a wreck with a Pizza Hut man..... he had no insurance but threatened to sue even it was his fault...I lost my job and 6 months later one morning they found that same guy locked up nude in the cooler at work... he had been robbed overnight. Karmas a beeotch!!! I am the only person to date that has ever wrecked the competition... and still talk about me after 10 years... lol

Honorable mention:

We were going to a bowl game placed right outside of St Louis to march and perform at the halftime show... the hotel we stayed in had an underground spa and right before we were leaving for the parade we crept down to have a peek.. it was completely humid and steamy in there ie couldnt see 2 feet in front of you. I heard my peeps calling in front of me.. 2 steps later i was completely submerged in a 5 foot pool... I dunno if you know this or not.. but band uniforms are made of wool and get really HEAVY when doused with h20.. after almost drowning i slowley sludged my way back up the stairs to have the entire 120 unit band and the employees of the hotel awaiting me with a standing ovation. mind you this was in december also so it was below freezing... I missed the parade tryin to dry the uniform. but i had to march the show cuz i was the soloist. the wool shrake up about 4 inches in the arms and legs and froze to me on the field making me a musical popsicle.. unfortunately the announcer was oneof my old, old boy scout leaders and decided it would be humorous to announce it over the radio.. when i got back home everyone at the university already knew about it and greeted me with a rofl!!!... even worse when i made it back home my mom didnt know it was me but heard it on the radio and first words out of her mouth were... "you're the one that fell in the damn pool aintcha???" only good thing that came out of that trip was i got with one of the dancers on the way back...:P

im not sure what was funnier on that trip.. my little fiasco or the lead tuba player drinking a 5th of vodka the night before-- woke up then drank a gallon of water and became drunk again... fell in the middle of the parade and rolled downhill like a bowling ball and knocked a few woodwinds down like pins. i could only wish i was there to see that but my time was unfortunately spent on the top floor shrinking my uniform with the band directors butt -fugly wife.

i have quite a few more however i need to dig deep to get some more... they are there but my short term memory ... some you know how that is.. :P

12-02-2004, 07:13 AM
Ok a funny one.

all names have been changed to protect identities

*On the way home from take away (post pub)

Mick: Hold this i need to to take a p***.

*hands Shane his Melt and heads to wall*

Shane: Can't you wait till you get home

Jim: You should wait untill there are no cars at least.

*car driving by slowly at this point*

Jim: Especially when its a police car

*Police car reverses up, PC gets out as Mick moves away from the wall*

PC: you wern't going to p*** in that ally were you?

Mick: Addmitedly I was, but I'm not going to now.

PC: Good, just wait untill you get home ok?

Mick: Ok.

*police car exit stage right*

12-04-2004, 09:59 AM
Mick=jon_hill987, right? J/K:p

getting back on topic, my funniest/coolest thing was a dumb criminal.

One saturday a few years ago, a man prepared a fake bomb and and a printed demand note for an armed robbery of a bank near the Taco Bell where I work. He parked by a nearby arby's, then walked to the bank. He put on a wig and started looking inside the bank, looking for a good moment to rob it. That moment never came, as that bank was closed on saturdays. The man took off his wig and went to Taco Bell. I took his order. While he was waiting for his food, police came. They didn't know what the guy looked liked, so they left. The man left soon after, and went to a video rental place. The person who called police was still watching, so the police went there soon after. Police searched the suspect's car, and found dye-stained pants, the fake bomb, the demand note, and guns in the trunk. The fake bomb was well done, so they brought in the bomb squad and evacuated the buisinesses in the area. I don't know if his attempt at robbery was enough to be a crime, but the bomb and an outstanding warrant was certainly enough to arrest him.

just for fun, let's count mistakes.
1. bank was closed.
2. acted suspiciously.
3. was in broad daylight.
4. was in a highly visible area of a shopping complex
5. stayed around the area

12-04-2004, 10:23 AM
LoL! did you post that on dumbcriminalacts.com?

12-04-2004, 10:34 AM
not yet. I should though.