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11-28-2004, 05:39 PM
Ever wondered what happened in places where Revan was not at. The Republic and Sith would be fighting and big battles were raging. In this RP you will be in one of those Battles...


No Godmoding
No Char Controlling
No killing PC without owners permission
Up to 3 PCs allowed
Have Fun!


Name: Edison Trent
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Age: 28
Side: Republic
Allegiance: Lightside
Rank: Jedi Knight
Type: Jedi Guardian
Ship: Republic Scout ship
Weapons: Lightsaber, Blaster Pistol, Jedi robes
Apperance: Blonde Hair, strong body build, White Skin, Blue eyes

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11-28-2004, 11:10 PM
Name: Mark Lightseeker
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Age: 16
Side: Republic
Allegiance: Lightside
Rank: Jedi padawan
Type: Jedi sentinal
Ship: N/A
Weapons: Purple double bladed Lightsaber, Jedi robes
Apperance: Black hair, acrobatic body build, White Skin, Brown eyes

Jin Phoenix
12-01-2004, 02:57 PM
Name: Rayn Sinn
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Age: 23
Side: Sith
Allegiance: Darkside
Rank: Sith Lord
Type: Sith Master
Ship: N/A
Weapons: Black Lightsaber and White Lightsaber, Sith Lord Robes
Apperance: Long Black hair down his neck to his shoulders. Pale skin with deep cobalt eyes. Skinny yet muscular body.

12-14-2004, 06:16 AM
Name: Neila Yelpir.
Sex: Female
Age: 25
Side: Sith
Allegiance: Darkside
Rank: Sith knight
Type: Sith maurauder
Ship: Red scout.
Weapons::saberr::saberr: :lightning (black robes)
Appearance: Black clothes over my whole head, except for the face, wich is pale.
Sith eyes.

12-26-2004, 07:04 AM
name: Darth Cassus
sex: man
race: human
age: 23
side: Sith
Allegiance: Darkside
rank: Sith lord apprentice
typ:Sith master
ship: Sith battel cruiser (the Hawk)

weapons red lightsaber
red robes red cape with white strips
red sith eyes

ey jin if you are a sith master why i dit not have seen you on korriban in the acedemy

Final Warrior
01-08-2005, 06:03 PM
Name: Talon "Quietstorm" Du'naga

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Age: ??? (Looks 23)

Force Status: Lightside

Alliance: Jedi

Rank: Jedi Knight

Class: Jedi Sentinel/Bladesmaster

Ship: Light Battle Cruiser "Watcher"

Weapons: Two lightsabers (silver)


Hair Color: Silver

Eye Color: Cold Cobalt

Clothing: Jedi Knight robes, colored black

Talon Du'naga is more along the lines of the strong, silent type. He is cold and calculating, and would seem to be more fitting as a Sith. However, he chose to align himself with the lightside after some incindent in his past life. Talon has been said to have "great potential", although he seems to be unwilling to show it.

OOC: Hey Outrider, your character... he's Edison Trent from Freelancer, right?

01-09-2005, 12:43 PM
Name:Jaden Randell
Rank:Jedi knight
Class:Jedi Guardian (the TRUE way to go!)
Ship:Heavy battle cruiser,"the Harvester"
Weapons:Two double-blades
Clothing:Jedi robes and an arm like Bao-Dur's.(Half is lightning)
Appearance:Black,straight hair,Hazel eyes,and pretty tall.

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01-10-2005, 05:15 PM
(lol haven't been here in a while)

"Attention all republic soldiers and jedi." Said a big voice
"Report to the main hall with armour and weapons ready."
"Were under attack!"

They were in a Station in space. They were being attacked by the Sith.

"Present yourselves to Edison Trent so we can get moving!"

(waiting for republic people and jedi to reply)

01-10-2005, 05:16 PM
Originally posted by Final Warrior
Name: Talon "Quietstorm" Du'naga

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Age: ??? (Looks 23)

Force Status: Lightside

Alliance: Jedi

Rank: Jedi Knight

Class: Jedi Sentinel/Bladesmaster

Ship: Light Battle Cruiser "Watcher"

Weapons: Two lightsabers (silver)


Hair Color: Silver

Eye Color: Cold Cobalt

Clothing: Jedi Knight robes, colored black

Talon Du'naga is more along the lines of the strong, silent type. He is cold and calculating, and would seem to be more fitting as a Sith. However, he chose to align himself with the lightside after some incindent in his past life. Talon has been said to have "great potential", although he seems to be unwilling to show it.

OOC: Hey Outrider, your character... he's Edison Trent from Freelancer, right? ya well he isn't in freelancer hes in the RP but ya, I love that game

01-11-2005, 07:45 AM
Mark- :: enters main hall and walks over to edison trent ::

" I am here to help you with whatever you may need"

Final Warrior
01-11-2005, 02:05 PM
*A tall, hooded, robed man walks forth to Trent.*

Man: ... I am Quietstorm, called forth. What is it that you wish of my services?

01-11-2005, 02:29 PM
"Ive heard much about you guys, I need you to escape the battle and get to Dantooine, from there I will contact you." Said Trent

He turned around and walked toward his ship. He boarded it and flew off into space. He entered hyperspace and flew off to Dantooine.

Final Warrior
01-11-2005, 02:46 PM
Quitstorm: *Quietly, to self* And so it begins...

*Quietstorm leaves, having stored all his personal effects upoon his ship, the Watcher. A small crew of his most trusted allies commandeer the ship. As he boards it, the ship leaves docking, firing quadlasers and cannons at Sith ships. A panel on the underside of the ship flips away, revealing after-market proton torpedo launchers. Thy fire a barrage of five homing torpedoes at randomly determined Light- and Medium-class Sith cruisers, blowing away much armor, and cutting apart a small section of a small cruiser. As the ship enters hyperspace, a series of magnetic mainlayers drop their payload, leaving magnetic homing mines in their wake. Quietstorm's acute ears catch the sound of at least two mines going off, most likely intercepted by Sith fighters.*

Quietstorm: Status?

*A female voice over the intercom replies.*

Vioce: We're down five torpedoes from the belly and 11 mines back. We've taken a few light fighter hits, nothing that our droids can't repair.

Quietstorm: Good. Keep me updated on the status, Lily.

Lily: Aye, sir!

Quietstorm: Oh, and one more thing... was my special order taken care of?

Lily: Aye sir. The Silver Eclipse is readied as per your commands.

Quietstorm: Good. Thank you, Lily.

Lily: Aye, sir!

*Quietstorm walks through the quiet decks of his small battlecruiser, stopping to check the status of some of his crew. He heads to Navigation, where an astromech droid and a tall, bearded male sits. He turns his head as Quietstorm enters the room. The man's beady black eyes take in all the detail of Quietstorm's figure, but cannot scry much. Quietstorm nods at the burly, dark-haired man sitting at the nav console.*

Quietstorm: Set three random vectors. I want the jumps done no less than three seconds apart.

Man: Sir, that'd burn out our hyperdrive.

Quietstorm: Can't be helped. The Sih are onto us, and we can't lead them to the rendezvous point.

Man: Aye, sir. Where do yo want us to stop?

*Quietstorm turns to the astromech droid.*

Quietstorm: Y7-D3, give us randomized vectors into high-radiation zones.

Y7-D3: *Beeps for a short while, and then stops, turning to the nav man.*

Quietstorm: Those are your coordinates, Arrel.

Arrel: Yes, sir. But... there's one thing. One of these takes us nearby a supernova.

Quietstorm: All the better. I'll warn the crew.

*Quietstorm leaves Navigations an d heads into the bridge. He nods to the officers stationed there, and heads to the intercom, making an annoucement, stating that they were headed into high-radiation space and near a supernova, and that all crew members should prepare accordingly.*

01-12-2005, 05:47 AM
:: leaves room towards the hanger where he kept his medium jedi starfighter ( A very early model of the ones in AOTC only has inbuilt hyperspace engines.). His droid A-10 was next to it offline rechargeing it's power cells. ::

Mark- wake up A-10 its time to go.

A-10- beep beep boop

Mark- i know theres a battle out there but we've been ordered to dantooine... Is she ready fly.

A-10-boop beep boop.

Mark- WHAT! the hyperdrive can you fixs it.

A-10- beep

Mark- well get on it then we have to leave in ten minuets

*a few minuets past*

Mark- i sence somthing the sith are almost on us :: activates lightsaber as 6 sith troops enter the hanger ::

:: Sith start fireing on mark as he blocks the blasts with his lightsaber... He then dives at them and goes on the attack cutting 2 in half stabing 1 and force pushing the other 3 into a wall ::

Mark- A-10 hurry up there are more coming :: Seals inner hanger doors::

A-10- beep beep

Mark- lets get going then. :: both mark and A-10 get in the fighter and fly out of the atmosphere followed by sith fighters. managing to outrun them he enters hyperspace towards dantooine ::

:: Exits hyperspace near dantooine and heads strait there landing near the enclave ::

Final Warrior
01-12-2005, 02:07 PM
*With an illegally-modfied hyperdrive, the Watcher soon finishes its flight path and arrives nearby Dantooine. Quietstorm heads to the bridge and watches as the Watcher descends through Dantooine's atmosphere as it lands on the outskirts of the Enclave.*

Quietstorm: Cloak the ship, and make sure we are not found out.

Lily: Yessir!

*Quietstorm turns to his second-in-command, an Iridonian by the name of Gur-atta.*

Quietstorm: Gur-atta, assume command of the ship for now. I will be back soon.

*Gur-atta looks at Quietstorm for a few seconds, and then nods. The Iridonian is tall, cland in a suit of Mandalorian armor. Quietstorm turns on his heel, heading to his quarters to prepare himself. Passing a few more soldiers that escaped on the ship, Quietstorm nods at them, telling them to make themselves useful. Quietstorm arrives at his room. He opens a locker, and takes out a mask of some sort. He puts it on, hiding away his face. He disrobes, and then puts on new attire, his personalizd clothing. He takes up two lightsabers from his table, clips them onto his belt, and takes two large blaster pistols, clipping those onto his belt as well. Quietstorm departs the ship, walking down the exit ramp, off to the distant Enclave.*

Quietstorm: Lily, check up on the droids, have them repair the ship. If there's any trouble, contact me via comlink.

Lily: Yessir!

*Quietstorm walks off to the Enclave, slowly, quietly, as though thinking about something.*

01-13-2005, 12:16 AM
:: Mark was standing out side his fighter while his droid was still in it with his 'head' sticking out the top of his ship behind the cockpit. ::

A-10- Beep beep

Mark- I was ordered to wait to be contact by the jedi Edison Trent. that was a mandate so that is what i will do.

A-10- Boop Boop

Mark- The guy who programmed your personality should be sacked... My master told me to follow Edison Trent. Also there only seemed to be one other jedi on this mission so he proberly needs me to stay put until i'm called for.

A-10- beep beep boop

Mark- OK your proberly right try to open an open communication to any republic ships, especialy ones registered to jedi, make it as secure as you can i don't want to call the sith armada.

:: A small satilite came out of the port side of the hull and started to rotate at a speed of 1 RPN a second. Mark jumped into the cocpit and opened up the com-screen. ::

Mark (into com-link/screen)- This is Jedi Padawan Lightseeker... I have arived at my destination on the order of Jedi Edison Trent... This is a open communication to Him or any others on this mission... please respond...(repeated).

Final Warrior
01-13-2005, 02:37 PM
*A voice floods into Quietstorm's comlink.*

???: This is Jedi Padawan Lightseeker... I have arrived at my destination on the order of Jedi Edison Trent... This is a open communication to him or any others on this mission... please respond...

*Quietstorm contemplates the speaker, wondering whether or not he can be trusted. Quietstorm looks into his comlink screen and sees a black-haired, brown-eyed young man speaking. Quietstorm decides to reply, his cold, quiet, calculating voice whispering, his masked face appearing on the comm*

Quietstorm: This is Jedi Bladesmaster Quetstorm... I was called for by Trent. End your broadcast... the Sith may be watching.

OOC; Just FYI, but Quietstorm looks like Revan right now (identical robes and mask), but doesn't have the same powers.

01-14-2005, 02:06 AM
: his comlink was answered by a man claiming to be called quietstorm:

A-10- beep beep

Mark- yes he did look like revan but why would he warn me about the sith.

A-10- boop beep

Mark- not much of a trap asking me to stop so the sith can't find me.

A-10- beep

Mark- funny, you know i'm going to scout the perimeter. Keep an eye on the con call me if anything happens.

A-10- beep boop

:: starts to walk away from ship ::

Final Warrior
01-14-2005, 01:58 PM
*Quietstorm spots a solitary traveler heading towards the base. He readies himself, gripping his sbaers. As the figure approaches, Quietstorm's sharp eyes see his features and notices that it is Lightseeker. However, Quietstorm does not relax, as he is wary of a Sith trap. Quietstorm stands, waiting as Lightseeker approaches.*

01-14-2005, 02:44 PM
Trent was walking around the base. He was hoping to hold the Sith fighters off. He felt the base shake. He ran to his ship.

He got in and flew off. His hyperspace wouldn't work

"Ah crap!" Thought Trent

He kept activating it. Then out of nowhere, Darth Gloin appeared. Darth Gloin was the best fighter in the Sith. He chased after Trent. Trent did some somersaults and loop-t-loops but couldn't escape. Darth Gloin shot down his ship. He crash landed on a asteroid. He stayed in his ship. He was bleeding and he had broke many ribs. He also broke his leg and right arm. The ship was also losing oxygen. He started choking.

A few moments later he died.

"You guys must defeat the Sith." Trent said to Quietstorm and Mark from far away.

Final Warrior
01-14-2005, 03:09 PM
Quietstorm: ... He is dead... Weak instructions... we have been attempting to defeat the Sith for so long...

*Quietstorm walks towards the approaching Lightseeker.*

01-14-2005, 11:36 PM
: mark felt the spirit of trent talk to him then, notices the aproaching person :

Mark- You are one of two people, although i sence darkness there is somthing un-sith like about your aloura, You must be Quietstorm.

Final Warrior
01-15-2005, 04:27 PM
Quietstorm: The taint of the past is something harder to get rid of than that of the Sith. Come, we must continue on to the Enclave. Perhaps there is some clue as to how we may defeat the Sith there.

*Quietstorm walks to the Enclave, with Mark matching his stride step for step.*

01-15-2005, 08:14 PM
((hey guys, sry bout being late, but i've been trying to find a good rp for a while. anyway, i'll be re-using some old characters for this one....))
Name: Kola T'uune
Homeworld: Unknown
Race: Mandalorian
Sex: Male
Age: Approx. 87
Orientation: Leaning Darkside
Side: None
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Weapons: Lightsaber, heavy blaster pistols, projectile rifle, and a concussion rifle
Ship: Talarra's Fear, a heavily modified Mandalorian frieghter; Features include:
1. Turret mounted weapons: 2x ion cannons, 2x duel turbolasers
2. Forward mounted weapons: missile/rocket Launcher, 4x repeating blasters, 2x ion cannons
3. Custom armor added from republic warships
4. Targeting computers from basalisk droids
5. Modified Corellian engines
6. Added 35 new thruster points
7. Added 4 repulserlift cells
8. 2 "storage" cells
9. 3-man crew quarters
10. Sith Fighter flight controls

Armor: Modified Mandalorian War Armor, defense reduction, stealth increase
Helmet: Mandalorian Targeting Helmet, increased awareness & defense, multiple viewers (infrared+nightvision), image magnification (2-12x), Targeting Computer Link to weapons (except lightsaber)
Modified Mandalorian Sheilds for longer duration and damage absorbtion
Baragwin Stealth Field Generater
Included in field pack: Grapple Launcher, Advanced Medkits, Net Gun and ammo, Field Rations, Rifle ammo, Utility Knives, and Thermal Detonators
Class: Jedi Guardian (lvl 8), Scoundrel (lvl 5), Soldier (lvl 7)
Race Abilities: Combat Regeneration

Physical Traits:
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 256 lb.
Muscular Build
Short, black hair
Several Facial Scars
Mandalorian Clan Tatoo on left arm
Uses several bio-computers to heavily reduce aging effects.

Bio: T'uune has been a bounty hunter long before the Mandalorian Wars, and has earned a reputation as a fearless warrior that will stop at nothing to claim his bounties. At a young age, he was recognized to be force adept and was taken to Dantooine for training. However, the Exar Kun War disrupted his training, and his master turned to the darkside to follow Exar Kun. Abandoned by his master, the young padawan felt betrayed and left the academy to earn a living. He encountered several Hutts on Sleyheron, and took up their offers for collecting bounties. He claimed all but the most valuable of the bounties. That bounty was collected by another young bounty hunter named Cassus Fett, and so began the long, often violent, rivalry between the two hunters. The rivalry ended whenever T'uune set up Cassus for an encounter with a Republic Fleet. There, Cassus met his death, and now the galaxy is left with Kola T'uune as one of the most feared bounty hunters.

((and the rules do say that you can have up to 3 pcs, so i'll include T'uune's signifigant other....))
Name: La'ola Nomancrei T'uune
Homeworld: Ryloth
Species: Twi'lek
Sex: Female
Age: approx. 24
Orientation: leaning Lightside
Side: None
Class: Scoundrel lvl 20
Occupation skills: Piloting, repair, computer use, stealth, persuade, demolitions, stealth, and treat injury
Weapons: repeating blaster rifle, blaster pistol, and a zabrak katana
No armor
Wears comfortable, unassuming clothing

Physical Attributes:
5' 3"
120 lbs
Light, feminine build
Green skin
Small scar across her belly
Very attractive

Bio: La'ola was apart of the very rich and powerful Nomancrei twi'lek family and daughter to a Ryloth Senator. However, at the onset of the Sith War, she was captured by Darth Revan and held for ransom. Her father, not wanting to be bothered by her any longer, offered 750,000 credits to anyone that would secretly kill her after rescuing her from the Sith. Kola T'uune took him up on the offer, but couldn't
bring himself to kill her after rescuing her. Without anyone to turn to, she remained with T'uune and eventually fell in love with him. They had a private marriage ceremony on Dantooine about six years ago.

::Kola T'uune watches the Jedi enter the enclave through his rifle scope.::

T'uune remembered his dealings with the Jedi in the past, and anger was stirred. T'uune pushed the feelings aside, and backed away from the crest of the hill. He couldn't just shoot at the jedi: they'd just sense the danger and dodge it somehow. He returned to his hiding spot and and waited for La'ola's signal.

01-16-2005, 02:41 AM
((As i forgot to add my fighter and droid specs before:
Type- Astromech
Affiliation- jedi order, assigned to the padawan lightseeker.
weapons- single light blaster, stun batton arm
Appearance- cross between r2 (films) and t1 (kotor) units.

Ship- jedi medium starfighter type 2
Weapons- 2 medium and 1 heavy blaster cannon, single concussion missile launcher, medium armour))

:: Mark stop in his tracks and started to look around with a worried look on his face ::

Mark- "Quietstorm do you sense that, i fell we are being watched... it's proberly just my imagination."

:: continues to follow Quietstorm to the enclave ::

Final Warrior
01-16-2005, 01:59 PM
Quietstorm: Yes... I saw something, a quite long distance away. The gleam of a blaster. Be on your guard, they may be with or against us.

OOC: It seems that I, too, have forgotten my ship specifications.

Watcher Light Battle Cruiser


8 Quadlaser mounts (Usually computer-manned)

5 Ion Turrets

10 light missle launchers

5 heavy missle launchers

4 proton torpedo ports

4 hidden prton torpedo ports

10 mine layers

Reinforced Quadranium and Diatium Capital Ship-class armor

Modified Piloting systems

7 man crew, room for 10 passengers

4 storage cells

1 prison block

4 sleeping quarters

Silver Eclipse Heavy Assault Fighter

8 cannon mounts w/ modrail technology so as to add/remove various cannons

3 proton torpedo tubes

2 mine layers

4 concussion missle launchers

2 ion cannons

Astromech Driod port

Basilisk War Droid Combat Systems

Neural Pilot Interface (Allows for 'thought' piloting)

01-16-2005, 07:16 PM
A blue flare hit lit up the clowdy day like a small blue sun. T'uune then typed a command into his wrist-mounted computer. A small countdown started on the right-hand side of his visor. 8:00 min.

T'uune then activated his stealth field and slowly worked his way towards the Enclave. 6:27 min. The two Jedi he saw in his scope were still at the entrance. But T'uune didn't care. He had the ultimate defense for the powers the Jedi could weild. The two ysalamiri were still attached to the special feeding tube in his backpack, and they created a 20m wide area in which a force-sensitive user could no longer manipulate and use the Force. (for info, check here (http://www.starwars.com/databank/creature/ysalamiri/eu.html)).

Suddenly, the nearby Jedi could no longer feel the Force. Confused, they don't notice T'uune quietly slip past them. T'uune continued into the Enclave, and made his way to a tree in the middle. He jumped up to the branches and removed the ysalamiri from his pack. Moving very delicately, he removed the ysalamiri from their nutrient rich tubes and placed them on the tree branch. The two pregnant females immidiately dug their claws into the branches. T'uune then placed a small cloaking devise on each of them to further obstruct them from view.

The Jedi had already begun to notice the gaping "hole" in the Force within the Enclave, and were now searching the area. 0:30 min. T'uune sat in the tree and waited. 0:04, 0:03, 0:02, 0:01, BOOOOOOMMMMMMMM!!!!!

The blast echoed throughout the Enclave. T'uune quickly jumped down from the tree and steathily made his way out of the enclave. He headed outside and headed for the stream. Upon arrival, La'ola deactivated the cloaking field on the waiting speeder, and they left for a hidden location somewhere else on Dantooine.

01-16-2005, 10:49 PM
: Boom echoed through the enclave :

Mark- "ok this is weird first the force goes then there is an explosion. somthing is very wrong : pulls out comlink : A-10, i want you to do a full scan for anything unusual.

A few moments passed before A-10 responded.

Mark- "ok, Quietstorm, A-10 says he sensed a speeder decloak after the explosion. i got the coordinate before it disappeared again. The jedi have enougth problems with the explosion so i dont think they will mind if we borrow a couple of speeder bikes"

Walks over to the speeder bike garage and signals To Quietstorm to get on a differant bike near him.

Final Warrior
01-17-2005, 12:14 PM
OOC: Isn't it kind of Godmoding when you dictate our character's actions and feelings? Wait, that's puppetmastering. Really, you should let us dictate our character's actions. Quietstorm is semi-exile: He has learned to live w/o the Force. Also, he's traveled a lot, and is familiar with ysalmiri.


Quietstorm: Ysalmiri...

*Quietstorm leaps onto a speederbike. He runs a manual diagnostics on it, making sure it is not booby-trapped.*

Quietstorm: Ready.

01-17-2005, 01:15 PM
Mark- we better get going. follow me.

Mark turns some diles and then twists both handle bars for full acceleration.

01-17-2005, 01:55 PM
((ooc: ill make little bits of dialog along the way of the story, and Char controlling is considered godmoding))

"Quietstorm, you must find Lord Revan, he is on the Endar Spire, he is destined to save us all, and if you ever wish to speak with me, go to the Republic Base on Manaan." Said Trent

Trent had a plan, he would get Quietstorm and him to combine there powers. Then Quietstorm could lead the war against the Sith.

01-18-2005, 03:26 AM
((OCC: as this RP seems to be going somewhere Iíll give my character some depth by adding a bio for background info))

Mark Lightseeker Bio:
Mark like many Jedi was given to the order at a very young age to the extent he can no longer remember his life before the order. His name is not even his first and was given to him by the Jedi when It was discovered that he continuously saw 'through the eyes of the force' (force sight) which was rear for a force user who was not blind. He grew up on Dantooine where he was told he had a great destiny, but no one knew what it was or where it would lead. On Dantooine he stayed until it was time for him to become a padawan under the Jedi knight Cin Tan. Cin tan was a kel dor who was considered un-orthodox by other Jedi. The knight often taught his padawan skills like how to hack security locks and computer terminals. Under the guidance of his master it soon became apparent that he was more than a fair pilot and was given an astromech droid (A-10) and a Jedi starfighter to help hone these abilities. When Revan began his war against the republic two of his dark Jedi assassins attacked Cin Tan and Mark while on Corillia having there fighters repaired. During the conflict Cin tan was struck down protecting his padawan and mark killed one of the assassins but the other managed to escape. For a while he tried to find the assassin who slayed his master but when he lost all trace of him he went back to Dantooine, Where it was decided although he was not ready to take the trials (due to his wanting of revenge), he also no longer needed a Master and was needed in the war against the sith. After Revan fell in battle the council assigned him to assist Edison Trent.

01-18-2005, 07:12 AM
T'uune and La'ola arrived at a quaint house on the fields of Dantooine. T'uune did a quick scan of the area with different viewer modes on his visor to search for threats, but all he could find was the cloaked assassin droid that his employer was using for communication. T'uune and La'ola exited the speeder and walked over to the droid. The droid decloaked as they approached.

T'uune-"The job is done."

He pulled out the empty feeding tubes and displayed them to the droid as proof.

Droid-"Very well. I will inform my master of your success. I have been instructed to now give you your payment."

The droid nodded to his left, and several cloaking fields were deactivated that T'uune's visor could not detect. 10 battle droids, 25 fully armed troops, two tanks, and a transport ship were revealed. It was a mechanized Sith Company. All of the weapons in the company were trained on T'uune and La'ola.

Sith Captain-(through a loudspeaker on a tank)"Put your hands behind your head and get on the ground, NOW!!!"

T'uune thought quickly to himself and realized that it would be extremely improbable for them to escape. T'uune put his hands behind his head and motioned for La'ola to follow suit. As they got on the ground, the Sith troopers approached them cautiously. A hatch opened in one of the tanks, and a cloaked person stepped out. T'uune caught sight of a metallic gleam underneath the cloak, and instantly recognized it to be a lightsaber. Using the force, T'uune felt outwards and touched darkness. It was a dark jedi.

Suddenly, he felt a burning pain inside his mind, and it was growing fast. He closed his eyes, and he could begin to feel flames rippling across his body. Opening them, he couldn't see any flames, but the pain was getting intense. La'ola began to scream in agony. The percieved fire was 'consuming' her alive. The pain continued to increase. His mind started to fill with images of people being burned alive. T'uune saw La'ola being burned alive in his mind and helplessly watched in both anger and horror. Suddenly, that image intensified. Now he began to writhe in both pain and rage. He wanted to do something, but he just felt so helpless to do anything about it. Then, blackness.

01-18-2005, 12:55 PM
The speeder bikes (OCC: i don't think this is char controlling as we were both going to the same location anyway but if it is i am sorry and will change it if you pm me) comes to the top of a grassy cliff overlooking a small house on grassy fied a speeder was parked out the front. Mark layed at the edge of the cliff and saw a mandalorian and twi'lek standing near a droid when suddenly a moderate size of sith troops and droids decloaked along with two tanks. then the mandalorian and twi'lek fell to their knees as a dark jedi approached them. The jedi used the force to torture the two as they callapsed Mark contemplated if he should attack the sith force and help the two who were obviously in need.

Mark (into com-link) - A10, i need you to autopilot to my location and have two concussion missile ready to fire on the sith tanks. :: puts down com-link and turns to face Quietstorm :: You can take anyone you want but the dark jedi, he's mine.

Marks fighter flew over the top and fired two missiles at the tanks blowing them both up. This caused the sith force to scatter as mark activated his lightsabre and force jumped at the dark jedi.

Final Warrior
01-18-2005, 02:18 PM
*Quietstorm disregards the orders from Mark. and instead pilots his speederbike straight at the troops.. He primes a thermal detonator and applies it into a small wedge in between the bike's seat. Just as the speederbike is about to crash into a group of soldiers, Quietstorm leaps off, doing a backflip high through the air, landing with his sabers activated, and carves through two battle driods. He blasts the remaining ones with a Force Storm which, although it does not destroy them, severly damages and fuses much of their electronics. The thermal detonator goes off and destroys the bike, sendiing flames and shrapnel in all directions, injuring and killing some of the Sith.*

01-18-2005, 03:46 PM
T'uune and La'ola instantly felt the pain subside, and T'uune was quick to jump to his feet. He noticed the two jedi attacking the Sith, and decided to make a break for it. The Sith soldiers never got a chance to disarm him, so T'uune pulled out his concussion rifle and fired a blast at the Sith guarding his speeder. The concussion blast hit the guard in the chest, ripping his torso open and tossing his body across the field like a rag-doll.

La'ola had also gotten up and was using her repeating rifle to hold back the assassin droid by the house. T'uune grabbed her, and they jumped aboard the speeder. Without hesitating, La'ola grabbed the controls hit the accelerator.

Two other battle droids got in their way, and they were thrown aside as the speeder slammed into them. T'uune fired one more quick blast at the assassin droid, destroying it. The speeder crested a hill and sped on towards Talarra's Fear, which was hidden in a remote area.

01-18-2005, 03:56 PM
Trent appeared in front of T'uune. He stared blankly at T'uune for a second. He then touched T'uunes hand.

"Nice seeing you old friend, but there is no time, you must combine your powers with mine, you must save the galaxy." Said Trent

He pulled out a golden amulet. Half of it was missing. It had a star on it.

"Take this half and ill take the other, then we combine them, and combine eachothers powers, eachothers knowledge, eachothers size(you know what I mean)."

01-18-2005, 04:36 PM
T'uune pulled his hand back from Trent, and his other hand instinctively rested on the hilt of his lightsaber. Anger flared in his mind.

T'uune-(angrily)"Now why would I want save the galaxy? All that would do is reduce the number of heads I can collect, and that means less business, and that means less money. (pauses)To :swear: with the galaxy for all I care, as long as business doesn't drop. (slowly,but deliberately)Now, get out of my way, or you will become my business."

T'uune pulls out his lightsaber and ignites it.

01-18-2005, 06:46 PM
"No, this isn't the T'uune I once knew, the T'uune that was my friend." Trent stopped
"Very well, if it has to be this way it has to be this way, but you know I am stronger than ever as a force ghost."

Trent pulled out a silver lightsaber. It was the glow of destiny. It was power of pure light. He ignited it.

"I don't know when you got so evil."

01-18-2005, 11:56 PM
Mark flew down striking at the dark jedi as he raised his lightsaber to block in a lightsaber lock now mark began to feel the anger he once felt before surface but he no-longer cared all he wanted was to kill the dark jedi, as he wanted to kill them all.

Mark- You are going to pay for your crimes
Dark jedi- Not today child

The sith acolite then used the force to push mark back. As he flew backwards in the air he managed to correct himself and flip back on to his feet. Mark then raised his saber above his right soldier and charges at the dark jedi and swung diagonally down only to be blocked once again a battle inssued with both members switching between an offensive and a defensive. until the pinultimate moment when mark kicked the dark jedi back the then thrusted his saber hand forward piersing the dark jedi's chest. Mark deactivated his light saber as the dark jedi fell on to his back. He walked over and knelled by the head of the dark jedi and removed the mask from his face. a look of distraught came across his face.
Mark- Its not him. :: He looked around for the people his slayn opponant was torturing :: where have they gone.

01-19-2005, 08:02 AM
T'uune-"Evil?? Why am I suddenly evil? Because I've chosen to not save the galaxy? You must have forgotten my true motivations: my wife and money. Besides those things, I will do nothing unless the outcome will lead to one of those things. And saving the galaxy will lead to less money for me. (releasing his anger)Now, get out of my way or come with me. I have no desire to harm an old friend unless you force me to."

T'uune deactivated his lightsaber.

01-19-2005, 01:11 PM
"I guess you care more about money than your wife, me, or the galaxy."
"You know your wife will become a Twilek slave if you don't do this." Trent said with some anger

He dissappeared(sp?). He appeared in front of the Talarra's Fear. He walked in, and saw what he was looking for. A envelope full of credits. Trent immediately seized the envelope and sliced it into pieces. He then started vandalizing the ship. He destroyed more credits and even sliced up the main console. Then once again. He disappeared.

01-20-2005, 12:43 AM
Mark looked around and saw dead bodies of the sith soldiers and Quietstorm still fighting a few of them. He still felt the anger he felt from the duel and stood up to look for the Two he thought was involved with the explosion at the enclave. Knowing that quiet storm could proberly handel what was left of the sith he grabbed his speeder bike and speeded in the direction he thought they went. while on the bike he tried to shake off the festering anger he felt inside. He knew it could lead to the darkside which was the last thing he wanted as it would lead to what he hates... A Dark Jedi. He also could not give up his hatred for all dark jedi especially the one who killed his master years ago and still eludes him.

01-20-2005, 06:57 AM
La'ola was shocked to hear the response from Trent, but knew that it would never be true. T'uune knew it as well: he would die fighting for her if anyone attempted to do so. La'ola could feel anger within her, and she pulled out her rifle and ran aboard to look for Trent. T'uune followed, with his lightsaber ready, but deactivated.

La'ola looked at the damage inflicted on the ship, and became even more angry. All the work she had done to the ship, and now it was temporarily ruined by someone that was supposed to have been a friend. T'uune felt her rage, and instinctively became angered himself. He felt the darkness coming from the vandalized portions and realized that the vandalization was an act of rage. The darkside could still easily corrupt.

Upon that realization, T'uune released his anger once again. There was no point in him being angry at nothing. La'ola was still quite angry herself, but T'uune walked over to her and tried to calm her down.

T'uune- "Hey, calm down. He's not here."
La'ola- "So I've realized. Stupid peice of :swear:. He destroyed the money and vandalized the place. I mean, just look at this panel!!! The bastard just had cut through all of that, and you remember how much time it had taken us to modify those parts. And how about that computer terminal over there? I don't even know how we're going to get this bucket of bolts off the ground."

T'uune-(grabbing her by the shoulders)"Hey!! Just calm down. We've got a little bit of work to do to get this thing in shape. Don't worry about it. Everything will turn out just fine."

La'ola- *sigh*(calmly)"Ya, I know. I just wish things hadn't worked out the way they did today. We did everything we were supposed to, then we get tortured for it?? Sorry, but that wasn't in the job description. Maybe we should just ruin whatever plan the guy had and point out the ysalimiri to the Jedi."

T'uune- (with anger)"NO!! That is absolutely out of the question. The Jedi abandoned me, and they'd do it again if given the chance. I'm not going to take that kind of risk, and I'm not going to help those that refused to help me. You should know that by now."
La'ola- "Fine, whatever. Lets just get this thing fixed up and get the :swear: out of here."

With that, they began repairing the ship. Several hours later, T'uune was doing a run through on the outside of the ship to see if anything needed done out there. He looked at the horizen to see the sun beginning to set. La'ola walked up behind him and hugged him. T'uune affectionately grabbed one of her hands and continued to study the horizen. Of all the things in life that mattered most to him, T'uune knew that La'ola was the top priority in any situation, no matter what. T'uune turned around and returned the hug. With nothing else left to repair, they went back inside and decided to wait until morning to leave Dantooine.

01-20-2005, 07:34 AM
Marks bike sped into the night not knowing where he was really going, There was alot of dantooine to explore. He was about to give up when an odd blip came up on his radar it wasn't to far away so he desided to leave his bike and take the rest of the journey by foot.

The walk ahloud (sp) him to collect his thoughts about the anger and hate he continuous the feel. How un-jedi like he thought to him self if the masters knew he would proberly be thrown out of the order, doughtful he had some great destiny that he didn't even really want. I'm not even that powerful and i haven't even taken the triles and i'm suppose to do somthing spectacula, Ha, I can't even resist the dark side that well.

When the moon was at it highest he could see a ship on the horizon and knew thats what he was looking for. The ship appeared to be of mandalorian origin but it had obviously been modified, This made him absolutely positive that the owner was responsible for the explosion at the enclave. The owner was obviously a bounty hunter so he wondered if he should attempt to apprehend the owner as he was still weakend from his confrontation with the dark jedi and could easily be injured even killed or worse captured. That would be bad he could be sold to the sith then turned and become what he hates the most... a Dark Jedi.

Anyhow he had to at least attach a tracking device to the ship so if they get away he can track them then apprehend them when is was stronger. He approached the ship quietly as not to alert the owner if he was inside.

01-20-2005, 03:11 PM
"Were all dead." Trent was talking to a republic soldier
"Were losing the war, your plan what happened?" Asked the soldier

Trent felt lots of anger. He remembered his fight with T'uune. He knew that the Sith, if they won the war, would immediately try to deplete all non humans. He decided there was only one more thing to do...

Kill La'ola.

He quickly appeared on Dantooine. He ran up the stairs to Talarra's Fear. It was nightime, they were still asleep.

He walked in.

Maybe if I vandalise the ship they will have no choice but to follow the plan. He snuck in. He walked over to T'uune and La'ola. He quickly knocked T'uune out by depleting his oxegen. Then he did the same to La'ola.

He destroyed the ship once again. This time he dug his lightsaber into the engines. He also cut down the turret, and sliced the consoles. There was no way they could get this fixed thought Trent. He walked out into his old house on Dantooine.

01-21-2005, 01:09 AM
As mark was placing his tracking device on the hull in a place he thought it would not be detected he felt a disturbanse a sudden increase in the force near the ship. He walked round to see what was causing it to find a force ghost walking into the ship. He followed to see the ghost knock out the two inhabitants, as the ghost turned around he saw that it was the man his mandate ordered him to follow but there was somthing differant from the man he met on the distant planet, it was Tainted by the darkside.

The darkness became more apparant as the spirit of Edison Trent began to destroy the consoles and engines, but why would he be doing this to a mere bounty hunter and his slave (as it appeared to him as why else would a mandalorian be with a twi'lek female.) As trent left the ship Mark knew he had to save the twi'lek from her life of subjection. He left to get his boke and bring it to the fighter as the rescue would be easier if he could move her with speed.

He parked His bike outside the modified mandalorian freighter and entered the ship again he quietly approached the twi'lek and reached down to pick her up.

01-21-2005, 02:16 AM
T'uune couldn't focus. His mind jumped from different things. Darkness. He could see past bounties he had collected. His former Jedi master. La'ola.

He tried to concentrate on that and somewhat succeeded. He began to remember the time they met, the time they escaped from Darth Revan's clutches. The time he swore an oath to protect her from all harm after she found out about her father. A man was reaching to pick her up. She wasn't breathing.

T'uune realized that he was actually seeing this, and a rage came over him. He grabbed the man's neck with the Force and began to crush it. He reached down inside the man's body and began to cause muscle spasms inside of his lungs. He was Gripping him to death.

For some odd reason, he just felt like he wasn't doing the right thing, so he released the man and pulled out his lightsaber. He activated it and placed the blade next to the man's throat.

01-21-2005, 02:40 AM
"WHAT IN THE ARE YOU DOING TO MY WIFE?!?" The man who awoke and just used the force to almost killed him said with the his lightsaber to marks throat. Mark was still weakened from the fight with the first dark Jedi now it appeared there is another. He knew he could not fight back as his inside were all most crushed by his new opponant.

Mark- "I'm trying to save her from being a slave to you dark Jedi!" As he said those words he felt the dark taint swell inside him. He was weak from the multiple confrontations but he still tried to fight the darkness he became weaker and fainted from the internal struggle.

01-21-2005, 07:55 AM
T'uune- "Slave?? Dark Jedi?? (notices the man pass out) I'll deal with you soon enough."

T'uune turned and looked at La'ola. She wasn't breathing. T'uune felt a pang of fear inside of him as he felt for a heartbeat. It was both weak and irregular. His anger was released, and T'uune began to concentrate on her. He felt her lungs. They seemed to be working fine. T'uune suddenly felt quite dizzy, and his vision was beginning to blur. Focusing in on the Force, he began to collect himself. He was being asphysciated by a lack of oxygen, as was La'ola.

T'uune grabbed La'ola and dragged her into the hallway. He was stuggling to both breathe and walk. He stumbled his was to the outer hatch and opened it. Even the cool, night air couldn't fill his lungs, and he collapsed on the floor.

His vision was continuing to blur, and now, it was going black. He was about to pass out. T'uune felt outwards with the Force towards the man. He had his own stuggle within him, but he could feel the man's lightsaber. Realizing the man was a Jedi, T'uune instilled as much of his life into the man as he could, healing the damage he had caused earlier.

01-21-2005, 08:17 AM
Mark awoke and his feeling healed knowing that someone must have used the force to do this but he still felt weak. He looked around and noticed that the engine was leaking toxic fumes into the hull, he thought it must have been caused when Trent shoved his lightsaber in it. He ran to the exit hatch and noticed the twilek and mandalorian dark jedi lying on the floor. He began to feel the anger in him rise as he reached for his light saber. he drew it and ignited it and was about to stab the mandalorian in the chest, when he began to think he couldn't kill someone in cold blood and he was the only one around who could have healed him but why?

He thought the fumes could be more dangerous and they may even ignite and explode. Mark plased his saber in his holster and grabbed the two unconsious sentiant. He ran into a small forest and layed then there, He was about to leave them when he heard the the howl of a kath hound and they would be unprotected from the beasts. He used his lightsaber to cut branch to make a campfire and ignited it he removed the mandalorians equipment so if he awoke he would be less likly to attack. He left the twi'lek alone as he felt the poor slave would have been through enougth, but then he began to think of the words the mandalorian said 'my wife'. Could it be possible that they were married? He decided to stay awake so when the mandalorian awoke he could question him and possibly take him to the enclave for a trial... If he would not go freely mark would have no choise but to kill him.

Final Warrior
01-21-2005, 03:52 PM
*Quietstorm awaited outside the Mandalorian's ship. Something was wrong. Tendrils of darkness reached out around the ship. There was a violent, tainted light, as though a Jedi falling. Destruction, wrath, fury. Anger at friends, betrayal. The mark of the Sith. But no... there was some sort of light to it. Could it have been Trent?*

Quietstorm: And why must you resort to violence to have people conform to your plans? That is not the way of the Jedi. And since when did ghosts of Jedi have direct influences on the physical plane? Something is amiss here...

*Quietstorm walked up to the Mandalorian ship, into it. He snuck in quietly, stealthily, making sure no sensors picked him up. He held onto an EMP grenade in case he needed to blind some sensors or disable a droid. But there was something else amiss in the ship.*

Quietstorm: The oxygen...

*Using his Force Breathing technique, Quietstorm is no longer vulnerable to being asphyxiated. He walks over the oxygen tanks. Someone here had decided to deplete the oxygen in hopes on knocking out the pilot... but had forgotten to turn it back on. Quietstorm turned back up the oxygen, slowly, so that the people in the ship could adjust. As he was doing so, he looked around. There were signs of a struggle... and yet...*

Quietstorm: Damn. There's no one in here...

*A kath hound howls outside, sending a slight shiver down even Quietstorm's spine. But then...*

Quietstorm: When did kath hounds howl at nothing?... Mark. You idiot...

*Quietstorm turns back up the oxygen and leaves the ship. He looks around and sees footsteps, leading into the forest.*

Quietstorm: You idiot...

*Smoke rises from the trees. A fire. If there were any Sith still on Dantooine, then they would be coming here. Quietstorm sneaked stealthily through the forests, towards the fire. Sitting around it was Mark, and next to him were two unconcious sentients, a Mandalorian and a Twi-lek. No doubt his slave... and yet something told Quietstorm it wasn't. Quietstorm took a quick look at Mark, probing his mind slightly, to find out the past events. Mark wouldn't notice at all; Quietstorm wasn't diving deep into his mind. Soon Quietstorm was able to piece together what had happened, and what the Sith taint was inside the ship; it wasn't a Sith taint. Quietstorm stepped out into the clearing. Mark leapt up, his saber flashing.*

Quietstorm: Stand down, it is but me.

Mark: Oh... I had thought you were Revan for a moment, with those robes and that mask.

Quietstorm: Mmm... you have let your feelings take control of yourself. Even if the Twi'lek is his slave, he has a right to her; you would be commiting a crime in freeing her by killing him, or abducting her.

Mark: Nothing deserves to caged.

Quietstorm: That is true, but you could have coaxed the Mandalorian to give her to you. And your rage when you had awoken; that was unjust.

Mark: I had thought him to be a Dark Jedi.

Quietstorm: Did you not already defeat one? Then what fear of Dark Jedi is there for you? He bears a lightsaber, true; he might just be a Gray Jedi. You attempted to attack him, without knowing who or what he is.

Mark: That is untrue. I had attempted to free his slave; he attacked me.

Quietstorm: Would you not attack someone attempting to make away with your property? And besides... did he not say something about his wife?

Mark: ... yes well-

Quietstorm: He is a Mandalorian. They have war for blood. I would advise to be more careful when trespassing on another's property, and when attempting to make away with someone's possessions.

Mark: I do not need a lecture. I am a Jedi Knight, same asyou.

Quietstorm: That may be, but I am advising you as an ally, showing you where you have been mistaken. THere is a lesson in every mistake; learn from them. No then, let us await the Mandalorian's awakening, and hope for an explanation.

Mark: He'll be awake soon; you have lectured for quite a while.

01-21-2005, 06:24 PM
Thoughts and dreams filled La'ola's mind. She saw her father, the Senator. He was reaching out for her. The smile on his face and the laughter in his voice made her feel at peace. She began to run towards towards him in almost slow motion. She reached him, and fell into his arms. Smiling, she turned to look into his eyes. He was no longer smiling. He pushed her away slightly, and she saw the glint of a blade in his other hand. He thrust it at her belly, and......

La'ola jumped awake. She could feel the burst of adrenaline spiking in her system, and she felt disgust at the fresh memory of her father's betrayal. She noticed that she wasn't in her bed with Kola, and had a small feeling of panic overtake her. She sat up and began to frantically look around for Kola. She noticed the campfire and two men that she recognized from the Enclave. Jedi. She finally noticed T'uune next to her and breathed a sigh of relief. Looking back at the Jedi, she studied them as they were studying her.

La'ola- "Where are we?"

01-22-2005, 01:15 AM
(OCC- I think speaking for another character counts as character controlling)

The twi'lek was the first to awake which surprised Mark as she was not the stronger of the two.

Mark- you're still on danttooine in a forest half a mile east of the ship i found you in.

He began to think of how he got himself into this mess first he heard that the jedi bastillia had defeated revan so the council assign him to assist Edison Trent and now he is in a forest with a dark jedi , his slave and a jedi who embraces the darkside. If it wasn't for Marks own struggle with his hate and anger he'd be the only one who would be able to comply with a the jedi mandate. However what was his mandate he was to follow edison trent and when he died his only order was defeat the sith. how was he suppose to do that they are converting more and more jedi and their ships are coming at such a rate the republic are losing the war.

Mark- Don't worry we'll take you to the enclave and have that scum locked up for what he has done. :he turned to look at quietstorm: Then i'm going to see the council for a new mission, Trent has died and his last order was to me was vague. I cant follo it. I suggest you do the same.

01-22-2005, 02:14 AM
(ooc-as a suggestion, the pm system works quite well for setting up dialog. just send your character's dialog to the other person with the title of the rp in the subject line. then, let the other person respond until you both reach a concluding point of some kind. ;) )

La'ola- "Hey!! Nobody talks about my husband like that!!"

Apparently, the Jedi had mistaken T'uune for being the only threat among the two of them, and La'ola still had her blaster and her katana. With a flash, La'ola jumped to her feet, pulled the katana out of its sheath, and pointed the tip of the blade at Mark's neck.

01-22-2005, 02:32 AM
Mark felt the cold blade against his neck from the twi'lek who he now knows to be an accomplis not a slave. He thought about how he could get out of this situation should he just chop her hand off or use the mind trick he desided that both would be a waste of energy as this women seemed to have a spirit that leaned to the light.

Mark- I Don't wish to hurt you but i will defend myself, put the weapon down and let's talk.

Final Warrior
01-22-2005, 09:42 AM
OOC: CCing is usually limited to actions, unless you give someone else's character dialogue that doesn't fit them at all, i.e., "Mark: DIEDIEDIE!" That would be character controlling. Doing dilogue for another character to further dialogue/story isn't character-controlling.


*Quietstorm moved forward. He put his gloved hand on the katana blade, holding it down and away.*

Quietstorm: Stand down, or I will be forced to incapitate you. And you wouldn't want that happening just after you wake up.

01-22-2005, 10:20 AM
La'ola simply pulled the blade out of his hand as she would a sheath, specifically making sure the blade cut through the gloves, but not his skin. She held the blade up to her face in a defying manner, then re-sheathed the blade.

La'ola- (calmly)"There is nothing that you could do to me that wouldn't cost you your life eventually. Whether from my hands or the hands of my husband, you would die. But, since I feel like being reasonable, I want to know why my husband is passed out like he's been drinking for hours on end, and why we're in the middle of a Dantooine forest around some campfire with two Jedi. Of course, that is if the explanation isn't too difficult for you."

Final Warrior
01-22-2005, 10:31 AM
*Quietstorm looks at his glove for a second.*

Quietstorm: *Quietly* It will mend...

*He looks back at La'ola.*

Quietstorm: I do not now all of the events that have taken place, but I do know this. Someone cut off your and your husband's oxygen whilst you were in the ship, in hopes to incapacitate you. However, whoever they were, tey had forgotten to turn it back on, and so you were going to be asphyxiated. Mark entered your ship, suspecting your husband to be a Dark Jedi, and you to be his slave. Whilst attempting to 'free' you, your husband awoke and knocked him out, healed him, and then opened a port in hopes of getting oxygen into the ship, but lapsed back into unconciousness. Mark awoke and carried you and your husband out here. I came in, checked the ship, turned back up the oxygen, and came out here. Mark and I talked for a bit, and then you awoke, demanding to know where we were, and then threatened Mark with a weapon. We are now awaiing your husband to wake up. Is that sufficient?

01-22-2005, 11:35 AM
Mark- "O,k thats pretty much what we know but lets get to what we don't know, Firstly can you tell me why your husband attacked the enclave, secondly why are the sith here and why did they attack you" mark already knew the answer to this question it was obvious the sith are backstabbing and proberly wanted to get rid of 'loose ends'. "and lastly why did edison trent attack your ship?"

01-22-2005, 06:58 PM
La'ola- "The answers can actually get quite complex, and since we've been betrayed twice in a single day, I honestly don't think letting you know what happened really matters anymore to us. Firstly, lets set things off on the right foot. My name is La'ola T'uune, and this is my husband, Kola T'uune.

In case you can't tell, he's a Mandalorian bounty hunter. He probably wouldn't like it if I got into details, but he is a former Jedi padawan and has a fair knowledge of the Force. He actually hasn't even told me all the details of his past, but I do know that his master betrayed him to follow some kind of Sith Lord a long time ago. Since then, he became a bounty hunter, and I'm sure you've at least heard about some of his exploits.

As for me, I came into his life as a bounty. I was captured by Darth Revan and held for ransom very early into the current Sith War. T'uune, however, rescued me from him. *sigh*But my father, well, he wanted me to die after the Republic knew of my escape. T'uune couldn't kill me, though, and I stayed with him since I couldn't go anywhere else. We fell hopelessly in love with each other a couple of years ago, and we had an official wedding ceremony six years ago.

As for us attacking the Enclave, well, it wasn't so much as an attack than just simply a chain of distractions to achieve a goal. That goal was to implant two pregnant ysalimiri inside of the Enclave. We succeeded, by the way, but we were betrayed, but not by the Sith. We were betrayed to the Sith. T'uune probably knows why, but I don't. Our employer was a Czerka Officer who used an assassin droid as a liason. We were never told his name, and T'uune destroyed the droid during the firefight earlier today.

Now, about Trent, all I know is that he made some kind of offer to my husband that had something to do with 'saving the galaxy'. T'uune declined on the grounds that he wasn't going to get paid for it, and apparently that ghost-thing has been harrassing us ever since. Stupid mother-:swear:....

Anyway, thats about all the details that I can go into without making T'uune angry with me, so you'll just have to wait for him to wake up before you can find out more."

01-23-2005, 12:38 AM
Mark- Well i'm Mark lightseeker and this is quietstorm. Kola T'uune the bounty hunter, I've heard he is second only to calo nord, I've also heard hes wanted or corruscant for crimes against the senate.
Mark looked at all the assembled party and then into the flames of the camp fire.
Mark- now i would be obliged to take you to the nearest republic authority... but i won't our meeting seems to be... strange. We are ordered to assist Trent and your husband seems to know him now that would lead me to beleive the force has brang us together to... save the galaxy and stop the sith.

01-23-2005, 04:10 AM
La'ola- "Well, whatever happens, I know for a fact that we're going to expect payment for whatever we do for you guys. And if I remember correctly, T'uune told me once that the galaxy isn't really worth saving in the middle of a war. The conflict alone creates high-profile bounties on both sides, thus higher returns than peace-time. Whatever happens, if you guys really want our loyalty, then your offer had better be higher than what the Sith, the Exchange, Czerka, and dozens of other private individuals can offer us. Otherwise, I know that T'uune will decline as he declined Trent."

T'uune stirred on the ground, and calmly sat up and looked around. He finally looked at La'ola and smiled.

T'uune- (to La'ola)"Very well done. I've been listening in since you woke up, and I must say that you've said almost exactly what I would have said if I had woken up first."

T'uune gets and hugs La'ola. T'uune had been waiting to embrace her since he had heard her waking up next to him. T'uune knew that whatever damage the lack of oxygen had caused would have been quickly healed by his regenerative abilities, and he was right. T'uune and La'ola released each other and looked at Mark and Quietstorm.

T'uune- "Well, I don't think that I've properly introduced myself. I'm Kola T'uune. I know that you've met my wife, so lets get down to business. I think I know what the mission is, but I need to know the offer your willing to give me before I make up my mind."

01-23-2005, 05:57 AM
Mark thougt for a moment and then looked up at the two bounty hunter.

Mark- Our Offer? well we can't offer you credits but lets be honest here there are things we all want more than credits. firstly i can arrange for all republic criminal records Concering you two to be wiped but thats quite small as you still go where you please but the thing you want the most is... Revenge. Revenge on those who kidnapped your wife and those who tried to kill you. I can't promise you many but i can guarentee we are going to come across more sith and dark jedi than any one else. If you want credits go but you said czerka and the sith will pay you, They want you dead not as an employee or did you mis understand what that dark jedi was doing to you. so you can work for the exchange but do you really want to work for a group that uses twi'leks as slaves. the way i see it, Its us or you will be running from everyone watching your back. : He looked at all the people around and into the flames : but you still have a choice... for now!

Final Warrior
01-23-2005, 09:38 AM
Quietstorm: ... I doubt he would care much for his criminal record... if ther is one at all. He is abounty hunter, true, but that is a legitimate job... But one thing strikes me as strange...

Mark: What?

Quietstorm: Why would the ghost of a deceased Jedi Master come back and begin to attack someone? I would understand if that someone were Sith... but there is something wrong here. Trent - if that is Trent at all - is doing many Darkside things... attacking ships... I don't doubt hat it was he who turned off your oxygen.

01-23-2005, 10:30 AM
Mark looks at Quietstorm and then looks within himself to feel the dark taint and looks back at Quietstorm to see the darkness within him.

Mark- You should know as much as i that no one is immune to the darkside not even a master who has become a ghost of the force. Us living are simply more suseptible(sp) to it.

He looks back at kola t'uune.

Mark- And from what i remember of my teaching of the exar kun uprising. Did your master not join exar kun on his crusade against the jedi. Ha, Funny how we always begin to become what we don't want to be especially when we hate it.

These words were familiar to him as he knows everytime he fights a dark jedi and strikes them down in anger he takes another step towards joining them.

Mark- back to our offer will you accept or will you just keep running from destiny.

01-23-2005, 11:44 AM
Trent was alone on the Dantooine plains. He was depressed, he had on friends, no parents, and no life. He sat there on the plains looking at the stars. He was an outcast, he couldn't rest in peace. He then got an idea. His body was in a tomb on Dantooine. He could be reborn, but that would take enormous amounts of pumped energy. He would have to have a big power source and that power source would have to be able to pump electricity into his body big amounts as fast as possible. He walked slowly to the Talarra's Fear.

He noticed the ship was still a big wreck. He turned invisible and walked in.

"So whats with the party?" Said Trent

He then dropped an envelope and some papers on the ground. He looked at T'uune in a stern way.

"Read it, decided yes or no."

The paper contained the plan of getting Trents body back. It was very complicated and the credits in the envelope were only enough to get the ship up and running again.

01-23-2005, 07:28 PM
T'uune studied the two Jedi. He already knew they couldn't make any monetary offers: the Jedi didn't believe in personal wealth.

However, the mere mention of his former Jedi master sent shivers of hatred across his body. Even his eyes briefly flashed red as the hatred echoed the darkness that had been with him since the betrayal. The darkness that T'uune had both learned to live with, and learned to use during brief points. T'uune, however, realized that his abilities would be limited against two Jedi, and quickly suppressed his hatred, as he was accustomed to doing. But he still had to respond to Mark about his master, so he tried to speak without letting the hatred come loose. He failed.

T'uune- (with hatred and intensity)"My master betrayed me and everything I used to believe in. I used to believe all the garbage that the Jedi Teachings throw at you. How to avoid loving relationships, avoiding anger, and even repressing emotions entirely. And all for what? So you won't get "tainted" by the darkside? So you won't succumb to its "temptations"?

(intensity and hatred increases) My master had gone through so much with me as a padawan to teach me all those things about peace and harmony. Then, he succumbs to his own emotions, which can never be suppressed, and begins to give in to the darkside, and finally turned completely. He tried to bring me with him, but I obeyed my teachings and fled. He even tried to kill me, but I still managed to escape.

I tried to return to the Enclave, but was refused admission. (hatred, beginning to overflow)The Jedi abandoned me at my dire hour, just as my master had betrayed me just hours beforehand. They ALL abandoned me!!! I even met several other Jedi just days afterwards, and was REFUSED help.

(speech is slow and deliberate) You can choose to fight for a faith that can still fail you and 'save the galaxy', but if I'm going to fight for that cause, then I need incentive to do so. I have no loyalty to the Jedi, the Sith, the Republic, or anyone else. My destiny will always lie with the highest bidder, and to no one else. There is only one cause in this galaxy, or any other, that would gain my unheralded loyalty: my wife. Outside of her, there is NO CAUSE worth fighting for."

The intensity and hatred continued to steam inside of T'uune. Even his eyes betrayed what had just happened, in that they were now wreathed in a dark flame.

All that had happened in the past 70+ years of his life had just reached an overflowing point, but instead of tears or weeping, T'uune had become instilled with the darkside. But T'uune soon realized what had happened, and pushed the hatred from his mind. His eyes and overall demeanor returned to normal. However, the hatred was still in a small corner of his mind, ready to be released once again.

01-24-2005, 12:30 AM
Mark looked and saw the anger surface in the mandalorian and then subside.

Mark- Now we are asking for your help and you are being just like the jedi you hate so much. The order tried to turn their back on me when my master was killed but they did not. I'll be honest the war is going badly and you honestly think the sith will want a mandalorian and twi'lek being bounty hunters in their empire you want credits you can get them from anywhere else we are offering you more we are offering you the ability to save those who cry for help, Those only can save, to stop those who wish to turn yourwife into a slave nad those who will want you dead. This is destiny if you turn your back on it you are as bad as those who you should be fighting

These words he spoke were once spoken by his master before his death When mark was just told he had a destiny that may start the path to save everything. he looked back at kola t'uune and his wife.

Mark- I have nothing more to say, i suggest we all go back to our ships. I'f you communicate with me in 12 hours i'll i'll expect an agreement if not don't make any communication and leave otherwise i'll be at your ship ready to take you to the nearest republic authority for judgement. Good bye T'uune.

Mark stood up and pulled his robes hood over his head and walked away towards his speeder bike. He raced off towards where A-10 landed his fighter to await the possible communication.

01-24-2005, 03:37 AM
Without waiting for Quietstorm to respond, T'uune and La'ola gathered their things and returned to Talarra's Fear. The ship was a mess, and T'uune found the envelope and the instructions from Trent. Although T'uune was angry, he couldn't bring himself to let an old friend go. He kept the envelope and the money and started repairing what he could while La'ola traveled to a supply depot on the speeder to pick up some parts.

T'uune figured he could at least get Talarra in the air and fly out under full manual control. With no weapons or real manuevering capabilities, though, T'uune knew he couldn't get in a firefight until it was fully repaired.

La'ola arrived at the supplier depot, with whom T'uune and La'ola had done tons of business with in the past and picked as many parts as she could on credit. With T'uune's reputation, they knew they'd get the money within a week or two. La'ola returned to Talarra and began replacing the damaged parts with T'uune's help. After a couple of hours, Talarra was repaired enough so that Talarra's Fear could take off. T'uune did so, controlling only the neccessary thrusters needed for manuevering while La'ola controlled the throttle and made heading calls back to T'uune.

With that, Talarra's Fear left Dantooine and flashed into hyperspace.

01-24-2005, 10:22 AM
Mark was meditating by his fighter still waiting to see if T'uune would take the offer. He had recently told the enclave of the yasamari and the jedi managed to get to them before they had given birth. He had also just heard of the blocade around taris and how the jedi bastillia had gone missing. He had also heard of another jedi turning to the darkside and that all jedi were to leave her by the grove until she can be counciled by someone.

A-10- Beep beep

Mark- So he left then, see if you can get the signal on that tracking device, if they have not replied by the time the 12 hours are up we'll have to after them.

During his earliar communication with the jedi he told them of the situation and was told to attempt to arrest the ex-padawan bounty hunter if he refused to help them. he was still unawere if he was to do this by himself or if another would be assigned a jedi or member of the republic. He began to contemplate what Quietstorm would be doing as mark was still unsure who this man actually worked for as he seemed to be a most un-orthadox jedi if he even considerd himself one. Mark desided to wait knowing his tracking device would go undetected atleast until they arrived at there next location.

Final Warrior
01-24-2005, 03:36 PM
*Quietstorm still stands amongst the trees. He contemplates the words of the Mandalorian... It reminds him of so much, and yet of so little. Quietstorm had felt the taint. He had become the taint, reveled in it... and was redeemed. In love, in his cruel, cold fury known to him as 'love', he redeemed himself. But the Order had not accepted him. Not until he had to strike down the one he loved. It wasn't an order plot; it was necessary. He wasn't forced to; he decided to. Her blood was forever on his hands, and the words of the Mandalorian had struck a nerve, strokekd a memory. Quietstorm turned and left. He walked, all of the way back to his ship.*

Quietstorm: Lily, prepare the ship. I have a feeling that we will be leaving soon...

Lily: Aye sir!

*Lily had always thought the commander to be a strange one, but then again, what Jedi wasn't? But this Jedi, he had history. Something in his past that changed him. She doubted that he was always calm and cool, even under fire. Something told her that he used to have quite the temper, of controllable emotions but only to a specific point. She thought that he was once a normal person like them all. But it didn't matter what she thought; that wasn't what she was paid to do. She primed the ship's engines, calling out to Nav to prep themseves.*

01-25-2005, 07:10 AM
Talarra's Fear exited hyperspace. T'uune hit the forward thrusters hard, because he knew what was coming. A space station was just ahead, and the braking thrusters were needed to prevent them from slamming into it. La'ola set in the nav points and headings, and T'uune followed them as best as he could.

The station gave them clearance, and T'uune carefully guided it into place underneath the the docking hatch (similar to the docking hatch the Millenium Falcon used at the end of TESB). The clamps locked on, and La'ola began to shut down the systems. T'uune walked into the cockpit with La'ola.

T'uune- "Well, she held together, anyway."

La'ola- "We'd be in some really deep stuff if she didn't."

T'uune- "Hmph, well, its a nice solid ship. Anyway, we're here for repairs. This guy still owes me a ton of money on a job I did for him 10 years ago. I have a feeling he'll get his men to fix the ship and add modifications, with proper coaxing of course."

La'ola- "Well, who is the guy?"

T'uune- "He's an ancient supplier of sorts for anybody that wants his services. His name's Flosh Vgieran, or just Floshy for short. He been a big supplier for every side in every war since Exar Kun. It wasn't always a legitimate business, hence the job I did for him 10 years ago. But now, even the Republic recognizes it as an important contributor to the war effort. The thing is, he doesn't want anybody knowing where his base of operations is, just in case it loses that legitimacy with whoever's in power. The only reason I'm permitted that knowledge is because he still hasn't paid me."

La'ola- "I think the question is: why hasn't he paid you yet if he's running a good business?"

T'uune- "Simple: he offered me free repairs, upgrades, and even new ships for free as long as I'm alive as the payment. So, he hasn't lived up to his end of the bargain until I die."

T'uune and La'ola went up the hatch and went inside the station. Flosh was there to greet them. He was a short, natural colored twi'lek. As soon as he saw La'ola, his eyes lit up.

T'uune- "Floshy!! How ya been doin??"

Flosh- "Pretty good. Business 's ben excellent, too. How's life been treatin ya??"

T'uune- "Well, its been treatin me alright, but Talarra's in bad shape right now. If you don't mind, of course?"

Flosh- "Of course not. I always keep me word. Need anythin special this time?"

T'uune- "She could use some new armor, if you got some lying around. Oh, and uhh, maybe you guys could juice up those engines a bit. We need some more kick off the line."

Flosh- "Not a problem. It just so happens that I can replace that ancient durasteel armor with some of the latest stuff. Its some of that high-impact stuff thats really lightweight. Disipates the energy from blasters pretty good, too. Hmm, its kind of interestin, since the war with the Sith began, they haven't been callin fer much other than stuff for their troops. Very few parts for their ships, and I hear they got a massive fleet. Seems a bit unusual to me."

T'uune- "Hmm, that is weird. You're not asking me to check it out for you, are ya?"

Flosh- "Well, I wouldn't mind if you decided to lend me a word or two if ya did, but otherwise, I'm already payin ya a lot for the last job ya did. Anyway's, did you get yourself a girlfriend there, or did ya marry her (motioning towards La'ola)?"

T'uune- "OH!! I'm sorry I forgot to introduce my wife. Flosh, this is my wife, La'ola Nomancrei T'uune. La'ola, this is Flosh Vgieran."

Flosh- "Nomancrei?!? Your not that one Senator's daughter are ya? That got rescued six years ago??"

La'ola- "Yes, Senator Nomancrei is my father, well, at least I consider him to be my father. But since he never had a son, well, I just 'got in the way'. Trust me, there is a reason why my father didn't marry me off to some rich noble back on Ryloth."

Flosh- "Ahh, that stupid Ryloth tradition of a father disowning his own daughters. Well, all I have to say is that I'm a very proud father of 5 daughters and just one son. Granted, I had them with two seperate wives, but the first one died in an accident. Anyways, I'll let you guys head on down to the guest wing, and I'll make sure your ship gets a good job done on her."

T'uune- "Thanks, but I've got a special request for ya. I need a large capacitance power converter as a favor to an old friend.."

Flosh- "Consider it done. Now, go get some rest, well, for a couple of hours anyway."

After a couple of hours, Flosh called T'uune and La'ola into his offices. As they walked in, T'uune could feel the anger from Flosh. Something was wrong.

T'uune- "Whats the problem, Flosh?"

Flosh- "This is the problem. (holds up the tracking devise that Mark had put on the hull) Do you have any idea where you got this?"

T'uune- "I didn't even know it was there. It must've been placed there within the past 48 hrs or so, and there's only been........(realizes that it was Mark)one person to visit my ship before now. THAT SON OF A :swear:!!!! That :swear: jedi must've placed it on my hull the other night."

Flosh- (calms down)"A Jedi? Hmm, okay, well, thats not a problem. The Jedi already know where this is. Its a good bet that he knows you here, though. It broadcasted the tracking signal as soon as you left hyperspace."

T'uune- (annoyed)"Well, is everything done yet?"

Flosh- "Yes, yes, its all done. The power converter that you specified is in your cargo hold as well. You can leave when you wish."

T'uune- (forces a smile)"Well, thanks again. I hope you dont' get into any trouble on my account. I'll see ya around sometime."

Flosh- "Alright T'uune, you and your wife take care. And drive safely."

La'ola disengaged Talarra's Fear from the docking hatch. Everything was working well within normal parameters, except that the engines were running cooler than normal. No doubt one of the modifications added to them. La'ola set the coordinates into the nav computer, and Talarra's Fear flashed into hyperspace.

01-25-2005, 08:22 AM
Marks fighter was flying through hyperspace to a sector of space that appered to be the middle of nowhere. mark was just thinking of the previous events and the hate and anger he had felt. He also wondered if t'uune had even gave his offer a second thought. His orders was to bring the bounty hunter responsible for the attack on the enclave to see the order. The odd thing was he wasn't to be arrested it was for somthing else. mark desided just to find him pass on the message then see if he would follow although from what he now knows of T'uune he is unlikly too. His thought started to think of the resent developments of the sith blockade of taris and how bastillia was missing. This was another advancement for the sith in the war, no bastillia ment no battle meditation. The signal of the tracking device suddenly stopped and he knew it was discovered Mark hoped that t'uune had not left the system let. A flew Minuets later he exited hyperspace and only saw a single station so he desided to communicate after an extensive arguement (and a little jedi mind trick) he was cleared to enter a hanger and landed. He was greeted by a Twi'lek.

Twi'lek- you are not wanted here

Mark- I'm just here looking to give someone a message.

Twi'lek- I know who exactly you are looking for and he ain't here so go.

Mark- do you know where he is, Flosh Vgieran.

Flosh- how do you know who i am.

Mark- I'm a jedi i know these things, don't worry i don't care about what goes on here. I'm here to complete my mandate so i need to see t'uune, where is he.

Flosh- he left, Idon't know where.

Mark- i need you to do somthing for me then, send him a communication to return.

Flosh- why should i do that?

Mark- Because if you don't every goverment in the galaxy may find out about this place.

Flosh- and what if i don't let you leave.

Mark- please, i'm a jedi i'd like to see you try and hold me.

Flosh- hmmmm, what would you have me tell him.

Mark- The truth, i'm here witha message for him that can only be delivered personally.

Flosh- and if he doesn't return?

Mark- I'll leave and pertend i was never here.

Mark and flosh walked in to a room with a large communication console and he recorded and then sent the message to t'uunes ship. They then walked into a lounge room that overlooked the hanger with his fighter in it. and awaited to see if t'uune would return.

01-25-2005, 02:29 PM
Trent was in his tomb on Dantooine. He had set traps everywhere so noone except a jedi could get through. The jedi must have a good heart. Knowing T'uune, T'uune heart was in the right place.

He sat next to his sarcophagus. He heard something from behind him. He turned invisible and looked around.

"So sir where is the riches?" Said a voice
"There probably in that chest over there, Trent was very wealthy, or so ive heard." Said a big grumpy Trandoshan

"T'uune needs to get here soon." Trent whispered to himself

01-25-2005, 06:13 PM
T'uune gripped the man with the Force and lifted him even higher into the air. Around him layed the bodies of Czerka guards. T'uune was angry, but he was controlling it to make sure he got the information he needed.

T'uune- "Why did you want me to get captured by the Sith? ANSWER ME!!!"

Officer- (choking and gasping for air)"I...had......to. They left me....no choice. (gasps for air)"
T'uune- (increases the grip on the man, just slightly)"Bull-:swear:ing-:swear:. Your lying. What was the price??"

Officer- (still choking)"They.....stormed the office......offered me my life.......for yours."

T'uune- (briefly squeezes very hard)"YOUR STILL LYING!!!!"

Officer- "OKAY!! (gasps) Okay....(gasps) They offered.......75k."

T'uune- "You're trying to insult me, aren't you? 75k for me?? Why did they want me?"

Officer- (gasps)"Said something about......an assault.....the Jedi.......you killed the commander......a Force vision......I don't remember.......details."

T'uune probed the man's mind again. He was telling the truth, now. T'uune lightly tossed him back into his office chair, and walked outside. This news was quite troubling for T'uune since he had just recently seen a similar vision during his meditation on the trip.

What made things even more unusual for T'uune was that he still had a chance to take up Mark's offer. As T'uune and La'ola boarded Talarra's Fear, T'uune figured that he'd entertain the idea a bit, especially since he was returning to Dantooine to help Trent out.

01-26-2005, 01:19 AM
Mark and flosh were speaking over a bottle of nubian wine they were still awaiting the communication from t'uune. Both men seemed to have calmed down since their initial verbal confrontation.

Flosh. Ha, You know your alright, for a jedi.

Mark- Thank you.

Flosh- so can i ask what do you want with T'uune.

Mark- I can't give you too many details but there is somthing big happening in fact there are two big things coming. Last i heard the first one is going to be handled by the jedi bastillia so i don't need to worry about that. But they need T'uune for somthing else somthing that could save everything.

Flosh- Huh, how do you mean?

Mark- well thats what i'm not alloud to discuss.

Flosh desided not to persue his line of enquirey and turned his views to the fighter mark was flying.

Flosh- Thats the new type 2 JMS ain't it.

Mark- yeah.

Flosh- how fast is it?

Mark- It's the fastest fighter in the galaxy.

Floosh- [whistle] nice you must be a fair pilot.

Mark- I'm alright.

Flosh- Modest aswell i suspect. I tell ya i would love to get my hands on that.

Mark- well it's not mine to give. so keep away.

Flosh- O-k, you know T'uune should have replied by now.

Mark- Yes, I better be going back to dantooine, and tell them i was unsuccessful.

Mark and flosh walked into the hanger and mark got in.

Mark- Don't worry your seacret is safe with me.

His fighter left the hanger and shot into hyperspace. after an hour he arrived at the enclave and walked to the council the council were concerned of the amount of grave robbins of jedi tombs but they asked mark to wait as they felt somthing else would solve it.

Master vrook- Mark, We have resently discovered that the sith that you fought while, investigating t'uune were not as they seemed. They are apart of a splintered group who have broken away from The main army under the command of the former jedi Master Ny'son. Ny'son is now a dark jedi master and they appear to be doing somthing that not even the sith seen to condone. We did wish for T'uune to accompany you on this mission but as you were unsuccessful we will have to consider some other candidates for it. We beleive the resently elected twi'lek senator on coruscant may be helping these sith. you are to find and question him to see what he knows. This may have been made easier if t'uune was with you as we understand he worked for this senator Nomancrei.

Mark- Yes, I beleive he married the senators daughter.

Master vrook- You leave tomorrow, allthough this is not an order if you can just check the recent jedi tomb as they are likly to be targeted by these grave robbers.

Mark then left the enclave and headed towards the tombs.

01-26-2005, 12:00 PM
There were at least 10 slaves minor guard. The there was like 20 trandoshans. Trent slowly turned invisible and walked to a trandoshan seperated from the rest of the group. He snuck up behind and grappled him, then broke his neck.

He picked up the body and put it in a corner. He checked the body and found a datapad. He read it.

The 5th day of our mission to find the treasure

We were ambushed by some Kath Hounds the other day. They injured our slaves and killed our men. We have 14 men left and a couple slaves. I hope the Kath Hounds don't live in the tomb.

-Grundo Gran

Trent heard something breathing. He turned invisible and looked around. It was a big red Kath Hound. They were known as the "Devil Kath Hound". They were extremely rare and if you found one and killed it you would probably get alot for the tusks. It was almost as big as a Krayt Dragon. The Kath Hound slowly snuck into the other room. Trent heard gunfire, screams, and blood. He slowly looked into the room and all he saw was one slave next to his tomb.

"Help someone, anyone here?!?" Said the Slave
"Your okay someone will come and help you." Said Trent in the persons ear

The slave then fell asleep over in a shadow corner where he couldn't be seen. More Trandoshans came as if there were reinforcements right outside the tomb waiting for the other people to die.

Final Warrior
01-26-2005, 03:53 PM
OOC: AIght, I'm outta this RP. You guys go way too fast...


*Over Quietstorm's comms systems, Lily appears.*

Lily: Sir, I'm patching through a message. It's Code Red, clearance Drone/8B

*A man in Republic uniform appears.*

Man: Quietstorm, you are needed. We have transferred the coordinates to your ship.

*Quietstorm leaves, headed towards his ship. Soon he steps into his ship. It leaves Dantooine and streaks away to another battle to be fought against the Sith. Mayhap he would come back another time.*

01-26-2005, 03:56 PM
La'ola went through the landing cycle, and Talarra's Fear was back on Dantooine, except they were now in a very hidden location. La'ola made the job of finding it all the more difficult by hooking up a modified stealth field to Talarra's sheild generators.

T'uune, however, was thinking to himself. The main thing he was wondering is why he was doing this for absolutely no money. Sure, the thrill of the hunt is one thing, and the glory of combat is incredible, but everything for no money? It just didn't make sense for T'uune. T'uune just felt that maybe he should give up on the whole bounty hunting business and settle down with La'ola at the getaway T'uune had built for them 3 years ago. It was built in an isolated spot in the middle of a rainforest. It was a beautiful location, and T'uune didn't spare anything when it came to luxeries. It had everything they could ever dream of and more. All he had to do was.....

La'ola- "Well, are we going to get outa here or what?"

T'uune jumped. He wasn't expecting La'ola to interrupt his thoughts.

T'uune- *sigh*"Yeah, lets get go. Don't forget: bring maximum firepower. In case something goes wrong, I want us to be able to fight our way out."

La'ola- "Already taken care of. Everything we could possibly need is in the speeder."

T'uune- (smiling lightly)"Alright then, lets get moving."

La'ola and T'uune left Talarra's Fear and got into the speeder. It was weighted down with a turbolaser attachment on a rear turret. T'uune knew what that was for and got in the gunner's seat behind the controls of the gun. La'ola grabbed the controls, and they sped off towards the Jedi Tombs.

T'uune felt ahead with the Force and could feel the aura coming from the Tombs. Just the chambers having the Jedi there made it a powerful location in the Force. But T'uune felt something else. Something dark, sinister, waiting. It didn't bode well for T'uune. He felt something else as they approached: a group of people. They were heading into the caves. They were armed, and T'uune could feel greed coming from them. Grave robbers.

T'uune ordered La'ola to slow down as they approached. As they crested over a hill, La'ola stopped the speeder while T'uune studied them with a view-finder. It was a small group of Trandoshans, and a few slaves. The Trandoshans were carrying heavy blaster rifles, and he noticed a manned blaster turret set up near what T'uune guessed to be their perimeter.

T'uune adjusted the scope on the turbolaser sight, and aimed for the blaster turret. T'uune let his weapon charge up, then he fired. The blast hit the turret in its charging banks, releasing a cascade of electric current throughout the machine as it shorted out. The trandoshan manning it died instantly.

The rest of the trandoshans readied their weapons and ran towards the perimeter. T'uune got out of the gunner's seat and pulled out his rifle. Aiming carefully, he slowly pressed on the trigger. *pppft* The supressed gun fired a 60mm round. The round hit a trandoshan in the head, and a fuse in the bullet set off a very small charge that blew the bullet into a ton of smaller fragments as it was penetrating the trandoshan's skull. Its head blew apart like a melon.

T'uune recocked the bolt and aimed for another Trandoshan. The previous shot had sent the trandoshans off to look for cover. Unfortunately for one of them, he didn't realize that T'uune could still see the back of his head. *pppft* T'uune recocked the bolt as he prepared to snipe out another trandoshan. One of them was hiding behind a tree. T'uune turned off the fuse for his next round, and *pppft*. T'uune recocked the bolt and prepared for another deadly shot.

By the third shot, the trandoshans realized that they would all get shot out if they stayed outside, and they all went running into the cave. But not before T'uune took out two more of them as they were running.

Now that the clip on his gun was empty, T'uune simple replaced it and got back into the speeder. La'ola carefully and quietly headed towards the entrance the trandoshans had entered.

01-27-2005, 12:00 AM
Mark desided to wait a few hours before heading to the burial grounds and get some sleep. He set up a small camp halfway between the enclave and burial grounds. He layed nexy to a tree in the fields ensureing his mind was open to his surrounding ensuring he could not be attacked in his sleep.

In his sleep he began to dream of a temple in the middle of a jungle. His mind wandered inside and he saw himself, T'uune La'ola and the deseased jedi Trent fighting sith and dark jedi. in the back ground of the fighting he saw a massive sphere that was glowing red like the darkside dose in force sight. he then heard himself shout "we must stop the device it will be active soon!" his mind then flashed red and he awoke.

When he awoke it was late so he desided to head for the tombs he walked and felt disturbanses in front of him as if life was being estinguished. He began to run and hid behind a tree to see trandoshan run into a new tomb. he looked on the outside and reconised the statue of the occupant

Mark- Edison Trent?.

He also looked around and saw dead trandoshan some of which no longer possessed their heads. Which he felt explained why the others ran into the tomb. Suddenly he heard a speeder and felt a familiar presance drive up to the entrance. It was t'unne he contemplated if he should approach them but was unsure if they would be friendly towards him. He will be needed for his upcoming mission to coruscant if he would help?

01-27-2005, 12:10 PM
La'ola stopped the speeder near the perimeter the trandoshans had established before T'uune sniped them out. T'uune felt into the cave and could feel the trandoshans trying desperately not to be afraid. Granted it was quite difficult to be brave after 6 of your comrades mysteriouly got their heads blown off from a sniper.

T'uune was about to step outside the speeder when he felt a presence nearby. T'uune very carefully aimed his turbolaser at a large tree branch where it joined the tree, and fired a small charge. The bolt hit the large branch, causing it to fall down directly on top of Mark.

01-27-2005, 07:05 PM
Trent heard something from his tomb. It was gunfire, loud and noisy. He decided to go to sleep in his crypt and wait for T'uune to resurrect his body. He slowly fell asleep and had a strange dream.

Don't please don't.
Now you die Mark
*cough*We need to rescue Trent still

Trent had flashes of a Terentek. It had killed T'uune, injured Mark, and the Sith had tried to take La'ola. It was almost as if it might come true. Trent sat in his crypt silently waiting for T'uune.

01-28-2005, 09:05 AM
The branch landed on his head causing mark to fall to the ground suddenly he had a vision in his short unconsciousness he heard
Don't please don't.
Now you die Mark
*cough*We need to rescue Trent still

followed by a vision of a Terentek. It had killed T'uune, injured Mark, and the Sith had tried to take La'ola. he also felt the presance of an other but not in the vision as if another was having it at the exact same moment.

He snapped out of the black out and stood on to his feet and walked over to the speeder rubbing his head with one hand and had the other out in front of him as a sign for the gunner not to shoot.

Mark- For the sake of the force do you know how much it hurts having a branch fall on your head. By zantors minion, do you shoot near everyone you meet?

01-28-2005, 06:43 PM
La'ola- (taunting)"You mean you couldn't use the Force to sense the branch falling on top of you?"

T'uune- (smiling)"Hey, I didn't realize it was you. As far as I knew, you were a leftover trandoshan that didn't make it inside. Look, just get over it so we can get this thing done. I've got the power converter we need for this right here. Now, lets do this."

01-29-2005, 01:37 AM
Mark looked at the power converter and began to wonder what was going on. He shook off the pain and raised the hood on his robes to cover up any injurys.

Mark- What do you mean by lets do this? I'm here to investigate the grave robberys before i go on my next mission. Which is why i was tracking you because the republic are willing to pay you if you help me on this mission.

01-29-2005, 05:23 AM
T'uune- "You mean to tell me that you didn't here about what Trent wanted to do? He wanted me to use the power converter to re-unite him with his body. Hmmph, thought you were here to help."

T'uune and La'ola get out of the speeder and load up on weapons.

La'ola- "Since you're here, you could lend us a hand if you wish."

01-29-2005, 08:28 AM
Mark looked at the 2 in the speeder with a look of confusion.

Mark- You are trying to ressurect a fallen jedi, who distroyed your ship... someone must be paying you alot.

He looked at the converter and then back at T'uune

Mark- O.k, I'll help but after we've done this you let me by you both a drink at the nearest cantina while i make the republics proposal... Deal.

Mark held out his hand in order to shake hands if the bounty hunter would accept the proposal.

01-29-2005, 12:10 PM
T'uune- "This is a favor for an old friend. I'm only doing this out of the single shred of kindness thats left in me. As for the drinks, I could use a good Corellian ale. Haven't had one of those in a while."

T'uune grabs Marks hand and shakes it.

T'uune- "Now lets get moving. Just be careful: I felt some kind of powerful darkness in here. And that wasn't the trandoshans."

With that, T'uune and La'ola crouched down and snuck inside the cave. As they enter the first chamber, T'uune pulls out his concussion rifle. La'ola already had her repeating rifle at ready. As they travel further into the chamber, several trandoshans pop out of hiding and open fire. T'uune quickly fires a blast near one of the trandoshans, sending shards of rock flying into the air. Several shards impact the nearby trandoshan, and one blade-shaped shard impacts the trandoshan in the head, killing him.

La'ola then proceeds to lay down tons of suppressing fire in the general vicinity of a couple of trandoshans. With the trandoshans hunkered down, T'uune pulls out a thermal detonator and sets it for a small charge. He tosses the detonator behind the trandoshans, which brings one out of hiding. He was quickly cut down by T'uune with a single blast from the concussion rifle. The others froze in place and watched in horror as the detonator went off. They were instantly disintegrated.

However, the blast caused a small cave-in in that corner of the chamber, which also covered up the entrance to the next chamber. Undaunted, T'uune uses the Force to pull some of the rubble out of the way, but can't get a large piece of rubble out of the way. The entrance is still blocked.

01-30-2005, 12:05 AM
Mark clapped slowly at t'uune.

Mark- "You know your shoot first, shoot somemore, yob a granade and then ask a question way of doing things, isn't how yyou should act in a unstable tomb. "

Mark looked at the large piece of rubble and noticd it would not budge. so he began to knock along the wall near the rubble to find a weak pot. he continued this for a minute and suddenly stopped moving knocking in the same place.

Mark- Hmmm, but then again that way of doing things can help occasionally. : turns to t'uune : If you have any timed or remote mines i would plase one here. :points at wall: Not too powerful however.

01-30-2005, 06:26 AM
La'ola- (annoyed at Mark)"Oh come off it already. Would you have rather have us engage in a huge shootout that would last for at least 10 min or longer, or have a quick resolution with a grenade?"

T'uune- *sigh*"Look, if you need a charge in that exact spot, all I have to do is change a couple of settings on my concussion rifle here, and viola, (fires a charge at the spot Mark pointed out, creating a small hollow area that extended the opening to the next chamber) instant door."

T'uune and La'ola carefully head in to the next chamber.

01-30-2005, 01:21 PM
Mark also entered the chamber and looked around his surroundings with force sight.

Mark- It looks like you killed them all.

He continued to look around and saw that the spirit of Edison Trent was in the crypt chamber.

Mark- He is through there, waiting for us.

He walks into the crypt chamber.

01-30-2005, 06:32 PM
"Who is that?" asked Trent

Suddenly two Sith showed up. One force pushed T'uune and the other quickly shot Mark with a stun blaster. Then a terentek showed up. Trent occupied himself trying to kill the terentek.

"Guys forget me, get outta here!" Trent threw his saber through the terentek's head, the monster roared and fell to the ground.

Trent was almost to late. The first Sith raised his lightsaber to T'uunes face.


01-30-2005, 07:02 PM
Without waiting for the Sith to revel in his moment of glory, T'uune lashed out with the Force, throwing the Sith across the chamber. The other Dark Jedi studied T'uune for a moment. His eyes glared into T'uune's. T'uune could feel the Sith pulling his power from anger that resided within him. T'uune began to remember fighting his former master after he had fallen to the darkside. His master also drew his strength from anger that was within him.

The thoughts of his former master rekindled the hatred that lied within him, and the darkside began to flow within him once again. His eyes began to glow like fire once again as the hatred began to manifest itself. But this time, T'uune had no reason to suppress these feelings of hatred, and he began to revel in its power.

Meanwhile, La'ola recognized the hatred that was now surfacing within T'uune and decided to prevent him from trying to use it. She remembered the last time that had happened, no matter how many times she tried to forget. With the Sith facing T'uune, she very quickly unsheathed her katana and slashed the blade across the Sith's neck. The Sith collapsed on the ground, and its head rolled away from the body. La'ola quickly resheathed the katana and turned to face the other Sith, who was having a difficult time recovering from T'uune's strike.

Watching the Sith die did not ebb the growing tide of T'uune's hatred, however. Instead, it reminded him of a recurring thought of what he wanted to do with his former master. Looking over at the other Sith, T'uune began to see him as his old master, reincarnate. He calmly walked over to the Sith, and felt inside the Sith's body with the Force. Grabbing his lungs, T'uune picked the Sith off the ground with the Force. With one quick thought, T'uune completely crushed the Sith's chest with a sickening *crunch* as the ribcage forcefully collapsed.

The Sith then collapsed on the ground, struggling and gasping for air. T'uune knelt down next to the Sith and smiled sinisterly. He stopped smiling then got up and looked at Trent, La'ola, and Mark. The hatred was still there, evident in his flaming eyes. The darkside was beckoning for him, and T'uune was about to answer.

01-31-2005, 12:18 AM
while he was stunned, Mark watched as he managed to fight back his own anger. He saw the anger surface and felt that this is what could happen to him if he alloud the dark taint to take control. He saw the anger and hate begin to take control of T'uune. However mark still not the light in him but how could he strengthen that. He turned and saw the ghost of trent fight the strange beast he only heard of in legends. Suddenly the terentek just walked through the ghost due to its immunity to the effects of the force and pounced on to T'uune. More sith ran in to the room with lightsaber and blasters then Mark Noticed the similarity between this scene and the vision he had outside the tomb. while the t'uune was on the floor after the terentek attack it turned and dived on one of the sith troops.

Sith troop- "Don't please don't!"

These words were in the vision he shared with another. One of the sith knights moved over to the still stuned mark. and looked down at him,

Sith knight- "this is the jedi Mark lightseeker!" : he stood up and raised his lightsaber to strike mark : "now you die mark"

01-31-2005, 07:34 AM
T'uune was knocked backwards, but La'ola quickly ran over to cover him with a hailstorm of her repeating blaster. However, there was hardly any cover at all, and La'ola got hit with a blaster bolt from a Sith trooper.

T'uune watched La'ola get hit, and suddenly, the darkside completely took over. Hatred was now combined with absolute rage. T'uune wasn't pulling from his hatred and anger any longer: he was feeding off of it. Unparalleled strength and power coursed through his entire body. A Dark Jedi was preparing to strike the finishing blow on La'ola, but T'uune merely grabbed the Sith by his heart with the Force and literally crushed it. The Dark Jedi collapsed in extreme pain and slowly died from both internal bleeding and lack of blood flow.

The other Dark Jedi could feel the power collecting in T'uune and turned to face him. T'uune stood up and activated his lightsaber. His entire complextion had darkened, and his eyes continued to glow with the hatred and rage that was controlling him. T'uune leaped at the Dark Jedi. They struck at him, but the dark power that T'uune had enabled him to dodge it. T'uune struck at one Jedi, singing his face with the tip of his lightsaber. In the same motion, he parried a blow from another Jedi and lashed out with the Force which broke several ribs in the Jedi just from the impact. Another Jedi tried to stab at T'uune, but he quickly dodged the attack and slashed upwards with his lightsaber, severing the right arm of the attacking Dark Jedi.

The Jedi with the singed face then lashed out with Force Lightning, catching T'uune off guard. The pain was intense causing T'uune to collapse on the ground. Suddenly, the rage and hatred subsided for some unknown reason. Unheralded peace entered T'uune's mind, and he calmed down. As quickly as the darkside had almost taken T'uune, he had returned to normal. Now able to think rationally, T'uune opened his eyes and overcame his pain from the lightning. T'uune then activated a stasis field around the Dark Jedi, encasing him in the Force. The other Sith in the room watched in almost stunned silence as T'uune stood up to face them.

01-31-2005, 07:56 AM
The vision seemed to becoming more and more true, However Mark remembered what his master once told him how those who can see the future can change it. The dark jedi was still about to stab his stunned paralised body, Unlike other conflicts he has had with dark Jedi he did not thet the dark side take over. Mark used his ability with the force to push the dark jedi in to the wall knocking him unconscious. Then he saw la'ola get shot and t'uune semm too go in same with anger killing one dark jedi and cutting the arm off another before he seemed to have just turned back to the light. However him getting up while almost all the sith stared at him from getting up while being under the influance of force lightning. Then he saw the dark jedi he thought he knocked unconcious go to strike T'uune in the back. Mark called on the force to heal himsrlf and then managed to dive in between the dark jedi and T'uune with his lightsaber stopping the strike.

Mark-Not so fast, didn't your master tell you its wrong to stab someone in the back.

Then mark swung his saber at the siths head beheading him.

Mark- T'uune, are you o.k.

02-01-2005, 11:15 AM
The Sith commander gave the order to open fire once again, and the soldiers filled the air with blaster fire. T'uune, however, used his lightsaber as a shield, deflecting the blaster bolts. T'uune purposely deflected several bolts directly back at the Sith soldiers. T'uune began to slowly move forward, but by the time he arrived at the Sith group, all that was left was the Sith Commander himself. T'uune specificallly left him alone because he recognized the name he saw on his identification tags.

Chief Commander Vern Yaruth. Former head of Telos Security Forces. Wanted dead or alive by the Telos Bereau of Investigation for supplying Admiral Saul Karath with the IFF codes of the Telos Security Forces in order to allow the Sith Fleet to approach and almost completely destroy Telos without any obstructions from security forces.

Thats what the bounty tag had stated and T'uune meant to claim it. As he arrived at Commander Vern, he Force pulled the rifle out of his hand and placed the tip of his lightsaber against the commander's throat.

T'uune- "I'm just fine Mark. Just fine. I think that we'll be getting out of here alive, anyways. These Sith haven't put up too much of a fight."

T'uune then backed off from the Sith and walked over to La'ola, deactivating his lightsaber. The Commander quickly tried to grab a rifle from a fallen soldier, but T'uune simple pulled out his net gun and fired. The net caught the Sith just as he was reaching a rifle. The net swept him off his feet and pinned him against the wall. He tried to struggle his way out of the net, but the sharp edges only dug into his skin.

T'uune- (without turning to face the Sith)"I would highly suggest that you don't struggle: its quite painful to do so since the net will start to automatically tighten if you struggle too much."

T'uune knelt down next to La'ola. She was still breathing, and T'uune could feel the life within her. She was going to be okay. T'uune breathed a sigh of relief as he pulled out a medkit and began to tend to her wounds.

02-01-2005, 12:40 PM
Mark walked up to the net with the sith commander in it. he looked him up and down and looked around to see all the sith bodies. he saw t'uune tending to his wife and then looked back at the commander. mark began to reflext on the events that had happened as he often does after a conflict. a looked of confusion came across his face and whilst still looking at the commander he spoke to T'uune.

Mark- "Hey whatever happened to that terentek?"

Suddenly he heard a grow from directly behind and he thought l"i had to ask." He turned and ignited both end of his lightsaber and faced the creature. The Beast dived at mark, so he bent on one knee and rolled under it. the creature flew over him and mark jumped up and stabbed the beast in the back. the terantek screeched in pain and collapsed. Mark deactivated his lightsaber and turned to T'uune.

Mark- "If La'ola's alright can we get on with what we came to do, load this guy in that cell i saw on your ship and get that drink."

02-01-2005, 06:59 PM
T'uune finished up tending to La'ola, or at least he finished tending to what La'ola would allow him to tend to.

La'ola- (frustrated)"I can do it myself. (T'uune tries to press a compress on the wound) Oh quit it already!! I'll be just fine. Just let me finish up, okay??"

T'uune- (retracts his hand in a mock surrender)"Fine, fine, have it your way. Just trying to help. (looks around the chamber) Hey, what happened to Trent? He's the whole reason why we're here, ya know."

02-01-2005, 11:57 PM
Mark looked around the room and walked over to the sarcoficus.

Mark- "Well his body was placed in here, so here is a start but his ghost disappeared after the terantek attacked you."

Mark moved down towards the sarcoficus and removed the top of it revealing the body of trent. he was still wearing the robes that he wore when Mark saw him when this whole mess began.

Mark- " you'll need to connect the cables to his chest."

02-05-2005, 09:22 AM
T'uune- "Basically, lets just act like this is an emergency situation, and his heart just stopped. If we act like that, then all we have to do is have his Force projection, ghost-thing combined with the physical body. It should work, but we need to time the jolt with Trent."

T'uune and La'ola work on attaching the wires in the neccessary locations.

02-05-2005, 11:30 AM
Mark-"Basically! There is nothing basic about it, This has never been done before. I beleave we are going to need to use the force as well to help reactivate the metachlorines(sp) in body. I think we should meditate and concentrate on this to help the force projection connect to the body."

Mark sat on the right side of the sarcoficus and began to meditate in an attempt to make the metachlorians active again.

02-14-2005, 11:40 AM
"So I see you guys are trying to help me." Trent appeared before Mark and T'uune
"For this to work I must meditate without being awoken and T'uune must attach it to my chest and then activate it, do not awake me while im meditating or I may not be forgiving."

Trent sat down next to his sarcophagas and started meditating.

02-17-2005, 05:16 AM
Mark looked at the ghost of trent and noticed differances in the ghost from the trent he met breifly before his untimly death. He could not put his finger on it but there was somthing differant. he turned and walked over to T'uune.

Mark- We better do as he says... then i'll buy you that drink i owe you.

Mark grinned and left T'uune to do what was needed.

02-17-2005, 07:19 AM
T'uune and La'ola finished with the proper connections. They were ready, so they simply turned on the power converter.

02-17-2005, 08:12 PM
Trent suddenly felt a jolt and he shoved open the sarcophagus. He got out and looked around. He felt odd, he tried to channel the force through his veins. He just felt cold, he tried again.

"Oh no, why can't I channel the force, whats happening?" Said Trent
"I can answer that." Said an eyrie voice from behind them

She was beautiful, she had white hair and a flexible body. She was a jedi master and had a silver lightsaber. Her eyes were the color of the dark flames that burn on a fire. She looked at Trent.

"You have just been awakened and the force must recconect through you, it will take days." Said the woman
"Wait are you a Jedi or a Sith?" Said Trent
"I am neither, I am an exile from the Sith, I was once known by the name Darth Yangtzes, but now I am redeemed, but as I said before it will take days, until then I have a high paying mission for you as you used to be a bounty hunter."
"Wait how did you know that, I wiped all files of that clean!"
"I am a spy for higher clients, anyways heres the mission datapad, if you don't accept I won't train you, the pay is 100,000,000 credits for a minor assassination."
"So T'uune and Mark what do you guys think?" Said Trent as he picked up his blaster pistol.