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November 30, 2004 - Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords picks up five years after the events of the first KOTOR. Like the original, you assume the role of a mysterious Force-sensitive character who must come to grips with their past. Aiding you in your journey to save or destroy the Republic are a number of fascinating characters. With every member of your party (there are at least a dozen potential members) having secrets and varying reasons for joining the team, you're going to be on your toes from start to finish. Who can you trust? That's not an easy question to answer, as you'll find while playing KOTOR 2.

To get you ready for the experience, we're taking a look at a few of your party members. These characters join your party at various times and will have crucial roles in your journey to either the Dark or Light side.


Remember how much you hated Carth? Say hello to your new Carth. Actually, Atton is only annoying in the early goings with his constant attempts to be Han Solo. "I've got a bad feeling about this." Yes, Atton, we get it. But the Atton's ho-hum surface hides some very, very dark secrets. In fact, Atton will surprise a lot of gamers in the later portions of KOTOR 2.
Many questions surround Atton. He has a problem with Kreia, a problem with you, really a problem with just about everyone, and with good reason. A decent long-ranged fighter, Atton is a good choice to take onto worlds simply because he has some connections and interactions you don't want to miss. In many ways Atton and Kreia play against each other, putting you in the middle to choose a side. Atton is no saint and neither is Kreia. But which is less of a threat? That's something you'll need to discover on your own.


Bao-Dur is a tech specialist and easily the most important handyman on your crew. With a high intelligence and high levels in a number of skills, he is often one of the best picks for the road crew. With ample strength, Bao-Dur can be equipped with a sizable melee weapon and put to task pummeling enemies. When that's done, you can have him hack a computer system to gain access to new areas. He's versatile and volatile. What more do you need from a crewmate?


Kreia is one of the first characters you meet. She is a mystery woman. There is something clearly amiss with her. She shares an unwanted bond with you, but she does not claim to be either Jedi or Sith. Though she appears to have dark motives, she is often your staunchest defender and a true protector. Is she guiding you towards destruction or salvation?
Kreia offers some truly fantastic dialogue in KOTOR 2. Not only does she tease you with the answers to all of your questions, she poses numerous philosophical questions that make some interesting points about the roles of the Sith and Jedi in the Star Wars Universe. She can also serve as teacher, but it's up to you whether she ever becomes your master


Though you have the same initial three classes to choose from and the same three initial Jedi classes later on, some new wrinkles have been added. There are 11 Lightsaber forms to learn (though you can only learn 7 total), which allow you to choose the type of defense and offense to match the situation. There are forms to handle being surrounded by opponents, for taking on foes with blasters, and even a Lightsaber form to handle Jedi.

When you reach a high enough level, new Jedi/Sith classes open up. Will you be a Sith Assassin? These new classes unlock new powers, unique to each class. This means that it's impossible to experience every Lightsaber class or Force Power just one time through KOTOR 2. As for Vernita, she's now a Sith Marauder, a high-powered enforcer of the Dark Side.

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