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12-01-2004, 10:03 AM
Greetings fellow JKA'ers !

I am representing the DJC clan; Dark Jedi Council a gathering of equal evil-minded Sith dudes, who finds great pleasure in Jawa slaughtering and other bloodfilled activities.

Let me rephrase: In general we just like to kill everything that can work or crawl. The DJC is one of the original Jedi Knight clans, formed on April 27th 2002, shortly after the release of the game. Then moved to JKA when it was released.


The reason for this rather sudden topic is simple ! As many other JKA clans we are in possession of our own server; located in UK and running fairly smooth. Problem is that PPL just ain't dropping by in the amount we've hoped for. And that is a god damn shame when you pay quite a dollar for keeping it up and running.

So, I would just like to invite interested PPL to drop by and have a laugh ! We have no intentions of "stealing" members from other clans or anything. Only a wish to extend our friendship with other JKA clans as well as single PPL out there !

So, drop by our server: [DJC] Temple Grounds IP -

And come around our site if yaa wish: DJC Temple (http://www.djctemple.com)


It's a peacefull, friendly and quite amusing place to spend some good JKA quality gaming. Furthermore the DJC have altered the saberdamages so they are as close as possible to the ol' JK2 saberdamages.

Come and visit us and get your arses sabered up ! :p

See yaa folks !

12-01-2004, 10:59 AM
This brings back old, old memories. I'll try and pop by some time.

Sam Fisher
12-01-2004, 07:23 PM
You posted this in Echonet ^^

But I'll try and go there soon.