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05-31-2000, 09:58 AM
Do you know if is it possible to play TOD missions in Multiplayer ? with allied editor I've realized that you can assign up to 8 players, so maybe there is a way to do this.
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05-31-2000, 11:11 AM
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I believe there is a way to do it, but I don't know how. I guess the people who lurk in the Editing section know more about this...

06-01-2000, 03:57 AM
Here is how to play any mission in Muli-player:

First, you need to understand how the skirmish missions work. Everytime you load a skirmish mission, the skm file is converted to a file called Temp.tie and is written to the Skirmish folder in your XWA directory. This is because the skm file needs to be converted to a .tie file so it can be loaded as a mission. Each time you load a skirmish mission, the Temp.tie file is overwritten with a new temp.tie file based on the skm file you chose.

OK, basically, you need to know that the Temp.tie file is the mission that always loads when you play a skirmish in either single or multi-player. To play a regular mission in multi-player, you need to rename it to Temp.tie and overwrite the old temp.tie in the Skirmish folder. Next, right click the new Temp.tie file you created and select properties. Change its properties to read only. To play the mission, pick any skirmish and launch it. Because the Temp.tie file is now read-only, it will not be overwritten by the skirmish file and the game will launch your original mission. However here is the catch. I believe all players involved must have the same Temp.tie file in order to play. So you have to mail or otherwise send the mission to all the others in the group first. Pain in the rear, I know, but that's the way it has to be done.

I have never tried this, but I have heard this method works from others, best of luck!

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