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12-05-2004, 06:41 AM
Yes you got it right they can't shoot and if you want your storm troopers to shoot like they do in the movies then.

*cheesy sales person outfit on, with slick rick sales man aproach* "Have I got the Mod for you. It is called the Storm troopers can't shoot mod up at pcgamemods.com. It's perfect for those wanting that Original SW feel to KOTOR. All you got to do is simply drop the 3 UTI files in your overide."

*salesman subtext* "The utc's may not be compatible with those you find in the Storm trooper Armor mod or in the Storm trooper Gun mod. They are there simply for example purposes of what to place where. This mod is designed more as a gag for those wanting a movie feel. If you want a real challenge add these to your character instead."

*cheesy sales person outfit on, with slick rick sales man aproach* "This baby is guranteed to make you feel like your in one of the movies when the Storm Troopers Can't even hit The Broadside of The Deathstar at Point Blank Range. But don't take my word for it download it and try it out."

Disclaimer: This mod in no way relies on the other stormtrooper mods you actually have to do the utc editing yourself. There are 2 reasons for this:

1: I did not want to make direct changes to these mods as made by there respective modders as it would severly hinder the quality of the game and make the stormtroopers really to easy to defeat. The various modders Prime & his Crew, & Mono Worked hard on there mods and should not have this directly attached to there mods unless they personally would like to add it into the main features.

2: This is more of a gag mod that if you use it your asking for your sith soldier/stormtrooper types to be lousy which defeats the challenge in the game. You can of course increase the difficulty of the game by using this equipment yourself. In which case good luck defeating anything if you use all three pieces as you will have a -30 dex altogether, and various other penalties.

12-06-2004, 06:22 AM
Yay! Finally some real stormtroopers!
This is sure realistic.

12-06-2004, 10:00 AM
*from Darth333 at pcgamemods*
There are tons of n_sithsoldier.utc and g_siothtroop01.utc in the game but they use different tags and they have different scripts attached to them, etc. When the game will look for a specific object and will not find it, especially in cutscenes or other scripted scenes, the game will crash. The only way to give other weapons/abilities or whatever to sith soldiers without crashing the game is by scripting.

Those .utc files are only there as example cases. As to the game crashing factor I have actually run through the endar spire and all of taris with this mod installed with those utc files and there has not been any crashes relating to it at all. (Now crashes relating to that unequip function I was working on is a whole other story.) Now I could be just running lucky untill I hit manaan and the leviathan for all I know. I am curious I have seen other mods out there that use the n_sithsoldier.utc file that haven't caused conflicts in the past.

12-5-2004 9:36 PM Those other mods caused problems. Wait until you get to the leviathen and the starforge and possibly a few cutscenes in between. I think also Korriban in the sith academy but I didn't checked.

so would i want to reverse engineer those unequip scripts I had been working on with my other mod? I'll ask in more detail on the boards.

Ok After looking through all of the rims in the game I have not found a single one that actually uses those 2 above utc files. however I found many that shared some of the same tags that those 2 have. Now on my Unequip item thread we cover many different scripts to unequip would you use the attach versions of those and how would you implement it to apply to all of the creatures of the same tag.

Would I make use of k_ai_master.nss?