View Full Version : Another video released *probable spoilers*

12-10-2004, 02:05 AM
IGN posted 10 new video clips here (http://media.pc.ign.com/media/566/566923/vids_1.html?fromint=1) last week. They all show some pretty decent action and interaction.

In addition, there is what looks something like a trailer posted here. (http://www.filerush.com/download.php?target=swrepcom_dem1209_qt.mov) It looks very nice, is a good resolution, and aside from the assault rifle looking about as accurate and powerful as the one in HL2, seems very good.


12-10-2004, 01:57 PM
i don't see any new video's at the ign site, the most recent seem to be the ones posted by pad (dated 12/2).
but the other one is a great find. first time i've seen commando on the pc (note that instead of the usual press button a or button b for actions it was press 'F'). also i think this is the first time i've seen a video of an indoor mission that was more like the basic hallway to next hallway of fps. reminded me a lot of the opening of episode I with obi-wan and qui-gon walking through the trade federation ship, except with commandos. kinda sad that none of the a.i. commandos didn't go automatically for cover in some situations, hopefully it will happen in the final version.