View Full Version : Onderorn bugs....

12-14-2004, 08:26 PM
Im a darkside Female....and here is the problems...

Anda asks you to "dispose" of some high ranking guards, so I take her offer up....I take care of the one at the Sky Ramp, goto the bar and take care of him, I collect my bounty on both of them...head back to the cantina and Oh the guard is there again....again I talk to him and I gain exp again for the exact same thign....GLICH1, so I go to the merchant squar, get rid of the guard at the tower...go to get a bounty and I get squat she still thinks the guards are not gone yet she knows they are...thats glich 2......so I feel bad and might not be able to continue....I do the doctor quest, everything works out find, cept when I pass the guard at the tower each time he asks me if I have proof and I tell him Nikko can tell him and I just carry on my merry way thats glich 3

three glichs in one area, nice.