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Third and last time I post this fanfic..at the moment its conisting of 10.602 words, and I got material for another 10-20 thousand.
The two other tries both failed, since I had no feedback..so I will just post the intro, and if I get no feedback, I know Im talking to deaf ears :(

The suns gazed down onto the planets sand-covered surface. In the distance, a flock of dewbacks slowly made their way through the planets seemingly endless desert. In front of the man, a temple stood, worn down by centuries of storms and sun. Inside the temple, darkness ruled, but it was cut off by the immense light from the suns at the gate, which had been destroyed many years before. The sandstorm would soon reach him, he had to finish this fast, he didn’t want to be stranded here longer than necessary.
He walked into the temple and felt the darkness surround him.
“I knew they would send you Iso”
The voice was calm and quiet, far too quiet to make Iso sure about the outcome of this encounter
“Its never too late, you can still….”
A short cackling interrupted Iso.
“If they thought I could return they would never have sent you Iso.”
Laughter came out of the darkness, followed by a lightsaber's humming
“Come, face me”
Iso lit his lightsaber, looking at its well-known orange blade. The lightsaber, which had saved his life so many times in the past, and ended others.
“You don’t have to do this”
“Oh, but I want to”
Iso barely had time to see the red blade erupt from the darkness, he managed to block it and then turned around to face his attacker, but nothing came.
“Iso, Iso… I was always told you were the greatest swordsman living now… And what do I see? An old man, barely strong enough to wear the title Jedi”
The last word was spat out with immense anger and another swift attack followed it. Iso dodged away and quickly located his target, who walked away, further into the temple
“Come old man, come and dance with me”
Iso ran after the voice, until he came into a large room, faintly lit by a small air hole in the ceiling. In the middle of the room, Iso was surprised to see a water-filled pool,around it lay shattered pieces of statues and other objects.
From behind one of these statues, his opponent slowly rose.
“Take a good look at this room old man, it’s the last one you will ever visit”
Iso stared into the mans' eyes and instantly knew that he was right.
“So be it”
He put his saber into a defensive position and nodded at the dark jedi. His opponent walked out from behind the statue and relit his saber. For a few seconds they stood between each other, light and dark in a battle with an outcome that would determine the fate of so many.
The attack came from his right side, and Iso put out his lightsaber too slow, and felt the saber cut through his right knee.
“Far too easy”
Iso looked up and saw the red blade rush towards his face.

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If this is all you're posting on here, maybe I'll have to PM you one of my many email addresses:p If you don't mind, I'd like to read it. It's pretty good and for a place like this, that's a good length.

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That's enough feedback for me to put in next part... Just hate posting a story and get NO feedback at all..makes me sad:(

Quiet, not a sound.
This is why Shade loved the empty space. Nothing but him and the big dark galaxy.
Before him, the planet of Dantooine filled up most of the window. Time to sell the cargo of weapons and then return back to Tatooine to sell some water.
“The life of a trader…”
Shade mumbled the words to himself before turning around the pilot chair and looked over the ships interior.
“Shade, why oh why are you talking to yourself again?”
Out of a room, the aging Ganliss walked out, followed by J-39L, the droid who Shade himself had built many years ago.
“Always, it beats talking to Nat’me anyway, the day she smiles is the day I sell J-39L”
“Oh, selling me master?”
J-39L looked over Shade with his eyelike sensor. Made by different bits and pieces, the droid had a few circuits misplaced, which made it much more positive than intended. An annoyance when they were in a tight situation.
Ganliss smirked at Shade, he knew his daughter loathed all men, especially the kind that she thought was worthless, like pilots or as Shade, just another man who had found his way through life the hard way.
“You should watch your tongue Shade, Nat’me sleeps lightly, and her hearing is far better than you expect”
Shade shrugged and turned around again, to see that Dantooine had come even closer. Now he saw the colony on which they would land at.
Yes, the life of a trader, Shade thought to himself while he yawned at the pink planet.


“RK-379, why aren’t you at your post?”
RK-379 sighed under his helmet, he couldn’t leave his post for two minutes without having his superior nag at him
“Sorry TK-864, I was checking out that disturbance over there”
RK-379 nodded at a small crowd who was shouting about some speeder belonging to one or the other.
“Report RK-379”
RK-379 looked at his sergeant and then back at the crowd
“Well, nothing unusual Sir, some payment not switching owners fast enough it seems.” He soon added: “Do you want me to check it out Sir?”
TK-864 shook his head at RK-379.
“Let them solve their own problems RK-379, go back to your post corporal.”
He turned to the group of soldiers behind him. “Move out!”
RK-379 watched the squad walk off before turning back to the people who shouted about the speeder. Why was he posted on Tatooine of all places? This planet was as dustball in all ways possible.

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One post is enough feedback? You're easy:p I'd say you've got the makings of a good story here... I'm just a little curious how the two chapters connect... they seem almost like two different stories.

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Hey, all I want is someone to read it..:p
Lost interest in it, but if I have some ideas from fellow rpers... i might crank it up again.. I need another character for example..

And the connection? Well, it's still not in the story...But slowly, the reader will understand....:p

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... if they're smart enough:p

And why do you need another character? I was just thinking about this... the death of Iso might alert the Jedi to a real danger... I dunno, but it could push Shade into something he doesn't want... like the Sith are trading illegal goods and he somehow gets tangled up in it... you could give him a Jedi companion when he flees from the Sith after realizing what they're getting him into...

oh, the possibilities;)

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hehe...I already got the main plot sorted out... In the beginning of Chapter 2, the reader will start understanding the differences..(insert x-files theme)

The desert was before him, its endless dunes stretching everywhere he could see. Zamar turned down his head looking at the nearly finished jacket. It had to be finished by tomorrow or he wouldn’t get paid for the huge order the client wanted. And without the payment, he wouldn’t afford to pay maintenance on his house, and without his house he would be back to square 1.
The cool desert evening was the perfect time to work on, especially since no one would bother him since tonight was the night everyone went out to party.
Like I did when I was young
Zamar pushed away the voice, made it and his memories to leave him alone, for the time being.
He cleared his head of thoughts, something he had learnt a long time ago and continued to work on the jacket.
The wind made his thick, untidy brown hair fall down over his face from time to time. He was used to it, in his void he kept on working. After the jacket he would pack the order up and get some sleep before tomorrow.

“For the last time, where is he?”
Polk felt the gun press even tighter to his head, something he would have thought impossible by now. He would need to be put in a bacta tank after this…
If I ever get out of this alive that is…
“Ih dhnu”
Polk tried to talk as clearly as possible, but his cheekbones were so beaten up it was a miracle he even could make himself understandable.
“That’s it, your dead pal”
Polk tried to see through the sore eyes, he was sure he was nearly blind on the right one, and the left one had received far too many hits for his liking…
How long have I even been here?
“Look at the guy, you really think he would be lying up to this point?”
“We know he got the information!”
Something moved in his eyesight and he could recognize the uniform of The Empires interrogators. Everyone knew what the green and blue uniform meant, and people were as scared of them as of the Guardians.
He heard someone sigh and then say with a resigned voice:
“Take him down and then…move on to C7”
Polk would have jumped in his seat if he still had possessed the strength. He had been on “programme” C2 until this point. He had heard of people surviving as much as J2, and some said that a few people actually had witnessed P8. He shuddered of the mere thought what Z9 had in store.
He felt himself being pulled out from his seat and thrown over someone’s shoulder. After days, weeks, months, years he was as thin as any diet promised. Polk felt the needle sink into his leg, and after a few seconds, darkness came over him.

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One cautioning note... you might not want to get too many characters involved... it gets confusing for both the writer and the reader... believe me, I know.

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Well, the "heroes" have a group of like 6-8 people...And I want them to spread out on their own storylines... got a notebook filled with timelines for all of them...Zamar for example...my favorite character has 3 timelines depending on what his choices are..:)

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Whoa! a notebook! you sound rather organized, a thing I wasn't when I first set out to write a book... a year ago... I'm getting it a bit better organized now, but it sounds to me like you won't have that problem to deal with. Good luck on your story!:)

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without my notebook I would be fried...I got a main timeline which I use constantly, and each character has a page filled with notes...I love it:D

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hmmm... that's not a bad idea... your story appears to be much more planned than mine is. Maybe I'll have to imitate you;) A timeline! I can't say I'd ever thought of making one... thanks for the brilliant idea!

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Originally posted by wildjedi
hmmm... that's not a bad idea... your story appears to be much more planned than mine is. Maybe I'll have to imitate you;) A timeline! I can't say I'd ever thought of making one... thanks for the brilliant idea!
Not even a timeline? God, no wonder yours got messed up :p

Polk woke up in the coldness of his cell. C7 had been in function for too many days, he barely remembered anything from the pain.
Would he be killed or released? He would never give the interrogators information since he had none to give them.
The door to his cell suddenly opened and a Stormtrooper walked in, grabbed him and dragged him out and then down the corridor.
Before he knew it, he was thrown into a corner. He felt how a wound over the right eye started bleeding again and soon he had to blink to get the blood out of his eyes.
He laid in the uncomfortable position for what seemed to be an eternity, before he heard the door open and the sound of feet walking in.
"Subject B-1-C7-KPLK... Reason for detaining...."
Mumbling, and Polk tried to raise from the ground, but as he moved his left hand, the neck started burning like fire. He dropped the hand to the ground with a tiny shriek.
"So, been here eight standard months...And hasnt given any false names?"
"No Sir, thats why we still have him here..."
Polk tried to think.. False names? Lying would have gotten him out of this place?
"Any sign of braindamage?"
"No Sir, he can probably understand everything we talk about and he is completly aware of his surroundings."
Then there wasnt a sound made, if the slow breathing of at least two troopers wasn't counted.
"Dump him...Grade C"
Polk found himself being dragged out of the cell... He didn't care where.
Im FREE!!!
The soldier carrying him stared down at his burden as it made weezing sounds, almost sounding like laughter.


He looked up at the pale moon, shining dimly in the dark night, sorrounded by stars he, in his long life, never had seen before. Stepping over a rock that lay in his path, he silently moved across the barren, uneven landscape. In the distance, the stars were invisible, their light overwhelmed by the closest one. Soon, it would rise over the planets surface, bringing life and promise to the cold and hostile night. But by then, he would be long gone.
A small eight-legged creature looked up from a hole in the ground some distance before him. In the dark, he could barely see the head move, but soon the creature jumped out of the hole and with a small squeak darted over the surface. This was the planet he had once called home. It seemed ages since he had walked this very pathway. Then it had been to start something, now it was to end it. He felt sorrow, strong enough to break most men. He was the last of his kind, the remnant of something he barely had scratched the surface of. The only thing that could bring order to the world, and he would finish it right there. Indeed, it was a depressing journey he made. Would it all be lost? Was this really the one and overwhelming End? He remembered the many years of searching for someone worthy to pass on his knowledge to. None had been found. His way of life, his very existence was slowly crumbling under the new order in the galaxy.

Soon, tears hit the ground on which he was walking.

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It was a long time since she had been this excited... She, a simple Mon Calamarian, would meet the leader of the resistance!
"Remember to greet him properly and don't talk too much."
She nodded, and then made sure the little note with her name on sat on the right place. "Lophen". The name came from her mothers sister, who had died during the 4th Sweep. Lophen shuddered even when barely touching it with her toughts. On that day, she had lost so many of her friends and family. But soon it would all change. As soon as she got information from the leader, Lophen could start to a more active role. It was with a light heart and with her head high she stepped out of the elevator and walked into a small dark room.
"Em...Where is everyone?"
She turned around and saw her guide closing the elevator doors. When hearing a sound coming from behind her, she spun around to see what was happening.

Her screams were blocked in by the soundproofed walls.

Regonnen towered over the guide who told him to remember to not talk too much. Regonnen did not listen. Finally he would do some good! No longer would he be afraid. With the weapons provided by the resistance, he would revenge his loved ones. His blood almost boiled as he remembered the 4th Sweep. The elevator doors opened and he stepped into a small dark room.
"What's this?"
He heard the elevator doors close. Dropping into a defensive position stance, he could hear something move towards him.

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Dude, I'm noticing that I'm your only reviewer... anyway, I'd like to know more of your story... and yes, all of my stories are somewhat screwed up... I'll have to create their timelines.

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"No, I keep telling you, we always sell these crates for twenty-thousand each!"
Shade looked at the conversation going on between Ganliss and the businessman who had ordered the batch. Weapons were hard to get by, and because of the upcoming law that would ban all civilians from buying arms, everyone tried to get one before it was too late.
"Twenty-thousand?! That's robbery! I gotta feed my kids you know! Fifteen is my last offer!"
Ganliss seemed to think about it before shaking his head slowly
"Not less than eigtheen"
Shade sighed and got to his feet. That discussion would go on for a long time, time Shade could spend examining the local cantina.
"I'm off for a walk"
Nat'me didn't even change her stance, where she sat on a pile of old blasters.
"Who says I care?"
Shade rolled his eyes and walked off towards the centre of the colony. It was small and quiet, only a few people walking down the empty streets. He closed his eyes for a moment and stopped in his steps. He stretched out with his hearing, one of his favourite hobbies when visiting a city. From a house next to him he could hear slow mumbling, and a ship took off and gave full power to the engines. It roared, covering all other sounds. He sighed and continued his stroll. Soon he went past the cantina, and just as he passed, the door slid open, letting the music from it reach his ears. It was yet another propaganda song from the Empire. The fact they have reached remote colonies worried Shade, but all that was nothing compared to what was happening at the core worlds. He let his feet decide where to go, and they led him further and further into the colony, while his mind was drifting between loose thoughts. What if he joined up? He had heard that most stormtroopers didn't have to do much, mostly guarding something important, or deporting illegal races. One of those illegal races nearly bumped into Shade as he turned around a corner. The Ithorian looked at him for brief moment, evaluating him it seemed, before it slowly walked off towards the cantina. Shade shivered as he saw the hammer-like head disappear around the corner, for a second fixing its right eye on him.
Shade looked around him, realizing he did no longer know where he was. He slowly ruffled his hair as he looked around him, trying to find any signs to help him find his way back to the starport. Busy as he was, he didn't hear the thug sneaking up behind him until the last second.


The crate was gone!
Zamar couldn't belive what had happened. He had packed up the order in a crate and placed it in the middle of his living room before eating his spartan dinner and going to bed.
Without the crate, what was there he could do? He had already delayed the order more than necessary, wasting time zooming around the landscape on his swoop.
What would he do now? He knew his client, a lowtime crimelord. But even lowtimers have their mininons, and Zamar knew minions hurt. Alot.
He could of course... Move...
If he hadn't been alone in that house, an onlooker could have seen a spark in his eye's, a spark that hadn't been there for years. The armor, the weapons, money, food and some private items. All he needed. The dewback and the droids could carry everything. A smile flashed for a moment, but disappeared instantly.
If he was go get out of the town before the client came to take the order, he had to move fast.

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I'm still not entirely sure how all of this is going to connect, but I have a feeling that your timeline is going to bring it all together somehow... keep posting so I can know.

01-05-2005, 12:46 AM
Don't worry, its gonna connect...A tad too fast actually..gonna see if I can add another like 5000 words before the group gets together...

RK-379 hated liers.
Clearly, the man before him was one. According to the man, he never had heard of law CX-376K-1. You were not allowed to sell food on open streets. This was because of hygenic reasons, something the man seemingly never heard of. RK-379's helmet thankfully filtrated most of the stench. Realising the man was waiting for his response, he started to speak, his voice emotionless thanks to the helmets radio.
"You broke the law. Pay the fine and get out of here"
The man almost sighed, but was smart enough to cover it up in the last second. RK-379 hated these kind of people.
"But I...Had no idea!"
"Look, you have ten seconds before I shoot you on the spot, your not enough important to be taken in!"
"But, but, you can't do that!"
The man was staring, struck with terror as RK-379 flung up his carbine and with a wellplaced shot ended the merchants life. He didn't even get enough time to scream.
Heads turned to see why the shot had been fired. RK-379 raised the volume on the helmet and said:
"Spy. Move along"
People hurried to get away from the scene. A small patrol was making its way towards RK-379. He sighed behind his helmet. The wind was hitting him, and some people started walking home. A sandstorm was coming, which meant a small break.
He gave a short report to the leader of the column, then joined in at the end before it started to make it's way towards the barracks.


Allis was proud to be an assassin. She was still young, and already did people consider her one of the best. Her day at the top would come soon, as she would move up to kill the best one. Mealn. She wasn't even human, and still she hadn't been taken in by the Empire. Cowards they were, and slow in action. The reason why she prospered. As people wanted something done, an assassin always helped.
The Target Will Be In The Third Vehicle In The Procession
Allis remembered the briefing, and had destroyed the datapad as soon as she had memorized every detail on it. Checking the sight of the sniper rifle, Allis sighed. She hated these kinds of job. There was no real challenge in them. But she wanted the money this particular job paid. One shot and she was half a million credits richer.
Beneath her, the procession was slowly making it was through the streets of Coronet. A diplomat was it, sent out to negoiate with the Empire. With the diplomat's death, the planet would withdraw from the Order, and probably, as her contact had planned, join the Resistance.
Staring through the sight, Allis located the fat diplomat, talking to his secretary in the open speeder. Allis sighed again, she would not even have the challenge of blasting the vehicle into bits with one shot at the engine.
She zoomed in, and exhaled slowly, aiming for the right eye, and with a jerk, felt the shot rush away as she pressed the trigger.Allis had already thrown the rifle in the back and warmed up the engine as the first screams were heard, faint because of the distance.
The green speeder sputtered and slowly moved into the ongoing traffic, towards the starport. Time to collect the reward for the "hard work".

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Do you need me to reassure you I want to know how this goes? It seems I have to before you post any more... come on, dude! Keep it up! (or you'll have one very impatient reader:D as if you don't already!:p )

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Sorry, i've been away for a while, and haven't had time to continue it.. a bit afraid I will catch up... Oh well, just posted 1/5 of it this far though :D

Mattbacca pondered over the puzzle in front of him. The solution was there, just out of his reach. He looked at the time, and saw he had sat with the same problem for over one hour. With a sigh he got to his feet and walked over to the foodstorage. Peering inside, he found an old lunchpackage which he with a happy grunt pulled out. Turning around towards the small computer screen, he let his green eyes search the small room for any changes. It was as filthy as before, with torn rugs in a corner where he slept, and the computerscreen lodged into a wall. The previous owner's had probably been sent away during the early Sweeps, but at least the the door was left, broken of course, but a door never the less. Mattbacca had lived here for soon two full weeks, after his previous hideout had been assaulted. Luck was the only reason he was still out in freedom, even if sitting in an apartment all the time wasn't the ideal way he saw freedom. Returning to the computerscreen, he peered at the problem again. Why couldn't it be like before the Sweeps? Mattbacca sighed heavily before trying one solution. The computer sounded a low squeak and then died. Staring in wonder, Mattbacca tried hitting it to make it work, but then remembered that it probably had an old powercell, which finally had given up. And some people actually called the young Wookiee stupid. He had been fleeing and hiding most of his life, from the Empire and its reforms. And nowadays, his kind was wanted as slave and fighters to amuse the people in the systems far away. Mattbacca would have preferred to have hidden somewhere else but Corouscant, but he had been unlucky enough to have visited the planet when the Fourth Sweep had occured. Trapped and confused, he had lived the last years in constant hiding. The once so perfect fur was messy and smelly, and he had lost the strength he used to possess. But he was free, unlike many other Wookiees. That was, he thought with bitter sarcasm, the few that was still alive.
Suddenly, Mattbacca realised how quiet the apartment had become. The buzzing from the electrical pipelines had died out, and the sounds of traffic had disappeared. Sniffing in the air, he got worried and backed into a corner. As his back hit the wall, the door slid open and a stormtrooper rushed in, quickly locating him.
"Don't move!"
The voice felt unnatural, but Mattbacca quickly cut the stormtrooper off as he sent him flying into a wall with a wellplaced kick. Spinning around, he saw another pair coming inside the apartment, blasters raised. With a warcry, Mattbacca punched one while he flung his leg towards the other one, missing him. He saw the stun rays from a blaster outside the door, knocking him out before he could react.

The air was filthy and dry, with a strong smell of sweat and ozon. Slowly, Mattbacca woke up, moving carefully. He knew the effects of the stun rays, and he didn't want to make the pain worse by making quick movements. Not surprised by the metal bars he soon felt against his arms and legs, he let out a soft moaning.
What would become of him? Since he was still alive, he was either deported or sent to a workcamp. Or sold as a gladiator to some slavetrader in the outer rim.
He was far too young to live a life in captivity. From some distant part of his brain, he remembered stories that the elderly told, stories that seemed unreal. The elderly had all been lost during the Second Sweep. Mattbacca did not understand why. Wasn't it better to take the young and strong? The only thing old Wookiees had were memories, memories from before the Empire. But what did that matter now? The elderly had been deported many years ago. And with them, their stories which he loved.
From the cage next to him, Mattbacca could hear the small squeaks of a reptile of some kind. Probably a Trandoshan, upset about the fact it could not reach the Wookiee.
Even now, in these times, some nonhuman races cared about this, simple arguments if compared to the Sweeps. Mattbacca was surprised to find himself longing back to those times. He even remembered when the diplomats had arrived, trying to solve the conflict... Why did he feel this sorrow?
Then, suddenly, a big door opened far away, and the room, previously dark as the night, bathed in light. The young Wookiee was blinded, but as he regained his eyesight, he saw the cages around him. They were all put together in a small room, and three stormtroopers walked in, led by an imperial. Behind them two men walked, one of them short and fat, with grey short hair. A slavetrader and his bodyguard, at least looking at the big gun carried by the man. Then, Mattbacca turned his attention to the cages and their inhabitants. All of them nonhuman. The slavetrader stopped at some cages, all containing the bigger lifeforms. So it was off to be a gladiator...He grunted. The best thing that could happen to him. Fight until he died. A tear was quickly wiped away as the fat man looked into Mattbaccas cage.
"This one...and...that one"
Mattbacca turned to see the cage next to him, and saw that he had been right in his guess that it was a Trandoshan. Meant he would probably fight it first, the people always loved "savages" attack their natural enemies.
The fat man went through the small cargohold, which held about fifty cages. The ones that the trader didn't want were marked, while the rest of the trapped lifeforms were put to sleep, Mattbacca included.

01-12-2005, 12:20 PM
(on a sidenote. These are the characters for a long time in the story. So just remember those and you're fine);)

"Wake up hairball"
Mattbacca opened his eyes, and stared into the ones of another Wookiee, her right arm ending at the elbow. Mattbacca quickly got to his feet, ignoring the headache. This was the first time he had seen another Wookiee for seven years.
"My name is Mattbacca, and I'm honoured to meet one of my fellow kind"
"Skip the fancy talk, you are here to die, not to be polite."
Taken aback by the strong response, Mattbacca silently slipped down on the floor again. Around him was other slaves, most of them with scars or lost limbs. There was only one door, at the far left end.
"Where am I?"
"Tatooine, the planet of deserts and misery. No trees."
Mattbacca let out another soft moaning. He was destined to die on a desert-planet. He tried to straighten the fuzzy fur, but only made it worse.
"How long have you been here?"
"Five years."
Mattbacca nodded slowly, meant that the short Wookiee was one of the champions, if not The Champion of this bunch. Most new fighters survived a week.
"All the new ones will fight each other tomorrow, the five that remains, are lucky."
Five out of at least twenty. Now Mattbacca started to feel worried, now he understood he could actually die.
"If you survive, I might just teach you how to stay alive."
With those words, she left him on his spot, and walked away to another end. If he survived this first fight, he was in the clear. He heard hissing, and turned to see the Trandoshan glare at him. He knew which his first opponent would be.
After a souplike meal, Mattbacca managed to sleep some, even if it was an uneasy one. He had nothing to fear in the room, if someone died by violence, the trader would get very mad, usually torturing the killer to death, in front of an audience, of course.

"The people of Mos Espa! Today, we bring you fearful creatures from the inner rim, creatures that have killed innocent humans, and tried to weaken our superior specie! Today, we bring you them! In their primitive minds, they only think of killing! Watch these creatures, in their pathetic fight for survival!"
Mattbacca saw the doors open into an arena, and with the other new fighters, he was pushed out into the middle. The audience were sitting in a circle around them, high up. A small arena, only hosting some three hundred people.
Spread out, and when the commentator says Kill, kill. In the end, there will be five survivors, if not, we kill of some until we got the right number. Got that?
Mattbacca and the reast moved away from each other when the voice of the trader were repeating themselves in his head. Shooting glances sideways, he found the Trandoshan, staring and hissing.
The crowd started cheering as the slaves started to bash at each other. Mattbacca gracefully dodged a slow punch from a Zabrak, and flung it away with his right arm. Then turning to find the Trandoshan, Mattbacca saw it busy with a Mon Calamarian.
Hearing the attacker approach, Mattbacca jumped sideways, making the Neimoidian miss him. He let out a warcry, and flung himself at the creature, making them both fall to the ground. With a strong punch, the Neimoidian left this world. The Wookiee got to his feet, looking for another attacker. Seeing only eight fighters were still alive, all fighting someone, Mattbacca backed into a corner. There he quietly waited while another four slaves died. The crowd was cheering wildly, and the commentator started praising the fighters effort.
The doors opened, and wearily, they all walked in. Mattbacca saw the Trandoshan, clutching a cut wound on its right arm.
"Another day, vermin" It hissed at Mattbacca before a sluggish medic brought it away into another room.

01-15-2005, 07:39 AM
Wonder how often I should update this story... And is really Wildjedi the only one reading this? I thought of launching a RPG based on it.. But with just one reader..

Maybe a stormtrooper one...:p

"This is shuttle Q-3 going from Mos Entha to Mos Eisley. Welcome aboard"
Zamar wearily sat down on the hard floor. He had left in a hurry, leaving one of his droids to do the necessary things such as selling the house. He had notified the authorites about it, even though he knew it never helped. They only cared about Bestine, meaning that was the only place where they had stormtroopers. A tailor leaving a town wasn't such a big thing, and watching over an empty house, even though that was why Zamar paid his taxes, wasn't even on the priority list.
Travelling on his bantha, he had reached Mos Entha just after a week. The first shuttle to Eisley had been due to leave five minutes after his arrival, and a ticket had quickly been purchased. From Eisley he would take the first starship that was due to leave. Probably Lok or Naboo... Those planets weren't too bad... Well, at least Lok wasn't.
Zamar let his eyes sweep the shuttle, which was simply built with a cockpit and a single big cargohold, which was filled with people. He was sad he had been forced to sell the bantha, but the new owner didn't look that evil.
Zamar could feel the engines gaining power, and for a while his mind drifted off to planets and rides with starships. The shuttle slowly lifted, a bit too shaky than usual.
"We have a slight problem with the engines, but it will soo..."
The speakers exploded, and the lights went out. Zamar heard the screams and felt the panic rising in the cargohold. He quickly pulled out his spare clothes, few but hopefully enough.
An explosion was heard, and the shuttle suddenly tilted to its right. Zamar felt himself press against the wall, and felt a big bag of dirty laundry bounce into him. He grabbed hold of it and then started packing it into his clothes.
Another explosion, and then Zamar felt how the engines gave up. Peoples screamt in terror, and Zamar leaned back. The shuttle flew towards the ground, and the last thing Zamar felt was himself flying off the floor.

"Of course, the shuttle had to hit the medical centre! And just as we had installed the new bacta tanks! Now what do we do with him?"
Zamar was pain. Pain was everything. And still, these voices, penetrating the pain.
"We will just have to patch him up like the refugees do."
"You mean bandage him? Look at him! He is lucky to be alive! What bone hasn't he broken? How long will it even take before the bandages are taken off him?"
"You got a better idea?"
The pain regained its control of Zamar, and he drifted off into a dreamworld.

"Doc, he's awake."
Pain. Was there nothing else?
"Splendid! Em..Hello there. I know you can't speak, and please don't try to speak, or move...or open your eyes...Em..just lie there would you?"
Zamar felt boxed in. Moving? The Pain was in control, and it did not want Zamar to move. What was so strange about the doctor's voice?
"Oh, he's drifting off..."

"Ok, he's been here for what? One month now?"
"One and a half"
"Identity? Family?"
The Pain was there, but still not. It was waiting. Zamar was tired, even more tired than usual. What had happened?
"Ok...so, I guess another month, and then he will get out of this state, and then, what? Three months before the bacta tank arrive?"
"Yes, if we are lucky even faster."
Chuckling, and then he heard footsteps.
So tired.

01-17-2005, 06:27 AM
Got a lot of feedback...em..not...well, people actually read my story on this forum:

Realized I update there more than here... So I need to spam this one a bit more I guess :p

"Wake up sleepy"
Zamar woke up, and felt less tired, and no longer in so much pain.
"Don't move yourself, your kinda much one big box. The refugees have their methods, but they are extremly primitive I must say."
He tried answering, but couldn't move the jaw.
"Well, we have no idea who you are, and we can't really treat you efficently. The shuttle you where on crashed into the medical center, we managed to salvage some equipment, and that's what we been using on you. I don't know if I can say I'm happy you're the only survivor, but at least for you it is. The resources we have are barely enough to treat you."
Zamar filed the information. At least he was relatively safe from the thug, since no one knew who he was.
"But on the good side, we think...I mean hope that a new bacta tank will arrive within the next three months. The medical centre is of course, ruined, thats why I put you in the hotel."
Hotel. Zamar nodded mentally. This was as good as anything. He now had time to think. He would have smirked if he was capable of it. When didn't he have time to think?
"Try to get some rest. In another week or so, I will check how your jaw is going, it wasn't badly damaged in the crash. If you're lucky, you might be able to speak within a week."
Speak... Zamar hadn't spoken more than necessary in years. What had he to talk about?
Footsteeps, then complete silence.

Another week passed, and then the doctor came again.This time he carefully examined Zamar's cheek before taking the bandage of his jaws.
"Try talking, but please don't shout... heh...don't want you to break it again first thing."
Zamar carefully seperated his lips, and then softly spoke: "I am."
Chuckling. And was that giggling from behind the doctor?
"It's great to know that. Now, I know you're still tired, but could you give Anon here some information? Name and such?"
Zamar searched his tired brain for a fitting reply and spoke once again.
"I'd be delighted."
Silence, and then someone pulled up a chair and placed it on the left side of the bed.
"Ok, my name is Anon, and I'm the doctor's assistant. I would like you to fill out this form right here. Since you were in a pretty bad shape when we got to you, we didn't even have time to take any data like this. So...le'ts start with name?"
"Indeed. My name is..." For a moment, Zamar thought about making something up. But what did it matter? He was already half-dead.
"Your name is...?"
"Zamar Alin Retylinga"
He heard the information being taken down in the datapad.
"So, Mr...Retylinga, how old are you?"
"I don't know. I would guess thirty-something."
"You don't know how old you are?"
This always happened. It seemed to most people that age was important. What was age anyway? If it was counting by experience, he was well over a hundred years. If counting by weariness, he was older than time itself.
"No. I forgot my birthday."
"Right..." A short pause. "So, you know the name of your mother? Father, friends?"
"I don't know."
She sighed.
"What do you know?"
Zamar hesitated with his answer, what did he know?
"That life, is one, big, catastrophy. That somehow, life evolved, and by some nick of fate or whatever, humans were a fact. The disease on the galaxy."
"Ok... I meant more about yourself, but thanks for the....interesting perspective."
"I'm a tailor by profession, I have no house, my belongings are all gone I guess. And that's it."
She sighed again, and then quietly left the room.

What do I know?


01-19-2005, 08:58 AM
Hmm... Zamar sounds sort of depressed... and yes, it would seem I'm the only one reading this here... at least I'm the only one interested enough to post.

As for how often you should update, update as often as you like... I'll post when I can.

01-22-2005, 09:01 AM
It's good. I like it. But... Paragraphs are your friends, invite them over. I also have a little trouble remembering all the different people and their subplots... If it was me, I think I'd have introduced them more gradually. And it would probably be a good idea to give the reader a somewhat more thorout introduction to each character: Species, height, build, etc.

The scene with the Imps torturing that bloke Polk: I didn't reckon that Imperial torture would leave physical marks. Solo wasn't scarred by the treatment he recieved at Bespin.

"But I...Had no idea!"
"Look, you have ten seconds before I shoot you on the spot, your not enough important to be taken in!"
"But, but, you can't do that!"

LOL. Reminds me of a game of SW RPG where my character started yelling police brutality at a Stormtrooper when he was arrested for possession of an illegal gun... Ah, that was a great game.

BTW: What's with your AV?

01-24-2005, 03:54 AM
First, thanks for the comments...

It's good. I like it. But... Paragraphs are your friends, invite them over. I also have a little trouble remembering all the different people and their subplots... If it was me, I think I'd have introduced them more gradually. And it would probably be a good idea to give the reader a somewhat more thorout introduction to each character: Species, height, build, etc.

I am horrible with paragraphs, line-breakings, dividing up sentences and all alike. Grammar has never been my strong side, not even in my mother-tongue.
Neither am I good at describing, which is why I add details along the way. When characters meet a more thorough description of the different species show up as well as each ones background and "real" quest. But that comes first when the subplots are less and there is a more focused story

The scene with the Imps torturing that bloke Polk: I didn't reckon that Imperial torture would leave physical marks. Solo wasn't scarred by the treatment he recieved at Bespin.

Neither do I, but the "New" Empire has different methods, and expensive "treatment" like the one Solo reserved is for the more important cases.
Since so many are tortured, they cant all give them careful medicines and alike. Polk is to them just a lowlife moron, he is just another one in the protocol and thus gets the normal treatment

BTW: What's with your AV?

My avatar? whats up with it you said? /shrug

01-24-2005, 03:56 AM
He finally halted. Before him it lay, glorious and older than anyone could imagine. A monument which was slowly crumbling, like he, only slower. What would people think of it in a hundred years? In a thousand years? They would probably not think at all, all brainless machines, designed to satifsy the ones in power.
Behind him lay a path which led back to the galaxy, back to the suffering. He had failed, and was not worthy to go on.
Before him lay the ultimate end. Could he really make this one sacrifice? Did he really need to give it all up?
For the first time in decades, he turned around and stared at the landscape. The dim light of the sun was making it shine, showing that all was beatiful, if you only had time to watch it.
He was the protector of these things. Turning around again, the temple stood there.
One. Last. Try.
It felt as if the thought had been sent to him. He nodded to himself and started walking back the same path.
One final dance.


"Iso, I know you've been having this as your goal for years now, but isn't this a bit hasty?"
Iso peered at the hologram in front of him, his lifelong friend quietly trying to persuade him.
"I am confident that he is there for a reason, and whatever that reason is, he will be leaving soon."
The hologram shook it's head and then stared at Iso.
"He is far too powerful Iso, even for you. They dispatched four jedi's, to work together."
Iso sighed, how often had he not heard this?
"I know, and I ran off to find him myself. But now I have found him! And they won't be here for another three days!"
"And what's so bad about waiting? Patience Iso, patience."
"I can finish this now, within the next hours. It can all be over, and we will have saved it all."
The hologram was silent for a moment, then slowly replied.
"What if you lose Iso? You together with another jedi can stop him. But you alone?"
"Where is your fate? Have I not been called the master among jedi knight's?"
"Arrogance is a dangerous enemy, watch out for its lure."
Iso sighed again, he had no time to lose, and he was stuck in a circle with this so-called friend.
"I will hunt him down. If I haven't reported back within the next seven hours..."
"Then what?"
"Then only fate can save us."
The hologram nodded, and then disappeared.
Iso turned off the small hologram-device, and mounted his speeder. Had he made the right choice? What would happen if he failed?
He zoomed across the landscapes, towards the old ruins.

02-07-2005, 09:27 AM
You know you can keep posting... I read this every time I get the chance.

02-07-2005, 03:01 PM
Polk looked around him, astonished at the beauty of Corouscant. Pulsating with life, it's neverending stream of shuttles, like bloodvessels, pumping to keep the city alive.
His home.
He did not notice the look on people's face around him, as he made his way through the crowds. He could still not see on the right eye, and the left arm was dangling by his side.
A stormtrooper suddenly stopped him, and the crowd quickly avoided the scene, creating a gap around Polk and the trooper.
"What's the situation citizen?"
"D'mng 'rde C"
"Dumping grade C? Where's your pass?"
Polk flicked up the pass he had received before being thrown out of the building and presented it to the trooper.
"Move along."
Polk nodded, and smiled as good as he could before limping on. Soon he would be home and restart his life. In his right pocket in the clothes he had been given lay a number of instructions handed to him by the Empire. A few steps to a new life, a life without mistakes.
Then, turning into his apartment building through what once had been a door, he noticed the receptionist no longer sat at her seat. The elevator did work though, and with a grunt, Polk ordered it to the 45th floor, before leaning onto the cold metal-wall. The security-camera in the right corner had fallen down, and Polk looked at it while the elevator slowly made it's way to his apartment floor, where he staggered out.
In the hallway a few bodies lay, most of them old, and Polk even recognized one as a friend of his from before the Fourth Sweep. The hallway was dead quiet, as it never used to be, since all doors lay on the ground and he could see into the rooms. All empty.
Polk moved to his own apartment, his fingers ready to type in the code to the high-security door. But it lay on the ground, with a huge burnmark in the middle. Peering inside, he saw that everything had been stolen, except a few worthless belongings. Quietly he limped in, feeling the wound over the right eye opening again. He sat down on the only chair left and then stared quietly out the window, at the shuttletraffic outside. Blood, pumping to keep his city alive.

"Hi, it's me, Polk!"
"Transmission interrupted"
Polk looked at the blank screen. That was the third and last friend he had in Corouscant, and they all were reluctant to see him. Not surprising maybe, he wasn't exactly in the best state to meet other people.
He turned around, and looked over what he had managed to salvage from his apartment. No clothes, no food. All that was left was the ring given to him by his teacher.
Always remember, there can never be an end
The words came back to him, together with the wise and smiling face. Polk just wish he could understand all the things that he had been given, all the datadiscs, that were thankfully still left in a corner. Polk had once tried reading them from his computer-unit, but it had refused to examine them. He remembered that it had happened just a few hours before he had been taken in. To hide the discs was the only thing his teacher had asked him of, which Polk gladly had did.
What could he do now? Leave Corouscant?
The thought surprisingly enough got stuck in his head. He, Polk, the man who had never been on a starship, would go away?
Why not?
He dragged together everything he still owned in a bag and surprisingly enough for himself, he didn't even shoot a glance back into his home before stepping out the door.

02-09-2005, 02:28 AM
Allis walked up to the secretary, a young twi'lek, staring sadly at a holographic image. Only the rich had these kinds of secretaries, illegal races that were nice to look at, and hardworking, since punishment for being lazy was being given to the Empire.
"May I help the lady?"
Hollow voice, and eyes that looked past her.
"I come for the bounty. The mission has been carried out."
The twi'lek nodded, and pressed a button,revaling a door in a wall. Through it, Allis only saw darkness. Without hesitation, she walked in and refused to panic as the door closed behind her.
Time passed, and she was about to start examining the room for exit's as a dark voice spoke.
"Was the mission successful?"
Allis nodded and brushed her black neck-long hair out of her face.
"One shot, and no one noticed me."
Allis waited for a continuation, but none came.
"Yes...500.000 credits as promised. The secretary outside has the 400.000 you did not receive before the assassination.
Allis turned around, expecting the door to open, instead, the voice spoke again.
"I have another mission for you."
"I don't work for the same client twice."
"250.000 before the mission. 750.000 after."
Allis licked her lips and cleared her throat. One million credits! That would make her able to finally pay off the debts she was neck-deep in.
"I might be interested after all..."
Chuckling, and then the voice seemed to think about how much information to give her.
"It's someone you might have heard of, Senator 53."
"53? Isn't that..."
"Senator handling transportation here on Corouscant. Without him, chaos."
"Where can I find him?"
More chuckling, which made Aliss angry, stupid cowards they were, sending people like her to wreak havoc.
"Talk to my secretary."
With that, the door opened, and temporarily blinded, Aliss hurried out, only to be confronted by the secreteary, standing with two datapads.
What have I now given myself into?

The Drunk Lord
02-15-2005, 12:56 AM
Brilliant. This is the best story I've ever read online. It is incredibly detailed which is great and the characters seem to have real emotion. Plus you seem to know exactly where everything is going, which is good because I didn't and my story wandered into a stupid side alley and died. Keep writing and I'll keep reading Very good.

02-15-2005, 12:59 PM
Originally posted by The Drunk Lord
Brilliant. This is the best story I've ever read online. It is incredibly detailed which is great and the characters seem to have real emotion. Plus you seem to know exactly where everything is going, which is good because I didn't and my story wandered into a stupid side alley and died. Keep writing and I'll keep reading Very good.
Thank you? :)

RK-379 stretched and saluted the Colonel who positioned himself in front of the stormtrooper.
"Corporal, I have with me, your record."
RK-379 didn't move his helmet the slightest, but his eyes flickered towards the person next to the Colonel, holding a datapad.
"Short simple answers, you're the trooper, not they. They order you, they don't want essay-long answers."
"And your effectivness have impressed higher Command, that is, me."
"Thank you Sir!"
Another salute, as he had learned.
"You are to be promoted to Sergeant and repositioned to a unit far more active than the current one."
RK-379 cheered inside himself. Just not getting off this dustball, but also a promotion, and he got to serve the Empire even more effectively.
"Thank you Sir!"
The Colonel seemed to block a sigh for a second, then waved him towards a group of units.
"They are going to the same Cruiser, join up with them and then wait for the shuttle."
"Yes Sir!"
RK-379 stood there until the Colonel had turned his back and moved on to more important business, and then marched to the other troopers and technicians.


Why does pain hurt so much?
Shade tried to focus at the face over his head, staring intensely at him.
"Jo ok?"
Then Shade realized it was a Bothan and shrieked.
"Takk essy, meen gaj went, you have no monej."
Shade stared at the creature, surprised and amazed. It did not attack him, nor did it seem as vicious as the Bothans were told to be.
He dragged himself to his feet, not letting his eyes wander off the fury creature.
"Me thinke ju shuld go there."
The Bothan pointed towards an alleyway, and too confused to disagree, Shade staggered into it, and then turning to see what happened to the Bothan, it was nowhere to be seen.
The alleyway itself seemed deserted, but as Shade let his eyes sweep it, he heard the noises from the starport, and realizing how low the sun was on the sky, he ran towards the sound. Dodging the traffic as he ran along the streets, he thanked his fast reflexes and had soon found the starport. He saw the ship, The Lost Star, going through its startroutines. Outside it, Ganliss stood, hands at his side, and when spotting the young man, breaking up in a broad smile.
"Come here kid! I just thought we would have to look for you, Nat'me had even decided to do a flyby over the colony."
Shade stopped, and grabbing the old trader's hand, he panted for a few moments before regaining control.
"You know me, I have to make an impressing entrance."
"How about a less impressive entrance, and on that, a bit earlier?"
"Nonsense, how would I then be noticed?"
With that, the both made their way into the ship.
"I managed to sell the cargo for the price I hoped for, and the water is safely loaded onto the ship... Do the honours of taking us to Tatooine?"
Shade nodded and smiled before going into the cock-pit.

The Drunk Lord
02-17-2005, 10:23 AM
Don't thank me, you wrote the story. I should be thanking you for writing it.

02-18-2005, 01:24 AM

*great round of applause*

02-18-2005, 12:37 PM
*blushes again*
Whoa...Doesnt anyone have negative comments?
Might publish it then :p

Anyway, this section is one of my favorite ones...

"And in the other corner! The hairy beast!"
Mattbacca glared at the commentator, sitting high over the Wookiee. Across the arena, was a human, armed with a long metal knife.
To make the fight more even
Mattbacca was surprised to not have been ordered to fight with the Trandoshan yet. Until now, he only had been in two of these encounters, always with humans armed with a useless weapon. Any Wookiee could crush the human's head easily, and even if he managed to stick his knife into Mattbacca, it wouldn't matter, since it would put him inside the Wookiee's range.
"....to the death!"
Wild cheering, and the human slowly advanced towards Mattbacca, his feet taking the steps towards certain death. Mattbacca stayed put.
The audience went quiet, as the human, taking a smaller step each time, shaking with fear made his way to the claws of Mattbacca.
Then, the crowd started to boo and various object flew from the stands, all aimed at the human, who stopped and then crawled together on the ground, dropping his metal knife.
With a few quick steps, Mattbacca was there, kicking away the knife while dragging up the human in the air, making him dangle in front of his face.
Bright eyes, filled with tears, freckle-covered face and a thin mouth, shivering with fear. A young boy, barely fourteen.
The wookiee looked into the eyes, filled with pain and terror, already was the boy in the land of the dead, already had he given up.
The crowd cheered, shouting "Kill! Kill! Kill!"
Slowly opening his mouth, the boy whispered: "Mo...."
Mattbacca snapped the neck before he could finish the sentence.
As the body dropped to the ground, the crowd went mad with joy, singing and shouting obsceneties at the dead body.
"The horrid beast showed no mercy as...."
Mattbacca closed out the sound, he closed out all sounds as he stared into the teenagers dead eyes. How long had they been dead? How long since he lost his "mommy"?
The door in front of him slowly opened, and an armed guard waved at him to come.
Mattbacca stepped over the boy, already covered in the planets sand.
The arena emptied, leaving it quiet and deserted.
The sand soon completely covered the young teenager, who had lost hope far too early.

The Drunk Lord
02-18-2005, 12:45 PM

I was wondering when Mattbacca was going to return. That section was brilliant. You managed to get me and I'm sure the others who are going to read this really empathetic towards the teenager.

Keep it up, I don't want this to end.

02-19-2005, 12:40 AM
Nelor walked into the hotelroom, with the bundle of bandage in the bed, like a toy forgotten by a giant.
"How are we today? Good I hope?"
"As usual doctor. Any news about the bacta-tanks?"
Nelor stopped next to the bed, and looking down at the bandage-covered face realized the patient "Zamar" never answered how he felt.
"No..but I have some interesting data."
The doctor waited for the ordinary reply, but the bundle lay quiet.
"Em..right... It seems you are healing quite fast. No braintissue was even harmed in the crash, but you are regaining strength faster than most people... And I got a question about the information you gave Anon."
"What is the problem?"
"It seems your body isn't older than 24 at the most. Are you sure you are over 30?"
"Your data is wrong. I am over 30."
Nelor sighed, this was indeed a strange patient.
"It's wrong doctor."
The angry hint in the voice was impossible to miss, and Nelor took a step back, like the defenseless patient had turned into a Guardian.
"Maybe it is."
Nelor was surprised at his own reply. He knew the data was correct.
"The bacta-tanks doctor?"
He woke up by Zamars question, and quickly checked his datapad.
"Two and a half month."
"Thank you doctor."
Nelor didn't realize he had left the room before he stood in the hallway. Anon looked up at him and he shook his head slowly.
"The strangest patient I've had in my care."
Anon smiled as she looked on the tired doctor, as he continued.
"Strangest part is he speaks fluent Mon Calamarian..."
Anon nodded at the fish-like doctor before turning back to her work.

02-20-2005, 12:15 AM
Last segment of Chapter 1!

Nelor walked into the hotelroom, with the bundle of bandage in the bed, like a toy forgotten by a giant.
"How are we today? Good I hope?"
"As usual doctor. Any news about the bacta-tanks?"
Nelor stopped next to the bed, and looking down at the bandage-covered face realized the patient "Zamar" never answered how he felt.
"No..but I have some interesting data."
The doctor waited for the ordinary reply, but the bundle lay quiet.
"Em..right... It seems you are healing quite fast. No braintissue was even harmed in the crash, but you are regaining strength faster than most people... And I got a question about the information you gave Anon."
"What is the problem?"
"It seems your body isn't older than 24 at the most. Are you sure you are over 30?"
"Your data is wrong. I am over 30."
Nelor sighed, this was indeed a strange patient.
"It's wrong doctor."
The angry hint in the voice was impossible to miss, and Nelor took a step back, like the defenseless patient had turned into a Guardian.
"Maybe it is."
Nelor was surprised at his own reply. He knew the data was correct.
"The bacta-tanks doctor?"
He woke up by Zamars question, and quickly checked his datapad.
"Two and a half month."
"Thank you doctor."
Nelor didn't realize he had left the room before he stood in the hallway. Anon looked up at him and he shook his head slowly.
"The strangest patient I've had in my care."
Anon smiled as she looked on the tired doctor, as he continued.
"Strangest part is he speaks fluent Mon Calamarian..."
Anon nodded at the fish-like doctor before turning back to her work.

02-21-2005, 12:14 AM
Originally posted by weiderudare
Might publish it then :p

Trust me, you don't want to do that. Nothing related to Star Wars publishes without George Lucas' permission. If you do, you might get sued or something.

02-22-2005, 10:25 AM
I know I need his permisson, but what if I get it? :p


Three months later


"RK-379, TK-733 reporting for duty!"
RK-379 looked at the stormtrooper in front of him, with disgust in his thoughts.
"That's the third time you are late to assembly."
"I was busy RK-379."
He didn't even call his sergeant "Sir". Why did RK-379 always get stuck with this kind of troopers?
The eight men under his command were all but three new recruits, eager to kill rebels. When hearing the stories from the veterans, who never shot anything else than violators of laws and drunkards, most grew bitter.
The training program has weakened...
"Put yourself in line trooper."
"That's a thing I want to discuss RK-379."
RK-379 looked at the plastoidhelmet of his trooper. What was the problem now? His bed wasn't soft enough?
Without waiting for authorization, TK-733 went on.
"I feel I should be second in charge for the squad, not LK-558."
RK-379 stared at the trooper, then, with a swift strike, hit him to the ground.
"Never question me."
TK-733 quietly went to his place in the squad, and RK-379 turned and looked over them, looking for flaws in the armor.
"Our first mission was a success. The apartment complex did not have the files we were looking for, but you were still quite effective."
The soldiers stretched, all except the older ones.
"But you were not fast enough! You were insecure!"
Before he could go on, a officer walked up to him, and after the traditional salutes spoke softly.
"You have been assigned a new mission."
RK-379 nodded. This time it might be dangerous, and just maybe his squad could impress the Empire, who had given so much to him.
"You will reinforce the garrison at Hoth."
Hoth. The planet covered in ice. Like Tatooine, only less people. His squad had been worse than he thought.
"Yes Sir."


Iso smiled at the scene in front of him. Two hundred new jedi knights, ready to protect the galaxy.
"In the old days, we were few, and with the stressful trainings, many were lost. Now, we can finally and truly say that the jedi are safe."
The jedi master spoke quietly, but still enough to make everyone hear. A bad speaker was all Iso could think of. Like all the old jedis.
"It has been over six hundred and fifty years since a student wasn't assigned to a single jedi. Our tradition is saved."
Iso yawned and then looked around him. He wanted to go to the training room to practice his fencing skills. Fencing was his way to reach a higher understanding of the force, as he became one with his saber and no longer was a man, simply air, floating whereever it wanted, even into the chest of his opponent.
"I have an announcement to make."
Iso woke up from his day-dreaming and looked over at the jedi master.
"We will no longer record any fights or diplomatic arguments with hostile outcomes. Any recordings you have made are requested to be deleted, as we are currently deleting the archives from any information regarding fighting."
Iso nodded to himself. It made sense, his master had spoken of this.
Without Knowledge Of Making War, How Can There Be Any?
"As some remember, the old archives were deleted soon one hundred years ago, and the time has come for us to delete our information on how to make weapons."
The master was quiet for a few moments, before he added.
"This gives us even greater responsibility. We are the only ones that can fight, and as long as we keep that knowledge, the galaxy can flourish again. Now, go and delete the last information. May The Force Be With You."
Iso sighed at the last sentence. The words lost their meaning when repeated too often. He turned and walked away to his quarters, where he had the information on how a dathomirian warrior with a spear fought. Of course, there were no spears anymore.
On the way to his room, he saw Marlis, and waving at him joined him as they walked through the corridors of the jedi temple.
"After this is done, what do you say about a practice-fight?"
Marlis smiled while shaking his head.
"You know I can't beat you, after all, I still haven't made a saber."
Iso nodded at the well-used phrase of his friend. Many new jedi's were more interested in studying the Force in the most peaceful way possible, and more and more destroyed their lightsabers or didn't even make one.
What would happen in a hundred years? No more sabers? Would finally the last weapons disappear?
Iso hoped not. Jedi's needed their weapons, even though he had not used his in real combat for a year now.
"Maybe Telf is feeling more positive about training than you."

02-24-2005, 08:22 AM
That would be cool if Lucas gave you his permission for this to be published... would it still be called the Fifth Sweep? If so, I'll be looking for it and might just buy it.

02-24-2005, 10:17 AM
I can hope I guess...
anyone got his mail? :p

He dragged in the smell of the jungle before starting his path through the dense forest.
Memories, painful, like daggers sinking into his mind. How he missed his master, and how he cursed him for choosing him.
But that was a long time ago
Before he had understood how hard it had been, and what a honour it was to be one of the last. His master had never called it by its name, even though he often had mumbled it quietly.
His master had been more depressing than himself, since he had more memories, and greater knowledge than his student.
Stopping in front of the old ruins, he stepped up to the gate, which opened into a dark room. Stepping through it, he could feel the years for a moment lift off his shoulders, and it was suddenly easier to breathe.
Inside was complete silence, the sounds of the jungle were all shut out.
Even though it was darker than the darkest night, he marched on, into the empty blackness. Through corridors and up stairs, he finally made his way to a door, and upon opening it, light shone on his face for the first time since he entered the temple. A window was the source of the dim light, and under it lay a bed, carved out a stoneblock, with old, filthy rags lying over it.
He opened his mouth for the first time in a decade.
Stumbling onto the bed, he slept more peaceful than ever before.


Today was the day
Zamar listened to the mumbling in the room he had been living in for months, defenseless. Now, he could continue his escape, and find another place to start his tailoring again.
"Please, be quiet everyone. The doctor needs outmost silence to perform this delicate surgery."
A lie, Zamar knew by now, used just since the doctor hated Basic.
During the months he had laid there, unable to move, people had came to see who this sole survivor was, and some even actually talked to him. Zamar, incapabable of looking occupied, saw no escape from answering the simple questions about his regular day-life.
A female had even tried to hit on him, but Zamar had quickly turned her down by talking about an "accident" he had.
Worked since I was 17....
"So Zamar, let's see your face now?"
The doctor's calm voice, speaking in Mon Calamarian, which Zamar hadn't realized until a visitor pointed it out.
Zamar felt the bandage being carefully pulled away from his face, and he opened his eyes and looked into the red face of a Mon Calamarian, smiling calmly at him.
Knowing how his apperance was, with darkbrown, nearly black eyes, a near "perfect" nose. His thick, untidy darkbrown hair had grown even more, and the doctor brushed it away carefully.
"That wasn't too bad was it?"
Zamar stayed put, hearing the mumbling again. He closed his eyes again, surprised by the strong light around him.
The doctor took away the rest of the bandages, and soon helped Zamar up from the bed.
"Seems you are in better shape than I thought. You could walk out of here today!"
Looking around him, he recognized the voices he had been conversing with. He realized that he was standing straight, and quickly sunk together, going from 1.88m to a much shorter size.
The doctor nodded, and Zamar located the door and started walking towards it.
"No no no!"
Nelor laughed at the patient, seemingly determined to leave.
"Many here would like to buy you a drink... You have become quite a legend in here, seeing how you survived that shuttle crash and all. Plus, we have received
quite an impressing collection of new building-material. The new medical centre will be the best one on Tatooine!
Zamar looked wearily at the doctor, now like a child, over-excited over a new toy.
A young twi'lek woman suddenly appeared behind him, with skin as red as the setting sun.
Quietly sinking into the horizion over Naboo's surface, burning like fire before finally disappearing.
"Hi, I'm Zoe"
A broad smile and a hand, soft and small. She couldn't be much older than eighteen.
Zamar opened his mouth, while taking the hand slowly, shaking it carefully.
Another smile and quiet giggling behind her.
"Yes, I know... My dad said that you were the best tailor on Tatooine."
Zamar stared at the girl. How did people know about him? He never got many orders, and when they came, it was always from the same customers.
"Do many people know about me?"
She shook her head and added.
"He ordered a costume for a mascerade. A masterpiece, that's what he said afterwards."
Zamar nodded and then looked around him. He know understood why so many had came to visit him. Tailors were rare, especially ones that made clothes for nonhumans. And a tailor surviving a shuttle crash, but not the trained guards on it?
"I'm just wondering, just how exactly did you prepare yourself for the crash?"
The question came from a small man, looking up at the ragged tailor.
"I embraced the fact I was finally going to die."
With that, Zamar left the room to find his clothes.

03-03-2005, 05:19 AM
dare I ask for more? :p

Ah, yes... GIVE ME MORE STORY!!!!:D :D

03-03-2005, 06:50 AM
As thy ask, I willst do.

This is by the way the suckiest two segments, at least if you ask me..

Aliss jumped up and down, waving frantically at Senator 53.
It had taken a long time to get tickets for his seminare, but it was all worth it. She had easily disposed of a diplomat from a distant system, and was now trying to get the Senator's attention. She now knew he was crazy about women, especially redhaired ones. A quick visit to a hair-dresser and a change of clothes and she looked just like Senator 53's dreamgirl.
Finally, he caught her in his sight, and motioned to his guard to let her pass.
Smiling, and trying to look as braindead as the girls in the commercials, she soon stood next to the Senator, who licked his lips while eyeing her.
He was short, and Aliss wasn't that tall herself, only 1.67 meters.
"I'm Reva, and I just love what you are doing for Corouscant!"
He nodded, not even listening.
"How about a drink, at my apartment?"
Aliss was disgusted, but thanked her mother, who had enrolled her in a theatrical academy. She had been one of the best in the class in acting, and she still had some skill left, even though she never used her dramatical side.
"I would love to!"
The Senator waved with his hand, and his bodyguards started to plow a way through the crowd. All the time, Senator 53 was staring at Aliss chest, not even trying to hide it.
This would be a long night...


Yma yawned in her desk. She had been in this bench for over six hours. This was the last class before the vacation started, and the rest of the class were already focused on the door behind the hologram of the teacher.
"....please open section A7 of your datapads. I want to make sure you understand what the lessons are in that section. Lia?"
Lia stood up, and spoke as robot, without even thinking. Yma had been one of the last to learn section A fully, and she could now, as the rest of the class, read it out on the top of their heads.
Looking over at the empty desk next to Lia, where Tor used to sit, she realized it had been a long time since a guard suddenly came in to take the boy away. When Yma had asked her parents where he had been taken, all they could say was that Tor's parent were also gone, taken in by the Empire.
"The Empire has given us relief in a time of pain and hopelessness, and freed us from unnamed evils."
The hologram nodded, pleased with the student.
The door to the classroom opened, and a officer walked in, followed by two stormtroopers.
All children in the room stood up as one, and saluted by holding a clutched fist to their foreheads.
Yma remembered when she had asked why salutes were different for different sections of the Empire.
"You touch your forehead to show that you are learning the only true way in the galaxy"
Without a word, the officer stepped up to the holographic projector and with a code, shut it down. Then, he turned to the troopers, and with a nod stepped out the door.
Yma didn't understand what was happening as the troopers swung up their carbines. When the blasters hit the desks and children, her mind wasn't working. She threw herself behind her desk, praying to the Empire to forgive her for her sins.
The troopers stopped firing, and walked out of the room, closing the door behind them.
Soon, everything went quiet as the sound of restrained breathing slowly died out.

03-03-2005, 08:26 AM
Any great writer sees the improvements he can make to his own work... everybody else just thinks "How can this get better?"

03-03-2005, 10:45 AM
Well, the schoolscene is quite horrible..

Anyway... here comes a bit more... For all you mattbacca lovers :p

"Tonight you better stay awake Bleedie."
Mattbacca stopped eating his food, and looked up at the one-armed wookiee, who had taught him simple survival tricks the last few months. In exchange she had squeezed out everything he remembered about Kashyyyk.
Mattbacca swallowed the porrage-like substance in his mouth and then shot a glance around him.
"How so?"
The wookiee leaned closer before resuming.
"I heard a lizard wants to see your blood."
Mattacca sighed before nodding.
"I'll stay awake."
The wookiee nodded and turned around, walking to her own corner.
"Thank you" He called out after. She stopped, nodded and then sat down at one end, with space around her, since everyone feared the wookiee.
He realized that he had become a bit like her. Too soft to become the Champion though, but that didn't matter. Mattbacca still had hope, hope to see the trees of his homeplanet once again, to sit on the highest branches and stare out over the green landscape.
"Lights go out in ten seconds!"
The voice came from one of the guards, standing next to the door. The guard looked around one last time before stepping outside the door, and Mattbacca could hear it lock before everything went black.
Grunts were heard as everyone tried to make themselves comfortable with the blankets they had to sleep on. The young wookiee himself closed his eyes, and silently moved away from his regular spot.
Soon, loud snoring was heard, but as Mattbacca smelled the air, he felt the stench of the lizard move across the room, towards his bundle.
The Trandoshan probably hoped that by beating the wookiee up it wouldn't get punished, and still calm its rage.
As the creature realized Mattbacca wasn't there, it made a low growl, before turning back into its own corner.
For a moment, Mattbacca felt the urge to leap up and beat the Trandoshan, but came to his senses before it had become a fix idea.
He stayed awake the rest of the night, unable to fall asleep on the hard floor.


"How about going to Mos Espa?"
Zamar looked up at the twi'lek. He had been living in her small home, and as payment, he had taken up sewing again, giving her clothes as he completed them.
Zoe lived alone at the edge of Mos Entha, in a small house. Her parents worked on a moisture farm, but when she had turned sixteen, Zoe, gifted with what was considered a beatiful voice, moved to Entha to see more of the life in the galaxy.
"Mos Espa? Why?"
She gave him another smile. It seemed she could never run out of those, even though she barely made enough living by helping in the local cantina. She was only eigtheen, as Zamar had guessed when he first set his eyes on her. From that moment on, she had taken care of him, since the hotel had thrown him out and the doctor had received his payment. Zamar kept his fortune a secret, and it would take some time before the doctor could go to Espa and open the deposit where Zamar had told him he would find a bonus for nursing him. The doctor would probably not expect to find over twenty-thousand credits inside. A mere nothing of the money Zamar had stowed away here and there. Money that meant nothing for him.
"Because in Espa, there will be a gladiator-fight! Tomorrow night!"
Zamar sighed. It was a waste of time killing each other. Why have slaves do it for entertaiment?
"And in Espa, there are shops near the starport, where you can buy tailoring-equipment."
"And then what young twi'lek?"
Zoe's smile faded as she looked over the tailor.
"You can stay here, live with me for a while, and then, when you can afford it, a place of your own."
Zamar shook his head softly. The days he had spent with the twi'lek had been a complete change of his habits. He had gone up as usual, before the sun, to exercise, but instead of going directly to tailoring, he made breakfast for Zoe. She seemed delighted every time he cooked, something he didn't understand.
The past was filled with ungratefullness
"I was going off this planet when the shuttle crashed. There's a thug after me."
Zoe looked over him, before folding one of her dresses.
"Well, where were you going? I mean, Tatooine is the best place to live on!"
"I was going to Lok.... They need tailors there."
Zoe frowned where she stood over him.
"Don't leave yet. You are just starting to make friends and all! I even promised to bring you along tonight to the cantina!"
"I don't talk to them."
Zoe sighed, then gripped Zamar's hand and pulled him out, which made him tower over her.
"You're going out tonight, and tomorrow we are going with the rest of the neighbourhood to see the gladiator-fight!"
Zamar sighed. He had forgotten how persistant women were.

03-07-2005, 06:06 AM
The Ithorian Mist in his hand was cold to touch. Of course, alcohol was supposed to be illegal, at least soon it would be. Guns too, and the crack-down on aliens would soon be even harsher. It almost felt as if another sweep was coming. As if the four they already had weren't enough. A fifth would break down the system completely.
As if it weren't broken already
Zoe was sitting and playing sabacc with a few friends. Laughing and cheering, with their glasses high and a smile on every face.
The ragged tailor suddenly realized he missed the time when he had done the same. Zoe had started to penetrate his mind, waking memories of times long passed. He needed to leave for Lok tomorrow.
He refilled his glass before stroking his hair. It was the first time in two years that he wore anything else than his usual, functional, near perfected clothes. This more formal outfit, with black pants, a white shirt and a jacket felt more uncomfortable. Zamar still didn't understand how Zoe had succeed in making him put the clothes on. Soon she would probably cut his hair if he didn't watch out.
Someone sat down on the seat next to him, and when ordering a Correllian Ale, turned to the tailor.
"You know, that girl of yours is a real hottie."
Zamar glanced at the man, a Zabrak dressed in wrinkly clothes. He stank of ale.
"She isn't my "girl". I'm just living with her."
The Zabrak got something eager in his eyes, and leaned closer to Zamar.
"So, that means she is "free" eh? Means I can.. you know?"
His wide grin was put to an end by Zamar's fist.
The music stopped, and everyone's attention turned to the bar. The tailor simply took up a creditchip worth three thousand credits and put it on the bar.
"Another Mist."
The chattering continued. One of the good things about Tatooine. No one cared about the fighting, except the one getting beaten up.
Zoe was the only one that with a worried look examined Zamar. He simply nodded to her before sinking into deep thoughts again.

It was closing to dawn when Zamar finally realized he had emptied several bottles of Mist. He had found the perfect way to be on the edge of being drunk, and right now he had been very close to stepping over it.
Zoe was singing a song together with two of her friends. All three of them seemed more than well over the edge, something the empty bottles around them proved all to well.
With a few steps, Zamar was there, pulling the girl up.
"What'cha doing? We gone home?"
Thankfully, the twi'lek was very light, and they were soon outside. In the distance, he could see how the horizon was lighter than in other places. Meant he wasn't going to sleep much, since they were leaving to Espa in just a few hours.
"This is funnay... We had so much fun..Din't we?"
"Yes Zoe, you had a lot of fun it seemed."
He carried her in his arms through the empty town, past the cantina that was still bustling with activity, which could be heard through the airholes. From the shuttleport, a ship rose, and soon set course over the dunes.
Opening the door to Zoe's small house, he soon placed Zoe in her bed, but as he rose, the girl's hand reached out, and pulling his jacket, made his head come closer to her face.
"Sleep with me tonight..."
She mumbled the words, and Zamar sighed as he freed himself from her grip. Zoe fell asleep at once.
People these days... Exactly like they were when I was young.
He yawned and stumbled into a chair before falling asleep.

The knocks on the door woke him up, and quickly waking up, he opened it, seeing the doctor outside, with his assistant.
"Hello, a good morning to you!"
Zoe grumbled when light from the door fell on her face, and turned it away. These small houses just had three rooms. A main room, a kitchen and a toilet.
Anon smirked before going into the house, picking up something from a satchel on her bag.
"Anon suspected the young lady would be suffering from head-aches this morning. Thankfully, she has a drink that makes the effect disappear after a few minutes. Are you ready to leave?"
Zamar nodded to the doctor before quickly gathering his clothes and putting them into a bag.
Meantime, Zoe staggered up from her bed, while Anon grabbed fresh clothing for her.
"You can take a shower on the shuttle. The doctor gets to ride in Higher Class, together with three guests."
The tailor nodded and grabbed the clothes Anon had gathered before following the doctor. Zoe and Anon went after, Zoe with a firm grip around Anons shoulders.
"I don't particulary enjoy these fights... I mean, they are set against my kind..."
"Doctor, people want to see blood, the Empire simply gives it to them."
Nelor looked up at the human.
"You know what, you're not that stupid for a human, no offense."
Zamar stretched a bit for a second, and shoot a glance around him to cover the smirk that appeared for a moment.
"Thank you doctor. But then again, I don't feel as human as the rest of my kind."
The Mon Calamarian only chuckled, and they walked the rest of the way in silence.

03-08-2005, 01:24 AM
"Shade, you missed being on this planet?"
The sand blocked Shade's sight of Ganliss. It was windy, which halted the repairs of The Lone Star.
"Can't really say I have. What do you say we leave as soon as Nat'me gets back?"
"Are you crazy? We need to buy something here as well!"
"Buy what? There's only sand here!"
They both laughed as the sand hit their faces. Nat'me had been sent by her father to sell the water to a local trader. To give her the experience as the old trader had stated it. Shade hoped that the local merchant didn't try to rip off the girl. Then he would be glad to get away with a broken arm.
"Hey Gan! How about we stay and watch the fight?"
Shade saw the old man shake his head.
"I don't belive in killing, and I thought you didn't either. Oh well... Guess kids are kids..."
"That means I can go?"
"No, never."
Shade sighed as he put down his tools. It was no use trying to repair this piece of junk. At least not when it was as windy as today. He hoped the wind would die out so he could repair the ships shields. Even though they were never attacked, it was always good to be prepared, or at least buy enough time to blast into hyperspace.
"You know what Ganliss? Soon, we got enough money to buy a new ship."
The old man stopped working and turned to the teenager.
"Nonsense! I will die before I let go of this ship!"
"It will probably explode some day, making those words true..."
Ganliss chuckled before drinking some water. In the distance, the sounds from the arena covered most of the noises from the ship.


Mattbacca found himself being pushed out into the arena. In the other end, the Trandoshan stood, drooling with excitment.
"Now! Finally! The two sworn enemies! Against each other, purely for your enjoyment!"
The stands, now filled with blood-crazed humanoids peered down at the Wookiee. It was odd that Mattbaca could have been one of them, if only things had gone differently.
Like not being tall and hairy and not being able to speak anything but your own language...
The Trandoshan hissed at the Wookie, who stood there, casually examing the ground to see if there was anything he could trip on.
He stared up once again at the stands, and saw a small Twi'lek jumping up and down, making her tentacles hit people around her. Next to her, a human sat, seemingly embarrased by what she was doing. It was something about that man... His way of moving... Mattbacca wished the man would have sat further down. The Wookiee didn't know why, but he had a strong interest in that human.
The crowd cheered wildly as the Trandoshan let out a roar before running towards Mattbacca. The Wookiee let out a warcry, which for a moment made the crowd quiet before they went even more excited.
The Wookiee sent out his fist towards the Doshan's face, but it was too fast, and ducked under it, sinking its teeth into Mattbacca's leg. The pain went through his body, making Mattbacca fall to the ground, then, with a kick, made the Doshan fall off his leg.
"You are going to die vermin. Can't you taste it? Your own blood?"
Letting out a second Warcry, Mattbacca punched the Trandoshan in the face, feeling how its teeth fell down into its mouth.
The Doshan jumped at the Wookiee, making them both fall on the ground, where the fight went on, accompanied by the cheering of the stands.

03-11-2005, 08:41 PM
Zamar looked without interest at the fight below. He could barely see the fighters, which really didn't bother him. Zoe was over-excited to see people actually fighting to the death. The doctor was sleeping next to him, while Anon was busy eating some sort of snack. Then, at the bottom of a stands, he noticed two men moving up, towards his seat. Behind them, a man stood and stared up towards the tailor, and Zamar could recognize the fat rodian easily. The customer had found Zamar, and by the looks of it he would reward him by cutting of a few limbs.
"If you'll excuse me, I just saw something."
Zoe nodded, not even listening. Anon gave Zamar a puzzled look before returning to the snack. He guessed it was surprising that he saw something and had to leave.
As Zamar moved down the stands, trying to reach the exit, he saw another couple of thugs pointing at him before making their way through the crowd. Zamar realized he was caught, and moved further down the stands where it was less steep and easier to hold his ground.
Soon he found himself at the front row, where he could hear the groans of the combatants beating each other to death. The four thugs soon surrounded him, and a knife came out.
"The boss ain't impressed by your work, so he thought he should remind you of what happens when you don't finish stuff in time."
The knife flew out, towards Zamar's gut, but he jumped out of the way before hitting the thug on his throat with the back of his hand. The other three all jumped him at that, and he suddenly found himself inside the arena, with one of the thugs on top of him. The crowd had gone quiet. Soon troopers would come and throw all of them in jail. Zamar pushed off the thug, and then got to his feet. The two combatants were Dosh and Wookiee, and the Wookiee was losing. Zamar looked for a way out, but the only door was blocked by two guards, moving out with batons in their hands.
He shot a glance at the two fighters. Zamar disliked Trandoshans, but a Wookiee could help him get to the starport. With two steps and a kick in the Trandoshan's stomach made it roll off the Wookiee. Dishonorable fighting, but he didn't have time for ceremonies.
"How about you and I get out of here?"
The Wookiee blinked in disbelief, before nodding and standing up. The two guards charged at the tailor, but with a spin-attack, he knocked them both out cold.
Cheering was heard from the crowd. More people fighting, and one seemingly with some kind of special unarmed fighting technique.
Zoe finally woke the doctor up as she realized it was Zamar down in the arena, while Anon already was running down to see what had caused the situation. The Twi'lek then ran down the stands, pushing her way through the confused crowd. Nelor took up his bag and started making his way through the real exit, already coming to a conclusion on what would happen.
Down in the arena, troopers started jumping down into the fighting pit, not even bothered to arrest Zamar and Mattbacca, but instead firing deadly bolts with their rifles. The two quickly ran through the arena-door, into a hallway where the Wookiee took the lead, sniffing his way to an exit, whilst limping on his injured leg. Behind him, Zamar breathed as calmly as he could, using fighting-skills which he had kept at their finest for years.
The Wookiee growled its name to Zamar and then suggested that they borrowed a ship from the starport to get off this planet.
"I agree honorable Mattbacca, lead the way out of here and then I'll find the starport."
Mattbacca growled a response before throwing a nervous guard out of the way. When he looked behind him, he saw gladiators fighting troopers and guards alike,seeing a chance to leave this miserable existence. The Champion, who had always refused to tell him her name was the only one that he couldn't see. He understood why, after five years of the life of a gladiator, it would be near impossible to adjust to normal life again.
Throwing himself against a door, it flew open and the street before them. Zamar took the lead now, leading them through the mazelike town, towards the distant sound of the starport.

03-17-2005, 11:16 AM
Wow...really need to remember to post more in this thread...
Especially since atm Im not rping textbased at all, seeing beginning of the Empire fall into the pit of nonreplying...

Mattbacca looked behind them once every ten seconds, but only heard shouts and occasional blasterfire. Turning around a corner, he saw the starport. A single ship was there, with two men outside it. Mattbacca didn't know much about flying, and this newfound companion would have seemed a wreck if it weren't for his figthing technique, more dance than hitting people. A blasterbolt interupted his stray thought, and looking behind he saw three troopers, all opening fire, spraying death over the area. The two men rose, and one ran into the ship while the other picked up something from a box.
A blaster
Zamar had already realized the fact, and threw himself out of the way, moments before the Wookiee. The blasterfire behind them was suddenly directed towards the man, who fell dead to the ground.
They thought he was with Us.
Mattbacca thanked whatever had sent this unexpected help before jumping into the ship, surprised to stand face to face with a teenager, armed with a laser-rifle.
"How did you get past Ganliss?"
The Wookiee quickly disarmed his opponent, and lifting the teenager into the air, threw him into what was probably the cock-pit.
"Get the ship ready to fly....em......whelp?"
Then, Mattbacca realized the boy didn't understand Shyriiwook and found himself imitating a ship lifting off the ground.
"No! I won't fly you out of here! You're illegal!"
Mattbacca sighed before shoving the rifle into the boy's stomach. The hint was taken and soon the teenager was flicking switches.
"Get onboard!" He shouted, hoping that his companion would get join him.
Into the cock-pit, the ragged man staggered, followed by a Mon Calamarian, calm and with a broad smile on his face.
"Doctor, for the last time, get off this ship, you would be stupid if you didn't."
The Mon Calamarian barely listened, but was more interested in the ship.
"Nonsense! I'm bored of Tatooine, and I just earned enough money to get off this planet. Yes, I found the money."
Zamar looked at the Wookiee. He and the doctor had stayed away from Mon Calamari to not confuse the creature too much. At the controls of the ship a young human sat, nervously lifiting the ship off the ground.
"So, master Wookiee! Allow me to take a look on those wounds for you shall I?"
Nelor had his first-aid bag with him, and led the Wookiee to a chair, while Zamar walked up to the boy.
"Your name?"
"Shade, and you never gonna get away from the might of the Empire! Ganliss knows everything about this ship, and he's gonna help the Empire."
"Was that the man outside the ship? Picking up a blaster?"
The teenager nodded, while moving the ship at a low speed, more hovering than moving.
"He's dead. Your glorious Empire shot him. They thought he was one of us."
The boy didn't move, just stared out the window. Zamar sighed, then pushed him out of the chair, and took control of the vessel.
"Do you know how to fly companion?"
Zamar looked back at the Wookiee, now seemingly calm.
"I used to...As soon as the kid gets calm we can put him on the job, but right now we need to get off this planet, and I guess neither you or the Doctor knows how to fly?"
"Anyway, Doctor, meet Shade, that's the paralyzed kid, and Mattbacca, the Wookiee. I'm Zamar, and right now, we seem to be outlawed, thanks to a jacket."
The Mon Calamarian and the Wookiee shook hands as the ship left the atmosphere.
Zamar looked down at the teenager, still staring blankly into space.
"Nelor, can you be ready when the kid wakes up? I want him at the controls as fast as possible."
Nelor nodded and wrapped a bandage on Mattbacca's leg before moving over to the teenager.
Zamar looked over his situation. Outlawed, chased by the Empire, stuck on a old ship together with three seemingly worthless companions.
He smirked.
Just like the good ol' days.

03-17-2005, 03:22 PM
I'm interested to see more of this... and about the Beginning of the Empire, if somebody else would post (Curt-Man or you, I'd be more than willing to continue... if I absolutely have to, I'll double post to bump it... I'm sure Zamar could find something interesting to do while following two Jedi who are following three pirates and being followed by an Imperial...:D

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RK-379 stared over the group of workers that came in through the doors of the Hoth base. All too poor to afford a space ticket somewhere useful, and used the service called "Empire's helping hand". A free ticket to the next destination on the next YX-classed shuttle. What no one knew was that all YX-classed shuttles were used only for "Empire's helping hand", designated to move these poor people to mining-colonies and alike.
LK-558 checked all the new colonists names, before sending them to their barracks.
The effectivness of the Empire. To give its citizens information when they needed it, not before. Exactly like himself.
"Polk Sir!"
RK-379 woke up by the name. Looking over at the man, he saw nothing interesting. Just that he had scars on his face, exact and precise. RK-379 knew how one obtained those scars. By Imperial questioning.
It was something about that name...
"Move along to the Barracks, section 3."
"Thank you Sir!"
A salute and the man hurried down the wrong hallway before another trooper pointed it out for him.
There were fifteen newcomers in total, making the total population of the colony three hundred and five. Not counting RK-379's squad that was.
RK-221 came up to RK-379, saluted and then raported that once again, TK-733 had attacked and killed one of the workers.
RK-379 simply sighed.
"Just give him the regular punishment. A week in the company of the workers. This time we won't protect him."
RK-221 nodded and walked away together with TK-324 to find the crazy trooper.


He stared out over the jungle, taking each deep breath slowly, making the best out of every moment.
Out in the jungle, he could hear how the man came closer, slicing his way through the beauty of the nature, caring only about his target.
He swung his cape behind him, and took the cylinder from its belt, weighing it in his hand.
The man came out of the forest at last, looking around him before finding his target, standing on the top of the temple.
"I didn't signal for back-up! I wanted to kill you myself!"
The Guardian was dressed in the Guardian uniform, with bronze streaks over it, which meant he was one of the most honored.
"You might find that hard Guardian. We Jedi aren't as weak as you have been told."
The Guardian spat on the ground, and with a mighty leap got to the top of the temple, igniting his red saber.
"You are the last one aren't you? Yes... I can feel it... I can hear the tide finally change. No more Jedi's, only Guardians."
The Guardian slashed at the Jedi, but wasn't prepared to be hindered by the Force, making his saber stop in the middle of the air.
Looking down at his stomach, the Guardian saw a green blade sticking out from a hilt, tightly held in the Jedi's hand.
"What you heard was the tide, indeed. But it was for my favor, not yours..."
The Jedi pulled out the saber, making his opponent fall dead to the ground. One down, another ninety-nine to go.
"I'm coming! The tide has changed!"
He shouted it out. He, Jeshan would make the change start. He would not be worth less than any other Jedi.
Clouds gathered on the sky, and soon heavy rain fell over the empty temple. A ship was seen shoot out from it, away into the stars.

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With a thud Senator 53 fell to the ground with the syringe sticking out of his neck.
Aliss checked the man for any vital signs before she started her comlink.
"Is it done?"
Aliss was surprised at first, but then realized that the comlink was probably created in that sole purpose. She answered and requested the ride she had been promised. The comlink died and five seconds after, a small craft hovered outside the senator's bedroom. Opening the balcony door, she slipped into the red speeder, which soon moved into the ongoing traffic.
She realized she was sitting next to a Rodian, and the one driving the speeder was a Ithorian, zooming away from the more trafficked pathways.
"Did anyone see you?"
Aliss shook her head.
"Everything went exactly as planned."
The Rodian nodded, and then lounged at her whilst pulling a blaster out of his clothes.
Aliss was surprised at first, but quickly knocked the blaster out of the Rodian's hand, before sending him out the passenger-window with a push of her legs.
The driver fumbled with a blaster, got hold of it but didn't have time to shoot as Aliss jumped him, hitting one of his eyes.
Crying out in agony, Aliss had time to take the blaster which had fallen to the floor, and fired several shots at the Ithorian before opening the driver's window and pushing it out.
The speeder had luckily been on auto-pilot, and was zooming calmly through the streets. No one had seen the bodies flying past their speeders in the hectic traffic.
Aliss had been back-stabbed by her client, but why?
Obviously they didn't think she could beat two thugs, but the fight had been easy because of her never-ending practicing.
They don't know who they are messing with.
Someone would pay for this. She wanted her 750.000 credits, even if it meant collecting it from the cold dead hands of her client.
Turning the speeder around, she zoomed towards a bar where she had been supposed to be dropped off. An ambush was probably there, just in case, but she needed information, and the thugs at the bar might have had some.

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