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Bob Gnarly
12-21-2004, 05:06 AM
taken from the IGN boards


First: Visit the Refugee Sector in Nar Shadaa and locate Twi'leks to begin the companion quest. There are light and dark side options, but whatever your choice, the conversation continues to the end.

Second: Your influence should be at a minor gain/loss to trigger a new conversation where he confesses to being a deserter.

Third: To trigger the next conversation, your influence should have relatively large/loss. The conversation continues with Atton speaking about defecting at the time of the Mandolorian Wars.

Last with a large influence gain/loss with him, persist with the line of questioning where Atton speaks about a Jedi who gave her life for him. When this chat ends, you can train him to be a Jedi


When you've gained a major influence with him and or light side or neutral, another line of questions opens up beginning with: " Having you here has an effect on me, General. I never noticed it years ago. I think my mind was too occupied then." And: "I feel. . .calm. More in control. The anger is still there, but I can feel it drifting away."

During this dialog, you can offer to train to be a Jedi.

Same with dark side but the conversation begins with; "Having you here has an effect on me, General. I never noticed it years ago. I think my mind was too occupied then." And: "I feel the anger boiling to the surface, as I once felt towards the Mandolorians, but now it is toward myself alone." During this dialog, you can offer to train him to be a Jedi.


The path to making her a Jedi requires an extremely high or low influence over her. When you're able, ask her why she feels restless. After this remark, "you seem more comfortable here than on the Ebon Hawk." For the biggest influence, choose the line, "An interesting way of putting it. It's true." You now hear about Nar Shadaa, which fits into the vision Kreia had (where she "felt Nar Shaddaa') just after you met the Twin Suns for the first time on Nar Shaddaa. Tell Mira about this vision and hope you have a very high/low influence or she isn't interested. If you convince her, she says, "Sure, show me." Take her to the same spot Kreia had the vision. A vision grips Mira, and she turns into a Jedi.

Handmaiden (When playing as a male.)

First: You need to learn all of the Echani forms by dueling her on the Ebon Hawk. It will take allot of influence to train her to be a Jedi.

Second: After you finish the dueling, request (with a moderately high or low influence) the she puts on some different attire, and she will do so (provided you're not prancing about the Ebon Hawk in your undergarments). The robe she wears has not been seen before; ask whom it belongs to. With correct influence, she mentions it was her mother’s and that her mother was a Jedi Knight. You can start this conversation at any time she is wearing her special robes. You may also learn the handmaiden’s mother with a moderate influence gain/loss and be asking, “So you have a different mother.... But the same father?”

Third: Speak to Kreia, who is most interested of the offspring of a Jedi, about the handmaiden’s disclosure. She believes she shares her mother’s powers. With high/low influence and with the knowledge from Kreia about the Jedi’s bloodlines, you may convince her to fellow the path of the Jedi.

Disciple (When playing as a female.)

“ You look familiar to me. . “
In this conversation you will choice: Sentinel, Guardian, Consular.

You can further the conversation and start training with high/low, and there are light and dark responses.

You can now ask him, “What are you doing for the Republic?” And his real role is revealed.

When you have enough influence (high gain/loss) to recognize him and he reveals he used to be a Pad wan, and you gain new options.

This lead to “ I could train you to feel the Force again.” This requires an extremely high influence gain/loss. After this, you can teach him in the ways of the Jedi.

Im having SOO much trouble with Bao Dur, he wont even speak to me, is this normal, i mean he says the little things but...

12-21-2004, 07:48 AM
Wicked, thanks!

The furthest I get to Bao-Dur is:

B-D: Yes general?

Whatever: Nothing, nevermind


12-21-2004, 09:34 AM
That is cool.

I do find it a weird coincidence that all of your crew members can use the force.

12-21-2004, 03:24 PM

I get the same. I wonder if there is some trigger or something. Then again I don't talk to him that often.

12-21-2004, 04:04 PM
Originally posted by Zonzai

I get the same. I wonder if there is some trigger or something. Then again I don't talk to him that often.

Screw him, he sucks.

12-21-2004, 04:35 PM
It would be cool to get a dark side bao-dur though. I bet he loos mean.

12-21-2004, 09:41 PM
Originally posted by Zonzai
It would be cool to get a dark side bao-dur though. I bet he loos mean.
He sure does, he gets the facial tatoos and everything... I have got him halfway down the dark meter too... except I'm also stuck with the...

Yes, General...

Nothing, Nevermind

Routine... LA sure screwed up the QA testing on this game. :mad:

Nrak Ujhade
12-21-2004, 10:49 PM
the main key in bao-dur is after the raid on the temple of whats his face sith lord on onderon. if he is in the party and hears the speech the dark jedi gives, it affects him in odd ways and so does the temple. I didnt have high enough influence with him (hell I barely know how to get any influence with him at all, he is the one character in the game that is murky)
Atton seems to be the easiest and so far I have gotten handmaiden to speak about her father

EDIT: I would like to express my gratitude to you for posting this FAQ because with its help I have successfully made just about every1 in my part that can be a jedi, a jedi. Thank you very much for your help and you have truely made my day for both my darkside and lightside game. You have truely helped me since I do not have a strategy guide yet and again I thank you

12-22-2004, 05:11 AM
Just take Bao-Dur with you more often and do good deeds and he will comment on it (even if you play DS, it does not matter, you can regain DS points easily). I tranformed him into a Jedi on Nar Shadaa (right after leaving Telos).

12-22-2004, 05:40 AM
Is there a place that lets you know how hi your influence is with your party memebers? ie....a meter or number? I completed the game with the light side and am trying with the dark side now and wanting to train some jedi. Is there also a way after you fight Visas to not loose influence with the handmaiden? Thanks, any help would be awesome.

Oh yeah, Bao-Dur looks cool with the Dark Side, the black paint is nice!

12-22-2004, 12:22 PM
I felt training Atton was the easiest, after I was approached by two Twi'leks in the refugee sector, then it was smooth sailing. Handmaiden won't let me train with her any longer, anyone know how to get around that?

Haven't got Mira to join my party yet, I just reached Nar Shaddaa and Im about to be contacted by the exchange.

12-22-2004, 08:46 PM
I am training Atton now. If you have the right amount of influence with him, he will want to train after you meet the Twi' Leks on Nar Shadarr. As for the Handmaiden....see takes a lot of time. I am to the point now where she has told me about her father and mother, how they were both Jedi who joined Revan. After that go to Keira and let her know that the handmaiden has bloodlines with the Jedi....I am not training her yet, she says she needs to get to know me better. I think that once I have trained with her enough in the Ebon Hawk she will trust me enough to train. You have to have super high influence with her.

Oh Yeah....she looks awesome in her moms Jedi robe!!

12-24-2004, 03:39 AM
Originally posted by schimt6
That is cool.

I do find it a weird coincidence that all of your crew members can use the force.

There is no coincidence. There is only the Force.

Though I do find it...more than a little odd that all these characters can become Jedi after they're grown up. Though, I suppose it's not really that odd...the reason Jedi don't train force sensitives after they've grown is because they aren't as receptive to the Jedi teachings, since they've already formed opinions and such. As little kids, they have no opinions and can be trained right from the start.