View Full Version : Stuck or Bug? Doomgiver Communications

12-21-2004, 06:01 AM

I've gotten caught on something I recall was corrected either by a config setting or a patch, involving the Supply Key not working. I've gone through the troopers and reborn, and killed the officer for his supply key. The key doesn't work on the small door one has to crawl through behind the officer. I don't think there's any progress past this until I get inside the door.

I tried the following with no change, after archiving the save games:

Uninstalled and reinstalled JKII;
Installed the 5-6 and 1.04 updates.

Uninstalled and reinstalled JKII;
Installed the 1.04 updates.

Completely uninstalled and reinstalled JKII (inc deleting save games and folders);
Re-added saved games, deleting the Doomgiver Communications level, and playing it again.

In the console I've found a Com_sprintf error of 128, and a few 'icon missing' errors, but can't figure out what that means re this problem.

Does this have to do with a bug, or a config setting I've forgotten? Thanks.