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12-21-2004, 11:28 AM
I'm creating this thread to keep track of the things that need to be need to be fixed, worked on, etc. Unless you're an active contributor to OJP, you should not be posting here.


Admin Sys:
- Allow players to keep their score if they are bumped to the other team by the auto team balancer.
- Don't count Spectators when doing the auto team balancing.

- Check the animation transition code to see why players skip their attack starts while landing from a jump.

- Add the Team Force Powers.
- Check out the ->enemy setting code vs SP. allies can accidently become our ->enemy and this causes problems.
- Make sure that all the AddSightEvent calls have been ported from SP.
- Impliment SP style (G_FindLocalInterestPoint) for making players/NPCs look at things.
- Check out to see if the team overlay system can work for CoOp.
- Port over the SP versions of all the NPC AI code.
- Make NPC weapon model disappear when they toss their weapons on death.
- Have NPCs go into ragdoll when they die?
- Make the crosshair change whenever pointing at a useable item. Maybe check the siege code for hacking doors for ideas?
- Impliment an Objectives menu for ingame.
- Finish porting NPC_combat.c to fix issues with Combat Points not having assoicated waypoints.
- Add NPC skill level option to Create Server menu.

Cloakable Vehicles:
- Fix problem with unused vehicles becoming cloaked when they are damaged (ex: swoop bikes hit by DEMP2 fire, Imperial

starfighters damaged in the Destroyer hangar by lasers).

Kill Messages:
- Change kill message "<name> was killed by NONE?" occuring with the large white cannons on Siege Hoth to "<name> was

blasted by a Laser Cannon"
- Change kill message "<name> was killed by NONE?" occuring when a player is killed by standing on one of the "fires"

(torches) on Siege Korriban or other maps to "<name> gave himself/herself a hot foot"
- Make sure there are no more "was killed by NONE?" messages.
- When a player is killed by the laser cannons mounted on the ceiling in Siege Hoth or Siege Desert, change the kill

message from "<name> was obliterated by a turbolaser" to "<name> was obliterated by a Defense Laser" The only guns that should rightly

carry the "Turbo Laser" would be the dual barreled cannons in Siege Destroyer.
- Add kill messages when a player kills the Wampa or Rancor in a Siege game with something creative and fun as a reward,

such as "<name> hath slain the beast" or "<name> added a trophy to his/her collection" or even simply "<name> killed Fluffy the

Rancor/Frosty the Wampa"

- There's currently no check to make sure that the added waypoints haven't already been added to the waypoint list. This

is making the .wnt files swell in size with repeat waypoints.
- How do we make sure that these waypoints are added sequencially? Maybe have it add based on the linkage between the


- TABBots often don't attempt to stand up after they've been knocked down.
- Fix problem with bots blindly charging the JM in JM.
- Make bots pick up visible weapons and pick up favored weapons when they need them.
- Make flag/objective carriers randomize their return path a bit.
- Fix the bot behavior involving the elevators by adding a func_ waypoint before the one with the func/push triggers.
- Add weapon desire code to the TABBots.
- Have voice commands (like "I need a Tech over here!") make the bots of the approprate class come to assist.

- Double check to make sure that spectating players don't count towards the minplayers count.
- Impliment the bugfix suggested by Cerburus that involves a bug where areaportals are not properly reseting in Siege.
- Make Voice Command name the talker's location and/or on the team radar in team games.


- Apprenently you can't move after missing a grapple attempt in Enhanced. Check this problem out.
- Weapon Speeds: Increase the bolt velocities to make the blasters more realistic and usable.

06-15-2006, 09:52 PM
If you're willing to update this list, I'll see what I can contribute.

06-15-2006, 10:43 PM
Check out the "OJP_suggestions.txt" on the repository, that is the up-to-date to-do list. :)