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Wraith 8
12-23-2004, 12:00 AM
hehe hey guys :)

im trying to get atex Force Sensitive... he has so much crafting xp in so much area's i thought i would try and get some cool things done in the village. and corzip looted so much from sith thugs that i thought maybe atex can use em :).

now i found a list of badges needed for atex to become force senstive
Example of a garanteed route:

1 profession badge

Jabba's Themepark - Content
Nym's Themepark - Content
Rebel(or Imperial) Themepark - Content
2 Warren Badges - Content

3 Jedi POIs
Krayt Skeleton POI - dangerous
Sarlacc Pit POI - dangerous
Escape Pod POI
Lars Homestead POI
Bottom of the Theed Falls POI
Vreni Island Theater POI
Rogue Corsec Base POI

the 3 jedi POI's are bens hut, jedi academi ruins and exar kuns temple. now i went to all the POI's there. and i got 4 prof badges :) so i only need the 5 content badges and im FS :)

i got tebra to help me get Jabba's palace done. took us 2 days to do it :) but was fun. also got some nice gifts like the gian twi'lek pic :)

yesterday grask and tebra helped me get nyms badge... it must be the MOST simple badge to get ever.... well if your a fighter that is :p only 3 missions and your there.

well 1 of the warren badges is easy. just get the evidence then give it to atex :) the widdow is fairly easy.. just need to get tebs and grask or one of em in front of me when go down the warren.

hehe now because atex is neutral... the empire and rebel badge is tougher. but ... i want atex to be a mean rebel spy...... and have -800 rebel and +800 imperial.... and if i want some help getting the badge the imperial would be easier because tebra and grask are imp.ill just have to figure it out :)

thats my force sensitive quest update :)

Atex Dinn

12-23-2004, 05:18 AM
im currently rebel and need to finish the theme park so ill help ya out there, and the warren is also easy crap, i work like...115 to 730 central today...thats 1 in the after noon :P.so ill help ya out tonight