View Full Version : Dissappointing End to TSL?

12-24-2004, 04:49 AM
Anyone else feel slighted at end of TSL? The final level w/ Sion & Kreia seemed a bit rushed. Almost no items to claim & many of them were useless (targeting scopes, melee weapons, etc.). Sion was far too easy to beat, as were all other bosses. Didn't get any exper. pts. for Sion, either. Only difficult part of entire game was Kreia's kinetic lightsaber feat at end. Also was no resolution of Bao-Dur remote & GO-TO on mass shadow generator. Could only get my Marauder up to 15/12, & supposed to be able to max out at 15/15. KOTOR I much more challenging & better story. Still enjoyed game & will try as consular/sith lord next time for different feel.

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