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12-26-2004, 11:48 PM
Im new to the modding scene so a piece of good advice from the moderators would be perfect! Well I've downloaded Hulas Bandon model robes, I unzipped the content to a Kotor mod directory, and then i saw there were some textures (N_Specialrobe01,02,03 etc.) that my computer could read, so i decided to change the colors of the textures (I first turned them black and white and then i inverted them). BUT when i copied the textures to the Override directory and then started the game, the bandon robe was kinda shiny, like the sitharmor, but no texture. So mo question is: WHY IS THIS??!, Do i have to do something special to retexture the bandon robes? I just want'em to be white and shiny, for my lightside character. Im from Sweden so my spelling isn't that good!

12-27-2004, 12:08 AM
Check your alpha channel strength. The higher the alpha the shinier it gets. When you have a white color affected by a high alpha, best thing to do is knock it down a bit (shiny parts show up black/gray in the channel).

Once you're done adjusting your levels, flatten the image...save, and drop into your override. May take a touch-up or two, but eventually it'll work out...

hope that helps! :)

12-27-2004, 01:02 AM
OK, how do i do that?? i edited the txture with Nero Photosnap viewer?

12-27-2004, 02:06 AM
Originally posted by Y4mama
OK, how do i do that?? i edited the txture with Nero Photosnap viewer?

errr... to be honest I have no clue. I'm a die-hard Photoshop User. Try reading up any help files that may be offered by Nero to see if it's even possible. :giveup:

I don't know how extensive an editor the program is, so look for options that may contain keywords such as "channels", "masks", "alpha" etc.

Sorry, if it were Photoshop I could tell you in a heartbeat.

Anyone else here know about the program??