View Full Version : roarg

12-29-2004, 12:21 AM
so i randomly boot up jk2 while i'm at a lan eating pizza and ready to go to sleep.

haven't played in a very long time...sooo

get new list
sort by ping
oh this has a nice ping and it has full weapons and full force (notice i've never played jk2 guns =/)
i get in the server, and whaddaya know? no guns at all. not a single one, yet in the server list it shows no restrictions.

oh lets pull throw!

what? saber falls and you cant use force until you pick it up at a random time? nice

kids like to gang up on someone who is just jumping around trying to have a good time? no worries thats fun for me.

admins just don't like me i guess =/


granted its not ja (which i can't get to work =/) but its the same thing.

this is a mild example of what happens in every last one of the jedi knight series servers.