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01-04-2005, 11:51 AM
For those of you who have more than one computer, and have them networked together, there is a simple way to enjoy SCUMM games from any computer but only stored on one. Now many of you already know this, because it is a quite simple task, but for those who don't, here goes.

If you have a network already set up, like the router/switch/hub is all said and done, you might only be using it for DSL. If your network is already set up to share files, skip this step. Well, in windows XP, open the "Network Setup Wizard" in the control panel and do the following...

click here (http://www.geocities.com/mastrdbatr/networking.txt)

Once you have created your network on all of the desired computers in your home (with diferent names and descriptions but all with the same group name) you are ready for step two...

Step two, put all of your SCUMM games in one folder (most of you already have) Mine are in "C:\program files\lucasarts"

then in sub folders, such as mine are listed by there names"C:\program files\lucasarts\curse"
"C:\program files\lucasarts\loom"

Now if you already have SCUMMVM set up like this, the process is much easier...

Right click the main folder (lucasarts) and click properties. Go to the sharing tab, and chose to share this folder and give other's on your network permission to make changes to this folder (IMPORTANT FOR SAVING)

Now, on the computer you wish to play the game on, open any explorer windows and type \\(name you chose for the computer with the games) in the address bar. example, \\Upstairs

You should see the folder labeled LucasArts, right click it and click "Map Network Drive..."

Chose a drive name that is not currently being used by this computer and click finish. Now, after doing this on all computers other than your host computer (the one with the games), go to the host computer and share your SCUMMVM folder and click the allow others to change my files bullet. Also, you will want to copy the ScummVM.ini file in the windows directory and paste it in the ScummVM folder.

Now on your other computers, open up the SCUMMVM folder like you did the LucasArts folder, and open the ScummVM.ini file. In notepad, chose EDIT>replace and in Find What... type C:\prgram files\LucasArts\
replace with... type H:\ (or the letter you chose in the "Map Network Drive..." command. This process is much easier than going in Scummvm and editing all the paths, but it only works if you already had the games set up in one file on the host computer. Now in Find What..., type C:\scummvm
Replace with... H:\

ScummVM.INI should look something like

description=The Curse of Monkey Island

You are almost done, "save as..." ScummVM.ini in the windows directory (C:\windows)

Now copy ScummVM or ScummVM Q+E and paste a shortcut either on the desktop or in the start menu. Now you can open ScummVM from any computer you do this to and play any of the games...

(all games mentioned in this article are property of LucasArts, and are legal versions bought and sold from LucasArts and or EBay.)