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01-04-2005, 01:55 PM
Greets all!

I subscribe to a Windows XP 'techy' newsletter (WinXP News (http://www.winxpnews.com/)), and this little tid-bit was included in this week's edition:

How to Improve Performance on Your Gaming Computer

All those services that start automatically on your Windows XP computer may slow down game performance, and many of them aren't needed for playing your favorite computer games. You can speed things up by setting many of these services to start manually (that means you have to start them if you want to use them). Here's how to change the startup behavior of a service:
Right click My Computer and click Manage.
In the left pane of the Computer Management console, expand Services and Applications.
Click Services.
In the right pane, right click the service whose startup behavior you want to change and click Properties.
Click the General tab.
Under "Startup type," click the down arrow and select Manual.
Click OK.
But which services should you set to start manually? Here's a list of preferred settings for XP game machines:

SOURCE (http://www.winxpnews.com/index.cfm?id=157)

Some of the settings you may use, so only set the ones you know you don't use to 'manual'. The list is pretty self-explanatory, but when I tested it, I made sure to create a restore point before 'dabbling' ;) It does work however, so for those that don't have a haus-daddy super-system, this tweak just may be something to experiment with.


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